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Mobile Crossing Waypiont 200


bargainpda has reviewed the Mobile Crossing Waypoint 2000 GPS receiver. They liked the large accessory bundle and the preloaded navigation capabilities… but that was about it. They didn’t like the price, lack of wireless capability, old technology, and difficulty selecting maps. This is a good contrast to a previous review of the Mobile Crossing Waypoint 200 which gave it much praise.

The Waypoint remains an extremely niche-oriented model, suitable to moderate navigation with a tiny bit of handheld use thrown in. It’s not for power users, or even average users. The PocketPC component is so bland that it could lay eggs and still not merit a second look, and the aggrivation saved in one area of configuration is returned tenfold in other areas. Simply put, it’s not worth the money, and there’s no scenario that I can think of that makes it worth more than a PocketPC and Bluetooth GPS bought seperately.

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