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Mio 269


The Inquirer has posted a review of the Mio 269 Mobile 96 MB GPS System. They like the fact that it had accurate maps, its portability, and the mp3 player. They were not so keen on the lack of support for postcodes and you can’t change the default voice.

We were really impressed with the accuracy of the unit and we arrived at our destination within metres of the front door, thanks largely to the strong GPS signal. The directions were well spoken by the female voice (not changeable) and the roads were clearly visible on the screen. It does take a while to get used to viewing the screen while driving, but the audio alerts were very good and gave us plenty of time to react, such as when to make a turn. Similar to other decent satellite navigation devices, the Mio 269 will also recalculate your route on the-fly should you decide to go AWOL.

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