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New Motorola Motonav GPS Forum


A few of our more active forum members have started using some of the new Motorola GPS devices such as the Motorola Motonav TN765t which was reviewed by one of our moderators, gatorguy. While I still have doubts about the longevity of Motorola in the GPS market, the device is quite interesting and offers a few unique features as noted in the TN765t review. Conversations in our forums about this new line have been increasing and as a result we’ve added a new Motorola MotoNav Forum to group all of those discussions in one place. So if you’re a Motorola GPS owner in need of peer assistance, or want to help answer questions from others, head on over there and join the conversation.

One Response

  1. Anyone know if a direct wire kit with FM traffic data capabilities is available for the TN765t?

    TY in advance.



    Rick - June 9th, 2011

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