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Navicom Announces q Network and Navitraq V GPS


Navicom has announced their new Navicom q Network and Navicom Navitraq V GPS this week. They have over 100 orders for the system that provides GPS tracking, Door Unlock, Starter disable, Geofence, speed alert, entire fleet viewing capability, automatic scheduling feature as well as the ability to download and transfer tracking information.

“We’ve rigorously tested this product with various customers with our own backend hardware and software platform for close to 45 days. We’ve been running all the automated functions such as voice notification when the device breaks geo-fence areas and testing email notifications to BlackBerry devices when speeds go above pre-programmed limits. It’s extremely gratifying to see a product that your company manufactures and runs on a platform that you built work real-time. This is an exciting day for Navicom and I’m proud to see this project come to fruition,” said Keith Tench, President of Navicom.

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