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Navicom GPS Signs Contract With Retailer That Has 33 Locations in 9 States


NowAuto Group which owns four auto dealerships in the Southwest and is a Tier I provider of Navicom GPS and GSM products and the Navicom GPS network, today announced that wholly-owned subsidiary Navicom GPS, has signed the largest distribution contract to date with Alta Mere with 33 locations. Alta Mere sells aftermarket accessories for automobiles. Alta Mere’s 33 locations are in 9 states including Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas. Alta Mere will sell the Navitraq V GPS and Navitraq GSM products that run on the new Navicom q Network.

Under the terms of the contract, Navicom will assist Alta Mere (http://www.altamere.com) with universal co-branding throughout all their locations. Navicom will provide training and Tier I support to their organization. Alta Mere will begin a marketing campaign this weekend to announce the introduction of the Navicom GPS product suite in all their stores. Alta Mere Industries, Inc. occupies a strategic position in the automotive aftermarket by providing their customers with the best products, service and professional installation available.

“This is the largest single distribution partner we signed to date. The new Navicom GPS and GSM unit and Network is one of the premier products available today. As our product suite continues to grow and our ability to deliver various GPS solutions increase, so are the distribution avenues. Alta Mere has over 45 years in business and we are pleased to be strategically partnered with them,” said Keith Tench, President of Navicom.

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