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MapQuest Navigator


The iPhone navigation market is getting more crowded as today MapQuest Navigator was released. Unlike earlier iPhone apps from MapQuest, this app provides turn-by-turn directions to compete directly with the likes of TomTom, Navigon, and TeleNav. At first glance it looks to be a fairly basic app, with a subscription pricing structure more similar to TeleNav.

mapquest-navigatorThe app costs $0.99 to purchase, and then requires a subscription. (A 14 day trial subscription comes with the app purchase.) Subscription plans are offered much cheaper than TeleNav’s $9.99 per month price however. Mapquest Navigator can be purchased month to month at $3.99, $9.99 for a 30 day subscription, and a one year subscription costs only $29.99.

This app isn’t stripped down on features either– you get text-to-speech, live traffic reporting, as well as integration with the iPhone’s Address Book. The app was just released today so I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet– but the price and feature-set certainly looks appealing!


The app was removed from the app store over the weekend. MapQuest has since provided this update.

Some of you may have noticed that when we initially launched MapQuest Navigator for iPhone, we offered a $.99 price for a 14-day trial. Unfortunately, due to App Store restrictions, we are now unable to support this offer. The application is now initially available for one month at $3.99.

I suspect Apple may impose certain restrictions on the initial price of apps when there is a subscription or subsequet in-app purchases required, but I’m just guessing.

2 Responses

  1. You sure it was released today?

    I was checking out mapquest last night when I was comparing routes of the new google maps, and I saw the app available for download. I assumed it was out for a while, since I don’t own an iPhone and thus don’t keep up with all the apps.

    Maybe it was after midnight.

    mvl - October 8th, 2009
  2. There are two MapQuest apps now. One was a simple map without turn-by-turn and then the turn-by-turn version was released sometime in the past 36 hours or so.

    Tim - October 8th, 2009

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