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Mio c520


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14 Responses

  1. i bougtht a c 520 5 months ago and the map is out of date and now they tell me it will cost 81.00 for an update dvd this unit is a peice of junk and they do not stand behind there product if i can sell this peice of junk i will buy one of the ones that will stand behind there unit.

    john c blair - June 6th, 2008
  2. That is about the going rate for map updates.

    Tim - June 6th, 2008
  3. Had my C520 for six weeks and just got a Garmin 750 a week ago from sideXside testing for routing the Garmin cant touch the Mio. for one I can adjust my routes by bypassing roads I dont want to take I cant do that with the garman, the Mio also has bluetooth the Garmin does not. The garmin has a fm transmitter the Mio does’nt. They both have some of the same features like a caculator,currency converter, unit converter,text to speech, millions of poi’s, find destinations by typing in coordinates and thats where the simularities end. The Mio has a feature to add speed and red light cameras on the unit, you can chose different map colors for day and night,user data management,add and name your poi’s and have them appear on the screen as you near them, and the best thing I like is the split screen effect, were you can view your route on one side and see your route distance, the time it will take you to travel that distance, mph, eta, current time, distance to your next turn and turn direction all on one screen. I can hit a button and can recalculate the route, view the itinerary, edit the route, find information on what roads I will travel, any tolls to be paid, and do a flyover to see my exact route from start to finish. Some say the Mio is cheap and is junk I paid less than $200.00 for mine brand new from a major electronics store and paid $300.00 for the garmin at a members only store. The teleatlas program on the Mio is a sept. 2007 map, the garmin has the new 2009 map and the Mio gives better routing maps, some of my cowokers have the mid-range and high-end garmins and tomtom’s and want to use my mio when the go on transports, we are corrections officers who transports inmates so we have to have good directions when we travel because our lives depend on it.

    Ben - June 21st, 2008
  4. I’m about to buy the Mio C520 with a customized software and maps for Argentina and Brazil. Do you know if it’s possible to return to the original software keeping the maps? Or do you recommend me an even better base software? I’ve tried the customized one at the retail, and it’s really disgusting……

    By the way, congratulations for the awesome job you do regarding gps reviews!


    William - June 25th, 2008
    • Where were you able to find the maps for Argetina for your Mio? I looked, but couldn’t find any for my Mio (which I otherwise love)…

      sam - January 18th, 2009
  5. I got my C520 christmas ’07. I am a limo driver from the country and drive to the city every day.I love my MIO it is great and i would not swap it for any other brand.Some of my clients have other brand gps’s and are very impressed with mine.

    Ingrid - August 1st, 2008
  6. I personally have bought just about every gps brand so I could put them head to head against one another to see which one I liked the best. In my opinion the Mio still shines above the rest. I have a C520 and it is packed with features that you just don’t find on other GPS. Simply touching the screen you can add multiple via points and get information right from the screen. I’m not trashing the other brands. I recently purchased a TomTom One for 130$ to stick on my motorcycle, and I have to say for the money it is excellent. This model even has some features that I wish my Mio had. However, for me being able to add multiple via points by simply touching the screen is a big selling point. It makes re-routing so simple and fast. If some of the other brands had a simple way of adding “multiple via points” then I might give them some serious consideration.

    Patrick - August 12th, 2008
  7. I just had a Mio given to me for an xmas present. My husband heard they are better than Garmin and they make the parts for the Tom Tom and the Garmin. I guess the reviews are much better on these also. I just hooked it up so i will find out. It is far more expensive though than the TT or the Garmin.

    Patti - December 26th, 2008
  8. Hi! Just wondering if you can add maps… for example: this MIO is only for North America; so can I add Hawaii?

    Thanks for your help.

    Jen - January 2nd, 2009
  9. So far I have tried 4 bluetooths hands free and non of them found compactible. Semms to have abig problem in connecting to bluetooth hands free. I will try 1-2 more if not then retrun this mio.

    Rajesh - January 5th, 2009
  10. I bought this at a bargain price. It is a great device with tons of features, 3d/2d maps, speech and even bluetooth!. I have used this heavily and in the desert. Just couple of minor issues.

    1) The bluetooth works great with my cell phone but doesn’t remember the volume setting. I have to press max volume everytime a call is made.

    2) User manual is a bit confusing. I couldnt find how to delete a route (eventually I found it but not where I would expect).

    3) The upgrade to the maps cost $80. People say thats what it costs for most devices.

    4) I even used this on my motorcycle with their accessories.
    Works like a champ.

    Overall I give this an A-

    Wyatt - February 15th, 2009
  11. I biught Mio c520 in December 2007. Worked Great. Last year, Sound became static and now it hisses. Do you know any one who can repair this. It would be a shame to just through it away.

    Ashok - July 24th, 2010
    • It wouldn’t be worth the cost to fix it. If you are feeling handy, I’d take it apart and check for a loose wire or cracked soldering connection where the speaker connects to the circuit board.

      sam - August 1st, 2010
  12. I have a Mio C520, currently I stay in the Philippines, where can I get the downlods for the maps in the Philippines.

    Bong - November 26th, 2011

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