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Massive Update to our Community Forums!


If you are not a member of our Community GPS Forums or if you are a member and haven’t visited in some tim, now is the time to come have a look. Over the past several months we’ve made a large number of enhancements we think you will love.

  • New software platform! We started with a new software platform, taking us out of the dark ages and onto a platform which allowed us to add many new features, replacing the old, stagnant software.
  • New Servers! New servers were brought online to replace the old enabling the site to load faster and be more reliable.
  • Fresh Look! We’ve overhauled the site layout to be easier to use, easier to read, and better adapt to larger screens.
  • More Mobile Friendly! The site looks better on small screens too. While we’ve still got a little work to do in this area we’ve made a big leap forward. More work in this regard is coming soon.
  • Reactions! Want to give thanks to a user for their great information? Give them a nod with our new ‘Helpful’ and ‘Answered!’ reactions.
  • User Recognition! We’ve added gamification features to the forums making it easier to identify users who have a strong reputation for solid answers. Earn points for posting (available now) and potentially view the site ad-free (coming soon). We want to recognize users who make awesome contributions as well as make it easy for new members to see who has the history to backup their answers.

We’ve been getting awesome feedback to our changes and we hope you will stop by the GPS Forums and have a look for yourself!

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