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Magellan RoadMate iPhone App?


We’ve seen a number of indications over the past three months that Magellan is actively developing an iPhone application. While details are very elusive right now, the hints are starting to line up. Here is what we’ve seen and heard so far that leads us to believe a Magellan iPhone app is coming soon.

First, a survey started to privately circulate around a few forums targeting Magellan users asking for features they might like to see in an iPhone app. This was a few months back and hinted Magellan might be interested in developing something for the iPhone, but was perhaps exploratory in nature.

Recently, a page on the Magellan website was recently titled “Magellan GPS- Magellan RoadMate for iPhone”. The page showed that HTML title as recently as this weekend, however it has since been updated with the correct title for the page. It seems unlikely that such a typo would be made and perhaps more likely that a flash intro type page for an upcoming app might have used the same template and a developer simply forgot to change the page title. The old page title still appears in the Google cache but that might disappear soon too.

A survey and an incorrect page title don’t add up to confirmation, but we’re also trying to verify addition, more compelling information we’ve seen recently and hope to have that available shortly. A Magellan Roadmate iPhone app based on the Onetouch interface would make sense from Magellan and we expect to hear more information about the app shortly.

2 Responses

  1. The info about the surveys gives this rumor some credibility. I filled out surveys about products that ended up being Vantage Point and Triton. Seems like a standard Magellan practice, running a survey to figure out product name, product marketing, and desired features a few months before a product release.

    Marty - November 3rd, 2009
  2. The Magellan iPhone app just appeared in the app store.

    Tim - November 14th, 2009

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