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Magellan Triton 2000


Today Magellan announced their new line of handheld GPS devices designed for outdoor use. One thing many GPS enthusiasts have been critical about regarding Magellan handheld devices is their ease of use. Magellan has completely rewritten their interface and Magellan says the new user interface is much easier to use. So what else will we find in this series?

Magellan TritonThe Magellan Triton will come in six different versions, and should be available sometime in September. We don’t quite yet have detailed specs on each model, but that will be coming soon.

The Triton 2000 will have a 2.7 inch QVGA screen, SD card slot, electronic compass, and a barometer. Those functions are fairly typical of high end handheld GPS devices. What isn’t so typical is a built-in 2MP digital camera, a flashlight, as well as a speaker and microphone. I talk frequently who use handheld GPS devices for various tasks where they need to mark locations on properties and take notes on those locations. A device like the Magellan Titon seems like it will be a great match for them.

Now, instead of trying to use the four way toggle switch to labor through typing out a note, you can now average the waypoint, take a picture of it with the integrated camera, then record a voice note about the waypoint you are at. The photos and voice notes will be associated with that waypoint. And at the end of the day when you have been working or geocaching too long and it gets dark on you…. turn on the flashlight to help see the trail while the Magellan Triton navigates you home.

Also somewhat unique for handheld GPS devices is the incorporation of a touch-screen. Previously this hasn’t been included on handheld devices due to the limited functionality they might offer but more importantly the ruggedness of the screen. So you can be sure when we get our hands on the Triton we will want to see just how rugged that screen is.

Like other devices in this class, the Triton is IPX-7 waterproof rated, and water submersible. So no fears taking the Triton along with you in your boat, canoe, or kayak. Magellan has also built a new software package called Magellan VantagePoint for map, tracks, media, and waypoint management. The software will be available as a free download from Magellan’s website.

What we notably didn’t see, and are somewhat surprised about, is a lack of mention of any kind of raster map compatibility to add satellite imagery or digital photography. They do say you can load National Geographic Topo maps onto the device, which leaves open a glimmer of hope, but we don’t see any reference to aerial photography being available.

The Triton 2000, described here, will retail for $500. Other models with smaller screens, no flashlight, fewer basemaps, etc will retail for as little as $130. Other models in the series are the Triton 1500 at $399, Triton 500 at $249, Triton 400 at $199, Triton 300 at $149, and Triton 200 at $129. All are expected to be available in September.

139 Responses

  1. A while back I purchased a triton 2000. As we all know (now) the mapload that comes with it is less than worthless. So I bought the topo USA northwest region. The topo USA is a terrible excuse for a map. Major roads are miss-labeled, points of interest are shown tens of miles from where they are actually located (and have been for decades/centuries). Major waterways and bodies of water are just labeled RIVER or LAKE . What use is that when you are trying to navigate or figure out where you are? Major trails and trailheads are mis-labeled, mis-located, or just plain missing from the topo USA northwest region data base. It is riddled with errors, mistakes, wrong names on roads, major roads missing, major trails missing, and even towns that have been in existence for a decades are not shown !!! Any grade school kid can pick up a free state road map at the local gas station and have in his hand a more accurate and detailed reference than topo USA!!
    So, given all that, I called and talked to a magellan rep he (in an odd barely-understandable Indo-Chinese-mixed with Russion accent)recommended that I purchase Nat Geo TOPO!® Explorer Deluxe . Well I decided that I already had over $500 invested in this unit and all of its accessories, so what would another $50 be if it allows me to use it instead of a gas staion map ?
    I went to the magellan website, and found the new software, but then found that there is no way to purchase it there!!
    After many more phone calls and emails I was directed to the Nat Geo website, why not put that info or a link to Nat Geo on the Magellan website ????? SHEEESHE !!!
    Ok, so I bought the Topo Explorer Deluxe and they sent me two discs. They were both blank !!!
    So I called Nat Geo, and they said sorry, we will send you a new set. They did exactly as they said … and sent me a new set of blank discs !!
    I have had this triton 2000 for well over a year now, and have not yet been able to use it reliably at all. I have had to have the whole unit replaced because the first unit would lock up all the time, Usually in the middle of an 4 hour pack trip. This required that the batteries be yanked to get the d*$mb thing to unlock. And you guessed it, the first 2 hours of my track were gone and replaced with a straight line from my starting point !!!!! YAARRRGH !!!
    I haven’t been able to load any maps into the new unit, so I don’t know if it has the same problem, or different problems, as the first one. AND I have made MANY calls to everyone to try to get anyone to understand why altitude should always be shown in FEET, not ever in miles and tenths of miles. Even aviators have altimeters in thier airplanes that show altitude in FEET !! Why should I carry an electronic calculator with me on a pack trip to figure out what my altitude is in FEET instead of 1.43 MILES ???
    All of the peaks on the tops of mountains are always shown
    with thier altitude in FEET, so as I climb up towards the top of some peak, all of a sudden the Triton 2000 reads 1.13 miles, the map shows the peak at 7924 feet. How close am I ??? How many more feet in altitude to I have to climb to get to the top ?? OK, stop hiking, take off the pack, now where did I put that blasted calculator ????? #@*&!^$
    So I thought I was buying the top of the line in GPS units when I bought the tridon 2000. At least, by the price that I paid for it, and all of the accessories, it should have been top of the line. Or for that matter at least WORK !!!
    I have missed using it on many fishing trips, hunting trips, pack trips, and many many business trips.
    I repeat, the basic map that comes with this unit is absolutely, completely WORTHLESS !!!
    Now, with the second unit, after two attempts trying to get viable discs, I can’t even get any map software for it !!
    If you have yet to buy this or for that matter, any other product with this brand on it, CONGRATULATIONS !! You have not been reamed yet, go find and buy ANY other brand
    name and you will save yourself from infinite frustrations.

    Joe Magnan - August 7th, 2009
  2. Joe … sorry for what happen with your Magellan. I had similar problems with my triton and within a month of buying it i could change it by a Garmin Oregon at the store where I bought it. The Garmin´s are excellent value, the best. These Magellans are just sh** …

    Miguel - August 7th, 2009
  3. Joe, did you install the V.1.46 firmware update from the Magellan website?

    Sounds like your Topo NW Region does not have the latest data set — have you checked for upgrades? Sure is weird that Nat. Geo. would have two sets of blank discs! Did they finally get a correct set of installation discs to you?

    Have you gone to the Triton GPS set up and told it to figure elevation in feet?

    Look at my comments regarding Triton 2000 in post #93 above. My unit works flawlessly, I am very happy with it. I’m using the Nat. Geo. Topo State maps — they’re expensive — but boy are they wonderful!

    I had a lot of complaints with the MapSend V.1 maps that I got from Magellan for my Magellan Platinum GPS. I didn’t qualify for Magellan’s “free offer” for the base map upgrade for the Triton 2000 earlier this year (I bought my Triton too early to qualify — wouldn’t you think they would have made it retroactive for all Triton 2000 units?). So I converted my old MapSend V.1 maps and they work fine other than they’re not as up to date as I wish.

    Sorry for your tough experiences. When the Triton 2000 works right its a great GPS — but any glitch-ridden GPS regardless of manufacturer will drive a guy crazy!

    Syd - August 8th, 2009
    • Thanks for your reply. Yes I have the V.1.46 firmware.
      I never have gotten a good set of discs from Nat. Geo. The GPS setup gives two options, Elevation in feet or meters, ok fine, so you set it to feet and all is ok intil you get higher than 5280 feet, then it shows that you are at 1.XX miles in elevation. I have gotten to the point that I have completely given up on the try-ton 2000 (misspelled purposely). I cannot return it to mayjellin (misspelled purposely) because I put my trust in them and ended up waiting too long for them to resolve the serious issues with the unit. I am thinking of taking it out to the rifle range, gluing it to the center of a target at 200 yards, and sighting in my 300 Weatherby on it. I have thought of selling it to some poor unknowing soul, but I would have my own conscience to deal with, and knowing that I had ripped someone off by selling them this “thing” would bother me to no end. I will probably get a Garmin. A friend of mine has one, never has had a single snag or glitch with it, It does everything that it is supposed to do, it is reliable, user friendly, and it always gives elevation in feet !!!!!

      Joe - September 2nd, 2009
  4. OK – I’ve been patiently waiting for 2+ years to buy a GPS…

    Background – I teach Map & Compass and Orienteering classes for a major mountaineering club. I am highly skilled in getting aorund in the back country, I simply have never bothered to purchase a GPS.

    I own EVERY state of the Nat Geo TOPO! series of 1:24,000 map. It has to do with a guide book writing deal. Obviously, what I want is a GPS that will accept these maps. The standard 1:100,000 map software is not sufficient for what I do.

    I know of no other way aournd this. The Garmin and DeLorme GPS units don’t use 1:24,000 maps, do they? If htey do, they don’t accept the TOPO! maps, right? I may be unaware of recent developments along that line.

    I am pretty computer savvy, and have scads of friends who are longtime GPS users. I am ready, the $ is not a problem, I would probably buy the top end Triton 1000 or 2000.

    HAVE THEY FIXED THE G.D. THING YET? Or should I continue to wait patiently for a new version to come out? Is there an alternative that will accept my TOPO! mapping software?

    PS – My primary useage is NOT a breadcrumb trail, or even a pre-programmed waypoints ability. I just want to be able to turn it on in the boonies and figure out where I am at.

    Thanx to all of you – I have had this forum thumb-nailed for a long time now, and enjoy reading the comments.

    DaveC - August 27th, 2009
  5. DaveC–

    I have the new DeLorme PN60–wicked fast, and uses real USGS maps. But, for ease of use and robustness in the field, nothing beats the Garmin Map 60CSx. Bigger screen, battery life, etc. Good luck.

    Phil Lowry - August 27th, 2009
    • I think you mean the PN-40. If you have a PN-60 then we need to talk. 😉

      Tim - August 27th, 2009
      • yup

        Phil Lowry - August 27th, 2009
  6. Dave C,
    * Former Triton 2000 owner here. Did some beta testing for them after the wreck of a product launch as well. The Triton was and continues to be a brick! Great idea. Horrible execution
    * Big draw for me, like you, was the NG Topo connection. I have been a Topo! user since the days of Wildflower. Love those products. Still would like to see a viable product that uses those maps.
    * Own and use both a Garmin 60SCx and a Delorme PN-40.
    * You can get good 1:24k Garmin maps from hack sites for the Garmin, comparable to NGT. The coverage depends on what the shareware developers have put out there though. Look at http://www.GPSFileDepot.com to see if it will provide what you need. These will work on the 60, 76, Colorado, and Oregon series units.
    * The Delorme maps are on par with the NGT maps if you get the download service ($30/yr I think.) Base map is fair, but you can download the same USGS maps the NGT uses. You also can get sat photos, aerial photos, etc. High quality. The handheld unit works very well. Desktop software is a brute to work with though!

    Cass - September 1st, 2009
    • Cass,
      As someone looking to buy my first handheld GPS, you are an ideal source. I was interested in the Triton 2000, but this review link has cured me of that. Now I am looking at Delorme PN40/30. Since you use it, as well as Garmin, can you advise between the Garmin 60SCx and the PN40? Have you got Delorme’s Topo 8.0 (which is supposed to be state of the art)?

      I appreciate your time.

      Leo - September 10th, 2009
  7. i was looking @ T-2000 due to the customer loyalty program.
    good discount on discontinued unit i own.
    but think i’ll look harder @garmin 400t

    grant - November 3rd, 2009
  8. I am having many of the same problems described here in this forum. Should I just give up on my Triton 2000 or should I keep banging my head against the wall?

    Wayne - November 4th, 2009
  9. I gave up on mine and use the old simple one till I can afford a different one.

    Gary W Breisch - November 4th, 2009
  10. Just updated to the 1.71 firmware. BIG improvement – much more responsive and lots of nice added features. Added information screens and the ability to turn the screens on and off – these two features alone bring it up to par with my Magellan 315 GPS that still works! Finally, it works the way I expected Magellan to work. (I also have a Garmin Legend eTrex in my stable of GPSs).

    For all those that have given up on the T2000, try it again with the new firmware. I did use the T2000 all summer traveling through Scotland with the previous firmware, with acceptable usability and excellent accuracy and reception.

    Ben - November 4th, 2009
  11. Just looking for input.

    John - November 13th, 2009
  12. Is anyone having problems with the latest version of Magellan’s Vantage Point loading? I’m getting the splash screen, then a message saying Vantage Point has encountered an error and must close. I’m using Windows XP, have encountered this problem on a desktop and two laptops. Unable to run Vantage Point.

    Syd - November 29th, 2009
  13. hello everyone,
    i bought a triton 2000 with firmeware 1.46, and i didnt find grid for morocco only merch datum displaying location in degree,,, anyone help me find how to solve this problem, i need to implement grid for 3 zones lambert coordinates for morocco this is essentiel
    did upgride to last version solve this problème, and how to do?

    asa - December 6th, 2009
  14. Return the unit and get your money back. Buy something from Garmin or Lowrance.
    I fought these problems with my Triton 2000 for months and couldn’t get it to work properly. Even after latest downloads and updates. Finaly returned it to place it was purchased and had my money returned.
    Not a unit I would risk my safety on. Too bad. I thought it had some potential.
    I guess that’s why it was on sale for less than half price. (approx. $130.00 Canadian )

    Wayne - December 6th, 2009
    • thank you wayne, i havnt time to return it and get an other gps, it’s purchased for topo works, the grids of coordinates system are not complete and user grid does not work?

      asa - December 6th, 2009
      • Asa.
        Wish I could help you with that, but the things are inherently unreliable. I don’t know why; poor quality control maybe. If you start at the top of this thread and read down at least 85% of comments are negative. That, to me, is is too much to ignore.In my opinion, Magellan dumped the Triton series on the market without making sure the things would work properly. That is just MY OPINION, of course.
        I do a lot of hunting and hiking in the back country and I always carry a good old compass as backup so I don’t have to completly rely on GPS. But as I stated before, I sure as heck wouldn’t risk my safety on this unit. Good luck Asa, and take care. Wayne.

        Wayne - December 7th, 2009
  15. I figured since it was 2010 I’d take the chance and get the Triton 2000 hoping enough updates would have come out to counter the negative reviews. Using a new Triton with all updated software and firmware, all updated versions of 3 different Nat Geo TOPO products and Windows 7.

    1) TOPO Explorer is buggy as hell, the interface keeps crashing, and after it says it connects to the Triton, it locks up exporting the maps.

    2) TOPO National Parks software can’t even connect to the Triton as its not in the menu.

    3) TOPO! Was able to transfer a route to the gps, but it locked up transferring the maps.

    Not sure if this is a Triton problem or Nat Geos software at fault, but as far as being marketed as a package that works together, I can’t get anywhere with it.

    I’ll give Magellan and Nat Geo a chance to answer all the support emails, otherwise its going back.

    Ian Lauder - March 20th, 2010
  16. Definitely the Magellan. Maybe the interface software in NG Topo. I use the Topo software all the time for geocaching, hiking, kayaking. Never, ever had a system issue with it other than when I used to have the Triton. Zero problems. And I have been using the software since before NG bought them.

    Save yourself some time and lots of headache. Return the unit! There is a rumor that Magellan is coming out with a new Explorist model. It looks like they are not extending the Triton line. Still, I would look hard at the Delorme PN series if you want a serious GPS tool with mapping.

    (No, I do not work for Delorme.)

    Cass - March 21st, 2010
  17. I did some more testing on a Win 7 32-bit computer using all the TOPO updates that are Win 7 compatible and both the TOPO States and TOPO Explorer crash transferring maps to the Triton 2000. Explorer actually gave me a blue screen of death and rebooted my computer a couple times before I got back control of it.

    I’ll look into returning the Triton and check out the Delorme, that seems to get the best reviews and just stick to using TOPO software for my printed maps.

    The Triton seems to be working by itself and with its Vantage Point software, it also transfers AccuTerra maps on Win 7 32 and 64 bit machines. So it doesn’t look like a Triton gps problem, looks like its all in the Topo software interface to the Triton.

    Ian - March 21st, 2010
  18. Awful product, awful service.

    I was able to return the Triton to Dell, at least they gave me no hassle returning it. Magellan on the other hand never answered support requests and ignored my request to return a map I had bought that they coded to the unit that I had to return. Nat Geo TOPO finally responded days later that they had no timeframe for supporting Windows 7 and that it didn’t work (regardless that they actually posted patches that said it did…)

    Bought a Delorme PN-40 instead and its been operating and transferring maps no problem.

    Ian - March 24th, 2010
  19. I was foolish enough to buy a Triton 2000 almost two years ago, about six months after it was introduced. I figured they would have had time to solve all of the problems that were posted here at the time. Since then it has been one set of challenges after another, with one unit exchange under warranty about four months after I bought it. After a recent firmware upgrade it started telling me that the battery was nearly dead (it wasn’t) and going into power saving mode, which makes the unit almost unusable because the screen is so dark.

    I called Magellan, who agreed to replace the unit by extending my warranty through my AAA membership. I faxed them everything that they asked for and then waited six weeks for a response. After calling them again to find out what was going on, they declined the repair, saying that THE WARRANTY IS VOID WHEN THE UNIT IS PURCHASED ON AN AUCTION SITE (eBay in this case) and that the AAA warranty only applies to some kind of AAA roadbook purchases. Totally different than what they told me the first time that I called and spoke to six people.

    The bottom line is that this unit is junk, as evidenced by the fact that they are no longer being sold new. Not only would I recommend not buying the unit, but I would also recommend not buying ANYTHING from Magellan.

    Suzy - March 25th, 2010
  20. WOW!! About to embark on my ecology career deep in the woods and am looking to buy my first GPS unit. Was so excited to purchase the Triton 2000 ~ and now am even happier that I LOST the bidding war on eBay!! As a single mom trying to get thru my masters degree I cannot afford to blow money on units that look awfully fancy but that’s about it. LOVE the reviews posted by all of you and THANK YOU!!! for speaking out!!! Don’t know what I will look for now but I know it sure as hell won’t be a Magellan at all…read a good review about an AccuTerra…any of you that do work like I plan to do, could you give me some advice on what to look for? And I would prefer to not have to make a choice between paying my bills for a month or not getting lost in the woods!! Kinda scared to buy anything now! Thanks again to all of you for the heads up!!

    S.Payne - March 31st, 2010
  21. S. Payne… Where you going? I’m getting my graduate degree too.

    I was not as fortunate. I got the bid on eBay. My unit locks up all the time. I am getting a replacement, we’ll see how that works. I wish I had bid on the Garmin.

    Big lesson!

    DON’T buy Magellan!

    Ken W. - April 27th, 2010
  22. Ken W…
    I am attending UCM, where are you? Was it you I was bidding against? It happened the same day I posted on here, March 31st. I ended up getting a Garmin 12 for a starter GPS, got it at a pawn shop really cheap, came home and did some research and after seeing nothing but great reviews about it I went and picked it up. I still have some learning to do with it but have great professors that will help me out and some clubs in my department that do geocaching activities once in awhile. My dream is to get the Oregon 400t but they are pretty costly…will have to save up for that baby!!

    S.Payne - May 1st, 2010
  23. I live in the Philippines. I purchased my unit in the US. I have been experiencing majority of the bugs and issues of a Triton 2000 described by most in the reviews above.

    Months back, I lodged a complaint to Magellan’s support service. After several e-mail exchanges (response from them took forever each time and quite arrogant at that), the sum of it all is that they will not provide me service assistance since I am located outside their jurisdiction – and that they don’t have any personnel servicing our region.

    My recommendation is, to all those living outside the US or Europe who want to purchase any Magellan unit – DON’T!!! YOU WILL ONLY WASTE YOUR MONEY AS SOON AS IT INEVITABLY CONKS OUT ON YOU…

    Kerry - May 18th, 2010
  24. Excellent comments about GPS Magellan triton 2000.
    I bought one in 2009 (California).
    I live in Brazil and I recommend not buying the unit . We don´t have support and program in Brazil. I spend $400 dol e have just a photographic cam with 2.0 megapix.
    Nat- Rio de janeiro-Brazil

    Nathanael - June 2nd, 2010
  25. Good thing I read the forums,I was going to buy the triton2000. I”m from Canada and would like a good gps with topo,any suggestons?

    Jim - June 25th, 2010

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