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Mio c720, c320, c520


According to information we have obtained, it looks like Mio has a few new GPS devices in the pipeline. We’ve already heard about the c520, but along with it we now expect to soon get further details about the c320 and c720. Here is what we know.

Mio c520The new models will feature a new sleek look, just like the c520 that we have already seen. However the biggest news is that at least one of the new models (presumably the c720) will also feature a 2.0 megapixel camera on the back of the GPS.

These new models will feature many of the other standard GPS features we’ve seen from Mio such as an external antenna, speaker for voice guidance as well as MP3 music playback and a headphone connector. One other slight change is that it appears the expansion slot will accept both SD cards as well as MMC cards.

But the biggest news is the addition of a 2.0 megapixel camera. Since many Mio devices have the capability to store tracklogs, one would suspect that they might also support geotagging of photos taken with the GPS.

No pricing information or release date is known, but you’ll know when we do!

56 Responses

  1. Any information on inerty calculators added to some new announced models (i.e. Medion for exemple ?)
    – Thank you.

    Jacques debois - March 11th, 2007
  2. I’m not sure what you mean by “inerty calculator”.

    Tim - March 15th, 2007
  3. Mio C520 Review
    Frist I am a geek, I have had almost 10 gps for the past 10 years.
    just got my C520 from circuitcity yesterday, play it for half day.
    pros (very few): wide screen is nice, bluetooth works great. no flip antenna.
    cons (too many): map data is old and no accurate, interface is terrible, all the functions spread all over everywhere, not logical. text to speech not accurate, sound blurred. can’t find any address along US19 in Florida which is a major road in FL. Battery last less than 2 hours after full charge. to find something you have to click buttons many times. on/off button on top of the unit, too easy to press it and it turned off without asking. click on battery symbol on the screen it show you the manu (what’s the heck). route doesn’t tell you how many miles to the destination. screen is so easy to get dirt and grease. mp3 player and image viewer all have the same problem, gui doesn’t make sense. [snip] Mio should choose another subject as their primary bussiness not GPS.
    I have navman 510 which basically have the same map issue, and they all from Tele Atlas, (seems this is not a very reliable source but maybe cheap). Garmin, google and Microsoft use NavTeq.
    very dissappointed, will return it tomorrow.

    jxl - May 15th, 2007
  4. JXL – Thanks for the comments. If you haven’t already returned the device I’d be interested to know which release of maps came installed on your device. Typically you can find that info by going to Settings -> Maps -> About and then looking for a series of number in brackets beside where it says Tele Atlas. It could be a freshness issue.

    FYI Garmin, Google, and Microsoft are also Tele Atlas customers and use their data in various places.

    Tim - May 15th, 2007
  5. Mio Map program version: v3.3 Apr 21 2007
    BTW, some other issues: the pronunciation of the street name is often not right, seems digitally spoken, have echos. the route automatically created by the machine has too many turns, seems the program doesn’t consider the time consumed when make turns nor the traffic light, so you have to add one or more POI to correct it. not smart my old navman 510 has the same problem, it often give you ridiculour route which totally doesn’t make sense.
    this is unit although very fast at acquiring signals and recalculation even zoom in and out is fast. however if you try to teach your wife how to use it, you are going to have a hard time.

    jxl - May 15th, 2007
  6. That sounds like the application version, I was hoping to find the map version.

    Tim - May 15th, 2007
  7. 2006 Tele Atlas N.V.[061207]

    jxl - May 15th, 2007
  8. Great, thanks!

    Tim - May 15th, 2007
  9. Am very sorry to read jxl’s review. I was excited when I read the owner’s manual today. I thought that I had finally found the device for me. Garmin and TomTom offer easy to use devices, but I would like something more configurable.

    David Taylor - May 17th, 2007
  10. Hi,please keep us updated. I was very keen on this model , but your comments have put me off – thanks in advance.

    rod - May 19th, 2007
  11. I bought the c520 today. Overall, I’m very pleased with it. As previously posted, the TTS of street names is not always pronounced properly, but then what GPS unit does. The large screen is a plus compared to my Mio 310x, however the 310x has a better contrast on the screen. The c520 isn’t bad, but a little more contrast would have been nice. As for the maps, they are the updated 2007 Tele Atlas, and show an improvement over the 2005 maps in the 310x. In the CT area, I find them very accurate. If your a gadget freak like me, you’ll love all the toys in this unit from the calculator to the video and picture viewers, and the mp3 player to name a few. [snip] I don’t think you’ll go wrong. To get a Nuvi with these features you’d pay twice as much. In my opinion, the pros out weigh the cons, and I love it.

    Chet - May 20th, 2007
  12. So I take it that the North American C520 has video playback capability? Can you actually confirm this, Chet, because I can’t seem to find the feature listed on the Mio website.

    Adhesive - May 20th, 2007
  13. The C520 has a video player. I made a couple of short movies with my Sony digital camera of my niece & nephew playing in the park, then ran those through the “Video Toolbox” PC client that comes with my C520 (which compresses the video and makes an mp4 file format), and then I transfered the videos to my C520. It wasn’t that hard to do, and it plays fine. My friend at work ripped the original StarWars movie in wide screen format, ran it through the Video Toolbox, and now it plays in the wide screen format on the C520. ‘Look pretty cool!

    izabeeza - May 23rd, 2007
  14. More issues:
    1)c520 seems divide some of the local highways into many pieces of sections, say I have to drive 10 miles on US19 in Florida, it remind me every 100 yards (sometimes even 50 yards) that keep right onto US19, again and again, sometimes, from the screen that next turn is coming, it still saying “in 100 yards keep right onto US19” then suddenly “keep left on to ……”, it really distract your focus, cause it remind you unnecessaryly and repeatably. I have no idea how Mio design the code, it is really stupid. I have 10 mile on this road, and I don’t want to hear it every 50 yards.
    2)also on FL US19, you can’t find an address by, 10100 US19 something, you have to find the name of the bussiness and search, WTF.
    3)on Highway it has the same issue, unnecessaryly remind you keep on something, and when turning is coming it keep quiet. WTF!
    I wonder do the Mio guy have ever tried their product themselves?
    this is really stupid.

    jxl - May 29th, 2007
  15. jxl – I wonder if the issue is that the map database has US19 misplaced so thinks you are leaving the road and then getting back on it? It certainly sounds like the TeleAtlas maps for your part of Florida are pretty bad. I recall using both Navman StreetPilot v2.0 (Navteq) and iGuidance 3.0 (also Navteq IIRC) in swamp land near Miami and both were jumping me off the road. I had a few address issues with TelAtlas when I first got my TomTom GO 910, but updated the maps for free in March 2007 and found most of the issues resolved. Then my 910 was stolen from my dash in broad daylight in a “secured” parking lot. 🙁 Of course all of my TomTom usage was in New England and CA (SFO) area… I liked the TomTom a lot but it wasn’t quite as flexible as iGuidance, so I’m waiting for the next gen stuff (also want something not as thick as 910 so I can more easily stow it away to be unseen).

    bruce - May 29th, 2007
  16. Purchased the c520 from Circuit City and I have been using it in Upstate NY. Maps seem fairly accurate, routing algorithm tends to keep me off the major interstates even though I have selected Fast routing. Router tends to cause me to take too many unnecessary turns. Screen was set to max brightness in direct sunlight and it does wash out a little, but it is still readable. Only one US English TTS voice (female). Some echos on name pronunciation but not bad at all. Unit is well packaged, but is missing a protective sleeve or neoprene case. US version does not have the TMC cradle, nor does the cradle have integrated power. This means that you will have to use the Car charger and connect and unconnect the mini-USB plug everytime. The find function is not the most intuitive. Graphics are fantastic, unit is fast and recalculations are very, very quick. Battery life needs to be monitored. Size of the unit is a little to large for my small hands, bump out on the back makes it slightly unbalanced in my hands. Pedestrian mode is available.

    speaker - May 30th, 2007
  17. I am also an owner of the c310x, which is an excellent GPS!

    I bought the c520 as an extra unit so i don’t have to keep switching it between cars.

    Overall, i really don’t like the c520, compared to the c310x, and read below for my reasons. I want to return it, but i don’t want to pay the 15% Circuit City restocking fee, so i might just keep it to sell later.

    1. widescreen is nice, can see more of maps.
    2. newer maps
    3. has 6million POI’s (compared to 3.5mill for c310x). finally, Kragen Auto is on the map!

    1. there is no Volume button! you need to go into the Menus (4 clicks worth), to find the volume slider. this is crazy if you’re driving on the highways. there is no mute button either.
    2. screen is very dim with sunlight (even with my polarized sunglasses on). if your driving under a shade, it’s good. but when it’s sunny, the screen is washed out (c310x is a lot better!)
    3. Text to speech is crappy: only the US female voice (samantha) has TTS. but she stutters a lot, has glitches, and sounds very “robotic/electronic”. also, a lot of words are mispronounced. (“santa ana” is pronounced “santana”, annoying!). TTS is very NOT usable and ANNOYING at the very least! And there is NO volume button to lower it if it’s too loud!
    4. the Target cursor disappears. on the c310x, if you click a location and zoom out, you see a blinking target, so you know where it is in relation to where you are now. but now, if you zoom out, the target disappears and you don’t know where it is unless you Route to it.

    I wish they made a c310x with a 4.3in Widescreen, but keeping everything else the same! I like the c310x better, except the screen is smaller.

    brian y - May 31st, 2007
  18. Overall I am very pleased with the Mio C520. I’ve owned 6 portable navigation devices so far, the last being a TomTom Go 910 (stolen – don’t leave any of these on your dash anywhere!)

    Good points :

    – Screen is excellent, graphics are much better than the competition. Much more modern interface (antialiased lines,text, transparent buttons, more colors used) than TomTom 910, much more information (like street names) available than Garmin Nuvi devices. This is the first widescreen portable nav unit I’ve seen to make very good use of the widescreen format. Like the Nuvis, it can use the entire screen for map view, but more commonly I find the information split screen mode (with lots of TomTom-like trip information but more pleasantly displayed, nearby POI list, Traffic info (if I get TMC module), or upcoming turn information) to be just what I want.

    – While not quite as quick on refresh / frame rate as TomTom 910 with the very simple graphics TomTom shows, it is far better than Magellan’s latest Maestro units and on par with Nuvis. But the great flexibility in zooming in/out, changing perspective, and details like street names visible put the C520 in a class all by itself ahead of the pack.

    – It is very responsive in zooming in/out and panning the display.

    – It is much better for entering addresses than TomTom, as TomTom was clearly designed in England where there is only one Burlington. In the US, I have to scroll down (a poor-use-of-widescreen 3-element list) 5 times to get to Burlington, MA because it doesn’t have ability to limit to a state. Mio has this ability and also has the great “disappearing keys” keyboard that shows only available letters as you start to type town / street names (that was one of my favorite features of the Garmin devices.

    – The form factor is much better and the look is much more modern than TomTom. It also feels much better put together than the overpriced Nuvi 660 (and all Nuvis), whose cheap silver plastic frames bend with just a small amount of pressure on the side.

    – Sirf Star III reception is good, and no need for a flip up antenna adds some flexibility for mounting unit.

    – Calculator with currency converter is a nice feature, one I occasionally used on PocketPC-based nav devices and missed on the TomTom 910.

    – It was easy to pair up with my bluetooth phone and take/make calls.

    – Text-To-Speech of street names works a bit better than on TomTom 910 (though still occasionally glitchy)

    – MP3 and slide players seem full featured.

    – Walking mode that doesn’t snap you to a road, in addition to very flexible options for types of roads you might want to travel.

    – Very flexible speed warning options (set a max speed to warn at yourself, set to 0-100% over listed speed limit, or disable entirely).

    Not great points :

    – It is clear the very well designed MioMap software had the extra MP3/slide/video/calculator/… features added as a completely separate layer, so there is some confusion between menu systems (most notably configuration) and some overlap. I could see someone getting confused by this, but I like the extra features.

    – It is not exactly brilliantly intuitive how to play MP3s in the background while navigating … I actually had to look at the manual for this feature. And then I better set up a good playlist because I can’t change songs without exiting MioMap…

    – In general, having to exit the navigation software to go to MP3/slide/calculator/… seems a bit overkill and makes me less likely to use these features often (at least I’d like to be able to replay a song or skip to the next song without having to exit then restart MioMap). It does seem to remember routing information when it restarts MioMap, but it is slow to reload and would have been better if they could have kept it in memory.

    – Wasn’t able to download my RAZR V3 phone list…hopefully there’s a patch for this.

    – It is too chatty. The TomTom, I felt, didn’t have quite enough voice announcements and the Mio C520 has too many. The “too chatty” can become “exacerbatingly chatty” with TTS voice in some situations. Turning off the bell notifications helps reduce noise pollution a bit, and perhaps I’ll try it with only the bell and no voice in some situations. Clearly they haven’t tuned voice prompt frequency correctly given the TTS addition and hopefully they will do that *and* provide some options on how much prompting you want.

    – No free Europe maps like TT 910 has, though supposedly I can buy the maps and add them on an SD card in the near future.

    – Can’t play slide show and music while navigating like TT 910 can. Not that this is a useful feature, but it is just cool that it can be done on the 910.

    – Traffic monitoring will cost extra for a module plus service. I never used this on TT 910 because my wireless data plan made it prohibitive despite TomTom offering their part for free for 1 year.

    – No “Quick Fix” option like with TomTom 910. Again, this cost $.70 on my cell phone data plan each time I did it (and wasn’t 100% reliable), but it was impressive how quickly the TT 910 could get a fix for a few days after downloading the Ephem. data.

    brucec - June 1st, 2007
  19. burcec – Thanks for the comments! A couple of quick points on the 910. On the TomTom I’ve found that if you enter the first four letters of the city name, a space, and the state abbreviation you almost always get a match. For example entering in “burl ma” gives you Burlington, MA as the second item in the list. Also if you use TomTom HOME to download the QuickFix data you are not charged.

    Tim - June 1st, 2007
  20. BTW, a very friendly customer support person did call me back before I bought the device and state that there is a patch coming out for a volume control (IIRC just “mute”) button on the display.

    This apparently used to be there but got dropped somehow (maybe the BT button took it’s place?)

    brucec - June 1st, 2007
  21. Tim, thanks for the Tom Tom state abbreviation workaround… too bad TT tech support didn’t seem to know that one when I asked about the problem, and too bad my 910 was stolen… I certainly wouldn’t have bothered buying the Mio if I still had the 910, but getting a replacement device I wanted to avoid the bigger size and not-so-flexible-or-modern graphics of the TomTom. It was a very usable device and I had none of the mount problems so many complained of (and it’s voice prompts and BT features seem better than C520).

    Have any use for TT 910 chargers, mounts, remote controls, updated US map DVD, original box in mint shape,… I still have? 🙂

    brucec - June 1st, 2007
  22. I know the 520 is a widescreen with splitscreen. Does it allow you choose between split screen and full map view? Every picture i can find only shows the split screen. Thanks

    Jim - June 11th, 2007
  23. yes you can choose. it has all kinds of options like that. tomtom has better graphics but the maps have greater detail on mio even though I think they’re the same navteq. I have a tomtom one xl and don’t like it because it doesn’t show local lakes or rivers when you cross over them in navigation or browse the map. Not good for seeing what’s on your route at all. I prefer to have more information listed like a regular map for finding fishing spots, etc. mio delivers this although the tracking might be slightly slower than the tomtom.

    Rich - June 11th, 2007
  24. Small correction to the commenter above, they are Tele Atlas maps not NAVTEQ. 🙂

    Tim - June 12th, 2007
  25. I had TomTom 910 (stolen) and the *main* reason I bought Mio C520 to replace it was how far superior the graphics are on the Mio. I guess it just goes to show this can be a personal preference as Rich prefers TomTom graphics (first such opinion I’ve heard). Rich does mention they are more simplistic with fewer features than Mio though. If you zoom Mio into very close 3D view like TomTom forces you to stay in all the time, it actually updates *almost* as fast as TomTom, but I prefer slightly zoomed out and so typically has a slower frame rate but much more data on the screen. With TomTom, it is easy to see your next turn, but with Mio it is easy to see almost all the roads between you and your next turn. And it makes better use of anti-aliasing of lines and fonts to look much higher resolution than TT 910.

    When you go to full-screen map mode (intuitive little tab on upper right corner of map) you take another slight hit in frame rate, and I often find the trip info/POIs near me/next 4 turn data in that split screen mode helpful so rarely go to full screen map mode.

    Oh, another issue I had with TomTom – to reset the device you need a toothpick or paper clip. It once wedged on me during travel and I had no paper maps or means of resetting it, so took 20 minutes to find my 5 minute-away destination. On the Mio, you just hold the Power button for 10 seconds (worst case scenario) and it completely shuts down so next press is like it was reset. So far I’ve had no need to reset it though (only had to 2x with TomTom in 3 months using it). [snip]

    brucec - June 12th, 2007
  26. Here is my assessment of the Mio C520 after over one month of usage. Many are the same as others have reported, so I hope Mio takes note and fixes the problems. I have owned 10 GPS devices over the past 8 years, so I have a far bit of experience.
    The C520 is fairly complicated to use, but that’s why I bought it. Garmin stripped all of the “expert” features from their Nuvi line and it’s now just for novices. The Nuvi 360 detour function is absolute joke! However, Garmin does have good Customer Service, so I still recommend first time users to go with them. If MIO could fix the bugs and add a New User/Advanced option to their interface, then I might change my mind.

    Also, another reason not to recommend Mio: I have sent two messages to the Support email, and they have not responded. The Customer Support is non-existent so far.

    So here is my current “bug” list:

    High priority must be fixed:
    1) When approaching the destination, there is no indication if address or POI is on the Left or Right. This is a BIG, BIG issue. When you have shopping malls on both sides of the street, you don’t know which way to turn to find your POI or destination!!!!
    2) No selection to find POI along the current route. Mio needs to add “Along Route” to the Change Reference selection screen. This is a great option when traveling on a highway route and you want to find your favorite restaurant or brand of gas or Rest Area on the same side of the highway. You don’t want to travel miles off your route if there is a POI directly ahead on your current route. It saves time and money (gas).
    3) When sitting still at a traffic light, often the map “auto rotates” sometimes up to 90 degrees and shows your position at an angle to the road. You have to drive about 100-200 feet before the icon straightens out and shows you traveling parallel to the road. If the unit had a gyro, I’d say the gyro was getting out of calibration, but the unit does not contain such a device, so I have no idea what causes this issue.
    4) Can’t find a way to repeat the last voice command. The speaker icon is not showing on the map screen. I think this is a Software bug, as the manual shows a speaker icon on the screen.
    5) The voice commands stutter often. It seems worse on the female voice. “Fa-fa-fa-follow the current road.” “Turn Ra-ra-ra-right.” It’s really annoying.
    6) Downloading Contacts from Outlook Contact list does not work.
    7) Reloading the MioMap program or the Map database from the supplied CDRom does not work.

    Highly Annoying and should be fixed:
    1) We have several major roads in Michigan that are divided with a median and have left turnarounds every 500-1000 feet to facilitate reversing directions. They also allow for “Michigan left turns” where instead of using a left turn lane, you must turn right on your target road and then take a quick u-turn to head left.
    The Mio C520 issues commands almost continuously in these situations: “In 500 feet, keep right”; in 900 feet, keep right, in 600 feet, keep right, in 500 feet, keep right…….” It’s really annoying to the point where you either turn off the unit or you start ignoring it and finally miss a real maneuver. No other GPS unit I’ve tried does this, so I think the iGO engineers must not encounter this situation in Europe where they develop the software. In the map screen, the turnarounds are labeled “connecting roads” so it must be some logic tied to this road classification.
    2) After calculating a route, it should say something, like “Please proceed to the highlighted route and route guidance will begin”. Or, something shorter: “Ready to navigate”. Or, a simple chime.
    3) After calculating a Route and you are in a parking lot (not on the route) the Info screen does not give you the Route Information (arrival, distance, etc.). You have to get on the route before the information pops-up. If I am trying to evaluate different routes or estimate an arrival time, it can’t be done.
    4) The Arrival time or Distance cannot be found for Vias in the Itinerary List. So, if you set-up a via point for lunch ahead on the route, you can’t find out the distance or estimated time of arrival to the via point in the Itinerary List. It only gives the arrival time and distance for the final destination.
    5) The screen gets washed out in sunlight. The need for thinness and battery life probably drove the compromise.
    6) It is very difficult to “drag and drop” to move the map around without the C520 triggering the cursor to inquire if you want to enter it as a destination/POI. This is really aggravating while searching via map input. Change the sensitivity to make the touch of the screen longer before you pop-up the cursor so it is easier to pan the screen.
    7) The Lock-On-Road (Keep Position On Road) option too strongly ties the current position icon to the road and turning it off is too loosely associated and the icon drifts too far off the road while in a route. When it’s Locked-On-Road, it doesn’t do a good job of vehicle icon orientation in a large parking lot to help you maneuver back to a digitized road. It locks you to the closest road and you have no way of knowing which direction to head out of the parking lot to get to the highlighted route.

    1) I prefer the Garmin method of displaying the scale. Keep it one width. It’s too confusing to have the bar changing size AND scale simultaneously as you change the zoom level.
    2) In the POI list, if two POIs are the same distance away from your current location, the two POIs will swap positions in the list constantly. When you try to choose one, it’s like shooting at a moving target. You might get the one you want or you might not. Suggestion: Order the list by distance first and then alphabetical order so no swapping back and forth occurs.
    3) No way to Delete a specific recent destination in the History list, only ALL of them. Sometimes, I like to cover my tracks!

    Personal preference:
    1) The HMI (Human Machine Interface) is a bit cluttered for big fingers. The Clarion implementation of the iGo software might be better. Plus, the Clarion has the speaker icon that the Mio 520 is somehow missing.

    JDN - June 25th, 2007
  27. As a follow-up to the review I posted earlier, here is the response I received from Mio regarding the many bugs and issues I and others are finding with the Mio C520.
    This is the third time I contacted Mio, but only the first response.

    If you are in the market for a GPS unit, I would suggest you look up their Tech Support line on their website and trying to call them to see what kind of response you receive.

    Mio will need to better if they want to be around for long. Based on this response and others I’ve read about support of the C310, I would not recommend anyone purchase their products: Too many bugs and no customer support.

    Dear Customers:
    Thank you for your concern and purchase on Mio products. Our Mio Customer
    Service has replied your inquiries. If you have further questions, please login http://service.mio-tech.com again, Mio will do the best to help you. Thank you very much!
    Best Regards

    Mio Service
    The reply is shown below:
    We are aware of most of the items that were presented in your email. We value all customer comments and concerns and take these into consideration when developing future products or implementing updates to our devices. For further inquiries, customer service is here for you online as well as by telephone at 1-866-646-4477. Thanks. -Mio Support

    JDN - June 26th, 2007
  28. Well, at MIO didn’t find support. I have a c720 and I cannot find any updates or speedcam synchronization for download and much more. If there is anybody cand help me with these problems (updates and speedcam synchro) I’d be greateful.
    Thanks for your time.

    Gabriel - July 13th, 2007
  29. Does anybody know if maps of Hawaii is included? I am going to Hawaii and would like to buy this for the trip. Thanks

    Tony - August 7th, 2007
  30. Yes the unit does have Hawaii.
    The C520 is THE BEST unit i have owned. I have had the garmin PDA’s, a Navman and a Garmin 350 (which I returned). THe C520 is a great value with lots of high end features. right out of the box it picked up a signal inside my house which none of the other units did. The bluetooth picked up my Blackberry pearl perfectly.
    The biggest positive is that the windows CE can be unlocked and used like an OS. You can then load Office apps as well as other apps. Also, there is alot of skins on http://www.gpspassion.com. if you do buy the C520 go out to the Mio forum GPSpassion.com and download the V8 skin from the user “TheRock”. It is a better version of the maps than the oem. The colors are better and he has added a button for sound and better route tracking features. Feel free to email me with questions on this.
    Mio has a huge market in Europe. Something like 35% so there is plenty of history with them. They are just new to the US. I bought my unit [snip]. Great purchase.

    Breckbordr - August 23rd, 2007
  31. For the above question on updating speedcam and MioMaps. you need to go to the european site. I did and it worked just fine. Download the Map Updater and Speedcam Sync. You do have to register as a mioclub member.

    The map updater will update the Miomaps v3.3 to the July update.

    Breckbordr - August 23rd, 2007
  32. I have a mio c520 and manual says i can use only up to 2gb memory card. Would anyone here be able to tell me if i can purchase a 4 or even an 8 gb memory card for this model? If so what would be cons? Thanks.

    eddevious - September 8th, 2007
  33. Hi!

    I have a C720 with MioMap v3.3 and have a little problem with map browsing and route planning.

    I can not find a separated planner/map mode with gps off, I can find only navigation/cockpit mode, so the gps always moves the map back to the gps position and changes my route’s departure point to the gps position.
    it’s very annoying.

    Can anybody help me?


    HL - September 12th, 2007
  34. i have the Mio c520 and i have installed a 4gig
    SD card at first it did not regonized the card,
    but i reinserted the card and it worked fine i have
    2 movies i ripped to the card and music videos and
    mp3 songs plus picture files,my only problem was getting my treo650 to pair with my MIO-it will not work.

    lasers20 - September 25th, 2007
  35. I just bought a C320 with preinstalled US maps in the USA. Great GPS when I was in the US!
    I bought 2 maps (Netherlands and Israel) on a SD card. I put the SD card in the C320 and File Manager sees them (on the right). Somehow I can only move them to the (empty) music folder (on the left).

    When I start MioMap, I only get the USA maps. Under ADDRESS I clicked OTHER CITY and then OTHER STATE, but only US states are listed: no Israel, no Netherlands.
    Now what?

    Robert Cohen - October 11th, 2007
  36. Hi,
    In rhetoric to jxl’s comments and inability to use this unit i digress with further detail. All issues claimed must’ve been user error of someone just “used to” previous models of outdated and lesser GPS unit, I purchased a c320, and the unit is excellent. Only one downside, adding POI’s a little frustrating yet easy once played with. I’ve owned and used GPS systems for about 3 years and this is my fourth(including backpacking explorist 200)and by far easiest to use. Love my tom tom go910 too though!

    jct - October 11th, 2007
  37. Anyone know where an external antenna for a mio C320 can be bought?

    Walter Budde - October 31st, 2007
  38. Hi
    Do the Mio c520 have maps of Israel

    Bill - November 1st, 2007
  39. I originally bought it for the looks, but the novelty wore off pretty quickly. The software is pretty illogical and inconsistant. I followed a route which was blocked and there was no way to tell the GPS that the route it wanted was a no go. Secondly, to change over to the music player, or images etc involves a long wait for the software to exit the map application and then to re-enter it again. The software for the music player and images is diabolical and uses euro-symbols gone mad rather than text on buttons. It renders the music player useless. This and like other bluetooth equipment takes a long time to pair with the phone and has to be done each time. life is too short…

    Finally, I updated the software and now it doesn’t work after a month ownership. I sent 2 emails to Mio and no response. Amazon don’t want to know either…

    Junk in my mind.

    jules - November 7th, 2007
  40. I love my Mio c-320 the best GPS in USA

    Oleg - November 27th, 2007
  41. Looking for Christmas present for my wife… Mio looks like the best bet of the GPS units for the price. Quick vote: c720t, c320 or c520. I’ll go with the consensus. Lucky wife!

    Tim G - November 27th, 2007
  42. I have a Mio c520. I beleived that if was rather designed for Europe than for the States. I have Eastern Europe, Western Europe, USA and Canada for the device. I drove around in Europe and I had no problems with the map, except when i got to some new roudebouts. However in the United States it makes a lot of mistakes. For example it wanted me to turn left just before the Golden Gate Bridge where it is not allowed to turn.

    I have a question though. If i buy a tmc cradle will that work in the US? I do not see any oppourtunity to sign up for any tmc subscription on the mio site. The only thing I found was subscription for c720.

    Andi - January 25th, 2008
    • I sure would like Europe Maps. Tried to communicate with MIO prior to a trip to France about map availability – No reply. I like my C520, but support and map updates are an issue.

      Merlyn - February 26th, 2009
  43. WARNING!! Do NOT buy a MIO GPS Unit! You are only setting yourself up for frustration! I am the very sad owner of a Mio C520. It is awful! I enter personal addresses into Contacts through Tools, but when I try to map to them through the POI in Map mode, the addresses aren’t even close to what I entered!!

    And for some reason, when I map a route that tkaes me on a freeway, every time I exit a freeway and need to make a left turn, the unit consistently wants me to make a RIGHT turn, drive about a 1/4 mile, then do a U-Turn to head in the proper direction. This is WITH the U-Turn option disabled.

    And the route calcuation leaves a LOT to be desired! On routes that I KNOW are faster via the freeway, the unit calcs a route using the streets, and I mean side streets not even major thoroughfares.

    I’ve been working with Tech Support for about 3 months via email, but have not been very successful in getting any of the problems resolved. I can’t say they aren’t trying because they are. But so far none of my problems are resolved. They’re last suggestion was to reload the software and maps from the CD. I just did that and…it didn’t help. So, I just entered another entry into MIO Help. Should be interesting to see what they say now…… 🙁

    STJr - February 1st, 2008
  44. I’m lookingnat purchasing the Mio c720T. Does anyone know if there is a maximum size sd card you can use in it? I’ve heard on some units 4gb is the max size card you can use.

    Nick O - February 2nd, 2008
  45. I also own a Mio C520. I thought when I first bought it things seemed fine. I lived in eastern Canada but how now moved to western Canada. On the drive out west I noticed some areas of the highway that weren’t correct. Possibly new highways. Not a big deal but now that I’m out here everything seems to be off about 50 years. I’m on one street and it is showing I on the next street over. Kind of annoying. I sent it back to Mio for them to investigate but after it returned I saw nothing different. How acurate should the system be. Why would I see a different out west or does that have anything to do with it??

    Dennis Mattie - July 30th, 2008
  46. Dennis, it really doesn’t have anything to do with the accuracy of the GPS, but rather the accuracy of the maps… some areas are just better mapped than others.

    Tim - July 31st, 2008
  47. I bought a MIO DigiWalker C230 Auto GPS back in Feburary 08 and find its a POS. This GPS will take us off the freeway only to tell us to go back on, Kept on getting GPS signal loss throughout our travels. This system took us 50 miles off course before we had to turn back wasting a whole lot of gas. I am not happy with this GPS device because it does not work too well, and is a waste of time, gas, and money. Next time I purchase a GPS I’ll do better research.


    Roy - August 11th, 2008
  48. I have a Mio c520. I have never had that problem. You should maybe send yours back, it might be factory defective. Or it needs a software update. It should not do that. If it looses signal all the time I would assume that it is hardware.

    Andi - August 11th, 2008
  49. i purchased a gps a while ago brand new when it came out. it worked perfect until 3 months passed by and the gps could not get gps signal so i sent it back and they fixwed it when i got it back it broke again. I will never ever buy the brand ever again. It will teach me to go with a Magelon next timie.

    dante - August 18th, 2008
  50. I own a c520. I live in Regina, Western Canada. I purchased this unit because it showed streets and addresses in numerous small towns(something many of the others did not). I find the the accuracy for the most part great. Then there are streets that the address is out 1/2 block. When it was new, I had a battery life of 3-4 hrs, now it is 15 minutes. The unit’s maps are 2006 and 2 months after getting this they had 2007’s out at $80.00.
    It seems they have better coverage in small towns in Canada. Would I purchase another Mio? I hope they correct a few issues mentioned by others but, yes, probably.

    stosh - October 7th, 2008
  51. I have a c720 – keeps reseting itself. Is back at Mio for the 3rd time. Since I bought it it runs about 20 minutes and resets. Mio service is poor. I have paid to date $45 to send it in to be “fixed”. I asked them to replace it the third time and was told they do not replace. Last time they replaced the motherboard and the same problem 20 minutes after I got it back. I have had since March 2008 and they have had it at the shop almost more than I have had it to use. Never will buy one of these again. Product is bad, replaccement policy is nonexistant, can not get a corporate number to call. Money poorly spent.

    Rick - October 12th, 2008
  52. Follow-up: Three weeks ago tomorrow I was told someone from corporate would call me within 48 hours as my Mio is still not fixed. Two weeks ago I called again and was told I will be called. Still no call.

    Rick - November 4th, 2008
  53. I have a320 MIO the best GPS.I live in São Paulo_Brasil and need MAPS to BRASIL.
    Help me.

    Cefas Gonçalves - March 21st, 2009
  54. I have a MIO C 520 and I am constantly been given incorrect directions. I have used the GPS to addresses I know and it mwants me to turn right when the correct direction is left. The support fro Mio is disgraceful and not worth the effort in contacting them

    Desmond Brown - April 10th, 2009
  55. I junked my Mio and went with Tom-Tom. Mio service is nonexistant. Caution – Do not buy!

    Rick - July 29th, 2009

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