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Magellan RoadMate 6000T


Magellan has released details surrounding the new Magellan RoadMate 6000T GPS receiver. The RoadMate 6000T has an integrated traffic receiver for automatic rerouting around traffic jams. It also features Bluetooth technology to provide hands-free operation of your Bluetooth mobile phone.

Also included on the Magellan RoadMate 6000T are voice directions with text-to-speech to include the street name in the verbal directions. The POI database contains over 6 million locations.

Availability is expected in July August at a MSRP of $699.

132 Responses

  1. Here is my review of the 6000T based on a recent road trip I took. GPS is a new thing for me so I may have missed or not understood some of the features as well as someone savvier with this unit.

    Set-up – It was quite simple. Almost plug and play. I think the only set up I really did was personal preferences such as color of map, color of menus and default routing settings. I did enter my home address so that when I press the home button, the unit will automatically route me to my home no matter where I am.

    Screen: definitely bright enough. I thought before I installed the unit that the screen might be too small. However, once it was on the dash, I realized that the screen was a good size. I like the layout of the screen. On the top row the unit shows your current highway or street. The bottom row shows your next turn that will be required. The bottom of the screen also displays your direction, distance to next turn, travel time remaining and total mileage for the trip. There is a quick toggle on the screen to switch to a 3-D map.

    Volume: Loud enough to hear with the radio on along with two screaming kids. I would have liked it to have a little more volume but it certainly wasn’t too low.

    Navigation: This worked flawlessly. It routed me to each destination very quickly. Once powered on, it picked up the signal within 5 seconds. After choosing which method of routing I would like, the unit went to work and with in 7-8 seconds had the route all set. Going through Manhattan was not an issue. It still received a signal most of the way. It only lost a signal once while driving through a narrow street with very tall buildings. After traveling through a tunnel, it picked up the signal almost immediately.

    Traffic: This feature was a bit of a disappointment. Although not that important to me (I’m used to being stuck in traffic living in the NY tri-state area). This only worked some of the time. I found myself sitting in traffic without any previous warning. I’m not crazy about attaching an FM antenna to the unit and then using the provided suction cups to extend the antenna around the windshield. I personally feel Magellan dropped the ball on this feature and took a lazy approach to this design. When the antenna was receiving a good signal, traffic warnings showed up on the screen. If I had a poor signal (4/10 or 5/10) nothing would show up. Again, this isn’t a major issue for me but if I have the feature available, I would like it to work well. The signal strength changed as I moved the antenna around.

    Bluetooth: Pairing my Palm Treo 700W was quite easy. Through a couple of steps it was hooked up. I could hear the caller clearly; however the caller thought we had a bad connection. I would rather use my Bluetooth headpiece for my phone.

    Text-to-Speech – The voice guidance worked well. It gave me plenty of warnings and notice before each turn was to be made. However, the voice announcing the actual highways or streets (different voice than the turns) sounded a bit too computer generated. I believe the Garmin Nuvi 360 may sound a bit better.

    POI’s: They were easy to find and listed clearly on the screen based on the ones that I selected. However, I wasn’t able to find a way to search for a list of (say) restaurants in the area while driving/navigating. I was only able to choose the ones on the immediate screen. I would have had to cancel the current trip, search the POI’s and then navigate to them. Perhaps I missed the ability to do this but it didn’t seem like it was an option.

    Overall, for my use, this unit has more than I need. It’s a keeper for me. I think for the features that this unit has along with the price the Magellan 6000t is a good buy.

    zach - August 29th, 2006
  2. I bought the magellan 6000t and love the unit and so did my wife, so I had to get another one. I did want to let you know that I bought my first one from autonavdirect as I posted before on here and went back today to get another one and they have it for 599, which is cheaper than what I got the first one for. I figured that if anyone was looking to get one I would post this as its a special one day sale they are having apparently.

    Thanks Jeff

    Jeff G - August 29th, 2006
  3. I have been using my 600T in the Chicago area for a week or so. Last Sunday the traffic did warn me of a tie up 15 miles ahead and routed me around it.

    I have a question: Zach’s (excellent) review indicates a signal strength for the traffic signal. I can’t find it. Where is it.

    thanks again.

    Doug - August 30th, 2006
  4. The main complaint I am reading about the 6000 is the traffic reception, would a receiver/power cord as on the Garmin 550 work on this unit.

    Everything I read or hear about the two units tend to make me prefer the 550 except the lack of ability to program in multiple stops. Could this be done on the 550 using waypoints?

    jim - September 3rd, 2006
  5. Jim, I don’t know of any “alternative” traffic receivers for the 6000T. There isn’t any way on the c550 to add more than one intermediate location between the start and the destination.

    GPS Review - September 3rd, 2006
  6. Thank you for your quick response. Are you aware of any side by side comparisons between the 550c and the 6000t.

    Jim - September 3rd, 2006
  7. If you are looking for a feature set comparison, you can look along the left column for specifications of each or use this link to compare the Garmin StreetPilot c550 and Magellan RoadMate 6000T.

    GPS Review - September 3rd, 2006
  8. Took 6000T on a trip from Chicago through rural Indiana and Kentucky. Worked great. Traffic even warned me of and routed me around a bad backup when coming back to Chicago Monday evening.

    An interesting “bug”, however. Driving down one road. on-screen instructions told me that the next turn (a right turn) was onto US 50 (about 5 miles down the road). But the turn to US 50 was right in front of me, and the on-screen purple line instructed me to turn right. So in sum:
    Purple line correctly told me to turn, but voice command did not, and the on-screen indicator to the next manuever did not.

    Moral – keep an eye on the screen.

    Doug - September 5th, 2006
  9. I have returned both the 6000t and the c550 to best but and CC. The traffic reception is a major problem. The GTM 20 (c550) is no better than the wire antenna for the 6000t. Both have poor reception in most areas. I read many comments on several web sites about this problem Many are experiencing it. Garmin is aware if this type of problem and their new unit the 2820 uses both TMC and XM for traffic. It also uses the GTM 20 antenna which plugs into the car antenna system, which in most cars is in the back window.

    The FM signal for the traffic data is a side band FM signal, which I found out is much weaker than the regular FM signal for broadcast stations. Your car engine may actually interfere with the signal unless the antenna is moved somewhere else.

    On the 6000t, there is a screen that shows you all the stations it is trying to sync up with. Also an event screen that shows all traffic events that are logged.

    This week I will start using XM traffic and can tell you how it works..

    jack - September 5th, 2006
  10. In the comparison between Garmin C550 and Magellan 6000T, it mentioned 6000T include the carrying case, but i did not get one, is this a typo? can anybody comment on it?

    bruce - September 5th, 2006
  11. Bruce, I think you are correct. In the initial documentation sent to us by Magellan they mentioned an included “plastic case” which I assumed referred to a carrying case like other manufacturers (and Magellan) sometimes offer…. but I presume they are talking about the case itself the GPS is enclosed in rather than a carrying case. Thanks for pointing out the error and we’ve corrected the specification.

    GPS Review - September 5th, 2006
  12. Well I want to thank this site for helping me make the choice of which GPA I bought I just upgraded from a Magellan 700 to a 6000T and the question I had in looking for for the upgrade was. is the 6000t an up grade from the 700 the answer is yes it has all the features of the 700 but a few more hence making it an upgrade the difference from the 700 to the 6000T that I can see so far was Bluetooth tech ( not that I needed that) choice of 3D map with the touch of the onscreen mapping you can choose with out exiting your present map there is a little icon bottom right that you touch and it allows you to change viewing from flat to 3D also has some other features but that would be to much to list and they are really just toys for the unit but the main thing is yes it is an upgrade from a Magellan 700 just as easy to use and more compact with improvements from the 700 thanks again for the help on this site

    Joe - September 8th, 2006
  13. One other thing I would like to add is one of the things you might want to consider when comparing the Garmin C550 to the Magellan 6000T is this the reason I replaced my Magellan was the touch screed stopped working for some odd reason and I was on the road and needed the directions I was able to over ride the touch screed with the button controls on the Magellan so I was able to still use the unit till I could replace it the Garmin I noticed does not have this feature so it your touch screen stops working that unit is broke with the magellan I had the option to use the button controls to get areound the unit and get home besides the price difference of Garmin that was more money and the magellan that was only $699 that to me helps make the choice

    Joe - September 8th, 2006
  14. I see that Pete was able to pair his Verizon Treo 650 withthe 6000T. I have not been able to do so with my Sprint Treo 650. Has anyone had any luck? If so, can you tell me the steps you followed? Thank you!

    Tom - September 12th, 2006
  15. Tom…I just followed the directions in the manual and I was able to connect both a V710 and the Treo 650 on Verizon (Which I had read that with Verizon the Treo would not work on Garmin, so I expected the same but figured I would try). Now I bring up the Bluetooth feature on the gps and dial a number and it automatically searches for either of the two phones and when they sync it dials out. I have not yet had someone try to call me but calling out it works fine for me.

    Just another note on the unit…today I was in an area I lost signal and the written directions pop up to keep me on track and when the signal reconnected it went back to normal directions and operations. I was not aware it would do that.


    Pete - September 12th, 2006
  16. Tom…I checked my Treo 650 further tonight. If I do not have the bluetooth up when a call comes in the phone just rings but as soon as I turn-on the bluetooth it begins ringing through the unit and I can then answer. The only problem is that the mike quality is not good and anyone on the other end cannot hear me very well. I hear very well it is my tranmission is poor.

    Another Item I found out today. As we all know the quick depression of the volume button does not repeat the last command. If you touch anywhere on the bottom like of the screen like the miles left to the next turn or the time to arrival it works. Tech told me they are evaluating if they will update the software as the manual states or leave the way it is and just update the manual.

    Pete - September 13th, 2006
  17. Pete- Thanks for your help. I tried the exact same thing the following morning and it suddenly worked the second time around! But now, when I get in it says that no paired phone is detected. I will try your suggestion to make a call and see if it searches for my phone that I have bluetooth turned on. My wife also said that it sounded like I was inside of a tin can when I talked to her! She sounded OK to me on my end.

    Tom - September 13th, 2006
  18. I have an update on several bugs/problems that I have personally experienced with several 6000T’s.

    Volume control – repeat next instruction. When you press the volume control the unit is supposed to repeat the next instruction. As far as I know, none of the 6000T’s work correctly for this feature. I just spoke with tech support. They are aware of the problem which will be fixed in a future software release. A work around is to press the touch screen on the information bar at the bottom of the screen where it indicates the remaining miles for your trip (in red). The 6000T should then repeat the instruction. Be carefull though. If you press the information bar other than over the remaing miles, it will turn off the verbal intructions and they will only be visually displayed. Tech support is also aware of this problem. To restore the verbal instructions, try pressing the touch screen in the center of the information bar at the bottom.

    One other problem that I have experienced with several 6000T’s is that if you turn the volume down and then turn it back up, the volume is still set low. If you turn it down again and back up the full volume is usually restored. Tech suppor is also aware of this bug.

    The last item I found out is that a number of people have complained about the lack of sufficient audio level when the volume is turned up to its loudest. Tech suppor is working on this. Unfortunately, this will require a modification to the 6000T requiring you to send it in to their repair facility.

    Mike - September 15th, 2006
  19. What’s the difference between the 6000T and the new 2000 series?

    Doug - September 21st, 2006
  20. The RoadMate 6000T is slightly larger and slightly heavier. It also includes a higher quality display which automatically adjusts to day/night conditions. The 2000 series has better battery life.

    It also depends which of the 2000 series you compare it to. For example the 2000 does not have text-to-speech but the 2500T and the 2200T do, just like the 6000T.

    Here is a chart where you can compare the RoadMate 6000T, 2000, 2200T, and 2500T with the specifications as we know them now.

    GPS Review - September 21st, 2006
  21. I am about to puchase the Magellan Road Mate 6000T, but I have a couple of remaining questions. I note from your published specifications that the unit uses a lithium ion battery with an operational life of 6 hours. Does it also operate on a cigarette lighter DC connection and does it come equipped with the necessary cable? I will be using it on an extended road trip and this seems to be an important consideration.

    I am also interested in the unit’s photo viewing capability. I saw only one person’s experience indicating there is an unwanted flicker. Have any other users experienced this capability and if so, how did it function.

    Hopefully I can receive your input soon since my travels start in 10 days.

    Thanks for your help and useful reviews.

    Norm - September 24th, 2006
  22. Norm – Magellan has revised their specifications since they were originally sent to me and now claim about a 4 hour battery life. Yes, it does come with a DC car adapter to supply power instead of using the battery while in the car.

    GPS Review - September 24th, 2006
  23. Thanks for such a prompt reply. I feel I can now make an informed decision regarding my purchase. My travels should provide a comprehensive road test and I welcome having a competent navigation aid helping me along the back country roads as well as many city encounters.

    Norm - September 24th, 2006
  24. I can attest to the 4 hour battery life. I’ve been using the 6000T without the cig lighter cord (although I plug it in to recharge it occasionally) with no complaints.

    By the way – this past weekend, the traffic feature of “maggie” saved me from driving into a traffic jam in Chicago – and routed me to another non-expressway route that was just fine.

    Doug - September 25th, 2006
  25. I’m in process of purchasing a GPS unit for my car.
    I’ve been reading reviews of both 6000T and Garmin Nuvi 360. I think that the 6000T feature set for re-routing is having more options than 360 and 6000T does have altimeter which I cannot found from 360. Also 6000T has FM Traffic receiver built-in. However, 6000T size is slight bigger.

    Are there anybody who has used both units? What are the cons and pros?

    rant - September 26th, 2006
  26. Hi All,

    I bit the bullet & bought the 6000T. It has frozen up a few times. I also noted it has given conflicting directions (get on & off the same road or hwy even though the road does go through).

    Am having trouble figuring out the multi-destination routing. My trip button is not allowing me to enable it. Any ideas on how to do this?

    Also, has anyone figured out how to look up POI’s without having to re-enter your trip info?

    Gabrielle - September 26th, 2006
  27. Rant – you can compare the Nuvi 350 and RoadMate 6000t side-by-side, but I think you have summarized them well.

    GPS Review - September 27th, 2006
  28. I have a Magellan 3050 which I am returning this week due to it advising the wrong instruction (I am supposed to make a right but it say go left) and I am considering buying the Magellan 6000T after reading the comments above.

    I have two questions that I hope someone can respond to:

    (1) Does the blue tooth work on the Verizon Q PDA device?

    (2) Does the 6000T have a memory if you take a short cut? I live in NYC and travel back and forth on the LIE to my home in the Hampton’s.

    My old 3050 used to direct me to get off the LIE and take the white stone bridge where I had just continued to go straight into NYC. Will the 6000T remember my short cuts?

    I found this site very very helpful I thank all who have listed there comments.

    Drive Safely


    Barry - September 28th, 2006
  29. Barry:

    I have had the 6000T for a little over a month and have been extremely satisfied with the unit.

    For you question about remembering a short cut. It does not have the ability to remember the route you took as a choice. One of the new 2500T might but I do not know for sure because they deal with waypoints differently. With this unit once you select the type of route…Least use of toll road..etc you do have the ability to change it by taking out parts of the route or by doing a trip and picking an intersection as part of your route so it forces the unit to go in a particular route, but it will not save that route for you. You would have to initiate the special route each time. But I think you could save the Trip routing and then it should take you that way each time because you forced it with intersections to go the way you want…just extra work on your part to set it up.

    I have not seen any Auto type gps do what you want but there may be one out there, since Trail units help you retrace a route.

    Good Luck…

    My concern about the wrong turn with the 3050 vs the 6000T is they are pretty much the same unit except with the 6000T you get Bluetooth and Say-Where directions as well as the Traffic assist. Maybe that will fix the glitch. But I would suspect the issue is with NAVTEQ and not the Magellen unit so any unit using NAVTEQ including Garmin would show the problem. For Example my home is 100 yds off from what the address delivers in NAVTEQ and that has been the same on all my friends units that are varied, like Mercedes or Cadillac and others.

    Good luck with your choice…I have also found this site to be a jewel in helping make decisions.

    Pete - September 29th, 2006
  30. Hi everyone,

    Thanks for the great conversations that are happening here! Since this page is getting long with comments I’ve decided to try something new.

    We are now offering GPS Forums where you can start your own threads, reply to others, and have a slightly more unmoderated, free flowing discussion than these comments allow.

    You will need to register for the forums to participate although hopefully it will be painless.

    Here is a link where you can find the Magellan RoadMate forum where you can continue to discuss the RoadMate 6000T.

    The only people who will know about the forums (for now) are people that read this comment, and the same comment on a couple of other posts. Therefore the amount of posts will be very small at first. It is a test, and if things go well I’ll make a full announcement and encourage more participation in the forums. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

    GPS Review - September 29th, 2006
  31. I just recently bought the Magellan 6000T from a friend, but it has a password on it. I triend everything but cannot remove it for nothing, I even called the company and all they want to do is replace it with a new version at a discounted price and I want to keep this one. Is there anyway if anyone knows how the remove the password, please let me know… I heard about a program the the company will send you but they won’t give it to me…please help…

    Adam - April 14th, 2010
    • Adam, your options are 1)Ask your friend what the password is. If she/he doesn’t remember (2) have her/him give you your money back.

      Tim - April 14th, 2010

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