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Motorola Motonav TN765t


During this years CES, Motorola announced a new and striking pnd, the Motonav TN-765. I was able to get my hands on a pre-production version of it and have been getting familiar the past few days. There’s two things that will immediately get your attention: The extra wide, cinema-like 5.1″ screen and the vibrant color and quality of the hi-res display. It’s probably the best screen and fastest refresh rate I’ve yet seen on a pnd, and that includes the HP310 and Navigon 7200, my previous display champs. If those bright colors aren’t quite your taste, there are two additional map color choices. “Smooth”, which resembles the Americana map colors on my Tomtom, and “Minimal” which is pretty much shades of gray, but retaining that bright orange for you active route. While “Vibrant” will definitely get your attention and “oohh’s” from your passengers with the bright blues, greens, pinks and orange, “Smooth” was more my taste after a couple of days.

Guest Reviewer, Gatorguy

We occasionally feature reviews from our forum members; this MotoNav review was submitted by gatorguy.


Motorola puts that extra real-estate to good use. Sporting a cinematic 358×854 pixel screen, it’s a perfect format for Dual-View, a unique way to offer the driver the info he/she wants while allowing the map view to remain uncluttered. While you have the option of showing the map full-screen, I much prefer Dual-view’s split screen. Choose from several different data sets for the left third of the screen, with the default being Aerial or bird’s-eye view. No more need to make a choice between showing 2D or 3D. Put’em both on screen at once. And even the 3D angle can be adjusted up down or sideways. If that has no interest, you can select Nearby POI’s, Traffic or Dashboard for the left display instead. (Dashboard is used to show things like elevation, sat view or speed.) Then, with a destination set, additional screens offering Turn by Turn, Waypoints, or Trip Info get added. Scroll thru all these screens using the left/right arrows. This addresses several of the concerns some of our members have with clearly displaying the information important to them without intruding too much on the map view itself. I haven’t yet seen a cleaner way of showing assorted data fields, or moving thru them as quickly.

User Interface

Using the Motonav is deceptively simple. I expected less than obvious ways to cancel a route, find a POI or change volume and other settings. Instead, the Nav-n-Go supplied interface was generally intuitive. Volume is controlled by three real buttons on the right side of the case, up/down/mute, while the left side has buttons for zoom in/out plus a customizable one. I chose to use that extra button for quick view of favorites. Don’t like volume control on the right? You can swap those functions over to the left instead. Nice thought, particularly for our left-handed friends.

Physical Design

The sliding power/reset button is at the top right of the case, with another button at the case center intended for quickly returning you to the map view from any screen… or so I was told. That button didn’t work on my particular device, but Motorola assured me it’s working correctly on production models. You guys will have to let me know how it does. But since the map is never completely hidden by any menu, a quick touch on the map returns it, I don’t think that button is necessary anyway. Interested to see if it really is used for map view on the shipping model.


Entering a destination is straight-forward. Tap the map, then “Enter Destination”. The next screen gives you the traditional QWERTY keyboard for address entry along with Google Local or nearby POI’s sorted by categories. You can enter multiple destinations if needed using any combination of the search methods. I hope to spend a little more time with multi-stop routing before I ship the 765 back. It’s the only part that I had any difficulty with. That happens sometimes with old guys.

Route Types

Once you’ve selected a destination, touching “Options” presents you with up to three color-coded route choices: A/Quickest, B/Shortest or C/Mostly Highways, and whether by car (default view) or toggle down for Bike, Taxi, Bus, Emergency Vehicle or Pedestrian routes. Route calculation was quick, and missed turns took very little time to recalculate. I haven’t made enough trips yet with the Motonav to get a solid feel for route quality. There’s already been a few instances where my Tomtom, Navigon, or Garmin send me one way, but the TN765 sends me another. In two instances it’s offered one of my known shortcuts that none of my other devices have used as far as I can recall, tho to be honest they save very little time. But still a plus. But another route tonight didn’t seem quite right compared to my TomTom 740 and nuvi 760. I’ll get more route comparisons over the next few days and get a better idea how it compares to some other devices.

Mount, battery, TTS

The active mount is rock-solid, showing no vibration at all, unlike at least one of my other devices. The Motonav offers auto on and off, and throws in screen-lock (ala Garmin), making pedestrian use less problematic. But stated battery-use time is only 2.5 hours, which translates to maybe an hour and a half max in real-life. The Motonav doesn’t actually turn completely off either, going into standby when powered down. That means your pnd is probably ready to roll before you can back out of the driveway. According to Motorola, it goes into hibernate, minimal power use, after 4 days. If you use your pnd infrequently, much longer boots times should be expected. Bluetooth pairing took more work that I expected from a handset manufacturer, but was eventually successful and has been perfect since. Contacts imported without issue from my Blackberry. I noted that a bluetooth/application update has already been made available. In-call voice quality is so-so, but at least no echo. Voice commands are not always understood (My TomTom 740 has the same issue), so it’s not something I would use to base a purchase on. Navigation prompts are timely, and you can chose that audible “ding” to precede announcements or turns. I know I’ve seen more than one poster lament the loss or lack of that feature on other devices. The single (Nuance?) English TTS voice quality is good, pronunciations generally correct, volume adequate, but some might wish for a little more. Very slight distortion at 100% volume. Screen brightness is excellent. So bright in fact that I’ve been running it at 80% and it’s still outshines my other devices.

Real-time Traffic

Traffic is free, ad-supported Navteq, so it continues without paying the $50/yr subscription to MotoExtras. The subscription services are pretty sparse, but does include Bing where you can voice request sports scores, latest news, local entertainment and movies, business listings/directions and more plus a call option where appropriate. But I found it more trouble than it’s worth and fairly time-consuming to use. Besides feeling like I was playing twenty questions, any driving directions are given verbally or by text to your cell. No map view, not even sent to your gps as a favorite. Some users may quickly lose interest in Bing as just not worth the effort. Gas prices from Gas Buddy have been accurate, and 7-day weather reports are presently well and with more info than some competing systems. I’ve had no reason to use Flight Status. I’ve been warned of one speed camera so far, so that works. Camera data from Cobra. Unlike the other WinCE OS pnds’s I’ve used, this one has been pleasantly stable with no crashes or lockups so far in nearly a week of use. Fingers crossed.

Auto-Zoom, Map Display

Another note before anyone asks. Yes, auto map zoom can be turned off. FWIW, I found the auto zoom timing to be appropriate and the view at highway speeds to be as good or better than many other pnds. The Navteq map detail is good without being overdone, with numerous street names shown. Not quite as detailed as Navigon, but close.

Final Fix

So just where does the TN765 fit with all the other models from other manufacturers? If you’re a user of one of the more recent Magellan models, you’ll probably feel right at home. Things like the turn “ding”, choice of up to three different routes all graphically displayed on the same screen, even the basic menu, will all feel a bit familiar. In the Navigon camp and looking for a change? That’s a tougher call. If you’re wowed by the graphics and display on your 7200, you’ll really be bowled over by the cinematic widescreen, color and fast refresh of the Motonav. The text is easier to see, the menu’s easier to use and understand. Organization of the trip and device data is head’s and tails above Navigon. But the maps (at least on my pre-production unit) are not as detailed and the speed limit display is poor in comparison. There’s some additional customization on my Navigon 7200 that some might miss too. Admittedly, I wouldn’t be one of those people. Personally I’d choose the Motonav 765 over the Navigon 7200 without question. But there will be those diehard fans that will miss some of the fine-tuning of their Navigon.

Garmin and TomTom fans attracted by that beautiful display may be impressed with how well Motonav has integrated the need for timely trip and travel stats and data with the even more important map view. Using their Dual-View display with a wide screen is one of the best ideas for a pnd that I’ve seen. Easy to use, easy to find the info you want, and certainly easy on the eyes. If I’m looking for a new navigator, there’s no doubt the Motonav TN-765 would have to be on my short-list.

87 Responses

  1. How does the map detail compare to what the Nuvi’s have since Garmin lowered the map detail on them?

    Cary - March 3rd, 2010
    • I don’t have one of the newest Garmin’s to compare (mine is the 760), but map detail is very good with numerous street names. The street lines are much thinner than on a nuvi, so divided roads and extra lanes at intersections are more apparent.

      gatorguy - March 3rd, 2010
    • How can anyone be happy with this gps?
      Cannot put in longitude and latitude which is the best way and quite common way to find anyplace.
      I brought mine back to walmart I want a good gps not a fancy blue tooth and music or picture device,
      Get an I pad and the gps app and it is much better than the 765.
      Skip Rosa
      Venice fl

      Ernest - September 5th, 2010
      • >> “…Cannot put in longitude and latitude…”

        That is not really true, and besides that, the average user is not going to entering anything in lat/lon with a car-mounted GPS. But if you really need to, you can do it via Google Maps (and I’m told via Bing, but have not tried it).

        This is a great GPS. The weak link, same as with Garmin and many others, is map data from Navteq (possibly the worst map provider). I have encountered SO MANY missing streets, same as in my Garmin, and same as in the factory GPS in my other car (all use Navteq, unfortunately). In almost all cases, Google Maps, and DeLorme Street Atlas, has those streets. In one case neither had the missing street (it was a relatively new road in the mountains of western North Carolina where I was renting a cabin). I went into Google Maps, marked the position on the map, and sent the lat/lon to the GPS. It was quick, easy, and accurate.

        I’ve played with many GPS devices over the years, and the TN765t is the best bang for the buck I’ve seen.

        Steve - November 22nd, 2010
        • Good information, Steve. I’ve used Garmin speech recognition and found it to be excellent. How does Motorla compare?

          George - December 2nd, 2010
  2. Great review! Did you see the Junction View much while testing? Does it show a realistic view of the highway intersection similar to the Navigon 7200? Did it appear every time you reached a highway exit or infrequently like TomTom?

    Ryan - March 3rd, 2010
    • I’ve yet to see any “junction view” yet, but my trip to Tampa over this past weekend got cancelled so most navigation has been local where I wouldn’t expect them. In addition, the loaded maps may not be the most current. The date says they’re more than a year old, but a particular intersection tells me they’re newer than that.

      Gatorguy - March 3rd, 2010
    • I received my Motorola Motonav TN765t five days ago and have been using it as much as possible. The “Lane Guidance” doesn’t change the view. It simply higlights the route on the map and seems to auto-zoom a bit so you can see the lanes better. It also displays large signs at the top of the display with arrows that make it very easy to see which way you need to go. It seems to appear only where you really need some lane guidance. I never had the Navigon so I can’t compare.

      Bob - March 9th, 2010
  3. Great review!

    As happenstance would have it, I have been recently been looking at acquiring my first GPS. I’ve been reading different reviews and always end up back here at gpsreview.net. I finally thought I had picked a GPS with the Garmin 765t, but now after seeing the recent reviews and forums regarding the Motonav TN765t I’m becoming somewhat torn.

    Do you think the price difference/quality with the Motonav would trump the Garmin?

    A few additional questions:

    1. How is the touch accuracy and sensitivity? There are some models I’ve played with in the store where the accuracy was a little off, and especially the sensitivity was lacking (you had to push harder to get a response).
    2. Does the Motorola have any lane assist/junction view?
    3. Are the POI’s accurate and robust? I’ve seen some reviews where a GPS couldn’t/didn’t locate things.

    Thanks again for the review and maybe soon I’ll have my first GPS and will be a contributing member as well.

    Dave - March 3rd, 2010
    • The touch screen response has been excellent on this particular device. Hasn’t missed a screen tap yet. Since it’s supposedly pre-production I would expect the shipping devices to be as good. As I mentioned a psot or two back, I haven’t seen junction views yet, and the built-in poi’s look to be very inclusive and extensive.

      Gatorguy - March 3rd, 2010
  4. I am using my car’s integrated Bluetooth speakerphone so pairing my phone to the tn765t would be a problem. If I don’t pair my phone to the tn765t does it still have integrated POI or is Google the only option for POI information? This solution is great if you want to use it as a Bluetooth speakerphone but if your car already has Bluetooth that could be a problem since I don’t think you can pair to 2 devices at the same time.

    Ryan - March 3rd, 2010
    • It has an extensive integrated POI database.

      Gary - March 6th, 2010
  5. Based just on what I’ve seen in my area, the included poi’s are pretty good. At least as many as my TomTom shows, so I would consider Google Local to be a nicety rather than necessity for most people. I’m waiting on an answer from Motorola on the number included.

    Gatorguy - March 3rd, 2010
  6. Can you play the audio over your car’s speakers without having to purrchase the “Professional Installation” package? Go Gators!

    Mark - March 3rd, 2010
    • I’ve searched all over the net for the pro installation package and can’t find it? Is it a different version of the device or can you just purchase the pro-install items separately?

      Bob - March 9th, 2010
      • Do a search for this: Motorola TA105 Vehicle Integration Kit for Motorola Motonav Portable GPS

        Mark - March 10th, 2010
        • OMG is that kit expensive!

          Bob - March 10th, 2010
  7. No FM broadcast or audio jack unfortunately.

    Gatorguy - March 3rd, 2010
  8. Gator, where’s the screen shots? I’d love to see what is beating out my HP. 🙂

    patruns - March 4th, 2010
    • Patruns, I don’t have the HP310 any longer for a direct compare (borrowed from Tim), but the display on this Motonav is brighter and the colors more vivid. Can’t remember for sure about the HP’s screen refresh, but the Motonav is at least as fast. The best display feature tho is the wide screen. That’s a great idea. I think I’ve only seen one other similar to it, from Mio I believe. But it was a lot larger at 7 and not available here anyway. I’d like the cinematic display put to use by other manufacturers.

      Gatorguy - March 6th, 2010
  9. gator, I have been using mine since yesterday and I have installed the Bluetooth update and Software update. Even after that, I can confirm that the “return to map” button on the top is NOT working. Hopefully Motorola will figure out something to do with that button.

    Oddly enough, my “shortcut” button is also not working. I set it for “Favorites” and also for “Recent Trips” to see if it made a difference and it isn’t doing anything. Do you have to have a satellite connection for that button to work?

    Maybe my unit is defective, I don’t know.

    WizeGuyDezignz - March 4th, 2010
    • The map button is disabled when your Motonav isn’t in it’s powered cradle. By design according to Motorola. I also got word that the device includes approx. 7 million poi’s.

      Gatorguy - March 5th, 2010
  10. Great review, I was wondering if this device has “Route Optimization” as described in you informative post “Route Optimization vs Route Sorting”. Also, can you actually enter a address as a destination via voice recognition, or only simple commands such as “go home” or “nearest gas station”. Looking forward to a reply. -Tom

    Tom - March 5th, 2010
    • I will let someone else answer the route optimization question since I am not yet familiar, but I can answer your second question.

      You most definitely can enter an address as a destination via voice command. You can also find a POI with voice command as well. It’s works great!

      WizeGuyDezignz - March 5th, 2010
      • Route optimization is super important for my business and I would love to here from anyone that knows if this device has that feature. -Tom

        Tom - March 5th, 2010
        • Yes, it has route optimization. You can add any number of waypoints and on then on the left panel, under waypoints, you have the option to re-arrange them manually or you can click on Optimize to re-arrange the waypoints automatically.

          Gary - March 6th, 2010
          • Yes, the option is called optimization on the Motonav, but testing it against the nuvi 760 with proven route optimization indicates the TN765 is actually sorting instead.

            Gatorguy - March 6th, 2010
        • Sorry, no route optimization.

          Gatorguy - March 6th, 2010
          • Gary and Gatorboy, you seem to be contradicting each other, do both of you have this device? can you elaborate on your positions? -Thanks

            Tom - March 6th, 2010
  11. Oops, Gatorboy sorry, I just recalled that you wrote the article, but you state that you haven’t explored the “route types” thoroughly. Again I apologize and thank you for your review.

    tom - March 6th, 2010
  12. I had one of these for three days and three or four hundred miles, returned it to Amazon. The map detail is excellent, the 2D maps are overlaid with a physical map. The 3D map is of very limited range, less than a mile when fully zoomed out. The freeway intersections were very detailed.

    Routing was funky. When there was an obvious diversion round (imaginary) traffic on the same side of the road as my destination it routed my all over a residential area on the opposite side. When I didn’t take the suggested route it didn’t reroute for a long time, kept telling me to make a U turn miles after I abandoned its foolish route (I880N from San Jose to Oakland is a parking lot on a Friday afternoon). I680/Mission saved me 16 minutes.

    You don’t mention that the traffic receiver is supported by advertising and that the advertising punches through in to the POI search, so when I searched for Safeway I got Olive Garden as the top answer and when searching for Elephant Bar I got Red Lobster.

    WizeGuyDezignz and myself have disagreed extensively on my review, what is important to me may not be to others.

    Chris - March 8th, 2010
    • Chris, while we agree to disagree, it ultimately comes down to preference. While you prefer to see more than a mile ahead on the map, that isn’t necessary to me.

      And while the ads popping up in a POI search bothers you, I don’t even notice it anymore. It doesn’t hinder what I am ultimately trying to do. I just immediately look below the ad to see my choices. IMO, Garmin’s have more obtrusive popup ads. I haven’t seen an ad pop up on my map/navigating screen yet.

      The routing has also been spot on for me so far. I have had no problems with it compared to my Navigon 7200T. Sure, I have no doubts that someday it might take me on a route that is less than ideal, but every GPS I have owned has done that at one time or another.

      The bottom line is that this is the most complete GPS I have ever used for my needs. Your needs are different and that is totally okay.

      Another positive that the Moto has going for it is that it’s a brand new device. With software updates it should only get better.

      WizeGuyDezignz - March 9th, 2010
  13. One of the cool features I really was interested in using on this device was the text messaging capability. No, not the sending of text messages (although if I could easily select a canned response when I was driving, so much the better) but the ability of the Motonav to read out the text messages to you as you are driving.

    I have an iPhone and while it paired fine and synched contacts without a single issue, it doesn’t support text messaging via bluetooth!

    If this is something you’re looking to do, you may wish to check out this chart of phones that support bluetooth text messaging:


    Bob - March 9th, 2010
    • According to Motorola, this feature started rolling out on cell phones in early 2010. So it’s not really the fault of the Motonav as much as it is that this feature is sort of ahead of the technology curve at the moment.

      My enV Touch is not even a year old released phone and it doesn’t support this technology. So I’m not blaming the GPS, I am sure the next phone that I upgrade to will be good to go with this feature.

      WizeGuyDezignz - March 9th, 2010
      • WizeGuy and all,

        I wasn’t knocking the nav. That’s why I posted the list of cellphones supporting bluetooth text messaging. I’m in no way blaming the MotoNav. Just stating that people need to be aware of the fact that only certain phones will support this feature.

        — Bob

        Bob - March 10th, 2010
  14. I am a prospective first time GPS purchaser and was also looking at the Garmin 765T when I came across the very informative forums on the Motorola TN765t. I do a great deal of multiple hour traveling and spend it listening to books on tape. Are services such as Audible Listener through Audible.com usable with the Motonav using the special car kit several reviewers mention? If so, does this take a rocket science course to install and operate? Keep in mind you will be answering that to someone who really operates on the “insert key, press on gas pedal & go” level of mechanical ability.
    Thanks for any assistance,

    Pam - March 21st, 2010
  15. Does this TN765T come with PC software that allows you to plan routes/trips and upload them to GPS? I do not remember seeing this mentioned anywhere or on Motorola’s website.

    Thanks in advance!


    Todd - March 22nd, 2010
    • actually you can simply go to google and do an address look-up. once you have it you can send it to the PND directly. there’s a function in the PND to “suck down” what you send using google (it’s the >more tag after you do you look-up). once you send all that you need, you can make them favorites. i have not figured out yet, how to create a route using favorites.

      hope this helps

      Mike - April 13th, 2010
  16. motorola provides a free map update, if available, within 60 days of device purchase. what’s the cost for subsequent map updates? do they have a lifetime map update program in place like garmin?

    thanks in advance for any assistance


    sanjay - March 24th, 2010
    • Right now it looks like a one time map update is $80 and there is no mention of any lifetime map update program but I guess that could change.

      caryrae - April 24th, 2010
  17. Where can I download the update? I can’t seem to find it on the Motorola website

    Naveed - April 23rd, 2010
  18. How much free memory for future map updates and POIs?

    Gary - April 24th, 2010
  19. How do you add a contact? My phone is suppossed to be compatible. I can receive and make calls but my contact list did not sync. Also does anyone know how to edit a favorite

    Cheri - May 3rd, 2010
    • Cheri.

      i would have to go pull mine out of the car, but there are very subdued down arrows that when you use them, you scroll down and you’ll find “edit”.

      when you sync, it gives you a whirrling icon. if you don’t see that you’re not doing it correctly.

      try playing around. if you can’t find it, i’ll go get my unit and give you step by step directions.

      sometimes it’s not easy to find the solution but it’s usually there and you will smack yourself in the forehead and say why didn’t i think of that? 🙂 🙂

      you have to learn to think like a motorola engineer. once you do that, you’ll figure it all out 🙂

      good luck. let us know if you can’t figure it.

      Mike - May 3rd, 2010
      • Still can’t get my contacts on my phone. The whirling icon comes on for a few seconds and then goes off. I can’t find out where I can even manually add a contact. I would really appreciate any help you can offer. This is my first gps. Thanks.

        Cheri - May 4th, 2010
        • i hate to be the tider of bad bearings but i don’t think you can. i looked and cant figure it out. i’ve sent an email to customer service but have had no response as of yet.

          it sure seems that you must have a bluetooth phone hooked up to add contacts and only then, by the phone. it’s an apparent limitation that they’ll have to deal with in time.

          wish i had better news.

          Mike - May 4th, 2010
  20. What phones are compatible with the TN 765t? Is the iPhone?

    Barbara - May 13th, 2010
    • Yes, the Motonav and iPhone work together. I’m using it. However the iPhone doesn’t currently support bluetooth SMS/Text messaging so the GPS will not read incoming text messages aloud to you if you’re using the iPhone.

      Bob Lindabury - May 20th, 2010
  21. Can you turn off the sound?

    Marilynn - June 4th, 2010
    • Yes. There are 6 buttons on the back sides of the PND, three on each side. You can swap which sides they are on in settings. One group of three buttons controls volume Up, Down and Mute. So, with the press of a button you can easily mute all sound.

      Bob - June 4th, 2010
  22. Can you tell me if Motorola MotoNav TNT765T tells u in advance on which side of street the Destination will be? For example, in my Navigon 7200T, the time it calculates the route, it indicates the destination with -> or <- that indicates on which side of street the destination will fall so that you in unknown places, you won't need to make 11th hour lane change to make a turn. It also shows the arrow with ETA on the Right Side Customiseable Location. On the map itself, it shows the same arrow with the destination Flag. How good in TNT765T in this regard?

    Syed Muhammad Fahad - June 6th, 2010
  23. One quick question, is the slide on/off switch spring loaded or not? Mine isn’t and was wondering if it was broken. Irritating as it turns on or off if you look at it funny. Thanks!

    Also answer to above question, yes, so far all my destinations have side of street announced, though usually very close to destination.

    John - June 22nd, 2010
  24. John, i believe the answer is yes. i own 2 and one has more tension than the other. if your’s doesn’t have spring tension call Customer Service and request an RMA. it goes back to TX i think. they’ll send you a replacement. i don’t know if you are responsible for freight but i’d argue it with vigor. make them pay for the freight if you can.

    Mike - June 22nd, 2010

    Can someone tell me if Motorola MotoNav TNT765T tells in advance on which side of street the Destination will be? And does it informs you early enough [Say 1 mile before the arrival of destination etc]

    Syed Muhammad Fahad - June 22nd, 2010
  26. YES!

    Mike - June 22nd, 2010
  27. Thanks for the response. Sending unit back to Amazon, they’re overnighting another today. Hopefully the new one will have a good switch and not take five minutes acquiring the satellite signal! Fingers crossed.

    John - June 23rd, 2010
  28. Received replacement last night(yay Amazon), charged it up, took it outside in open area, and turned it on for first time. Went through startup procedure and at map page set it down and let it look for/at satellites for 30 minutes.

    Also switch on this one works, the other was definitely broken as it slid around with no resistance, this one snicks back and forth and has a (microscopic) springback at the on position.

    This morning cranked it up in the car, it came on instantly to map screen, yay, but, still took same 3 or 4 minutes to get a satellite fix. Bummer. Otherwise love this thing.

    John - June 25th, 2010
    • Not to worry. that should go away. it takes both of mine no more than 15 or so seconds (although i have loaded the current os which others may be having trouble with-not me though). i dont’ know if the later os fixes any of this or not.

      glad to hear you had a bad spring (i mean that you NOW HAVE a good one 🙂 ). quick service, that’s for sure once you muddle your way through their ignorance.

      Mike - June 25th, 2010
      • just re-read your post. you were sending it back to Amazon! not Motorola.

        That’s the correct way to handle it when it’s brand new. they’re amaz(ing)! 😉 i had to return 2 of them within the two that i purchased and they really worked hard. it’s a shame that “M” can’t monitor their quality better. Chinese products CAN be good from time to time.

        let’s go back to MADE IN USA!!!!!!

        Mike - June 25th, 2010
  29. Junction view is very similar to magellan. I’ve had mine approx 2 months. great screen with dual view. lots of info at your fingertips. Easy to add waypoints. on a recent trip approx. 500 miles, junction view showed up frequently, gave accurate routing. voice commands worked perfect.
    I like better than the nuvi 855t I had. another nice feature during daytime driving when you go thru a tunnel, the screen switches to night mode and then switches back to daytime upon exiting tunnel. map detail great. was disapointed in nuvi because road width diplay is so wide.
    speed limt signs only display on major highways.

    GARY - June 30th, 2010
  30. Gatoguy
    Does this unit name the street you are travelling on???
    I am about to buy one.

    Skip - July 17th, 2010
  31. unfortunately no-not at this time. it’s be requested of their engineering dept. who knows if it will happen.

    My Camel

    mike hammel - July 17th, 2010
  32. Just purchased TN765t GPS and have noticed on long trips on the left panel where the direction you are going is display you will see a time such as 35 and the longer you drive the more this time goes down. When this time gets to 0 the tutorial about Motorola pops on losing all my destination information. How can I turn this off I have been all over the Motorola website and manual and have not seen anything please help.

    Teresa - July 25th, 2010
  33. Teresa. I believe that when it reaches zero (0) you have arrived at your destination.

    My Camel

    Mike - July 25th, 2010
  34. Hello All:
    Thanks for the great review and postings. Although the Motonav tn765t does not have a specific Route Type for “Trucks”, I noticed it has a “Bus” route. Will the bus route provide a fastest route to an address or POI with considerations for the hieght of a bus?
    Quite often I will rent a non-CDL 26′ truck and my only real consideration is to make sure I do not get routed under a 10 foot overpass, etc… I can pretty much go anywhere that a bus can go… My Garmin 760 does not have any way of doing this (from my limited knowledge) and quite often I will need to re-route until I get lucky! Please advise, thanks!

    Garret - September 5th, 2010
  35. Hello Posters:

    Does the Motonav tn765t POI include “Hospitals”, similar to the Garmin 760? I have come to rely on this POI with the Garmin for work purposes. It is great because I can type a name of the POI and go there, and then also see nearby similar POI’s (hospitals) and go to them easily for appointments or cold calls, etc… Does the Motonav tn765t provide this feature?

    Thanks Much!

    Garret - September 5th, 2010
  36. Hi Guys:
    I too am looking at a new unit, one with a 5′ screen cell phone cotact list display, street names, blue tooth, hopefully LT Maps, and maps. I’ve been looking at the Garmin 1450 LMT. How does this compare? Whose nav system does it use?

    Les - November 25th, 2010
    • 1450LMT doesn’t have bluetooth

      Syed Muhammad Fahad - November 26th, 2010
  37. hello im looking to get the motorola motomav tn765t. does anyone know how much does the extras like weater updates, fuel prices, and safety camera alters? i know that they are free for the first 3 months.

    george - December 15th, 2010
  38. I read the (review)information on the TN765T Motonan and I wonder why you did not include the extras: or are there any? With a price range of $136 to $348, I hope that this is not just greed. I feel your review is paid advertising and not a worth while review.

    Robert V Proudlove - February 9th, 2011
    • Robert, if you have questions you are more than welcome to read our Ethics page. I can say that this review is not a paid advertisement, we have no relationship with Motorola.

      Tim - February 9th, 2011
  39. Wow! I am so impressedwith the information that I have read on this site. It really seems well researched. I am getting ready to make my first GPS purchase and had a couple of questions.

    Since it has been quite a period of time since some of the following questions were asked I was wondering if there had been any change in the status of the answers?
    1. Do you still only get map updates with an $80 payment, and was I correct in reading that you could only get one map update?
    2.When was the last map update put into the system?
    3. Is there a location that shows what the upgrades are for each unit fro the $136 model to the $348 model.

    Again, Thank you so much for your valuable info.

    Pat B.

    Pat - February 11th, 2011
    • Pat, Motorola has pretty much exited the GPS market, so I personally wouldn’t consider one at this point.

      Tim - February 11th, 2011
  40. Is it true Motorola is exiting the GPS business? I have a Navigon 7200T I can’t get any firmware or map updates for. After 2 years, the maps are starting to get dated and the unit itself is starting to become, like most WIN CE based units, a tad unstable. I was hoping to replace my trusted travel companion with this TN765T. All the reviews I read were on prototype units and now that they have been around for a year, seems things are good. I don’t want to get back into what I have now with a unti that I can’t keep current. Any suggestions? I’m not really a Garmin fan and have had mixed results from magellan. Don;t really want to go to either of these unless force to. Suggestions?

    Mike - March 10th, 2011
    • Yes, Motorola is no longer developing GPS devices.

      Tim - April 4th, 2011
  41. I recently purchased the TN765T and find many of the features to be well thought out and refreshing compared to the Garmins, TomToms, and Magellans. One omission I found, which is pretty much a deal-breaker for me, is that there is no way to display current speed and current time on the main or split display. I probably use GPS routing 5% of the time and the other 95% is just driving to work and getting kids to school on time. Is there a way to display time and speed together or do I have to return this thing to Amazon?

    Michael - May 11th, 2011
  42. Can you change you maps from the navteq to google maps and if so how. I have 2 of the garmin 255wt.


    Larry - June 18th, 2011
    • I’m fairly (99.9%) certain the answer is no. Not what you want to hear but — NO —


      Mike - June 18th, 2011
  43. I am a potential buyer and I have one question about optional POI downloads – Does the Motorola offer a “2 meter repeater” POI download such as what TomTom has. I have a 2 meter Ham radio in my vehicle and it is great to find repeater frequencies from a GPS rather than to fish through the internet or to have many printed (paper) pages…
    I could pre-program the frequencies into the radio before the trip but it would be easier to just have the GPS provide this info on the fly so to speak…

    Jim - June 21st, 2011
  44. I was considering the tn765 but I just read that motorola is no longer in the gps market. Does this mean nobody is now servicing it? Will there be any future updates available? Thanks!

    JAY - June 21st, 2011
  45. We can’t get our voice commands to work when we are in route. It will talk to say wrong route but not take left turn,turn left in 300 yards.. etc. etc. We had it working at one time??>?

    Scotti - October 7th, 2011
  46. How does the motonav tn765t broadcast it’s traffic updates. Does the unit speak it’s information audibly or is it just displayed on screen.

    David - November 3rd, 2011
  47. To see the highway junctions or lane assist do you leavee it on full view or split screen.

    David - November 20th, 2011
  48. regarding points of interest: can you back up POIs or better yet, routes taken, to a different device (like your PC) once you have created several routes with multiple stops (I do 30 routes with 20 stops per route); can you rename points of interest with longish names (like “beauty salon xyz, Patti (a brunette) and Jane (daughterbought 2 tools on 11-11-2011”)

    Don B - November 28th, 2011

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