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Magellan RoadMate 6000T


Magellan has released details surrounding the new Magellan RoadMate 6000T GPS receiver. The RoadMate 6000T has an integrated traffic receiver for automatic rerouting around traffic jams. It also features Bluetooth technology to provide hands-free operation of your Bluetooth mobile phone. Also included on the Magellan RoadMate 6000T are voice directions with text-to-speech to include the […]

132 Responses

  1. Any updates on the release date for the 6000T?

    Larry - June 13th, 2006
  2. I’m still hearing July.

    GPS Review - June 13th, 2006
  3. […] Magellan also has released information surrounding the new Magellan RoadMate 3050T GPS navigation system. The RoadMate 3050T features an integrated traffic receiver (TrafficKit) for routing around traffic jams. It does not appear to come with Bluetooth, for that you will need the Magellan RoadMate 6000T. Availability is scheduled for June at a retail price of $649. […]

  4. Looks like garmin released c550 with bluetooth already….it is interesting to see the competition that magellan puts on to c550 with 6000T.

    c550 has mounting problems it seems.

    anil_temp - June 15th, 2006
  5. Any idea if the 6000T will take the address book from an older Roadmate 700? Or perhaps can the file be uploaded from the 700 to the PC and then down to the 6000T?

    Doug Kelner - June 19th, 2006
  6. Doug – I’m not sure if that will be possible or not until I can get my hands on the 6000T to try.

    GPS Review - June 20th, 2006
  7. Any real differences other than SIZE between this series 3000t, 3050t & 6000t and the 760, 860 models? What’s the advantages/disadvantages, please from your view?

    JW Haught - June 21st, 2006
  8. JW – The newer models are also powered by a 20 channel (SiRF Star III) receiver versus the 12 channel receiver in the 700 and 800 series RoadMates This will make a big difference in reception while in “fringe” areas.

    The newer RoadMates also come with a Li-ion battery which will last about 6 hours. The 760 doesn’t have a battery and the battery in the 860 will last only about 2 hours.

    The 760 doesn’t have a music player or picture viewer which the newer models (and the 860) have.

    GPS Review - June 21st, 2006
  9. I am interested in an unbiased opinion, not company made, about the merits of the Garmin 550C and the Magewllan 6000T. I know the 550 is brand new and the 6000T isn’t out yet. However,

    – which map software seems most reliable?
    – which is easier to use or doesn’t that matter once you are up and running?

    Pat P - June 26th, 2006
  10. Pat – Both the RoadMate 6000T and the StreetPilot c550 have maps provided by NAVTEQ so the quality of the maps should be nearly identical.

    As to the software interface itself….. well it is like the Mac versus PC debate. Most often the interface you start with (Garmin vs. Magellan vs. TomTom) is the one you end up liking the best. Overall once you are up and running and have found all of the software functions I wouldn’t say that one interface is considerably easier to use than another.

    GPS Review - June 26th, 2006
  11. Looking forward to the 6000t. Do you know which bluetooth phones will be compatable with it? I know that the Garmin c550 had only 1 from Verizon wireless which is my preferred carrier.

    Gale Glicksman - July 4th, 2006
  12. Hi Gale – I haven’t seen Bluetooth compatibility listings for the new Magellan RoadMate series yet including the 6000T.

    GPS Review - July 4th, 2006
  13. Does anybody know the exact date when the RM 6000t would be available in the market? The traffic reciever, is it compulsary to subscribe to it or we could do away without it and just settle for the navigation ?

    ed - July 4th, 2006
  14. Ed – We don’t have an exact date and most often not all retailers receive them at the same time. I’m still hearing that the Magellan RoadMate 6000T should become available in the next two or three weeks.

    GPS Review - July 4th, 2006
  15. -The 6000T comes with an integrated traffic receiver (no accessory needed, but I noted on another website that to get the LiveTraffic for the 6000T, you needed to purchase a receiver separately.

    -In order to get the “first 15 months free” of LiveTraffic, would LiveTraffic require an additional paid subscription in order to try it? Ex: 15 mos free on a 24 mo contract.

    -I do not reside or work in the cities named on their website. Why would I want to add LiveTraffic now? Can’t I add it later if I move or if they expand their traffic reporting territory?

    -Why does tigergps.com (above) show one price on your website link ($799.) and a lower price when you go directly to their web address (not thru a link)?

    -If the retailers do not all get the 6000T at the same time, are there specific retailers that are guaranteed first run shipments? If so, which ones?

    -Are the discounted internet stores the last to get them?

    -Has a MSRP been indicated?

    Gabrielle - July 5th, 2006
  16. Gabrielle –

    • According to Magellan’s website the RoadMate 6000T comes with an integrated traffic receiver. Other devices may require an additional receiver, but the 6000T comes with an integrated receiver. Maybe what they mean is you will (eventually) need to purchase a subscription to use the traffic services.

    • I don’t believe they require an additional contract beyond the free service.

    • You could subscribe to traffic services at any time, but I’m not sure how long the free offer lasts and there are now some indications the 6000T will not come with that offer.

    • Probably because the product isn’t yet available for shipment from them so the MSRP price is listed. They provide the data automatically to us so it could be an error on their end. It could also be that way since some manufacturers have a “minimum advertised price” restriction on retailers for new releases.

    • It is anyone’s guess.

    • Once the device is released and stores have them in stock you will see a longer list of stores and products where you will likely find a variety of prices.

    • MSRP of the Magellan RoadMate 6000T is expected to be $799.99.

    GPS Review - July 5th, 2006
  17. pcmall.com accepts preorder for 659.99. Browsing through different retailers, have seen one that claimed 6000T will be availble July 7 ???
    I’m holding off my purchase. Any reason I should consider 6000T over 860T?

    yugin - July 5th, 2006
  18. The RoadMate 6000T comes with a more sensitive GPS receiver and is smaller. The RoadMate 860t comes with a hard drive that has 10GB of free memory for storing photos, music, etc while the RoadMate 6000t will require SD cards for additional data storage.

    GPS Review - July 5th, 2006
  19. any news yet if 6000t is already out? One dealer claims they have it but would start shipng in the next couple of weeks.

    ed - July 7th, 2006
  20. yes, me too found one dealer that says 6000T in stock from today. Everybody else seem to be quiet yet. My guess it should be out within a week.

    yugin - July 7th, 2006
  21. Gabrielle – It looks like they have updated their price here.

    Ed & Yugin – I haven’t heard of anyone receiving a shipment notification yet but I would expect it very soon.

    GPS Review - July 10th, 2006
  22. Notice that when you click on the Tiger price of $649 you are directed to a page that says $699!

    I pre-ordered a week ago.

    Doug Kelner - July 10th, 2006
  23. It seems that i won’t get it for my long vacation, as the case may be can anyone with a good heart inform me on this site if is’talready out? thanks

    ed - July 10th, 2006
  24. Doug – Vendors supply their prices to shopping.com. Shopping.com then provides those prices to us. It could have been a typo/error or it could be the new price hasn’t been passed along to shopping.com yet. You could also contact tiger and ask them why they have a price discrepancy.

    Ed – I haven’t seen anyone who is shipping the RoadMate 6000T yet.

    GPS Review - July 10th, 2006
  25. I contacted gpsmarketplace and they told it should be in stock on Wednesday. I guess we will see how true that is. Majority of sites quoting MSRP of 649.00. Several go below 600. Anybody heard of boatersland and from retailers you are pre/ will be ordering?

    yugin - July 10th, 2006
  26. I spoke with Magellan tech support today.
    – they are in beta test now
    – no release date for the 6000T (could be any
    – they have not compiled the list of compatable
    bluetooth cell phones as of this time

    Pat - July 12th, 2006
  27. I received an email from Magellan today. They wrote, “at this time Magellan does not have a compatibility listing. We will have more information about compatible phones next month when the product is released.” So, it appears that the 6000T will not be released until August. I haven’t decided if I should wait or just buy the garmin c550.

    Gale G - July 12th, 2006
  28. -Does Magellan have an “upgrade/trade in” policy?

    -Is the 6000T waterproof? Or is it unknown (no indication in Tigergps right column specs attached to this page)?

    I can’t believe we have to wait until August! And still no Bluetooth compatible info? Thales needs to get their act together!

    Gabrielle - July 15th, 2006
  29. Gabrielle, I don’t know of any trade-in program at Magellan. Lowrance has done something like that in the past but I have not heard of any such program from Magellan.

    I doubt that the RoadMate 6000T will be waterproof since it is primarily an auto navigation GPS. It might be water-resistant, but I have not yet seen any specs regarding this.

    Don’t forget that many companies won’t release any details about a new device until it is ready to ship. It is fairly common not to have full specifications available until the device starts shipping.

    GPS Review - July 16th, 2006
  30. -Would you please tell me the pros/cons between the 6000T vs. the Garmin nuvi 350 Portable Automotive GPS System?

    -It looks like the 6000T’s 20 channel make it more sensitive than the Garmin nuvi 350’s 12 channel. (I frequently drive in those “fringe areas”.

    -I looked on your site & saw the Garmin has the separate traffic receiver kit needed (vs. integrated with 6000T), but the Garmin has the capacity for language learning & book audios, a travel guide, slimmer & smaller dimensions (3-15/16″W x 2-15/16″H x 7/8″D)& weighs only 5.1 oz.

    -What is the 6000T’s weight? Or is that not considered a major factor as it’s primarily geared for the auto market vs. personal travel?

    -Garmin nuvi 350 also has a currency converter, a measurement converter, and a calculator: it seems a well rounded gps for both auto & personal travel.

    -Especially with it’s super slim size:
    3-15/16″W x 2-15/16″H x 7/8″D
    6000T = 5″ x 4″ x 1.5″

    Your thoughts? Thanks!!

    Gabrielle - July 17th, 2006
  31. I think you should be comparing the 6000T with the Garmin c550

    Pat - July 18th, 2006
  32. Pat,

    Thanks for the referral. I used your link to check it out.
    Actually, the Blue tooth is not a phone I’m currently using. And I’m probably not going to use the MP3 nor photo stuff…I’m a non-tech kinda gal. (That’s why I need all the help I can get regarding the gps systems…). I switch between the work vehicle & our two personal vehicles.
    Given all this, what would you suggest: the 6000T or the Nuvi 360? Anyone else have suggestions for me?

    Thanks for your help!

    Gabrielle - July 19th, 2006
  33. One of the “authorized” dealers claims July 25th is the date.

    yugin - July 19th, 2006
  34. Gabrielle, we are still gathering more details (on an almost daily basis) about the RoadMate 6000T. There are still some specifications we don’t know about yet since it hasn’t been released yet.

    The 360 does come with a 20 channel receiver. I’m not sure where you saw it came with a 12 channel receiver. If you saw it here on this site could you let us know so I can correct the info?

    I’ve now updated the specifications (near the top left of this page) with the 6000T weight, 8.64 ounces. I’ve also included the dimensions. I should have more specifications for the RoadMate 6000T in a couple of days. I was told this week that the device will hit stores in August…. as usual some stores might get it earlier than others.

    GPS Review - July 19th, 2006
  35. Anybody knows if 3000T and 6000T share the same processor. Should I expect the same sluggish responsiveness as reported with 3000T?

    yugin - July 20th, 2006
  36. Yugin – Yes, both the 3000T and the RoadMate 6000T use the Intel XScale processor.

    GPS Review - July 20th, 2006
  37. How can you tell how accurate/responsive a particular gps is: map coverage, accuracy & detail plus the quality & speed of the route calculations? I don’t know what to look for in the specs.

    What about determining whether it has dead reckoning abilities?

    Gabrielle - July 20th, 2006
  38. if rm 300 and 6000t have the same procesor,does it mean the the 6000t would be as slow as the rm 300 which i’m using now?

    ed - July 21st, 2006
  39. Gabrielle – The short answer is that you can tell the accuracy by which GPS chipset the device uses.

    Map accuracy is very difficult to determine for a number of reasons. While most manufacturers use maps from one of two companies it is difficult to determine how recently they purchased data from the map vendor.

    Speed of routing and quality of routing is up to each manufacturer and is very difficult to compare.

    I’m a pilot so I know what dead reckoning is… but what features are you looking for to give you that capability?

    Ed – I don’t know what processor the 300 uses. I was referring to the 3000T and the 6000T.

    GPS Review - July 21st, 2006
  40. I don’t mean to sound like an idiot, but would the GPS suffer from the same reception issues my cell phone does? I had assumed yes (probably erroneously) & that had prompted my question about the dead reckoning.

    How do I find out how recently Magellan purchased the map data for the 6000T?

    Is there a way to determine whether a particular manufacturer has a “better” speed/quality of routing?

    I’m leaning toward the 6000T as the nuvi doesn’t have the multi-destination capabilities. But I sure did like the super small size of the nuvi!

    Gabrielle - July 21st, 2006
  41. sorry bout the rm 300 i,misread it.
    with regards to what capabilities,all i want is convinience.with the 300 and the 760 which i’m using right now,can anybody say that the 6000t will be better than the two mentioned? thanks

    ed - July 21st, 2006
  42. Gabrielle GPS does occasionally have reception issues, but for different reasons than mobile phones do. GPS reception is impacted by anything that blocks your view of the sky. Deep canyons, tall buildings, thick canopy, indoors, etc. A GPS with more channels will (generally) have better reception in those areas. However even with weak reception the device will still navigate and route accurately. It is only if you completely loose reception that it will become a factor. I have an older 12 channel GPS receiver and the only time (while driving) that it has lost reception is driving in tunnels under harbors, etc.

    Most manufacturers do not reveal how current their data is.

    There really isn’t a way to determine which company has better routing algorithms without testing each of them yourself. Even then you will find times when one might perform well and other times when they don’t. I wouldn’t say that any of the big three (Garmin, Magellan, and Tomtom) are significantly better than any of the others…. I’ve seen them all make weird routing decisions.

    While the Nuvi doesn’t have multi-via functions you could still create favorites ahead of time and then navigate between them one at a time. But that certainly isn’t as convenient.

    Ed – If all you need is convenience I think you will find the smaller size of the RoadMate 6000T more convenient than the larger RoadMate series devices.

    GPS Review - July 21st, 2006
  43. Does Magellan offer updates like Garmin (I’m specifically thinking of map data, not necessarily MP3 features,etc.)? If so, what have the general price ranges been?

    Is Garmin the only manufacturer to offer a “lock”?

    If I were to create nuvi favorites each trip, it would NOT calculate the best route from point to point, (right?), that’s why I’m leaning toward the 6000 with it’s multi-destination feature.

    How often do yu have to plug the gps into your computer or USB port? Each trip? Or only if there’s an upgrade or if you’re adding the European maps?

    Are there any other gps systems with the multi-destination programs? If only the nuvi came with the multi-via feature…*sigh.

    Thank you for answering my questions so thoroughly!

    Gabrielle - July 21st, 2006
  44. Garmin Magellan normally offers map updates every 18 months and they are normally around $99.

    Garmin is currently the only company I can think of that has the lock… but remember it isn’t a physical lock… just a password to operate the device. Personally I see little value in this function, but that is just based on my usage habits.

    You are correct, the Nuvi would not calculate the best order to arrive at each of the destinations.

    The only time you need to plug the GPS into your computer is if you are adding new maps, adding multimedia files, or updating the software. Many people probably never connect their GPS to their computer.

    TomTom does have an “itinerary” feature that will allow you to load multiple destinations into one route. However it will not determine the best order to visit each destination, you need to select the order yourself manually.

    Other Garmin units (like the StreetPilot 2820 and I think the StreetPilot 2720) offer multiple “vias” in a route however they are larger devices and I recall you saying you liked the smaller size of the Magellan RoadMate 6000T and the Nuvi.

    GPS Review - July 21st, 2006
  45. Thanks for the info. You are correct, I’d prefer a smaller unit.

    Does Magellan have map updates similar to Garmin in frequency & price?

    Magellan’s route optimization is probably going to be the feature that clinches the deal for me.

    Gabrielle - July 22nd, 2006
  46. Gabrielle – See the first sentence in comment #44 regarding map updates and price.

    GPS Review - July 22nd, 2006
  47. OK, thanks. Just wanted to be sure Magellan had it too as #44 only listed Garmin, not Magellan.

    Gabrielle - July 22nd, 2006
  48. Oops, sorry. I meant to type Magellan there. I’ve updated the comment.

    GPS Review - July 22nd, 2006
  49. is it already out in the market (RM 6000t)?

    ed - July 28th, 2006
  50. Ed- I haven’t seen any retailers who have it quite yet.

    GPS Review - July 29th, 2006
  51. Can you save more than one trip with way points on the 6000T?

    Nancy - July 31st, 2006
  52. I just went to the following site – www .gps-guy. com where the 6000t sells for $599 and they say it is in stock. Could this be possible or are they just trying to get me to place the order?

    Gale - July 31st, 2006
  53. Nancy – I don’t believe you will be able to save more than the current route. You can save multiple waypoints, but I don’t think you will be able to save multiple routes. Out of curiosity, how would you use this function?

    Gale – I wouldn’t be surprised to see some retailers starting to receive shipments soon. I don’t know if they have it in stock or not.

    GPS Review - July 31st, 2006
  54. it should be out very soon because best buy has it in their website as unavailable or out of stock.

    can’t believe that there’s only one motorola phone listed in their bluetooth compatibility chart.

    ed - August 1st, 2006
  55. Ed-where did you find a list of compatible phones? I’d love to have it!

    Gale - August 1st, 2006
  56. Gale – You can find the list of Bluetooth compatible phones here.

    GPS Review - August 1st, 2006
  57. Is it possible that the new magellan 6000t only has one phone from motorola that is compatable and that is the v600i. That is not even one of their newer phones. Is this information correct. I am amazed that the motorola razr’s are not included on the list.

    fran - August 2nd, 2006
  58. Fran, that link goes directly to Magellan’s website. So that is what they are listing for Bluetooth compatibility for the RoadMate 6000T. Often more devices work than are listed on these compatibility charts and people find their devices work fine even though they are not officially supported.

    GPS Review - August 2nd, 2006
  59. I know the list of compatable phones is not all inclusive, but do you have any reason to believe that the 6000T will or will not be compatable with the Treo 650? I recall reading that another GPS was not compatble with that phone/pda.

    Larry - August 2nd, 2006
  60. I haven’t heard anything specific yet regarding the Treo 650 and the Magellan RoadMate 6000T. I hope to check out the 6000T soon and I have a Treo 650 I’ll try to post results here when I can.

    GPS Review - August 2nd, 2006
  61. I called Magellan customer technical support and the gentleman there told me that many more phones from motorola will be compatable with the 6000t. He said that only one is listed right now but they are testing other phones as we spoke. He said that he knew for sure that the motorola razr was compatable as well. I guess the list will increase a lot in the next few weeks as testing continues.

    fran - August 2nd, 2006
  62. Has anyone purchased a gps from gps-guy.com? Their website still says they have the 6000T in stock for $599.
    I called their customer service: Magellan has requested a hold on their release.

    The rep said they have 4 warehouses. Only NJ warehouse has them in stock (87), but cannot ship until the END of August approx 20-26.

    Gabrielle - August 3rd, 2006
  63. I ordered my 6000T from Tiger (via the above link) a couple of months ago. My credit card was charged a day ago. Went online and saw the status as “Warehouse”.


    Doug - August 7th, 2006
  64. Ordered a 6000T on Friday(8/4)from BestBuy.com. Received the shipping notice today (8/7) and expect delivery by Wednesday. I hope to pair a Moto RAZR V3 with it(also have an old V600 I can try). I will post the results.

    Jack - August 7th, 2006
  65. How easy is it to add Waypoints to previous (Roadmate 3000T) versions. Can you pinpoint your location via Lat. and Longitude with these models. I ask this because I’d be using the 6000T to do some Geocashing. Any thoughts?

    Brandon - August 8th, 2006
  66. Brandon, I recall being able to add waypoints (actually POI items) via latitude, longitude with the POI Manager application. You could use that application to add each Geocache with a name and lat/long then upload them to the GPS. I would assume the 6000T will have the same function. I don’t recall being able to add a POI via lat/long directly on the device.

    GPS Review - August 8th, 2006
  67. Ed Note: Jack has written extensive thoughts of his RoadMate 6000T which I have moved over here. It was extensive enough to move into its own post. Thanks, Jack!

    Jack - August 9th, 2006
  68. I ordered the Magellen 6000T from the GPS-Guy.com on 8/7/06. As of today my order has not been processed. I called several times, and received no answer. I get an answering machine that says “Ado” on the order line as well as the customer service line. Their other number leads you to a mailbox that is not in service. So now I have no idea what is going to happen. Any suggestions?

    Frank - August 10th, 2006
  69. Now that the 6000T has become available, has anyone determined one way or the other if the bluetooth feature is compatable with the Treo 650?

    Larry - August 10th, 2006
  70. Jack – Thanks so much for your very informative review of the 6000T. The Moto Razr that you spoke of – was that from Verizon which is the RAZR V3m? I am still looking for ANY bluetooth phone from Verizon that is compatible with this GPS. Any suggestions?
    By the way, is it difficult to request a Bluetooth connection each time you turn on the unit or is a 2 second deal?
    Also, let me know about the Traffic Kit. I am anxious to see if it works as well as promised.

    Gale - August 10th, 2006
  71. just got my 6000t last night beating the store closing time.
    am satisfied with it,am now in southern california testing it but compared to the older models the 300,700 and the 760, i find the 6000t better as far navigation is concerned. i’ll learn more about it when i get back to northern ca.

    ed - August 12th, 2006
  72. I purchased a Magellan 3050T and the volume seems low. Checked out display units with same issue. Has anyone checked out the volume on these units? Who has the loudest units to overcome road noise? I did turn the volume to max but still no good. Ding is loud voice is quiet.

    Larry - August 13th, 2006
  73. the 6000t and the 3050 must be on the the same series or family didn’t have a problem with the volume (6000t) and so with the 300,700 and the 760 that i’ve used before. might as well have it check while it,s still new.

    one thing that i found with the 6000t,didn.t see any user option.

    will post more on whatever i find with 6000t

    ed - August 13th, 2006
  74. Hi all, where are you all getting the 6000T’s from? All sources I tried say it isn’t released yet?

    Pat - August 13th, 2006
  75. Gale – The Motorola phones I paired with the 6000T were two Cingular V3 RAZR’s and a V600. The Magellan website’s Bluetooth Compatibility Chart now lists several Motorola phones. I did not see the V3m listed, but the V3c is there and I believe that is a Verizon phone. My guess is that the V3m would pair with the 6000T.

    After more experimentation, I have found that the Bluetooth connection at boot-up is made with the last device (phone) that was connected, not necessary the first phone that was paired as I stated earlier. You have to request the connection and it takes about four (4) seconds to find the device and connect. Mine did, however, freeze many times and failed to make the connection, especially when I tried to deselect one device and select another with the Bluetooth Manager. Also, the connection would just drop after a few minutes (might be my phone). This became very frustrating after awhile. The unit I received seems to have “issues” and I will be returning it soon. The documentation describes Bluetooth features with “screen shots” that aren’t on the unit I purchased. Thinking that maybe I had gotten an early release version of the firmware (V1.15), I decided to call Magellan’s Technical Support number. After following the voice prompts to the Roadmate 6000T, I was informed that telephone tech support was not currently available for this model. Very disappointing, especially since I have had such a good experience with the Roadmate 700.

    I did try both the Picture Viewer (with unwanted flicker) and the Music player. You do not have to use the Tools software to transfer files if they are already on the SD. I successfully viewed pictures on a SD straight from my camera. The same was true for the Music Player. Still haven’t tried the Traffic Alert feature yet and probably will not since I will be returning my 6000T. I plan to wait several months for the “bugs” to be worked out and will most likely repurchase then. Maybe there is a reason for the “posts” that refer to the 6000T as not being available for release yet!

    One last comment – the 6000T does a really good job at its primary job which is navigation. Plus, a very cool feature is that you can place calls from your address list and from the POI list.

    Jack - August 13th, 2006
  76. […] Received the [Magellan RoadMate] 6000T today. Nice unit, but I was disappointed with the documentation, lacking in several areas- especially the Bluetooth chapter. However, I was able to pair two Moto RAZR’s and a V600 with it. It took several pairing attempts and reboots for each phone though. After pairing the phones, I did find that each time the unit is turned on, you have to request a Bluetooth connection instead of it automatically searching for a paired phone. If you intend to use multiple phones, pair the primary one first, because that will be the one connected when several simultaneous signals are offered. You can, however, disconnect from any of the paired phones and connect to another from within the Bluetooth Manager. I haven’t tried using the call features while in motion yet, so I don’t know if the volume will be sufficient to be heard over road noise, AC, radio, etc. […]

  77. I have had a Roadmate 6000t on order from Tigergps since May 19th. Sent them an e-mail about people already receiving their product from other vendors. Just got a e-mail back from them today saying that the 6000t has not been released yet. They say about two more weeks.
    I thought Tigergps was one of the bigger suppliers of gps products.
    Why would they not have their product yet?
    Should I cancel my order and order from someone else, or wait until all the bugs are out?

    BRUCE - August 14th, 2006
  78. I stopped by our local best buy yesterday and they had the Roadmate 6000t in stock and on sale (NE Ohio). I’ll wait for more reviews on it before I bite.

    Jim - August 16th, 2006
  79. Here is the scoop on why some vendors have it in stock while others don’t.

    (Ed note, deleted contact info)

    I did some investigating through our Magellan spies and learned that Magellan has a handshake deal with Best Buy and some other Big Box stores. Those stores will get the 6000T exclusively for the first 60 days. It has already been about 3 weeks at some stores. So it will likely be available through e-tailers sometime in September. I just saw them at bestbuy.com ‘on sale’ for over $100 more than we can offer them for. The mult-national big corporate strength wins again on the new release. Bix box stores don’t want to compete with small online businesses anymore. That is how they satisfy shareholders and is unfortuately, just the way it often goes on new models.

    Vivek - August 16th, 2006
  80. I called Tigergps – they had already charged my credit card in violation of their stated policy – and cancelled the order. They claim that they should be receiving the units tomorrow.

    Turns out that the Best Buy a couple of miles from my house has it in stock. (talked to a real person who was looking right at it.) Ordered it for pickup tonight. Even though Best Buy is $30 cheaper than Tigergps, I live in a high-tax area (chicago) so the bottom line will be a few bucks more than Tigergps.

    Doug Kelner - August 16th, 2006
  81. I bought my magellan Roadmate 6000t online at AutoNavDirect for a great price and had it shipped next day and got it yesterday. This unit really looks great and is very user friendly. This is the only site that I found that had it instock ready to ship and had it at a good price.

    Jeff G - August 17th, 2006
  82. Got my 6000T last night from Best Buy. Spent all evening manually transferring my address book. (notice that the on-screen icons and keys are a bit smaller than on my Roadmate 700).

    With regard to the traffic service – I notice that the Magellan website states 3 months introductory offer (not 15 months as mentioned above). HOWEVER I have not yet activated it, there may be another free offer once activated.

    Doug - August 18th, 2006
  83. Got my 6000T last night. Can anybody confirm that the flat disk with adhesive on it is to use the suction cup mount on the dashboard rather than the windshield? Went to Magellan site and can’t find that. Wonder if I can buy extras of these disks?

    Also, anybody have a good source for an AC power supply? Magellan wants $25ish.

    Doug - August 18th, 2006
  84. Same experience as Jack re: Bluetooth. I’ve never used bluetooth at all, so I’m a complete newbie. I was able to pair the two and make/receive calls; but also found that I was losing the connection. I also have a RAZR (Cingular).

    QUESTION: As I said, I’m a complete newbie. I see that on “Maggie” I have to hit the “pair” button. But on the phone, the only way that I was able to get a connection was to go through the
    Settings/ Communication/ Bluetooth/ Handsfree/ (magellan) process.

    Not all that friendly – and certainly not something that I can teach my wife! Am I doing something wrong?

    Doug - August 18th, 2006
  85. using the 6000t, i passed through a tunnel and my gps frozed. don,t know if its the unit ,what could it be? i restarted it and is now ok, will keep on observing if it,s going to do the same thing once i passed through a tunnel again.

    ed - August 19th, 2006
  86. I purchased a 6000T a week ago from Best Buy. I have had a problem with the repeat function on the volume control. When you press it in it is supposed to repeat the last instruction. Mine wouldn’t so I exchanged it and the repeat last instruction didn’t work on the second unit either. I will be contacting Magellan Tech Support today. I ran the diagnostics and the repeat button press is being recognized! Anyone else experienc this?

    Also, I understand there is another unexplained bug when you turn the volume down and then turn it back up it sometimes doesn’t get louder. I did experience it on the first unit that I had. Turning it back down and then up again did make it louder.


    Mike - August 21st, 2006
  87. Mike, I just got the 6000T and tried the repeat function of the volume control. It failed.
    Do you have any update on this since you have called tech support.
    Anybody else with 6000T that have this feature working? Could you please let us know, so we could tell whether ours is defective unit or not.

    bruce - August 23rd, 2006
  88. I just purchased a 6000T yesterday from Best Buy in NE Ohio. Unit works well Bluetooth works with Verizon razr vc3 unit no problems.

    The problem is with the TMC ( Traffic Service ) . the FM Ant is a window mount wire like the old FM radios of the past. I live 35 miles NE of Downtown Cleveland. We have many Clear Channel stations in the area that broadcasts the RDS-TMC data. The problem is signel strength. Unless I am in the close to the Transmitters ( within 15 miles ) the signel strength is poor

    I just noticed that garmin on the 550c uses an FM ant that is built into the Car Charger cord..

    Also noticed, that my Honda Pilot when it is running causes the strength on the TMC Status screen..I will test for another couple of days, but the unit may go back..Too bad they dont have an XM option..

    Maybe there is a different after market FM ANT that I can get..I have also contacted Tech Support by E Mail tonight..

    keep you posted..

    Jack - August 23rd, 2006
  89. I ordered from autonavdirect $599 with amazing customer service. i’ll be back with a review after I play with it for a few days. I’m using it for a road trip this weekend.

    zach - August 24th, 2006
  90. No response from the company on my problems..This appears to a basic design problem with the TMC. They need to offer an XM option that will overcome the FM ANT problems.. I will test a Garmin c550 this weekend They use an FM ANT attached to the power cord. I will know within 1 day which works better..

    JACK - August 25th, 2006
  91. Which one is best in the comparison. I have to buy one today.

    Roadmate 6000t or Garmin 550c..

    Sony - August 25th, 2006
  92. I will get the c550 today at cc so i can return of it donest work..

    I talked to tech support ( live ) They didnt have a clue about how the TMC worked..Said TMC was too new and have no idea. Basicly there is NO TECH support for this unit or the other ones with TMC

    I may be forced to buy a unit with XM.. The FM reception is so bad on the 6000t. it only synced up when I was near the transmitters.. AT night, when FM power is lower, no reception at all.. The antenna they provide is a wire that you suction cup to your front window..Very Tacky One of the suggestions from TECH support was to hang the antenna out the front window!!!!!!!!! I loved the Unit. GPS was great, but NOT what it was to do.. returning today

    jack - August 25th, 2006
  93. Bruce,

    I contacted Tech Support on Monday 8/21. The Tech Support person was very helpful; however, he told me that their expert for the 6000T has been off sick. He checked with someone else and told me that the repeat function not working is a known
    problem. It appears that none of the 6000T’s will repeat the last instruction when you press the volume button. I have tried 3 different
    units and none worked. The Tech Support person told me that they would get back to me by phone or email. I have not heard from them.

    Since I have not heard from them, I called again on Thursday (8/24). When I pressed the
    extension number for the Tech Support person for the 6000T, I got a recording indicating that a Tech Support person for the 6000T was not
    available. So I called back and selected the Tech Support person for the 3000T. The 3000T also has the repeat function on the volume control since the units are pretty much identical. He asked me a number of questions. Apparently, he has not heard that this is a known problem on the 6000T. He assigned me a case number and asked me to call back in 24 – 48 hours and they would try to have a solution. I had given them my phone number and email address but they put the burden on the customer to contact them!

    I have gone through the keyboard diagnostic test and the repeat button is being recognized when I press it. Therefore, the problem appears to be in
    the software. Once they figure out what is causing the problem they should be able to provide a software update to resolve it.

    Also, I have previously had a Magellan Roadmate 700 and noticed that it had louder volume then the 6000T. I am a little hard of hearing, however, the volume on the 6000T is sufficient, but I need to keep it set at the maximum
    level. I was wondering if you noticed the same. I did ask the original Tech Support person (that I talked to on 8/21) and he said the acoustics
    were different and that the older roadmates were louder.

    When I hear something else I will post it. Other then the repeat problem, the 6000T appears to work fine. I still have not tried the traffic feature since I wanted to hold off on registering the unit until I knew if it needed to be returned.

    Mike - August 26th, 2006
  94. Is there any way we can get back the previous destination from history instead of maually putting everytime.. Any idea???

    Sony Issac - August 26th, 2006
  95. Sony – I might be misunderstanding what you are asking, but from the ‘Destination’ screen tap on ‘Address Book’ then select ‘Previous Destinations’. Then you should be able to scroll through your history.

    GPS Review - August 26th, 2006
  96. Question to those people who own the unit. How is the GPS performance and routing? Does it do well in problem spots like downtown areas and alike?
    I don’t care about traffic or player.

    yugin - August 26th, 2006
  97. Thanks for the previous destinations.

    One question. Is it possible to search the address by phone number..

    For ex: we know the phonenumber and if we type that number it will automatically find the address and it put that address as destination. I have found this feauters in some vehicle that have in built gps.

    Sony Issac - August 27th, 2006
  98. I bought my 6000T from Best Buy this week.

    Comments and insights:

    I have been doing a lot of research on these units as many trying to make sure I got the perfect unit…but I found out none of them have all of what I need or want. Even with some of the issues I have seen with Magellan on this site and others with service response problems, Repeat feature not working and Bluetooth issues of very few phones connecting and weak TMC services. I still like the unit for the following reasons:
    * On the single screen I get the road I am on (Top of Screen) the the upcoming turn (Bottom of Screen).
    * Same screen, I also get my direction (North, South…) time to next turn (with direction of next turn as well as distance update to turn), time to end point, miles to go to end point and status of TMC. All of htis on a simple to read screen.

    For someone not good at reading maps or having a hard time reading directions this is really a great simplification of helping you know where you are and where you are going. With very good voice prompts.

    The volume seems more than enough when fully turned up..In fact I turned it down if the radio is not on and we are just talking. With the radio on you will want it full volume.

    Other likes:
    * The ability to look at the route and delete a segment I do not want to use and it reroutes. I found this very helpfull and simple to use.

    I am somewhat concened with Magellen, ability to provide support and how quickly they will provide uupdate releases but for the money, good directions and simple to use…this one is a winner. If special features are your key like the Traffic Monitoring ( I do not have enough experience to comment except the antenna is weak in design)then you may want to look at other units.

    I hope my comments help?!

    Pete - August 27th, 2006
  99. Sony – It isn’t possible to search by phone number.

    Pete – Great comments, thanks for writing!

    GPS Review - August 28th, 2006
  100. I really like this site and it has given me some great insights for my research…That is why I decided to provide my comments and findings.

    From a Bluetooth point of view, I was able to sync my Motorola V710 and my Treo 650 with Verizon. When I want to make a call I just dial the number the gps searches automatically for a paired unit and when it finds one it connects. I could hear extremely well but the called party seemed to have trouble hearing me at times. I will try to work that issue with Magellan. But I was surprised and please to pair the Treo.

    I also found out today that the website does not show all the accessaries for the 6000T but if you want a custom carrying case or additional window mounts you can call the customer service line and they will help you.

    I am looking forward to hearing others ventures with this new unit…

    Pete - August 28th, 2006

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