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Mapion Local Search


A new service in Japan has been announced called Mapion Local Search. This service allows cellphone users to literally point and click their phone at a building, restaurant, or any other POI and then receive information about that POI.

“Japanese mobile users demand the most innovative technologies and we see this as an opportunity to give them their first look into the future with personal local search.” said John Ellenby, president of GeoVector. “Soon users will be pointing their mobile phones at restaurants and getting reviews, pointing at billboards and going directly to the advertiser’s mobile site for shopping, pointing at a movie poster and buying a ticket, playing a game by pointing at your friends, the potential is enormous.”

The system is available on the KDDI network for users on W21S phones. The service is expected to expand to other phones later this winter.

One Response

  1. […] The service has already been deployed in Japan through a service called Mapion Local Search which we have talked about before. “When GeoVector and its partners launched the world’s first pointing-based local search service, we revolutionized the way people use a wireless phone to interact with the world around them,” said Peter Ellenby, GeoVector’s Director of New Media. […]

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