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Marine GPS with Street Maps


I’ve had a few people ask me this week about GPS receivers which will work both for Marine/boat use as well as providing auto GPS navigation functionality. Here is some of what I’ve mentioned to them.

The two GPS receivers that most closely match your needs are probably the Garmin GPSMAP 276c and the GPSMAP 376c. I’ll briefly discuss what they both do since they are so similar and then discuss the differences.

These receivers come with Americas Autoroute maps which cover both the US and Canada for driving directions. They are also compatible with Garmin’s BlueChart maps for marine navigation. (You will want to make sure you get the correct marine maps for the area you will be in.)

Both of the receivers come with color screens that are about three inches wide, are waterproof to IPX7 standards. That standard means they should withstand being under one meter of water for thirty minutes. Both can be connected to your computer via a USB interface.

Both receivers will allow for up to 3,000 waypoints to be stored and have built in tide tables. I don’t believe either come with a DC charger, however you could probably pick up a compatible converter at an electronics store.

There are not many differences between the GPSMAP 276c and GPSMAP 376c. The 376c includes the ability to connect to XM Satellite weather services, XM Satellite radio, and have an audible weather alarm. It also typically costs about $300 more.

There are some accessories you might also be interested in, notably the Garmin Auto Accessory Pack for the 276c and the 276c cover.

One Response

  1. i have a garmin 76csx,ands i don,t know how to put in a geocach point, wich buttons do i use.thank you q

    lee - May 4th, 2010

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