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Microsoft Autoroute 2006


trustedreviews has written about Microsoft Autoroute 2006. The Autoroute software includes over 5.3 million km of roads through Europe, 865,000 POI locations and door to door directions. Overall they gave it an 8 out of 10 rating.

Autoroute 2006 is brimming with features and should appeal as much to map fans as to those wanting a laptop based GPS navigation system, not least because you get a swathe of countries included. One of its greatest strengths is its armchair route-planning services which are really easy to use. Couple this with the plentiful printout options and you may find that the GPS-antenna-in-your-car just isn’t required. Either way, you could plump for the cheaper GPS free option first, then add an antenna later if you want to go further.

They were not impressed with everything though, especially the Windows Mobile software.

However the Windows Mobile features are sorely lacking. What you get with Pocket Streets is very basic and without the capability to use the provided GPS antenna with your Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Smartphone out of the box, you are going to need to spend more money to get the GPS features out of Pocket Streets.

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