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Microsoft to Buy TomTom?


Rumors are wild today in the GPS world. According to many sources Microsoft is currently interested in purchasing TomTom and shares of TomTom stock rose as much as 7% yesterday after the rumors started flying. TomTom of course is denying the rumors.

“That’s news to me. I haven’t heard about it.” – TomTom C.O.O. Alenander Ribbink

Such an acquisition would certainly shake up the GPS market. One thing I find interesting about this is that TomTom actually uses a version of the Linux operating system on their devices.

Microsoft already has some GPS products in the market including Streets and Trips. However there might be more than just PND (personal navigation devices) which would cause Microsoft to eye TomTom.

Perhaps Microsoft is more interested in a fleet management and fleet tracking solution to offer their current enterprise clients or to integrated into their existing enterprise products. TomTom offers such a product in TomTom Work and the TomTom WEBFLEET software.

Only time will tell on this one…

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