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MapQuest with Multiple Stops


Mapquest has unveiled a new beta release of their route builder site which now allows you to enter up to 10 stops (vias, destinations, waypoints) in between the route. Even though I primarily navigate by GPS I often use these online mapping services to preview a route or estimate time before I get in the car.

MapQuest.com continues to be the leading resource for people to find places and get reliable directions. And now the new Route Builder feature lets travelers map out driving directions between multiple stops – saving them time, gas money and frustration.” – Jim Greiner, VP and GM, MapQuest

One of the complaints I hear most about GPS navigation systems is the lack of ability to have more than one “via” or stop within the route. Some GPS manufacturers have left this feature out altogether. Garmin can route to multiple “vias” in some of their receivers. TomTom includes it in all of their products with their “Itinerary” feature.

MapQuest has recognized this need and has included it in the new beta release of their Route Builder.

One Response

  1. Very cool feature of Mapquest. I found myself trying to exceed the 10 point maximum on our last vacation. Easy to reorganize points, just limited in the map printing dept., otherwise very useful.

    tstockler - August 30th, 2007

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