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Magellan RoadMate 760


Today Magellan released new features for the Magellan RoadMate 760 GPS navigation system. The device features new software called “SayWhere” which announces street names while you are approaching turns. The RoadMate 760 is based on the RoadMate 700 and features a color touch screen display.

Also new onboard software for the Magellan RoadMate 760 is a service called SmartDetour (Smart Detour) which provides automatic rerouting in the event of traffic delays.

The RoadMate 760 includes a new Mult-Destination routing which allows you to enter up to 20 destinations. The RoadMate 760 wil then find the shortest path between each of the destinations.

The POI database in the Magellan 760 has been upgraded with nearly 7 million locations. Another new feature we can’t wait to try is an automatic night mode operation where the brightness of the display changes based on the time of day. Cool!

The map display now provides the street number range for your current location which might be useful if you need to report a specific location in the event of an emergency. 12 voices are included and the voice directions given by the RoadMate 760 increase when the vehicle is travelling over 45 mph.

NAVTEQ maps for The USA and Canada come preloaded on a 20 GB drive. European maps also come preinstalled on the same device, however you will need to purchase an unlock code for those maps.

The Magellan RoadMate 760 retails for $1099.

34 Responses

  1. I’m wondering, since it does NOT have a battery…can you still plug into the car (or AC power supply) the night before, add all your destinations, unplug it and the next day have them still programmed? That’s my only concern with no battery. A friend of mine has the 800 but I don’t need/want mp3 etc features but I DO want the speaking of the street names which this does. Thanks.

    Patrick Benner - October 26th, 2006
  2. Patrick, I’m not sure if it will remember a pre-programmed route. However you would at least be able to lookup an address, save your destinations as favorites to your address book, and then quickly recall them the next day.

    Tim - November 6th, 2006
  3. I just received my Magellan 760 RB. Don’t know much about it or it’s workings yet but am due for a trip to Northern VA. in Jan so will give it some use then Thanks RH

    Robert Hopson - December 11th, 2006
  4. Yes, I can verify that the 760 DOES save your route if you turn off the unit. It comes with an AC plug so you can plan your route or an entire trip with multiple stops – it will optimize the order for you if you want too – and then turn it off. The next morning you plug it into the car and it will ask if you want to resume the route you started previously. And, of course, all your address book items and previous destinations and trip log info are preserved also on the internal hard drive.

    I’ve used a friends 800 and besides no battery, the 800 also has a 3D view in addition to the overhead view (I’m not talking about the 3D manuvers/turns they both display) but I don’t miss that view too much. The 800 does seem to be a little quicker at linking up to the sattelites than the 760 but it hasn’t been a problem so far where I live in the mountains of N. Cal. – overall I’m very happy with my 760.

    Oh, and the 760 does pronounce the street names – the 800 does not but the 860 does. And the 760 allows 3 different profiles to be used that you pick from when you first turn it on. This keeps destinations, trip info, and address book items separate. Great for sharing with extended family or friends. For the features, the 760 is a great deal – found my at TigerDirect for about $300.

    Patrick Benner - December 11th, 2006
  5. […] The Garmin c330 StreetPilot is a dedicated in-car GPS system which provides turn by turn directions, 3D views, a touch screen, preloaded maps, and an SD card slot for loading additional maps if necessary. If you’re looking for a simple-to-use portable GPS, especially if you are new to the technology, the StreetPilot c330 is a good choice, especially considering its price. If you’re after more configurability, you’ll want to consider the “Lowrance iWay 500C, the “Magellan RoadMate 760, or the “TomTom GO, though these will cost you anywhere from $100 to several hundred dollars more. […]

  6. Just took a trip to Ft. Gordon Ga. with my refurbished Mag 760. I believe I have fallen in love. I named her Maggie. Not only did it take us to the Army Base, the next morn. we wanted to go to a certain restaurant so we put the name in and it took us there the best way. From this day forth I shall not go any place without my “MAGGIE” in the vehicle THANK YOU MAGELLAN!!!

    Robert Hopson - January 3rd, 2007
  7. Hello Magellan users, I bought a used RM 760 and worked fine for 4 or 5 months, one day it was working fine and then it started searching for satellite. Ever since that happened it’s been like that searching and searching for satellite, antenna still in place and not loose even the auto night/day display does not work. User manual does not have the answer for this symtom, I really liked the ‘saywhere’ feature and I want to stick with magellan. Please help

    Joel C. - April 21st, 2007
  8. Joel, sounds like you might have a hardware problem. You should contact Magellan for hardware support/repair.

    Tim - April 22nd, 2007
  9. I have a 760 which I purchased a little over a year ago. The unit failed 3 days over warranty (1yr). I called the dealer from whom I purchased it and found out that he was getting many of the 700/760 returned for HD failure. I called Magellen and they diagnosed my unit as having this problem and informed me that it would cost 240.00 to repair. I feel that a unit of this caliber should last at least 3 yrs. The hd used is a toshiba 20 mg unit and I was under the impression that toshiba warranty was 2 yrs on their hd. I asked to speak to a supervisor but none were available so I left my number. It has been 3 weeks and still I have heard nothing.Although the unit worked fine when it worked I will never buy another unit…totally disappointed! If you should purchase this unit buy the extended warranty

    Jims - September 13th, 2007
  10. I’ve had a Magellan 760 for over two years now.
    Works great but the maps were outdated when I bought the unit brand new. Now getting the reminder to check magellanmaps.com for new maps but that web site is useless. Anyone know how to get updated maps?
    Magellan does not answer my emails.

    Richard - October 28th, 2007
  11. Richard, I think this page is what you are waiting for.

    Tim - October 28th, 2007
  12. My repair Magellan Roadmate 760 was just over one year old. It stopped picking-up just like Joel’s. I contacted Magellan and they gave me several steps to try that did not work. I sent it to them hoping they would fix it or make good on it. They promtly sent it back to me with a “S&*% Out of Luck” letter. I am in commercial real estate in Atlanta and NEED a good GPS. I am now in search of a new GPS, NOT a Magellan!

    Daniel - November 6th, 2007
  13. I bought my Magellan 760 2 yrs ago and love it. However, 2 disappointments.
    1. Does not have a battery
    2. The signal reception bad with windshield having built in radio antenna. Magellan recommends remote antenna. The Garmin and Tom Tom were not affected.

    Frank KumSeun - January 14th, 2008
  14. Well, the latest map update for the Magellan 760 was not only late, but a big disappointment. The map still has only half of my street on it, which was built in 1998. I wonder how many other street across the US and Canada are incorrect. Magellan blames the map maker but it’s their product. They need to support it better. Althouth it works fine, I would not recommend a Magellan to anyone. Terrible customer support.

    Richard - January 14th, 2008
  15. Experiencing problem with updating Magellan 760 maps. Customer Service stinks..they are located in India and care less about my problem. Download is not compatible with Windows Vista mine is an in dash unit no available service centers.

    Joseph Califano - January 17th, 2008
  16. I have had such bad serviceWITH MAGELLAN i PROB WILL NOT BUY ANOTHER. Garmin is looking better all the time

    Robert Hopson - January 20th, 2008
  17. I have the map update for the 760 and can’t get to work from a Vista or Xp machine. Called tech support which I could barely understand and followed their instructions and still no luck. Email Maggellan support giving them this info and just get told to call the support number. Last time I buy a Magellan!

    Earl - January 31st, 2008
  18. I finally got the update and got it installed. I checked it out on one of the new roads that was never called on the old unit, it was there, the new road showed up like it was there forever. So far I am well satisfied and will keep using my Maggie.

    Robert Hopdon - February 1st, 2008
  19. I did not purchase the current update for the 760 because I had so much trouble after installing the previous update. After that update, the unit often cannot route me because I am “too far from the road” while I have been driving on the road for 15 mins.
    The unit also looses power randomly. It was suggested that I replace the cradle, which was difficult to obtain, and it made no difference.
    I find Maggellan support to be inadequate at best. Emails are ignored. Phone calls are of little value.
    I too am considering Garmin for the car. I have it for the boat and it is far more reliable than Magellan has been since my last update.

    Kerry - February 8th, 2008
  20. I just tried to install the update for the Magellan 760 version 6 and had it fail in the middle and totally render my GPS unit unusable. Called Magellan, and was told, “I’m so sorry, we have an upgrade program”. They wanted me to send them $179 to upgrade to a Maestro 400. Offered NO solution to my problem. Tho after reading the above comment on the XP/Vista failure, I will try my upgrade on my old 98 machine. Another reason to keep it around a while longer. Tho I love my Magellan Roadmate 760, their tech support STINKS and I will look at another manufacturer before I buy another Magellan because of this incident.

    Karen - March 13th, 2008
  21. I found the easiest way to have ur unit updated is sending it to an authorized dealer and have them update it. I got my unit updated by autonavdirect and it was fast and I did not have to worry about me doing something wrong and messing up my unit. I have had enough issues with magellan and did not want to rely on them if I were to mess the update process up some how. thanks for the good post on this site

    Jeff - March 31st, 2008
  22. I have a Magellan 760 roadmap gps where can I purchase a card for a european road map There is a slot to insert a card I only have the US version

    Lew Maler - May 2nd, 2008
  23. Lew, I though that both the North America and Europe maps were included with the 760 but you needed to call Magellan and purchase an unlock code to use the European maps.

    Tim - May 3rd, 2008
  24. I have a 760 that I have had for years. I bought mine when it was about $750. At first there were times when it would not start up. That eventually cleared up. Because I wanted newer features I tried a Garmin 2720. While it routed fine. I liked the fact that the 760 when you arrived, showed the address. In case you forgot the address of where you were going. The Garmin did not do that. I also liked the fact that if you were stranded somewere isolated, the 760 showed the nearest roads both in front and behind you. I sold the Garmin and bought the Magellan 4250. Big mistake. The 760 had a large hard drive. The 4250 only has flash memory. I find the 4250 slower to respond to missed turns. I also found that if you miss a turn, if the next turn is less then 1/4 mile it totally ignores than one and directs to the next one, which usually means a U turn. I also found that shortest time was actually 1 hour longer then most use of free ways. I am talking that it actually showed 1 hour longer. Then when I redid shortest time, it showed correctly. It changed its mind. I tried this with 2 different 4250s. They both did exactly the same thing. When I tried several days later it was back to being wrong. I am not using a Tom Tom XL-S. That has it’s own issues. I listed that in the Xl-s review. I like the interface of the Magellan. The beep before the turn. The arrow showing what direction your next turn was. The address showing up when you arrive. I am back to using the 760.

    Allen - May 16th, 2008
  25. I bought my 760 refurbished about 3 yrs ago loved it updated it loved it more, If I get another it will be one that has a battery and I can take with me while walking.

    Robert Hopson - May 16th, 2008
  26. That is exactly what I am looking for. But I havn’t found one that calculates routes as well as the 760.

    Allen - May 16th, 2008
  27. Bought roadmate 760 two years ago. found that map was outdated so paid the $90 for a new CD. Loaded the program then 1 month later the thing wont connect to the satellite. Calling Magellan is useless. Spent time getting to a live non-English speaker who couldnt tell you the color of poop if you asked him. Must be a common problem not connecting to the satellite, but there is no reference to it in the knowledge base on Magellan site. Tired of trying to fix, I’m gonna throw it in the trash and by a Garmin. Nice job there, Magellan, lost a customer for good.

    Jim - August 13th, 2008
  28. Jim, before you throw it away, try getting an external antenna for it. Same thing happened to my husband’s Garmin iQue, an external antenna fixed it better than before. I prefer the navigation of my Magellan 760 – especially the male voice! I WAS able to get the update applied – finally. It took a lot of arguing and calls, finally Magellan offered to replace my 760 with a 4250. I bought one just to try it and promptly said “no thanks”. In the meantime I had copied the CD to the hard drive of my computer and in the process by some miracle the update took on the 760. Throw your 760 my way, I’ll take it :).

    Karen - August 14th, 2008
  29. I also tried a 4250. It was much slower to recalculate and it gave me some strange instructions. I bought an 800 on E-bay because I wanted the battery and the 3d view. Works great except for no text to speech. I am trying for a 860 now. That has TTS.

    Allen - August 14th, 2008
  30. Jim
    I had the same problem. Try downloading the new update again and read the text carefully. I had missed one check off

    Frank - August 22nd, 2008
  31. Just bought a Magellan 760 and it freezes up. I contacted customer service and am told that I need to purchase the upgrade cd 6.0. I do not feel that I should have to pay $80 for the upgrade that should have already been on this. Does anyone happen to have this upgrade that they would be willing to sell? Please respond to me if you can help, I need this badly for my new job!!

    Dustin - September 5th, 2008
  32. I have a Roadmate 760 and liked it, but the screen is very difficult to read in bright light, and the updates of the maps have accuracy issues. You can just flat forget about customer service, unless you speak Hindi. I am sorry but even if I have to buy an inferior technology I will stay away from the Magellan as the company is inferior. I just wish Apple made a good automobile GPS…

    Bill Newland - September 21st, 2008
  33. Dustin,

    You are going to have to purchase the mappping update from a magellan dealer as you have to be assigned an authorization code that is only good for your units serial number. If you are looking to buy magellan mapping updates I had a great experience with autonavdirect. Hope this helps you out some.

    Take care

    Jeff - October 24th, 2008
  34. Dustin,

    You will have to purchase the magellan update from a magellan authorized dealer since there is an assigned authorization code for your unit and serial number. I found a good site for updates, just google search magellan map updates and you should find a few good ones, I would tell you but its against the rules on this site to post online sites.


    Jeff - October 24th, 2008

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