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Comparing Technical Support: Garmin, Magellan, TomTom


I had someone ask me a question I didn’t know the answer to off the top of my head, so I decided to contact Magellan technical support to ask. Due to the relatively generic question and the fact that the question could apply to virtually any brand of GPS I decided to also contact TomTom and Garmin and ask them the same question, then compare the service I received.

I called each of the manufacturers at the USA technical support number on their websites. I made the calls back to back, and started by asking the exact same question.

(A big caveat here…. This represents one call about one issue and talked to one support representative. Individual experience can and probably will vary quite a bit from this one set of calls. We receive messages daily from people who are both happy and disgusted with the support they have received from each of the major manufacturers.)

Magellan: The wait time to talk to a human was about seven minutes. The support tech had a fairly thick accent that I had a slightly difficult time understanding. He didn’t know the answer to my question, but put me on hold and came back fairly quickly with an answer. The answer he provided me with contradicted what was posted on their website. The total time of the call was 10:10.

Garmin: When I initially dialed the recorded message said to expect a wait time of 30 – 35 minutes. However I didn’t have to wait that long and was talking with a human in about nine minutes. The person spoke clearly, confidently, and provided an answer which matched the website documentation very quickly. He also told me where on the website I could find the information if I needed to refer back to it later. I was on the phone for a total of 10:58.

TomTom: After selecting which product I was calling about the call was answered by a tech support representative within a few seconds. Like the Garmin rep the person was very easy to understand, and didn’t need to consult anybody else to find the answer. He not only gave me the right answer, but asked me if I was on the web at the time and guided me through where I could find what I was looking for, telling me where to click, and waiting for me to click before giving the next instruction. The total time of the call was 4:14.

For this particular instance TomTom provided the best service. They were quick, accurate, and easy to understand. Garmin’s support was just about as good, however I had to wait a few more minutes before talking to someone. Magellan’s support rep was difficult to understand, didn’t know the answer initially, and provided me with an answer which differed from that of their website. They did however immediately email me a survey asking for feedback on the call. 🙂

43 Responses

  1. Also, TomTom has a blog. And they post an email address on the blog. I sent an email to it once and a real person emailed me back. Not only that, but he was friendly and we chatted back and forth over email about TomTom and GPS in general.

    I know that Garmin also has a blog, and they have a personal touch to it as well. But, I have made several comments on their posts and they have never actually published them. It makes me wonder why. My comments were not negative at all, just industry related questions / comments.

    Tim Hibbard - November 14th, 2006
  2. I’ve had nearly the exact same experience. Garmin doesn’t seem to like comments on their blog… even positive ones. They should go grab a copy of Jeremy Wright’s excellent Blog Marketing book. 🙂

    Tim - November 14th, 2006
  3. I don’t understand Garmin. A couple years ago, I contact them to see if we could set up a meeting. Our company does GPS and transportation software and I wanted to see if there was anything we could do to help each other, we are also both in Kansas City. They told me “we don’t work with other companies”. I see that philosophy filters all the way down to their blog.

    Tim Hibbard - November 14th, 2006
  4. I had to use the Magellan Support Line fro a question on the POI Editor. The gentleman was definitly not from around here and had a thick accent also. He was very helpful and thru the wrds I could make out able to piece together the info I needed. Wait time was about 5 minutes not too bad considering other (Verizon, Dell, etc). But still wish I could understand them.

    Bill Jones - November 14th, 2006
  5. Greetings from Garmin! Glad to hear you had a positive experience with customer support!

    As for the blog, we are indeed a little stingy about posting our comments. We tend to get a lot of product-related questions regarding features, availability, Mac support, etc. We try really hard to track down answers to those questions so we can post responses which benefit all of our readers. In some cases, the questions result in entirely new posts.

    We also receive random comments, product support requests, etc. which aren’t appropriate for the blog, which we direct to the appropriate departments.

    Tim, as you can imagine, we get a lot of business inquiries, and our legal department provides guidance on how we respond to those inquiries. I would encourage you to keep trying; factors like who you talk to, market condition, et. al. factor in to the response.

    Garmin Blog - November 15th, 2006
    • Glad to see you reply to web posts, Garmin. Would you be so kind as to also reply to tech support emails? After buying a Nuvi 1300T, which died a few months later, I emailed tech support twice with no response. As I type, I’ve been on hold for over 20 min (of the 30 min that the recording warned me about…which seems typical based on other web posts). As a consultant for a leading firm with tech clients that include all the big names in the industry, and a former VP for tech firms (one acquired by Intel), I always advise my clients that the number one way to increase sales is to increase customer service. In this age of the keyboard, a few bad words can be deadly, and a few good ones can bring gold. Well, I’m still on hold. This is my third Garmin, also my last.

      William - February 15th, 2010
  6. Hello Garmin Blog. Thanks for stopping by. I can understand how you probably get tons of comments which are really just tech support questions or just inappropriate comments.

    Hope to see you at MacWorld! 😉

    Tim - November 15th, 2006
  7. Hi; I don’t own a gps other than an igolf and an old Garmin etrex legend I rec’d as a gift – which is lousy IMO. However, I have been looking at middle to lower price units from TomTom and Garmin. I’m concerned about currency of the mapping. I called Garmin. They told me that the first update was free, depending upon a list of conditions. Otherwise an update cost $75.00. I called TomTom with the same questions. Simple direct answer; “there’s a upgrade due late December. It will be free to those who buy a unit before the upgrade is published. Otherwise, $29.95 (as I recall, it could have been a few $$$ higher). So I “test drove” the TomTom One and the Garmin 330c. It appears to me that the TomTom is the better choice. Just an opinion from a GPS “newbie”.

    Tom Flanagan - December 5th, 2006
  8. My experience with Magellan has been somewhat worse. I bought a set of TOPO maps 8 Months ago. The disks were faulty. Drove back to Bass Pro, They exchanged them. These ones were also faulty (Checked on multiple computers) although on a different file. The software simply wouldn’t install. After a ridiculous amount of time on the phone they agreed that the disks were bad. Referred me to the Canadian support site. I then had to start all over again. In the end they wanted me to go out and arrange to ship the Bad CDs back to them before they would replace them. I replied that this was unacceptable and never heard back from them.
    I tried to contact them to report this failure of customer service and just got bounced back to tech support.
    Any how, the Receiver was stolen from my truck a couple of weeks ago anyhow, I will not be looking at Magellan for a replacement.

    Steve Farley - January 4th, 2007
  9. Tim,

    The above exchange is very telling and I thank you for the link to it.

    birdy176 - January 4th, 2007
  10. TomTom has a blog? I can’t find it. Anyone have a URL to share?

    Kevin Yank - January 4th, 2007
  11. clubtomtom.com

    Tim - January 4th, 2007
  12. Thanks. 🙂

    Kevin Yank - January 4th, 2007
  13. You’re welcome fellow sitepoint member 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Kevin.

    Tim - January 4th, 2007
  14. I recently bought a TomTom Navigator 6 with Palm GPS receiver for Treo 700 smartphone and had to contact TomTom tech support for some activiation issue. I found it extremely hard to find their US tech support phone number on their website. Finally, I got their number from Palm support. The first rep told me Navigator 6 can be used and licensed on multiple handhelds, then he transferred to me to a license rep who gave me contradictory answer, it can only be activated twice. Anything beyond that would require a new purchase of their software. Does anyone have activation issues with Navigator 6 and did you find it difficult to find support info on their web site?

    Christine - February 3rd, 2007
  15. I found their phone number pretty quickly. From the TomTom website I clicked ‘Support’. The first question in the list says ‘How do I get in contact with your support department to ask a question?’ and their phone number and support hours are on that page. I didn’t have any trouble with activation.

    Tim - February 3rd, 2007
  16. Tim, I have not had any notification from GPS Review.Net that there had been messages posted, although I checked the reply box.

    I have not tried TomTom’s phone because I am on dial-up and their potential offer to walk me though while on-line would be worthless. Verizon has excluded a large area on the NW coast – for lack of population – from DSL. Waiting period is expected to be another ten years, go figure!

    I have yet to receive an e-mail response from TomTom on questions of discrepancy between trip planning and deletion features on the device vs. TT Home dock and PC. Also, the zip code for my town is wrong but that’s most likely the fault of the mapping outfit and no biggie as long as they at least acknowledge receipt of my queries.

    Have printed out their on-line manual and find it only slightly more detailed than the booklet

    birdy176 - February 3rd, 2007
  17. Oops, just got the one from “Christine” and will now try your recommended “clubtomtom.com”.

    birdy176 - February 3rd, 2007
  18. Tim, I tried their support page again and the first question is what are the most common questions regarding the current TOMTOM products. I guess I am not as lucky as you.

    Christine - February 26th, 2007
  19. They have changed their website pages since I wrote that comment back on Feb 3, but I still found their number easily. From the TomTom homepage I clicked on ‘Support’, just like before. Their number (866-486-6866) is listed on the right hand column just under “How to contact Support”. No need to even click on the first link anymore.

    Tim - February 26th, 2007
  20. I recently returned my magellen 760 for repairs and received in back minus two important parts. The parts were indicated as shipped but are not there. I am trying to contact someone in tech support to find what happened and am recued to talking to the person with a thick accent. Anyone have a phone number other than the one found in the owner’s manual that I might call. Thanks

    Jim - August 17th, 2007
  21. Jim,sorry to hear about your trouble. Magellan has “enjoyed” the same reputation as the Yugo and the term “caveat emptor” was coined for that outfit. That’s why I bought a TomTom 910 and have not had any regrets.

    Gunther Vogel - August 17th, 2007
  22. TomTom support from the US might be good but for anyone outside the US (I’m in Australia), there is no support except the web-based support forms. I can tell you now – they do not respond despite an email informing you that your query will be responded to within 2 business days. I have been waiting for well over 7 business days now and still nothing. The only support contact information for Australian based customers is their Netherlands phone number. I will try the blog suggested here and hope that the US customer service can help me out with getting Navigator 6 working with a Palm Treo 680 but I would recommend you stay clear of TomTom if you are not based in the US (or the Netherlands where they appear to be headquartered).

    Michael - September 18th, 2007
  23. My name is Tony Essery, I have until very recently been a loyal Magellan customer having purchase 5 GPS units from your company. In April I purchased a Explorist 400 for my birthday and intended to use it in July on a trip to Southern Mexico. Well the product never worked, I tried to return it to sears but it had already been 30 days since purchase so they would not exchange it. I then contacted your support group whom gave me a return authorization # and address to send the unit to. The tech on the phone said this was a common defect and this would be a quick turnaround. I mailed it to your Texas repair facility Via USPS with delivery confirmation (you received the Item on August 3) I waited almost 3 weeks for the item and then called for a status. The tech said there was a software problem at there end and could not verify any information for me. The tech also informed me they would call me before the end of the day. The next day I still had not received any call, so I called back. Now the tech informed me that they were very sorry and my gps would be sent out immediately, I should expect it in 3-4 days. 1 Week later still no GPS, I called back and asked for a supervisor (Rita, they would not tell me last names) whom apologized and said in fact there were no 400 models available to ship (so they never shipped or called) so I asked for the next level of upgrade since I basically had a brand new unit that never worked. Rita agreed and said she would be sending a NEW 600 explorist out immediately, expect this in 1 week. 1 Week and 2 days later still no GPS. So I called back This time I asked for the head of the dept. I spoke with Tanlee (again no last name) He informed me the item still had not shipped (gave me no reason) but he was shipping the I tem out immediately and I would receive it in 1 week. I explained that I would need proof as this has already been promised to me, he said he could provide no proof due to soft ware issues on their side. One week later I still had no GPS and very angrily called back and spoke with supervisor Sam Daniel, whom again promised me the unit to be shipped in 1 week. Now I called back and spoke to Supervisor Wilson whom only could repeat every promise made earlier to me and swore I would definitely receive my gps in 1week. Guess what, it has been 1 week and 2 days and I still do not have my GPS. By the way every single person I spoke with was from India so I could hardly understand them and they could often not communicate with me, Can you even imagine how upset I now am? I have tried to call the cooperate HQ on several occasions and never could get anyone on the phone due to the automated response system. I have never in my life (32 years) been so insulted or had worse customer service. It is now October 12th And I still have not received my unit or any explanation from Magellan. Buyer Beware!

    Tony Essery - October 12th, 2007
  24. Tony: Sorry to hear about your trouble. When I was in the market for a GPS, I checked every review I could log on to and Magellan stood out as the “winner” of the lowest number of “satisfaction” stars for the very reasons you gave above in such gruesome detail.

    If you live in the States, Google for the Consumer Protection Agency of sellers’ state, find the attorney general’s office and notify them with details as to purchase date etc.

    Do ditto with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and send copies of your reports to Magellan with the declaration of intent to write to all technical magazines that advertise their product.

    This may sound like overkill but they have been on notice that you’re one more of the legion of unhappy victims.

    I have done this on two occasions in the past ten years with immediate results – even before the involved attorneys general began their inquiry.

    Sometimes just the threat of turning them in for false advertising, failure to comply with warranties etc., will yield positive results.

    Gunther Vogel - October 12th, 2007
  25. I too have had a horrible time with Magellan’s service. I love my 3000t and have had no issues with it. The issues revolve around new updated maps I ordered I quickly received a DVD and autorization code and was excited to get the new maps installed. I tried to install the maps but it will not accept my authorization code. The reason is my serial number starts with a “0” and is 13 digits long, which is what I provided to Magellan when I ordered the software. The problem is the map software automatically detects the serial number, but it drops the leading “0” and makes it a 12 digit serial number instead of 13. You can not modify the serial number, it is detected by the software. I have called 9 times trying to get this resolved over the past 3 weeks. They keep telling me I provided the wrong serial number and can not grasp what I am explaining to them. I think part of it is because of the language barrier, very hard to understand. Although I love my Magellan, I would never purchase another one because of the lack of customer support. I have tried calling every Magellan phone number and even faxing to their headquarters and they will not respond. I would suggest stay away from Magellan if you ever think you might need to contact their customer support.

    Greg S - November 1st, 2007
  26. I have not been able to get my problem with my Magellan GPS resolved. The tech support is VERY bad. I would say to forget about Magellan tech support (even if you can understand them). They do nothing and know nothing. I will never buy another Magellan product!!

    Tom - November 7th, 2007
  27. With so many Garmin units available, how do you decide which one to buy? I have trouble reading the dash with bifocals so screen size is important and I think I would like blue tooth. Any suggestions?

    Bev G - December 4th, 2007
  28. Bev – for Garmin devices with widescreen displays and Bluetooth, check out these two.

    Tim - December 4th, 2007
  29. I too have had a horrible time with Magellan’s service. I have 3 had Magellan GPS Units; the 350, RM800 and RM860T. The products are fantastic. The support NIL (note the CAPS) I mean if I could rate them any lower than NIL, I would.

    The are useless on the phone, useless in their promises. They DO NOT return calls as promised. I am convinced they only say that someone will call you back so that you will hang up.

    I purchased the map upgrade to the RM860T. I finally got it resolved by faxing a complaint with a description of everything I went through (With the leading “0” explanation) to the fax number on their website.

    I wanted a newer unit, can’t find very many Magellan products in Ottawa (I wanted to see the 4250 in action). Even the big stores are reluctant to stock these now. They claim it is too much of a problem to get any support.

    I picked up a Garmin 760 instead. The unit is nice (A bit of a learning curve since it is different from the RM860T) It has both advantages and disadvantages BUT, I called the Garmin support twice and their supportdoes in fact exist… it is great. The first was to resolve an issue with the traffic and the agent grabbed a unit at his end and help me solve my problem. The second was to request the Mapsource DVD to create POI files…. no problem and no song and dance… while it is on back order for a wee, he said it would be sent to me as soon as it is available. I actually belive the guy.

    Magellan could learn a lot from Garmin Support.
    Now I have to sell the 860T…….

    Dom - December 7th, 2007
  30. I have been struggling with Magellan’s technical support for the last 10 months. I had purchased a Roadmate 760, which worked fine until it was 3 months out of warranty, then it quit acquiring a satellite signal. After numerous attempts to fix it while on the phone with tech support, I was forced to send it in for repair, at a cost of almost $150. When it came back, it worked for about a month, then developed the same problem. It has been back in their hands for six weeks now. Whenever I call tech support, they can’t even tell me the status of my repair, claiming their computers are down, and they can’t locate the file. They’ve given me two “guaranteed” arrival dates for my unit, which have both come and gone. Currently, I am out the initial cost of my unit, the $150 I paid for the first attempt at repair, and the unit itself. Never again will I use or recommend Magellan’s navigation units.

    Jerry - December 10th, 2007
  31. I purchased a 6000T from Walmart about a year ago. On October 29th, I purchased a map upgrade which required a firmware upgrade from version 1.15 to 1.16.

    I followed the upgrade instructions when I selected the SD card to receive the update on rather than the USB which should have been selected. The unit was waiting for an SD card. At this point I thought rather than have a problem with my unit, I would telephone your support. This I did and I had the misfortune to speak to someone called “Peter Wilson” who rather then trying to understand what my screen was displaying, just instructed me to press the reset button. I expressed my concern and he assured me that it was the correct thing to do. I did as instructed and the unit just came back with a blank screen no matter how many times I powered it up and down. I mentioned to “Peter” that all I got was a blank screen and he casually said “your unit is broken. It must be a power problem. See if it works in the car”. I mentioned that I was using the AC adaptor that was supplied with the upgrade and also that the batteries were charged and in addition the green power light was illuminated and so this can’t be the problem. “Peter” insisted that it was and that I should try it in the car. He just wanted to get rid of me.

    I called back and spoke to numerous people trying to get them to understand that my device was broken because of negligence within Magellan’s support. These people were devoid of any emotion whatsoever and just came to the conclusion that the unit was broken and that I should send it back to be repaired. I eventually spoke to a supervisor who said that they would raise an RA and gave me a number. I mentioned that this was not my fault and I should not have to pay for shipping as I would already lose the unit for 2 weeks plus. The supervisor said that I would receive a label within 24 hours. This was in excess of a month ago now. I call back support, speak to what seems to be a robot, spell my name letter by letter, explain the same thing again, getting the usual “sorry” and that I should wait another 24 hours. I then tell them that I go through this every day and that I know I’m not going to get the label. They say “yes you will”, I wait again and the cycle begins the next day again. I have noted a few of the people involved in my daily ritual:-

    Peter Wilson
    Max Davids
    Sam Richard
    Walter Shy X 2
    Justin Richardson
    Jack Taylor
    Jerry Craig

    The last 2 people on this list hung up on me.

    During my conversations, I gave a Hotmail account as they thought that maybe a spam filter could be the problem. I know that it would not be a problem as I have never had an issue before. I did get excited when I opened an email from Vishaal Isaac from Magellan in my hotmail account on December 6th. Unfortunately this was a survey to see how well support was performing. I went to complete the survey as I wanted to let them know how bad the “service” was but I just got “Page not Found” when I clicked on the link. You really couldn’t make this up if you tried!

    I really can’t believe that a company could outsource to a company such as Slash Support to save a few dollars. I would sooner pay an extra $10 and not have this terrible experience. This seems to me to be corporate suicide. What is Magellan thinking? In my 25+ years in IT, I have never seen anything like this and it is shameful. Any number you try at Magellan will result in a voicemail being taken or me being transferred to a robot in India. Nobody at Magellan seems to care.

    After reading everyone elses experiences, I am scared to send it back although the unit’s dead anyway. Maybe I’ll go to Walmart although the unit’s out of warranty and shout load about them dealing with this dreadful company.

    Needless to say, I will tell everyone I know about this and put my story on as many forums I can. In addition, I’m tempted to buy a http://www.magellan-sucks.com website and put everyones stories on it so that when people search for Magellan, they will see the real face of this shameful company.

    How can Best Buy, Walmart and Target etc. deal with this company???? It is totally beyond me…Maybe we all need to let them know how much this company stinks.

    Darren - December 13th, 2007
  32. For the last few days, I have been trying to order latest software and map update (version 6) for Magellan RoadMate 700 North America on DVD.

    It appears that the only way I can order this is through your website after registering my unit’s serial number. I have done so and my unit is registered under my account

    When I first attempted to place my order last week I received an error message on the very last page after entering my credit card info. I called you customer support and they tried to place the order for me and received same exact error which reads as follows: “There was an error processing your credit card. If you believe all information here was entered correctly please go back and verify that your addresses are also entered correctly. “

    I know that the problem is not with my card’s processing as I tried multiple credit cards and if I log into my credit card’s account I can see now multiple $1 holds from Magellan’s attempts to use it.

    After the agent talked with a technical engineer, he told me to try placing my order again in two hours as this was a known problem that technical support was working on and they were to push a code fix to this issue in a couple of hours.

    I have tried in 2 hours and was still unsuccessful. So, I called again yesterday and was told that this was a known issue and to try again today as the webmaster will fix this overnight. I tried this morning and still am getting same exact message.

    Wes Kalinowski - December 18th, 2007
  33. Magellan tech support- the worst I have ever encountered. 5 hrs plus on hold to activate the mapsend directroute software I purchased with the explorist 500 traveler bundle. 3 times told to call back. Their phone support for explorist tells you your call cannot be completed as dialed.. you have to fake your way through sales to get through to tech support. All this for the activation of the product you have paid for and are entitled to.. They don’t even check their menu options or services… I don’t even think they care about their customers with older products even if they have paid for licenses. Their customer support rating is 1/10 . Go elsewhere if you can afford to… This company is not in the customer service industry… doing quantity over quality.

    jeff - January 8th, 2008
  34. SOunds like everyone has had the same complaints with Magellan’s Customer Service. I bought a Tritan 400 this Christmas, and although I like it, the preloaded maps are useless. I believe they were falsely advertised to include “major lakes, rivers, and geographical boundaries.” The only thing it shows in the Interstate highway and state boundaries. The Ohio River is not even shown. I have called and email Customer Support to ask if/when a roadmap will be available and nobody knows. the email reply told me to please call Customer Support. Very discouraging and annoying. The Tritan seems to be a potentially good product, but will surely fail at this rate.

    Valerie - January 17th, 2008
  35. I purchased a Magellan Mastro 3100 for my husband for fathers day 2007. So the unit has been in our posession for just under 7 mths. He went to update the maps as he uses it every day for work. Upon copleationg of the ‘download’ the unit ceased to function beyond the blue screen. As he was attempting to hopefully ‘fix the problem’ I was on the phone with cust. service which is in the Phillipens or how ever it is spelled. I reconized the accent stright away as my husband was in the Navy and there is/used to be a whole bunch of them. After i splained hte problem (repeating my self 5 or 6 times as the preson did not understand English very well) he put me on ‘terminal hold’ for over 8 minutes then poof hung up on me. So call #2 went to the same number. When I asked for someone who actually spoke English a their first language I was informed that there were not any as their office was over there. So again I repet what had happened this time 7 times and by now I am getting rather hot under the collar. I informed then that my husbnd needed a working unit by 7am this morning and what are they going ot do to make this customer happy as I was very unhappy. I was told that I would have to ship the unit to Texas.On my dime and maybe in 4-6 weeks the unit would either be repaired or replaced.
    When I saie not acceptable the person gave me the name and phone number to his boss in hte US. I put in a call which of course has yet to be returned. I will never purchae another one of their products if this is how they treat customers who spend money on their products they certianally do not stand behind them and if it their updates that ‘break’ their unit I was basicaly told tough nuts not our problem. They are not held responsible for what their software updates may or maynot do to any of their units. The updates are done at customers own risk.

    Tisha - January 18th, 2008
  36. I was torn between the Garmin Colorado 400t and the magellan titan 2000. One call to their customer support phone numbers was all it took for me to buy the Garmin.
    Magellan: I asked very basic questions it took several restatings of the question before they understood what i was asking and, as others have noted, the person was extremely difficult to understand, and the information generally incorrect and often an answer read to me verbatum off their website but having nothing to do with the question i asked. There is no question that this person had never seen the product let alone understood how it is used, its features, etc.

    Contrast this with a call to Garmin. The person answered in the same amount of time or less, was well spoken and easy to understand. The person was either extremely well trained or actually used the product on a regular basis. While magellan couldn’t answer even basic questions correctly, the Garmin guy answered correctly what i thought were pretty obscure things i found in their online manual. (also, look at the joke of a manual for the Triton 2000 on the magellan website).

    Summary: I really wanted the Triton for the NG TOPO! maps but i went for the garmin just from this experience. I really encourage anyone considering the two companies to call their tech support first.

    craig - February 5th, 2008
  37. Don’t send your unit. I have been calling support for months. I was dumb enough to return my product. I have made numerous calls (communication is terrible-English is not a first language) always being told my product was received and my refund is in processing. By the way the shortest call was just under 30 minutes and I was placed on hold multiple times every call. The last call, again going through the whole explanation and confirmation questions, my receipt was requested to prove I returned it , I had already been told the item had been received. They confirmed the item was received with every call I made. Why do you need proof you sent the item if they have already received it???? I faxed the receipt and guess what???…..they haven’t called back and no refund.
    I’m mailing a letter to the address I sent my return and if I ever find a another physical address, I plan to send copies to see if that works. I’m giving them two weeks to respond before contacting the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General’s Office!!
    The product may be good but BEWARE as they do NOT handle customer service well (If at all). Now I have neither my product or the money deducted from my checking account or the money spent to return it. If you have doubts that the service is that bad just search Magellan complaints on the internet.

    phyl - May 12th, 2008
  38. I totally agree with the crappy customer support. I asked about the Exit POI not working on my newly purchased 1200 (known bug) and was first advised to press the reset button and re-insert the SD card. Of course this did not work. The email ticket generated can not be updated so if you need further assistance you must submit a new ticket. So, I did this and then got the following reply:

    I apologize for the delay in replying to your email.

    I understand from your mail that the exit poi option is not working on the

    I would like to inform you that exit poi option is the addtional feature on
    your unit where you can able to use that option once the firmware ware
    upgrade released.Kindly wait for the firmware upgrade as we are working on
    that your unit is perfect now so need not to worry about it.

    I am confident that the above information would help you in resolving the
    issue. If you have further queries, please get back to us.

    You can also contact our Technical Support at 1-800-707-9971 for further
    Magellan Email Support.

    I am not even sure what Mary is saying.

    Bob - May 30th, 2008
  39. I bought a Magellan Crossover to take off road in Canada with my jeep. Perfect I thought, downloadable topo maps, backtrack facility and on road routing. Love the unit, but on trying to buy the downloadable maps, my credit card isn’t accepted. same mssage everyone else has been getting for months. Tried different cards, different addresses. Whole series of customer service calls with promises of fixes, tales of “its only Canadian cards” – not true I tried my US cards too. How can Magellan possibly be in business when you can’t buy their products. They no longer sell these products through resellers, so if you want a map you’re hosed. It’s like a bad dream every time I call customer service. I get the same basic dialogue right from the start every time. They seem not to take or keep any notes. I’ve seen crappy service but this is surreal. Anyone succeeded in buying and downloading any maps lately?

    David Taylor - September 16th, 2008
  40. There are not too many competitors on the market for GPS systems, hence it’s not difficult to do “homework” on their reputation. I did that almost two years ago and Magellan stood out as the worst of the worst. I chose TomTom but Garmin was also on my short list.

    We’re being warned time and again to check into our sources before making a purchase. Since the advent of Google there’s no excuse for not following this advice. Yes, they should have been wiped off the market long ago but fortunately (for them), there are still people who don’t visit forums like the present one.

    Gunther - September 17th, 2008
  41. Quite simply after many, many years of night-marishly and ridiculously inept service with Magellan I have one recommendation, do myourself a favor and don’t buy one or their very difficult and confusing software.

    Jacques - November 30th, 2009
  42. TomTom US Support has recently started Chat Support that would be helpful to get an immediate response. My experience with TomTom has been great and I do recommend it to anyone interested in buying a GPS device.

    Tom - October 28th, 2010

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