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NAVIGON isn’t yet a household name when it comes to auto GPS devices here in North America, but it is gaining quite a bit of buzz recently with promises of free lifetime traffic in some of their devices. We’ve recently become friendly with a NAVIGON 7100 across about 500 miles of roadways, and here is what we found while letting the 7100 find our way.

In the Box

Out of the box, the NAVIGON 7100 greets you with a plethora of included accessories. The usual suspects are all there– quick setup poster, USB cable, software installation CD, and the GPS device itself. A nice bonus is the inclusion of an AC power cable, something many manufacturers leave out. Missing from my box was the suction cup mount as those were not quite yet available in my pre-production device.

NAVIGON, The Company

NAVIGON is a relative newcomer to the USA market, although they’ve been around in Europe for longer. They promise map updates once per year.

Physical Design

NAVIGON 7100 PhysicalGetting to the heart of the matter, the first thing you will notice about the 7100 is the size. It is noticeably larger than other devices with similar screen sizes. The screen is bordered by a think black plastic trim. Along the top is a slot for the included 2 GB SD card slot. The card is so far recessed into the device that it is impossible to eject without either long fingernails (which I don’t have) or some other sort of poking device. Perhaps that could be taken for a good thing as the card won’t easily fall out accidentally, but if you frequently remove the SD card and don’t have long strong fingernails you could be in for a struggle.

On the right side is the power button, on the back an external antenna port, the mounting bracket, speaker, and stylus. I’m always a little afraid when I see a stylus– If the buttons are so small that I need a stylus or if the screen is so insensitive that I need a stylus then I’ll be disappointed. GPS devices should be capable of being operated with a finger. And a preview of a few issues to come… I needed the stylus. 🙁

On the bottom is a reset switch, something I thankfully never needed to use. There is also a port for the TMC traffic receiver, as well as the mini USB port to feed power to the GPS. As I’ve said many times in other product reviews, having frequently used ports on the bottom really limits how low you can place the GPS on the dash. There is also a light at the bottom of the display which turns green when connected to power and the battery is fully charged and is orange when power is connected and the battery is charging.

The 4.3 inch widescreen display wasn’t the brightest screen we’ve seen, and it did suffer from fairly high color shifts when viewed from high and wide angles, but overall it wasn’t a bad display. It was bright enough for viewing during bright sunlit days and the nigh mode reduced everything down to soothing levels after sunset.

However one of the biggest disappointments with the NAVIGON 7100 is the touch screen. It wasn’t that it was too sensitive, or not sensitive enough, but rather such a large percentage of our clicks were not accepted. Normally I’d say that the screen wasn’t sensitive enough, however there were countless times when we clicked a button, the button would graphically change to show the click…. yet nothing happened. It would routinely take two, and often three clicks of the button (all which were seen as a click with the button graphic depressing) before the action was actually performed. This became very frustrating and (yikes!) caused me to pull the stylus out of the back of the device for tapping. The stylus didn’t seem to help a huge amount.

Update from NAVIGON officials: “… the touch sensitivity issues you encountered were improved from the time the pre-production units were sent out and the final production units were shipped.” We will try to check that out soon.

As mentioned, the NAVIGON 7100 comes with a TMC traffic receiver, something we’ll talk about a little more later. There is an integrated receiver built into the device, however should you need better reception there is also an external TMC antennal that can be plugged into the device. During my tests I always needed the external antenna and never got a signal without it.

Battery life is described as 4.5 hours. While I was using it with the screen brightness turned all of the way up and heaving usage I was able to get about 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Navigating to an Address

One of the two most common ways people will use their GPS is to take them to a known street address. You do this by selecting ‘New Destination -> ‘Enter an Address’ from the main menu. From there you can select if you wish to enter the address by ‘Street -> House number -> City’ or by ‘City -> Street-> House number’. While we appreciate having both ways to lookup an address, it would be nice if we could set a preference and then switch if necessary. Selecting City first will bring up a screen where a list of potential matches are shown on the left and a keyboard (non QWERTY) is on the right. The search defaults to looking up cities in your current state. You can switch the state by clicking on a very tiny icon with your current state’s abbreviation. The icon is very tiny, measuring just 3/8 of an inch wide and 1/8 of an inch tall. Small buttons are a problem throughout the interface, compounded by the problem mentioned earlier with many clicks not being recognized.

Often, rather than spending too many attempted keystrokes naming towns, I would enter a zip-code instead. Here I found some peculiar results. I entered in the zip-code of my hometown, and then a street I used to live on. It found the zip-code and street just fine, however the name of the town displayed was a town I’ve never heard of. It found the correct location which I guess is the important part, but displaying a town name I’ve never heard of did leave me scratching my head.

In all it took 19 clicks to enter and set my destination address, not counting all of the times I’d need to click several times before a click was recognized. This is actually quite good– a Nuvi takes about 22 keystrokes to find the same address and the TomTom devices take about 24. However since the interface is a little slower and having to re-tap a few buttons makes the total time of address entry longer and the frustration level higher.

Navigating to a POI

NAVIGON 7100 Zagat ReviewsYou can search for POIs ‘Nearby’, ‘in a City’, or ‘Nationwide’; the latter being what they call “POI of National Significance”. The POI listings include special categories for Zagat hotels, nightlife, golf, and restaurants. There are also regular categories for non-Zagat listings. Those categories are Gas Station, Parking, Restaurant, Hotel or Motel, Bank, ATM, Railway Station, Car Dealer, Motorcycle Dealer, Car Rental, Shopping Center, Tourist/Nature, Culture, Sports, School & Education, Government Office, Health Care, Exhibition, Post Office, Places of Worship, Marina, Business Facility, Public Phone, Public Toilet, and Border Crossing. Ordinarily I wouldn’t list them all out in a review, but there is an interesting point to make. The order I listed them in is the order they appear in. I presume they are listed in the order of how commonly they might be used, however for a scrolling list sorting them alphabetically might have made more sense. While in a state capital I tried to use the Public Toilet and Public Phone categories, but they both resulted in ‘No POIs nearby found!’ messages.

The Zagat ratings might be really nice to have for travelers, but the database appears to be very small. Again while in a state capitol I selected Zagat Restaurant -> Restaurant All and it told me there were No POIs nearby found. I also was told there were no nearby Zagat Hotel -> Hotel All listings nearby while in the state capitol. I had the same experience with Zagat Nightlife and Zagat Attraction categories. I was beginning to think I was doing something wrong, after all there must be some sort of Zagat rated business near a state capital. I did manage to find two Zagat rated Golf courses though. When looking at the information for that POI there was a one sentence review in addition to the commonly found POI information such as the phone number and physical address.

POIs can also be configured to be shown on the primary navigation display (more on this coming up) much like the TomTom devices and what Garmin users have been screaming about for many years.


While actually navigating is where the NAVIGON 7100 finally shines. Thankfully since after all this is the most important part of a navigation device. The on-screen graphics are quite sharp and create a beautiful display. The path of roads to take is clearly shown on the display by a bright, thick orange road. Most side streets are labeled with clear text. The text to speech voice instructions are loud enough through the built in speaker. The voice has an interesting, almost Jersey accent and are not quite as clear as other voices I’ve heard, but are audible enough for it not to be an issue.

NAVIGON 7100 Navigation ViewI also really liked how the main navigation screen was very configurable. You can select if you want shown street names, altitude, speed, compass, remaining distance, duration of the trip, arrival time, border crossing info, speed limits, and coordinates. I ended up turning off most all of those items except street names, remaining distance, and arrival time so as to not further clutter the display.

You might want to turn off many of those items too since the map does get easily cluttered. Across the top is a next turn display as well as Bluetooth, battery, traffic reception, and satellite reception icons. At the bottom are buttons for cancel, options, phone connection, speaker, and search. With that many buttons across the top and bottom of the screen it doesn’t leave a ton of room for other stats, and the buttons tend to be quite small.

Reality View

Something I was really looking forward to was the “Reality View”. This view appears as you approach exits of major highways. NAVIGON describes it like this:

Reality View(TM) provides photo-realistic 3D images of complex interchanges — with actual road sign text — so you get the extra guidance you need when you need it most.

Unfortunately, what you see is really what you get. While it does show how many lanes go in which direction… which is helpful, nearly all of the images look the same, with the only difference I saw was if the exit was on the left or on the right, the number of lanes, and the text of the signs overhead changing. That would have been okay…. I didn’t expect customized photos for each intersection, however what was the biggest disappointment was that the image is static. The moving map stops when Reality View is displayed and you no longer see your progress towards the exit. So it is difficult to tell exactly when you need to turn since you can’t see an icon representing your location against the intersection. I ended up turning off the feature as the signpost text is still displayed without the reality view, the map zooms in on the intersection, and you can better monitor your progress against the intersection.

NAVIGON 7100 Reality ViewIn some areas it might be much more helpful to know “which lane” over any other type of information, but I found myself looking at the display, noticing I needed to exit right, but wondering if it was the right that I was just about to pass or the one just a little further down the road.

Advanced Features

The NAVIGON 7100 includes a large host of advanced routing functions found in total on few other navigation devices. There is a detour function, and unlike quite a few other navigation systems (like the Nuvi series) it does allow you to specify how far out you want to detour from your current route.

You can also get a turn by turn listing of all maneuvers in your route, and exclude any one of those locations from being in the route. Both of these are fantastic features to have, and hard to come by.

You can calculate routes with rules as they apply to cars, bicycles, or pedestrians. For route types you can select the fastest, optimum, shortest, or scenic routes. You can tell it if you want to consider current traffic information, as well as if you want to allow, avoid, or forbid any of highways, toll roads, or ferries. You can also specify if you want U-turns to be allowed in your route.

Those options should be sufficient for just about any type of route preference.

Multi destination routing is supported through what they call ‘Route Planning’. So how many points can you put into a single route? The sky (or processing power of the device) is the limit. There is no hard cap on how many points you can add, however as you add more points to a route the computation time will slow down. I put in about 40 points before I gave up and asked what the limit was, and while route calculation with 40 points did take quite a bit of time, that was to be expected. Most other manufacturers who offer multi destination routing put a cap at around 50 points, and any more than that is likely to cause enough performance issues that you would want to break it up into multiple routes.

You can also save those routes for later recall.

Voice Recognition

Recently there have been a couple of devices to hit the market with voice recognition. What most people want with voice recognition is a way to operate the device without touching it. So far most every device hasn’t reached that goal, and simply offers a way to setup “favorites” with voice recognition cues. This too is the case with the NAVIGON 7100.

After saving a location as a favorite, you can setup a voice recording to go along with it. For example you can save your home address, then record yourself saying “Take me Home!”. Then from the main menu you can tap ‘Voice Command’ -> speak “take me home” -> wait 10 seconds to acknowledge it picked the correct location, and then tap ‘Start Navigation’.

So what you could have done with five taps, now can take one tap, speaking a phrase, waiting 10 seconds, and one more tap. I’m not really sure it saves any time or is any safety advantage since you still need a couple taps of the screen. We’ll see how well full address entry works when the TomTom 920 is released, but until then voice recognition on the NAVIGON 7100 works on par with other manufacturers, but at this point I’m not totally convinced the implementation has any time savings or safety benefits.


I’ve been waiting for this feature on GPS devices for a long time. Except for runs to the grocery store, I use a GPS just about every time I get in the car. Some of the time for business, and some of the time for fun. I do my best to keep the IRS happy with detailed logs of business trips recording where I went, how many miles it was, and what date it was. I’ve always looked at GPS devices and tried speaking to their circuit boards saying “You know where I’ve been, when I was there, and how far I went, how difficult for you could it possibly be to just remember that for me and create a business mileage log for me!”

The NAVIGON 7100 finally met my wish. It even stores the data in an Excel spreadsheet on the device, just waiting to be imported into my finance program! You can record different types of trips such as To Work, Away from Work, Business, Personal, and a few others. Even better, the logbook records even when you don’t have a destination specified.

If I wasn’t in the GPS business which requires me to constantly use different devices, the NAVIGON 7100 would be a dream for helping to record mileage.


Perhaps the biggest story about the NAVIGON 7100 is the traffic service. NAVIGON got a ton of things right when it comes to traffic. First, there is a traffic receiver built into the device. If you happen to get a really strong traffic signal where you drive you may find it isn’t necessary to use the provided external antenna. However in most cases you will probably want to use it. In my testing I couldn’t get a signal in many areas where the coverage maps showed I could get a signal until I used the external antenna.

Another great thing about the traffic service is that unlike a few other devices you can get a list of traffic events, even those that don’t pertain to your route, listed out in a very logical fashion. You can see the type of traffic information, the roadway, and direction. Clicking on the line gives a more detailed description about that traffic event, as well as a button where you can go to that location on the map.

But the greatest point of all about the traffic service on the NAVIGON 7100 is the price. It’s free. No, not just a three month trial subscription. No, not even a 12 or 15 month included traffic reception. The service is totally free…. lifetime. While the “cost” is likely built into the device, the fact that you don’t need to pay $60 per year for the service is absolutely fantastic. This is what has caused this device to get so much buzz in the industry so we asked Ralf Hug, Vice President of Marketing for NAVIGON how they are able to offer this when other companies are charging for the service.

“It’s all about knowing what customers value and figuring out a way to satisfy their needs. NAVIGON’s consumer research indicates that traffic is a very important feature and service. The research shows consumers are not happy with the way traffic is offered today; there is an unfulfilled need out there. Existing subscription processes are complicated and expensive and therefore adoption of the service is very low. NAVIGON developed a unique business model that overcomes these limitations and offers what consumers want out of the box: traffic service over the life of the product without the hassle of subscriptions.”

Purchasing Advice

I mentioned to someone in an email recently that this would be one of the more difficult reviews I’ve written. A short side story… While I’m not a mobile phone expert, I’m a former Treo owner. I purchased the Treo thinking I’d use it to get access to email and the web while traveling. It would send and receive email just find. The web browser was able to display web pages in a satisfactory way. But while it would accomplish the task, all of those tasks were cumbersome, slow, and ugly. Thus I never used my Treo to its capabilities and ended up getting rid of the associated data plan. Recently I got an iPhone. Email and browsing the web is easy and accessible. While both devices accomplished the same tasks, the Treo was so difficult to use I ended up not using it. The iPhone is simply a joy to use.

Back to the NAVIGON 7100, it has a fantastic set of features that are nearly impossible for other devices on the market today to match. There is a great looking navigation display, albeit with a few too many small icons. Multi destination routing is supported, along with the ability to save routes. Routing is quick enough, and the text to speech voice is good enough to be understood. The traffic service is great, and the price of the traffic service (free) is unmatched so far in North America.

But overall in the interface the buttons tend to be too small, touch screen inputs are seen, but often ignored, and much of the text on the screen is very small– even for someone with near perfect vision. There were other small interface quirks as well, like when you save a POI as a favorite there is no default name… you need to type it all out.

If you can get past the often frustrating interface and small buttons, you will find that the NAVIGON 7100 has a feature set that is nearly impossible for other manufacturers to match. But a good deal of patience with the interface is required.

326 Responses

  1. I finally got my hands on a 7100 today, for the first time ever. I did some initial side-by-side testing with a Garmin 750 and TomTom 920. While I will give input ease to the units that have qwerty keyboards, I really liked a number of things about the Navigon. Screen colours and icon size is fine. I have been wearing progressive lenses and reading glasses for a few years, but don’t need them for driving. I found the size of font, and text, etc. acceptable. All in all, I wouldn’t say any one single unit was better than the other — and while I do agree that the buttons on the 7100 are small, I found that I used my fingernail tip tanyway on the other units as well. It was a tad slower on input, but I really liked the predictive input with the listing to the left hand side of the address entry screen. I think that I could easily live with any of the issues, it’s such a good looking product — i.e. the screens are outstanding, the TTS is nice and loud. Making non-North America maps available, and fixing the repair depot issue makes them a more viable option now, to Garmin and TomTom, imo.

    jww - July 30th, 2008
  2. Chuck –

    I got mixed up regarding the power. Yes, when the unit is plugged into the car’s power, the light underneath is green. However, you don’t have to try to squint in the sunlight to see the the light underneath – just look for the “plug” icon in the upper right. of the screen.

    Barry - July 30th, 2008
  3. Tom –
    In regards to the recent power problem…
    I’ve already confirmed there are no issues on our side… no issues on the side of our auto with power, and no issues with the car power adapter. The only thing I can think of is if the unit got slightly unplugged at one point of the trip, but I don’t believe it did. So, yes… most likely the issue is within the unit or battery.

    I don’t know why the unit would completely discharge while plugged in, but as I’ve already mentioned – not to rule out any possibility, the mystery is going to require another lengthy test. Unfortunately, we don’t have any day trips, or long trips currently planned.

    Barry - July 30th, 2008
  4. ok here is my 2 cents worth on the navigon 7100. I live in the Toronto area. The unit itself performed quite well overall. I will list the negatives first. As the reviewer has said, the first and most obvious problem is the number of clicks on the keypad it takes to actually register a keystroke. A great deal of patience is required when entering an address, but its not impossible. Secondly the well known battery life issue, i got about 2 hours after an initial 24 hour charge, then it deteriorated from there to about an hour. The poi menus were really not overly bad once you got the hang of them, but they could still be a minor source of frustration if you clicked the back icon, instead of the sub menu. Im wondering why Navigon didnt use a more logical approach to Pois with a more direct search option. My last two points concern the Traffic, which living in the Toronto worked well for the first 2 or 3 days that i had the unit and then nothing for ten days, i know its not Navigons fault, because its an independent supplier that provides traffic. When i contacted them i did get a fast response to my question (about 30 minutes or less). They advised me that there was a problem with the Toronto traffic antenna and they were working diligently to repair the problem, but ten days come on. My last complaint with unit was that the posting of speed limits never worked at all, and therefor the warnings never worked either and i did have those features turned on. As far as the unit itself, the routing was fairly good it even found a quicker way to work which i now use. The mount was very good and strong. Pois were good although a few were out of date. The startup and location of satelites took less than a minute on most days and it never lost the signal after it had aquired it. It was really accurate and rarely messed up on the navigation end. Overall id give a 7 out 10. But in the end i did return my unit, the main reason i returned it was the keypad and now im holding out for the 8100 which promises to trump anything that is out there.

    Sorry about the long review, if i think of anything else ill include it or if anyone has a question, id be happy to answer.

    Take care

    George - July 31st, 2008
  5. Good unit on paper, great features. I got for a week the 7100, went right ayay with rev1.2 to avoid old issues. ok. To use it, you need patience, then support-arm broke, then after 1 week the unit can’t be power on. totally dead. I returned it to TigerDirect.

    Quality-Roburtness should be improved.

    Pierre - August 6th, 2008
  6. I’ve never had any problems with the speed limit posts. They’ve always worked and have always given me warnings if going over the speed limit – at the point of warning I’ve set.

    On the issue of the support arm breaking…

    I would like to hear from people who have had their support arm break. The suction cup is very strong.

    I would like to know where & how the arm has broken on them. I’ve had our arm in the car for several weeks and have had no issues with it. We even keep a windshield screen in the window. When we put the screen in – it always has to be pushed up and over the arm, and still we’ve had no issues.

    Where is the arm breaking on people?

    Barry - August 10th, 2008
  7. I got the Navigon 5100 one month ago. I chose it over other brands because of its price and the life time traffic. I live in LA and tested it on my normal route as well as some longer trips. My experiences are:

    1) Display Quality: Image is very sharp and clear with good contrast.
    2) Design: Very sleek and stylish.
    3) Voice commands: Instructions clear and accurate. Volume is low. Will get a little speaker for amplification. Wish they can announce sooner than .1 mile for turns (sometimes they do and sometimes don’t).
    4) Touch screen key pad: Very sensitive – don’t have to tap more than once to enter the data
    5) GPS lock on signal after power up:~ 2 min.
    6) TMC signal reception: Very good. Never use the antenna.
    7) Routing: Very good. Recalculation is accurate. Told me to make U turn once and it was necessary.
    8) Traffic information: Extremely helpful. I normally previewed major alerts before a trip.
    9) Traffic Avoidance: Very helpful. At one incident, it redirected me to Vincent Thomas Bridge. It is my personal route to avoid traffic but not well known. Even traffic.com does not pick it up but the 5100 did it correctly.
    10) Real view: Very helpful. It lets you see which lane to take in confusing highway intersection.
    11) Lane assist: I have no idea what this is supposed to be.
    12) Menu navigation: A little confusing at first. “Back” button sometimes takes you all the way to main menu instead of to the previous one. There is no “Cancel” button if you make a mistake in some steps.
    13) POIs: Plenty for me. Wish that you can just tap on the screen and select the POI. Wish you can search POIs by name.
    14) Battery Life: Never tested this. Always plugged in when operate in car. At home, always charge it full with my Motorola cell phone wall charger.
    15) Window arm mount: Don’t even bother to try. Will get a vent mount instead.

    I am very happy with the product so far. My husband is amazed with all the features and gadgets this little thing offers. The price was rock bottom. I’m keeping it for now and if it ever acts up in the future, then we can always return it.

    Max - August 11th, 2008
  8. I bought my Navigon 7100 to use on a holiday trip. It was in the first 5 days when I discovered the local that our local Wal-Mart wasn’t in the system. The road that the store was on or any other store on the street was missing. Wal-Mart had been here for 3 years that told me the map in my new navigon 7100 was at least 3 years old. I phoned navigon and the nice man told me I had to purchase the map updates for $79.95 I said I couldn’t understand why, the machine is only 6 days old. He insisted that I had to buy the new updates but I refused. Since then I have found many errors in the system. It can’t find its way around New Brunswick very well it doesn’t know where The Trance Canada Highway is in that province and it had me going the wrong way on a one-way street in St John. I would not recommend this GPS to anyone. You would be better of with a map and a compose. I paid $329.00 for a guessing game piece of junk. If Navigon can’t stand behind there product I’ll slam them every chance I get Eldon Booth

    Eldon - August 11th, 2008
  9. Yes, the pin to unlock the GPS to the arm broke, so the GPS is kept being locked to arm. The concept is looking fragile and difficult when you are distant from device .

    About the sw:
    -The option to mute volume is useless, the voice is always coming back.
    – The speaker sound is noisy, not natural.
    – The option for Zooming in/out is not trivial, too much sensitive, sometimes the continent is displayed without contacts to the screen.

    I think the next generation will be #1 once Navigon will fix some problems.

    Pierre - August 11th, 2008
  10. Pierre, just because you can find an error for a place that is three years old doesn’t mean the maps are three years old. (And they are not.) It isn’t as if when they produce a new map it is 100% accurate to each and every street that exists at that instant. Unfortunately, 3 years is relatively recent when it comes to mapping.

    Also, not all known POIs are included as in your Wal-Mart example. Most GPS devices only include about 5-25% of all known POIs, unlike the map database where they strive for 100% inclusion.

    Tim - August 11th, 2008
  11. I would also add that one missing Walmart does not mean the 7100 is a terrible product. I have used 7100, then Garmin 760, then went back to 7100. I have been going to the same Burger King for almost two years. It must be there for many years before that, yet none of GPS’s I used had this BK. I don’t think stores like Walmart need to have POI anyway. I am pretty sure everyone knows where they are.

    Vadim - August 13th, 2008
  12. To Tim & Vadim:
    Beauty. Brains. All in one box; That’s right off the navigon add It sounds to me like you two work for navigon. Read all of my complaint not just the first sentence. Would you be happy if you bought a new Car and the motor was 3 years old? The company has all the new updates available why were they not in my new navigon. The thing tells me to go the wrong way on a one way street ARE YOU GOING TO PAY MY FINE! It’s a toy and it should be sold as a toy at a toy price.

    Eldon - August 13th, 2008
  13. Wow! sounds like you had one bad experience… My 7100 works like a charm! No one way streets in my experience. In fact, I like it better than my OEM nav in the car.

    As for the ad-speak, maybe so, but in a whole lot of cases it’s just the truth. If Navteq is routing down one way streets te wrong way – we’ll all wind up in a bad way! But not so far… Got my update and installed it no prob. My only issue is battery life – but I keep it on DC so it’s moot.

    Deno - August 13th, 2008
  14. Eldon, if you want maps that are 100% accurate today… or even 100% accurate to three years ago then you will have to go make the map yourself because they just don’t exist.

    There are basically two major mapping companies in North America, so any GPS you find will have a 99% chance of being used by one of those two companies. The mapping company NAVTEQ uses is used by about 70% of all GPS companies out there.

    You don’t have to like it– but it is what it is. You can go purchase another GPS, but chances are it will have the exact same maps. 🙂

    Tim - August 13th, 2008
  15. I agree that Navigon is not perfect, however, after the recent update, which also includes most recent maps for free, it performs not worse than other GPS’s out there. Like ALL GPS devices, it requires some common sense. That means if it tells you to make a U-turn, it is your responsibility to make sure it is safe to do so or even legal. Same thing goes for turning into wrong way streets. If Navigon is your first GPS and you purchase another one, I can almost guarantee that you that it will give you funny directions sometimes or some Walmarts will be missing while the other non-existent appear.

    Vadim - August 13th, 2008
  16. A great Forum. I ordered my 7100 yesterday and it will arrive tomorrow. Having read the forum I feel well prepared to address many of the issues. My expections have been well tuned.

    Later this week I will head out on a 1,000 mile road trip with many side trips along the way. I expect to have the unit set up and ready to go to take to all of the locations. It should be a good test.

    I do appreciate all of the inputs int he forum, they have been very helpful.

    TOM - August 18th, 2008
  17. Tom: Vadim:
    See how many states Miss Navigon can pronounce. When I was in Maine of course the short form for Maine is ME. so I was in the state of me. St. is the short form for street or it could be the short form for saint some times I was on a street and other times I was on a saint. Vadim this is part of my beef,navigon will not give me updates I have to buy them. My unit was shipped on the 27. of July 2008 the updates were suposed to be out the 1st. of Aug. Bill Gates honors updates longer then that. If you can get updates for free on a 7100 feel free to let me know how its dun.
    Thank you

    Eldon - August 18th, 2008
  18. Eldon – Updates to the 1.2 software and the maps are still available… and I suppose always will be. Simply go to the site and download them. A GPS can not guide you through ignorance….

    Steve - August 18th, 2008
  19. So I had a Garmin and it pronounced “Doctor” instead of Dr= Drive. Things like that. Not the biggest problem. Text-to-speech is not fully perfected yet. It’s a computer that translates text into speech! When you come up with a way for it to distinguish ST between Saint and Street, you’ll be probably worth half a mil per year.

    Vadim - August 18th, 2008
  20. Despite the negative comments, the positive features, reviews and pricing were too good to pass up at current pricing at [snip]. Had a Garmin. Ok but flaky on approaching intersections (late). Got the 7100, downloaded update and gave it a try to my local driving range on an access road next to a major hwy in CA. Found it with no problem. Went to Houston on business. Found every destination no problem. A little late on 1 interchange. Plenty of warning (multiple times)on change of direction. Much better than Garmin. Map is very current. Haven’t tried Traffic or Bluetooth, just A to B and couldn’t be more pleased. Best deal on the market.

    Jerry - August 19th, 2008
  21. I recently purchased a 7100, it has software version 1.2 installed, as is mentioned in some of the previous comments, DON’T BUY ONE until they get some more of their bugs fixed. Yes, it is a slick unit and it seems to work OK in the city areas, but part of the reason I bought a GPS is because I have a travel trailer that we camp out in. I’ve set the GPS for a state park, I set it with an address, it directed me to another street, in the middle of nowhere and stated this is my destination. Another time, I set the GPS at a campground entrance using the latitude and longitude. Later when I used it to get me back to the campground, it told me I was at my destination .6 of a mile before I reached the entrance. Coming through South Carolina, I had the avoid tolls feature set. The GPS led me off the main highway, when I got off the main highway it told me to make a U turn, this happened numerous times. Mind you, I’m getting all this wrong information, making corrections and I’m towing a travel trailer. When I turned in the last bug, the support people told me to buy the latest edition of their “maps”. I stated, buying the newest “maps” probably wouldn’t have the problem I just reported, fixed, because I’m just now bringing it to their attention. If someone reported this bug prior to the release of the maps update, possibly the problem has been fixed, but neither I nor they knew if that was the case.

    Richard - August 20th, 2008
  22. Richard:
    I totally agree with you. When I was in New Brunswick my 7100 didn’t know where the trance Canada highway was. I went into a store that sold the 7100. I went to the manager who told me that his store was the biggest in the chain of stores in Canada I asked him to find an in town street on the 7100 that they had on display, he couldn’t. I guess no one on that street would buy one they wouldn’t be able to find there way home! But then again, if you already know where you are going the thing would work great!

    Eldon - August 20th, 2008
  23. I have used my 7100 now for 2 months without any trouble. I don’t know why people are experiencing so many problems. I have tried out 2 other GPS units and they were returned with a week. The 7100 blew them away. As with all electronic mediums, you always have glitches. I also would like to have a 4 gig card. The 1.2 update allows the 7100 owners a few MB’s as a buffer, I think this is my incidental gripe. What are you all using for an SD card when switching to a 4 gig? Has anyone had any transfer problems???

    Gary - August 21st, 2008
  24. Re: 223. Gary read comment #171. It will be useful to you. Chuck

    H. C. Pierce - August 22nd, 2008
  25. I have owned a 7100 for more than 6 months and I love it. In fact, I’m seriously considering selling my wife’s Tom Tom 920 and getting her a 7100. The 7100 finds satellites more quickly, calculates routes faster, has a brighter screen in daylight, has more accurate maps, and doesn’t “argue” with me so much when I alter my route.

    The only things I wish Navigon would improve are battery life and the traffic receiver. I always have to use the external antenna to get traffic alerts and I only get about 1.5 hours of battery life. However, I consider these minor problems since the 7100 performs so well in all other respects.

    It would also be nice to be able to connect and control the 7100 from my computer (like the Tom Tom) but I knew it didn’t have that feature when I bought it.

    tbirdguy - September 1st, 2008
  26. tbirdguy, if you are wanting to get another Navigon I would get the 7200T, which is about to released. Your wife could have the 7100.

    Vadim - September 2nd, 2008
  27. How can i use the 12V AC adapter for charging the Navigon 7100 outside of the car .. it has only 2 little clips with can’t fit in the regular electrical socket, can i charge it by using USB cable?

    tommy - September 4th, 2008
  28. I wanted to buy one Navigon since I am interested to get the traffic update. But like in case of tomom, this unit does not display traffic update on the navigation menu. If one needs to get traffic info while driving, they should work with the number of menu options to see the traffic incidents ahead.

    Bob - September 12th, 2008
  29. I recenyly purchased a 7100. I was amazed by the clarity of the sceen. I really don’t understand all of the negative comments. This thing is awesome. The reality view and POI’s as you travel makes this unit worth the price. I have a garmin also. My college aged daughter gave me cool points for the Navigon 7100. It is functional and Cool. As with any product, we have a wish list. Get rid of the flemsy traffic antenna. It cuts into the cool points.

    Frank - September 12th, 2008
  30. I read most of the reviews before purchasing my Mavigon 7100. At that time I promised myself I would write a review after my wife and I took an extended road trip with the 7100.

    Out of the box I had a little difficulty navigating the screens. However after a short period of time I was set up with my firet destination (995 miles) and hit the road. Within 100 miles I was impressed. The first instance was as I was drining along on a 10 lane highway in a major city. My wife said I could stay in the HOV lane all the way through and out of town. Shortly after her directions that sweet Navigon lady advised me to get into the right lanes to exit onto another highway. The right highway I might add. Without Navigon I would have proceeded a good bit out of my way. At the poin in time My wife decided to leave the driving to me and Ms. Navigon. At that point in time I got my moneys worth from Navigon and we proceeded on a very enjoyable and successful trip.

    It is not a toy and once a user has learned all of the functions and features it is a delight to have along on a trip or merely in town looking for a specific address.

    Two great features are the Traffic Reports and speed warnings. Saved me time and I’m sure a few speeding fines.

    And, it is fun to use wven my wife is now an expert and has gotten accustomed to another woman in the car telling her what to do. Something I couldn’t accomplish in 40 years

    Tom - September 14th, 2008
  31. I can’t say enough bad things about this sorry excuse for a GPS.
    RUN ! Do not buy! Warn the others! Where do I start?
    1. Takes FOREVER to lockin on a signal.
    2. Updates? Forget it. The company is asleep. Had to wait for months for the first update, took 3 days to down load from there sorry web site.
    3. Ease of user interface? LOL not a chance… you get lost at Hello.
    4. Realview? LOL Really…..hardly ever…..
    5. Freezes up.. crashes…
    6. Had it about a year now and it has finally died for good, will not turn on now. Reset not working.
    7. In the past had to hit the rest quite often…. Do you know how irritating it is to have to pull over, find a needle to reset the device?????

    I hate the Navigon and I think the company CEO’s should be arrested for selling a lie.
    I’m going to smash mine with a hammer and burn it….. I have been waiting for this moment for sometime now !
    Free at last I m going to stick to the Garmin or the TomTom.

    Jeff - September 21st, 2008
  32. Wow! Seems like you have some issues here… I love my 7100, so my guess is you had a bum unit! Customer svc was prompt (if not always telling me what I wanted to hear about the updates) and while I had some “moments” with it that were frustrating – you have to remember it’s a machine…

    If you were so miserable and couldn’t wait for it’s demise, why’d you wait a year? You could have taken that hammer out much earlier 🙂

    Jaun - September 22nd, 2008
  33. Well Juan… I purchased the 7100 as a christmas gift for my wife. I didn’t want to take it and crush it in front of her and she didn’t want me to suffer the fact that I had made a bad decision.

    She left last night on a road trip and as she was trying to leave, could not get the 7100 to power up. So i gave her my Garmin 250w and sent her on her way.

    As she was pulling away, a smile filled my heart, I knew what I had to do.

    After about 5 minutes of hitting the reset-on off switches … It finally came on….and then……. I THREW IT ACROSS THE ROOM !!!!! And shattered it !!!
    As it lay there blinking giving me the last error code of its miserable life, I picked it up and threw it in the kitchen sink and watched it drown with much satisfaction.
    I will tell my will none of this, only that I too could not get it to come on.
    I have to leave now and go buy her a real unit.
    I have decided on a Garmin 880 or a 260W.

    I and glad that you are happy with your unit… It just shows that God wants even stupid companies to eat.
    Navigon should just stick to making flashlights or something simple.. Maybe weaving baskets or something….

    Jeff - September 22nd, 2008
  34. Slam AND Dunk! Now that’s what I call a Navi Gone! 🙂

    The 7100 is really a moot issue for me now as I brought a new car with OEM Nav… Good luck with the Garmin – I bought my wife a Mio last year on Black Friday for $99, great little unit and very configurable..

    Jaun - September 22nd, 2008
  35. Looks like someone is in need of anger management classes. I would take advantage of those if I were you. If you want Nuvi 880, go for it. I bet it is a solid unit and performs as described. But paying $800 for a GPS with less functions then the one for $200? Come on, that’s simply retarded. I tried few Garmin units after I’ve used Navigon and came back to 7100. There is just nothing like it. The future possibilities look even more appealing.

    Vadim - September 22nd, 2008
  36. Jeff, if you still have your broken unit, I am looking for accessories. I will take it of your hands. E-mail me at xxhaimbondxx@aim.com and we could work something out.

    Vadim - September 22nd, 2008
  37. I have brought Navigon 7100 last year. From the day one, I am seeing the touch-screen issues in the device. The POI search is really horrible. I was not able to find the warehouses like Walmart and Costco. I have finally called up the Navigon support for a repair of touchscreen. But POIs will still haunt you when you will try searching for them.

    Only better feature is the traffic rerouting. So far Navigon stands nowhere near Garmin in terms of response, user-interface and ease to use the device. Leave the advance features apart, first fix the basic features !

    Pankaj - September 22nd, 2008
  38. Yeah Juan….. it’s a Navi Gone !

    As for you poor Vadin… where do I start????…..

    1. Your Anger is a good thing. It only needs training if it hurts someone. Venting your anger is healthy… keeping it inside… hurts yourself. No one was hurt during my release of emotions. No management classes needed.

    2. I pay full retail for very few things… I would never pay $899.00 for a GPS… thats what [snip] wants. I can get a new Garmin 880 [snip] w/free del.

    3. I wll not sell the pieces to you. I have to break the evil cycle and place my 7100 to rest. I will not allow it or any part of it to continue. I know this is hard for you…. it’s for the best.

    4. But what disturbs me the most is that you are living in a fantasy world… Here are the facts.
    1. The 7100 got decent reviews when it first came out.
    2. Now… well just check this site….. very low ratings….
    3. Low rating means that you are taking your chances when purchasing…

    5. Vadin my friend…. I am pleased that you are happy with your 7100 but many of us have higher expectations…. just read the reviews… More of us are unhappy with the performance…. than there are happy.

    I wish you well !!!


    I just bought a New Garmin 260W [snip]… its basic but it turns on every time !!!

    Jeff - September 22nd, 2008
  39. Jeff, be a nice dude and sell me a mount. Why waste it?

    Vadim - September 22nd, 2008
  40. My fellow navigators,
    I may have fallen to the Navigon trap but I just bought the 7100 unit couple of weeks ago.
    I’ve read every post and blog on the subject (including your invaluable inputs) and still decided to go with it. Main reasons being:
    1. The 7100 unit presents the best ROI out there. If you simply do the math of features and services divided by price, you’ll end up with the same conclusion (given you’re not buying a defected unit…)
    2. At the end of the day, how often do you use the POI’s or Bluetooth connectivity or any other advance feature? 90% of time we drive around the familiar block, to/from home/work, etc. If the basic turn-by-turn navigation and TTS work properly, the rest is a nice to have. Let’s not get to picky… Still, it’s very convenient and nice to have all the advanced features on the 7100.
    3. The single most important advance feature to me is the traffic updates, and I’ll explain: Thus far my cars had built-in GPS. The only good trait they had was the big size screen. Otherwise, touch screens were lousy, graphics was poor, updates cost money and were complicated and worst off all, I always found myself standing in a huge traffic jam (I live in NY metro area). The idea of having a PND with built in traffic – and free – was very appealing.
    4. From all the PND’s I’ve examined, the 7100 had the most pleasant physical design and graphics (yes, poor argument, I know).

    So, now after using the 7100 for couple of weeks (not extensively, I’ll admit), all of the above consideration materialized.
    Before I started using it, I’ve flashed the unit with the 1.2 SW update which I assume fixed some of the bugs described in earlier posts.
    – The touch screen works well and is sensitive enough;
    – Finding an address is easy and the auto-complete feature is helpful;
    – The voice recognition feature saves time;
    – Routing is quick and logical;
    – Traffic feature is working well, though you need to use the external antenna to make full use of it;
    – The speed warnings (voice) are helpful (though reminded me of my Mom…:-)
    – Window mount, speaker volume and physical integrity are solid;
    – Zaggat POI are showing nicely on the screen, though I haven’t tried searching for them;
    – Navigon’s Service center was responsive and helpful;

    The only disadvantages I came across thus far are:
    – It takes a bit longer to get a GPS fix once you fire it up;
    – Location accuracy is off by 50-100 feet – i.e. The Lady asks you to turn when you’re already at the turn point… but you got plenty of heads-up to make up for it.

    So, I’m keeping my fingers crossed I made a good purchase. Even if not, it only cost [snip]. Small change compared to TomTom or Garmin…


    Liadf - September 26th, 2008
  41. HI! I used to own a Garmin (C530) and what I found great was the manner in which the POI’s worked ie; if I wanted to know where the closest McDonald was it would give it to me as I wrote…Navigon 7100 doesn’t seem to have that feature or I dont know how to use it. Although the unit is indeed appealing in appearance the arm to wich you attach it, leaves to be desired! Otherwise I enjoy the unit and have no quarrel about it.

    Claude - September 28th, 2008
  42. Claude

    In regards to POI’s – I’m not quite sure I understand what you mean by… “give it to me as I wrote…” but the 7100, will in fact give you POI’s nearest you… obviously being a different manufacturer – it will also be different. I LOVE having the actual company logo icons show on the map as you drive. I don’t believe any other manufacturer does that?

    As for the mount arm… I “COMPLETELY” DISAGREE! I love the single uniformed flow of the arm… not cluttered with nuts and bolts attached to a clunky arm. In fact – I’ve had people think the arm is something factory made in our Saab. I have to explain… “no, that’s my GPS mount,” and they’re amazed how sleek it is. And I’ve had no issues of it breaking as others have commented.

    Barry - September 28th, 2008
  43. The reviews and testimonies on this page have really helped me determine whether or not i will purchase the Navigon 7100. I beleive that by now most of the bugs have been fixed and the company is growing in reputation and class. Granted Garmin will probably always be the best but I think i will indeed give the Navigon 7100 a chance to impress me. I will post in the future how i think it did and will continue to post with any problems or comments. Thanks to all for the input and great reviews!!

    Brandon - October 1st, 2008
  44. I just got my 7100 yesterday and charged it up. Used it today on my way to work. Now, while I know how to get to work, I wanted to run this unit through some paces to see how it operated.
    First, let me say that the stylus or the smaller than normal inputs aren’t a big deal. Just use the stylus and all is fine. Like I said, it’s no big deal! Secondly, the display is amazing! If you can’t tell where to go or where it’s leading you because the other information is too small, buy some glasses. I do agree that the time of arrival and the miles to destination are too small. This is pretty important information and to have it displayed so small is a flaw that needs to be corrected.
    It is very easy to input destinations and POI’s are easy to understand as well. As long as you spend an hour or so with the on-line manual, you’ll have the operation of this unit down. It’s a sophisticated GPS but if you give it some time to understand the operations, you’ll know your way around the screens with no problems.
    Also, the Bluetooth works great and the volume is plenty loud enough. Even for me who was in rock bands for years and don’t hear as well as I use to. In fact, I had to turn the volume down. It was a breeze to pair my cell phone and to reconnect is a breeze as well. Just tap the phone icon; tap the middle icon on the next screen and it’s done! Speaking of tapping – I’ve seen complaints that the touch screen isn’t responsive. So far, every tap has yielded a response.

    As I use this more, I’ll post again with an update but at this point, I’m very happy with the 7100.

    John - October 1st, 2008
  45. Oh, one more thing. While I was charging the 7100, I also downloaded the 1.2 software version. All 1.86 GB’s! It took a while to download (even with a broadband connection) but once it was downloaded, it was very easy to update the software on the GPS. Since I never used the 7100 with the older version of software, maybe that’s why so far, I really have no complaints.

    John - October 1st, 2008
  46. I was Wondering if the 7100 has the option of accessing your contacs on your cell phone through the product? i know it has bluetooth so i thought i would ask!

    Mike - October 6th, 2008
  47. Yes, The 7100 maintains a list of numbers which you have entered as well as a list of numbers which you have talked to recently. I find the list of recently talked to numbers very useful for call backs, answers, etc. However, understand that the 7100 is a bluetooth device which becomes a speakerfone device attached electronically to your cellfone. The 7100 has no calling capability unless it is linked (actively bluetooh connected) to your cellphone. This is a relatively short range connection ability.

    Henry Pierce - October 6th, 2008
  48. Well,

    My 7100’s mounting interface has lost all friction so the unit just flops around. The suction cup has let go a few times and the unit has subsequently fallen onto the gearshift lever cracking the display. Time to go to Future Shop and see if they will honour their extended warranty…they haven’t on other products I purchased there. For what it’s worth the speed warning never did work. Ever.

    By the way, I never did get my rebate. I think I’ll look elsewhere when replacing this unit.

    Van - October 9th, 2008
  49. Van –
    wow. seems like you’ve had bad luck?

    I admit the mount can lose friction, but even though mine is now looser – it still holds very steady. I’ve NEVER had any issues with the suction cup. It’s quite honestly, in my opinion the best I’ve used. When properly placed I can’t even rip it off.

    I keep the suction cup on the windshield all the time, and in fact, I place one of those huge expandable sun screens into the windshield that I have to slide up, and all over the mount, bumping it, etc, and it never comes off.

    I’ve also NEVER had any issues with the speed warning, and in fact it’s caught newly updated speed changes in my area I wasn’t aware of UNTIL the unit told warned me.

    My only complaint (really) has been the poor battery life. I don’t know if you’ll be able to argue “damage” with ANY warranty. You might be able to argue with the suction cup, but that would go back to an argument of – if you had properly & correctly applied the suction cup.

    Good luck though.

    Barry - October 10th, 2008
  50. Hi Barry,

    I doubt that warranty will cover this. It has happened a few times where the suction cup has come unstuck. On those occasions I was either lucky and the GPS didn’t hit anything, or I caught it before it went screen-first into my gear shift and centre console.

    I will see if Navigon can repair this unit but I am not hopeful given the lack of North American service. I’m going to look at Garmin units today as a replacement as I’ve really come to rely on the GPS as opposed to google maps or a pocket street atlas. There is no going back.

    To sum up my experience – the good:
    -ok routing
    -reality view
    -bright display
    -text to speech
    -live traffic

    The bad:
    -fussy touchscreen that is frustrating to use especially while driving and only responds to maybe half the inputs given
    -wonky routing which at times yielded a much longer route in either distance or time
    -small text for time remaining, distance remaining
    -speed limits don’t work in Canada

    The ugly:
    -the mounting system comes loose without warning pitching the unit down (yes, my windshield is clean
    -good luck getting this serviced in North America

    In summary, I think for the price the consumer can do better. I feel bad that my wife spent a lot of cash on a unit that is not as fully functional (touchscreen, routing, and battery issues) as others on the market. I feel like Navigon brought this unit to market without real world testing. My recommendation: Avoid. **1/2 out of *****.


    Van - October 14th, 2008
  51. Add this to The Ugly:
    -bold lie from the manufacturer about battery life. Maybe one hour, tops.


    Van - October 14th, 2008
  52. Update: Navigon service says they will be able to fix my unit, and that to replace the display would be around $50. I’ll give this a go. They will also replace my mounting arm free of charge.


    Van - October 14th, 2008
  53. I just bought 7100 a week ago, before I found this website. If I had found this website before I would not have done it. The boxo and the manual say abt. the overspeeding warning. I hate speeding tickets so I decided to buy this model. But it does not work in Toronto, Canada. and no one in the store could tell me if this feature works in Canada. I just upgraded the software and I hoped that this problem would be solved. But it is not. I had, and still use Nextar – it has this option (it estimates the speeding limits basing on the type of the road. It is not 100% accurate, but enough to protect me from the tickets- so it proves it can be done. So far, it is the only thing I complain about. I will be using it, hoping that one day this feature starts working. Maybe with a new upgrade? And one more thing – maps are pretty up to date. Overall I like this unit – ONLY THIS OVERSPEEDING WARNING……

    Vlad - October 28th, 2008
  54. Vlad, not sure about Canada, but in US, speed warnings work like a charm. This is one of the reasons I ride with my GPS on on known routes. They are dead on and update within seconds of changing speed limits. I am pretty sure it does not work by knowing the type of road you are on since again, it has ability to change the speed limit on the same HWY. Not sure if you were aware, but 7200T was just released and it is awesome and not as expensive.

    Vadim - October 30th, 2008
  55. I need help setting this thing up. I just got it today for my birthday and it keeps asking me to insert my memory card and press go. Im so frustrated with this item and i only had it for a few hours and i still cant set it up.

    Do I have to have the antenna plugged in and be in my car to set this thing up or is there something not working with the unit that is not detecting the memory card.

    Sometimes it does reconize it… I think… It shows the demo but thats it. The demo will keep repeating itself.

    Can someone please help me!!!

    Joe - November 2nd, 2008
  56. It doesn’t need to be connected via an antenna, although if it hasn’t been charged you might need to connect it just to get some charge in the battery. I assume you’ve tried popping the SD card back in?

    Tim - November 2nd, 2008
  57. Make sure you correctly insert the SD card the unit came with and it is not write protected. Try resetting the GPS with a pin if the unit still asks you for the card. If nothing works, you might have a corrupted SD card. If that’s the case, time to call Navigon, they should be able to send you a new one. Or you can download the software from their website.

    Vadim - November 2nd, 2008
  58. I started with a Garmin but have switched over to Navigon. LOVE it!! Not only is it slick looking but it’s about as functional as they come. I guess each unit is different or people have unrealistic expectations but my 7000 series works brilliantly. A few times it took forever to pick up a signal but then again so did my Garmin from time to time. It’s a piece of electronics people! I wish you had a star rating because I’d give it a perfect 5*****!

    Chris - November 10th, 2008
  59. I just got my unit back from service. Navigon was able to replace the touchscreen for a $50 fee, and sent me a new mounting arm to replace the original floppy unit. They covered the shipping. Updating the software to 1.2 as I type this. I have to compliment Navigon on their prompt service: to their depot and back to my home in less than a month.

    Van - November 12th, 2008
  60. Battery Issue:

    I don’t own a Navigon unit, but I may well end up buying the 7200T (assuming Tim’s upcoming review is favorable). However, while researching the 7200T, I noticed that it is advertised with an “Internal 1500 mAh Lithium-Ion battery.”

    The 7100, in comparison, is advertised with a “Rechargeable 1150 mAH lithium ion battery.”

    350 mAH may not sound like much, but then again, a small increase in battery capacity was enough to (mostly) silence the critics of the original Nokia N95-1 when when the N95-3 was introduced, as the small increase in battery size resulted in a significant improvement in battery life. (Hopefully Tim will address this issue in his upcoming review.)

    Perhaps Navigon has been listening to Barry and others, and the decision to increase battery size was made in response…?

    All in my humble opinion….

    Scott - November 12th, 2008
  61. Hi Scott,

    The extra capacity would probably give you over an hour and a half capacity. Sometimes I forget to plug my power adapter into the lighter socket and on those occasions run my unit on battery power alone. On those occasions I get just over an hour of battery life.

    The issue with regards to battery life (for me at least) had more to do with the false claim made about the 7100. Otherwise, for long trips it just makes sense to power the unit from the car’s electrical system. When I get home from a trip the last thing I think about is recharging my GPS. If its powered while in the car then it is always fully charged. This is handy as I like to program the unit while I’m at home rather than on the road. There is pending legislation in Ontario that would forbid people from operating electronic devices that are not hands-free while driving. Programming the unit at home in advance of trips saves me the hassle of dealing with that, and is a fun thing to do with the Navigon without the hassles of driving through traffic. It is under these circumstances that the actual battery life is quite adequate, and saves me from having to dig out the Navigon’s AC adaptor at home.

    Van - November 12th, 2008
  62. I keep reading of battery problems and I wonder if my “good results” come from always using the “Ten second plus” turn-off and the fact that ambient temperature during charging is usually 60 to 80 deg F. Most of the time the temperature while charging is above 70 deg. F. I find that if I leave the 7100 in standby and not being charged that the battery life is considerably reduced. If stored cold in the garage in standby, the operate time is reduced or the battery goes dead. If charged while cold, the available operate time produced is noticeably reduced. Therefore, I do the “ten second plus” turn-off, store warm, and charge in this condition.

    H. C. Pierce - November 12th, 2008
  63. I use the Bluetooth connection between 7110 and my cell phone Nokia E65. It’s working without any problems, but I need to transfer/see my adress book (contacts) from the cell phone on the 7110 screen. Is that possible or maybe will be possible?

    Lars Bo - December 2nd, 2008
  64. Battery Issue (revisited):

    I’ve spoken with someone directly with Navigon Exec offices – not their outsourced call center. I asked if the new 7200T would have the same battery issue, and I was told, “No not really. Updated lower power usage hardware is working for us.”

    Barry - December 2nd, 2008
  65. 7100 Mount/Arm Fix:

    Okay… I’ll admit it. I was always saying my mount /arm never had any problems, until now, after having an issue with TWO of them. But I’m here to say there’s an EXTREMELY easy fix!

    This fix is only for the pivoting head – where it becomes extremely loose.

    Look at the face of the pivoting head, the flat surface that says “Navigon” in silver. Below, near the release button, there is a gap in the face. Take a very small screw driver and VERY GENTLY pry up on the face from that hole. The face very easily pops out and underneath you will find a single torque screw. All you have to do is tighten it. I believe a #10 torque screwdriver should do it.

    I will say though – the suction cup is STILL the best I’ve ever used, and I still think it’s the best designed, sleek arm.

    Barry - December 2nd, 2008
    • I have the same problem. Ive been looking the net for ways to fix it. Thanks Barry, but the mounts swivel head isnt fixed yet. I can pry open the flat surface, but when i reach towards Navigon, it wont let me go further. I tried to pry more, the flat face would not pop out…. please help!

      Andres - November 21st, 2009
  66. Pros: the mounting bracket, “reality view”, lane assist.

    Cons: Navigation, battery life, small text, tech support.

    Google Maps and Mapquest provide better routing. Navigon tends to make you get off a highway, detour through town, then get back on the highway again. If you already know where you’re going, you won’t follow its instructions. If you don’t know where you’re going, it will eventually get you to your destination, but you’ll wonder why it chose the route it did.

    Battery life is only about 30 minutes on a full charge, even after following tech support’s bizarre instructions for several cycles of charging the battery.

    (Apparently turning the unit off isn’t enough… you are supposed to hold the power button down for 10 seconds every time you shut it off. Gee, that’s a great design!)

    But it really comes down to poor navigation performance. I would not recommend Navigon to a friend, nor would I buy another.

    Frank - December 7th, 2008
  67. I just got a 7100. The only way it will work on external power is with the AC adapter. Using the USB or car plug I get a computer with a line going to what looks like a GPS. Am I doing something wrong??? or do I have faulty equipment???

    Joe - December 15th, 2008
  68. I’ll kick off by giving full disclosure – I published here quite a favorable review on Sep 26, after playing around with the NAVIGON 7100 for 2 weeks.
    I’ll be the first to admit – it doesn’t provide the goods! It’s not a bad PND and it’s packed with nice features, but the overall experience isn’t good enough:
    – Finding a destination is way too cumbersome. It starts with the keyboard which isn’t arranged like a proper one or a QWETRY. It continues with null results if you haven’t entered the exact street name. Forget about finding an airport (and not a remote one, JFK nonetheless). It’s hidden in the sub menu of Transportation POIs. A nightmare.
    – Routing: sometime the device will choose the weirdest routs, taking you off highways.
    – Finding a signal after a “cold start” – takes a good 3-5 minutes under clear sky
    – Don’t dare deviating from the route: the Recalculating function takes forever. By that time you’ll loose your way.

    Worst of all, I bought this PND for my wife’s use and unfortunately she can’t easily operates it – and I’m getting all the heat. NAVIGON, why did you have to complicate my marriage? 🙂

    Liadf - December 15th, 2008
  69. I’ve used the 7100 now for a couple of months and found that I can easily live with what some might consider shortcomings. Acquisition of satellites is quite fast , even indoors, so setting up addresses in the comfort of my home is a snap. It tracks quite well but could indicate MY position a little further along than it does. It indicates me a little behind where I really am. I like to use it even when I know where I’m going but, as other have observed, takes me on routes that I wouldn’t normally take. Maybe I’ve set my route preferences wrong. I rely on it to take me to places I have never been and never have been disappointed in my route. It reroutes exceptionally fast. Showing elapsed time and distance is, although taking up a little more screen, nice to be able to see. I use that ALL the time. It would be nice if I didn’t have to hold the off button 10 seconds to make sure that I’ve turned it off but now big deal. Auto day/night would be nice and maybe that’ll be a software upgrade as I understand that it is a part of the new generation 8100. The windshield mount works great and apparently isn’t illegal here in Illinois. I’ve never run it exclusively on battery for any length of time and keep it plugged into my cigarette plug outlet and don’t really know what the battery life would be. I tend to use the stylus when inputting a new address but since I do that indoors it’s no problem. I’ve never used the antenna and living near the Chicago Metro area, traffic problems come up fine. I’ve updated my maps once using the available service and found that really new streets were already there. Updates seem to be on the ball. Some small lakes were absent but they must not be natural. Now if they would only update where I live to be accurate…the Post Office changed my area code and I have to input my OLD area code to find my own address. I’ve alerted the map service that’s used but nothing yet has come of it. The change involves some 700 homes and their inhabitants that can’t be found by inputting the new proper area code.
    Sorry to be rambling on but I’m writing of my experiences as I think of them. If it doesn’t appear here, I haven’t found it to be of particular concern to my use of the equipment.
    Anyone know what the T after the model 7100 designates? Any features on it that mine doesn’t have, (and could)?

    Glenn Emond - January 5th, 2009
  70. I love my 7100. I hate Vista. I started 8 hours ago to do an update of maps and software. After a 3 hour download from Navigon to my desktop I tried to update the smart card per the instructions. When I tried to open the download to effect the update nothing happened. WHY YOU AKS. Because VISTA scans all 175GB to check for problems and that takes 20 minutes without any message telling me what was going on. Therefore I assumed it wasn’t working.

    Finally after a few calls to Navigon Tech support I waited the 20 minutes for VISTA to “verify” it was acceptable FOR ME to continue and then the NAVIGON update to the smart card worked perfectly and fast.

    I think Bill Gates should send every onw with VISTA a check for $1,000.00 to pay is for our aggrevation with VISTA. What the hey he will still have 100 billion to live comfortably with.

    And there in is the reason WINDOWS 7 is being released.

    I write this with the hopes it will help everyone else with the updates. AS I said I love my Navigon 7100 and use it every day as a home inspector. Often doing 15-20 locations a day and NAVIGON is dead on every time.

    Tom - January 27th, 2009
  71. I’ve just ordered a new 7100 navigon, and my question is , can I set where I want to go with latitude and longitude from google earth?

    David - February 13th, 2009
    • David…Try this web site and run the Video that seems to be an answer to your question. They are great little tutorials from Navigon and are new to their web site. I personally don’t think that it is possible since you can only input the usual coordinates, city, zip code, street, state, etc.

      Hope this is some use to you.

      Glenn Emond - February 13th, 2009
  72. I have had a 7100 for 3 months and have been unsuccessful contacting Navigon for an update. The sensitivity issue you mentioned is a plague for me and my family. The screen almost needs to be hit rather than touched. The large screen is nice but data entry seems error prone, using the stylus helps but is a long way around from using the finger tip. Getting an initial map update seems to require inside knowledge. I would think the initial update would be free and subsequent updates perhaps by subscription. I will not need subsequent updates as a Garmin is probably in my future.
    Philip Brown

    Philip - March 2nd, 2009
    • Phillip…I have found that just brushing the very tip of my finger on the intended bar seems to work. If you can just use your finger nail, that works too. I will have to admit that the stylus woks best however. I didn’t have any problem with the initial map update but I did subscribe to the map updates and they have been on the ball with that since then. You might try this web site for answers to any other questions you might have.

      Glenn Emond - March 3rd, 2009
    • Phillip –

      I’ve had the 7100 coming up to a year now. I had to do the update almost immediately because it had come out shortly after purchasing it. I would hope Navigon would continue with updates with this model, but I find it doubtful since they’ve already come out with two new tope models since the 7100.

      However, with that said – the update works absolutely fine. I’m not sure what exact issue you’re having with obtaining the update, as you only mention you’ve been unsuccessful contacting Navigon?

      I do recall though, to obtain the update, all you have to do is simply register your item online and create a user ID. It was something as simple as that. I will say – you will need to be sure to have a consistent and stable internet connection and the faster the better.

      You have to download the update… and it’s BIG. Then all you have to do is replace the data on your card with the new data you’ve downloaded. If you’ve got a Macintosh its a WHOLE lot easier than a PC, too. But again, to do all this… if I recall correctly – you have to register your unit, then you’ll have access to download the update.

      As for the screen sensitivity – I admit… it’s not as sensitive as other GPS units, but I agree if you use your finger nail it’s fine. I will also add that I even have a rather thick screen protector on mine, and I’m still able to use it with my fingernail.

      Apparently there have been lots of improvements in the newest 8100 T. It’s got some cool looking features, including now actual terrain view.

      Barry - March 3rd, 2009
  73. Hi,

    I bought the 7100 last year and don’t seem to hear anything from Navigon for the FREE map updates? Also, we are in Beaverton MI and when routing from this location it never seems to find the correct roads, constantly tries to send us down that don’t exist or aren’t through roads.
    Please help!

    Thanks for your time!


    Glenn - May 24th, 2009
    • Sherrie…
      Try this site for map and software updates.

      At least it will get you started as to where to go for the updates. I bought
      their map update package 6 months ago and have received two updates so far.
      The program is for 3 updates a year for three years. And it works. As far as
      your routing goes, I can only suggest that you check your route preferences
      and make sure that you have indicated what kind of roads you want the
      equipment to route you on. If you continue to get wrong routes or
      incorrectly indicated roads, you can notify the mapping company to change
      their records on them. That works too. Their address is in the manual.

      — Glenn Emond

      Glenn - May 24th, 2009
  74. Q2 2009 Maps are now available through FreshMaps.

    benjamin - May 25th, 2009
  75. IMPORTANT!!! Navigon is no longer in the person GPS device market. THEY WILL NOT OFFER ANY FURTHER SERVICE ON THEIR DEVICES. THEY WILL NOT UPDATE THEIR MAPS. THEY WILL NOT SEND ANY FURTHER UPDATE FOR THE GPS DEVICES WHATSOEVER. Do NOT buy a Navigon device. You’ll immediately own any obsolete GPS with NO SUPPORT or updates.

    Josh K - July 7th, 2009
    • Josh, that isn’t quite true. Navigon has said that they will continue to release map updates. They have shown this as well– since they announced they would stop selling PNDs in North America they have released map updates to their customers and are continuing to respond to support requests.

      Now I agree that people considering a Navigon in North America should consider other options, but they have already released map updates since their decision to pull out and have said they will continue to honor map update subscriptions.

      Tim - July 7th, 2009
      • Tim –

        You are absolute INCORRECT, and Josh is CORRECT! I got word STRAIGHT from Navigon support, and if that’s not enough evidence, I’ve actually been in direct communication with Navigon’s FORMER director of customer service. BTW – he’s looking for a new job, too!

        They will NOT be providing new maps to the U.S. market, and they’ll not give me a straight answer about the FREE LIFETIME traffic I purchased.

        I smell a class action law suit, and I’ll either start it or join it!

        Barry - July 7th, 2009
        • Well, you guys are obviously looking in the wrong place or talking to the wrong people. As recently as two days ago people have been getting new map updates for their Fresh Map subscriptions. A *FORMER* Navigon employee wouldn’t really be a reliable source of information about their current policies.

          Tim - July 7th, 2009
          • Tim..I too upgraded my maps about two weeks ago. And since I still have a year and a half to go on my subscription, I hope they will continue their upgrade policy, at least until all the subscriptions run out.

            Glenn Emond - July 7th, 2009
  76. Glenn –
    The only CURRENT fresh maps was from a year ago. Good luck with that.

    And the CURRENT Navigon tech support person said they have no plans of continuing support. Here is a DIRECT quote from the email I received from tech support. I can paste the entire thing if it helps convince you.

    June 26th, 2009
    Accessories, map material and content are not available in North America through NAVIGON.

    Unfortunately we don’t have information concerning the availability of these products at other major retail shops.

    Sorry charlie- out of steam. Good luck with that. Hey it bites, I know. I bought one last year!

    As I mentioned before, they won’t confirm “lifetime Traffic” – even though the service Navigon purchased is through a U.S. based company that is STILL in business.

    Barry - July 7th, 2009
    • Navigon actually released a *new* map to US based map subscription customers as recently as eight weeks ago, after they announced they were pulling out of the USA market. They said at the time, and so far have met, that they will honor existing fresh map subscriptions. Glenn indicated he got the map update, and you can read the same story from several other Navigon owners who got the recent map update without issue.

      Tim - July 7th, 2009
    • I don’t know what “fresh Map” you’re looking at?? The one I dowloaded about two weeks ago is the EXACT same file as the one I downloaded last summer after purchasing my 7100.

      If that’s the file you’re talking about – it’s the same one as last summer. I compared the file.

      Barry - July 7th, 2009
      • Barry, perhaps the bigger question is which map are *you* looking at. All jesting aside… here is the bottom line. Navigon has pulled out of the North America PND market for now. That means you can no longer purchase new maps or devices in North America aside from any inventory that might still be around at stores. (But very slim now, and probably none in the case of maps. As you mentioned, product support is also a big question mark moving forward. I agree that people seeking new devices should look elsewhere.

        However, for people who have purchased the subscription map update, so far Navigon has lived up to the product and even since the date they pulled out of NA they have released a new map update to subscribers. This has been confirmed by dozens of people in our forums and is the “Q2 2009” map. A few of them are people who I’d even consider “expert” GPS users and they have confirmed the existence of road changes and updates since the release of the first 2009 map this past winter.

        I don’t know why you are not seemingly able to download the newest map. And if there is a technical glitch on Navigon’s end then that reinforces the reason why people should avoid Navigon for future NA PND purchases. However out of dozens of experiences you are the only one I’ve seen report unable to get the latest map. I sympathize with your position, but it isn’t correct that they are not providing the update to other subscribers.

        As to the note from Navigon you keep citing, it makes no mention of map update subscribers. All it says is that you cannot purchase products, accessories, or maps. It doesn’t say anything about people who have purchased the map update subscription that are redeeming map updates. Also note that the map update subscription makes no note of any minimum service level. It says it will deliver “up to” a certain number of maps, but doesn’t provide a floor limit. So they could stop providing updates to map subscribers and probably be within their rights. That would be terrible for those map update subscribers and I hope they don’t do that. But so far Navigon has come through with map updates for map update subscribers.

        Tim - July 8th, 2009
      • Barry,
        If you are referring to the FILE NAMES on the new map download, they are the same. But the map information in them is not. My new maps have roads and subdivisions that were not on the previous version. And around where I live, (Chicago area), the addition of new roads happens a lot. The only file I seem to have been shorted on was the Alaska file but I merely added that to the download from a previous download. Fortunately I don’t throw anything away.

        Glenn - July 8th, 2009
  77. Since I subscribe to get the new posts and have read the stuff about Navigon I did go to visit their website. Since it appears that they are going to offer an Iphone software product which is going to have to have updated maps. They also appears that Navigon is going to do work for non consumer purposes in North America which would mean they would have to offer / support the existing fresh map subscriptions.

    Going to my “My Navigon” site the current model and software and maps information are still up to date and until they tell me that they are not going to support it I am not going to panic.

    As far as the traffic the signal comes from an FM signal which is broadcast independent of Navigon and since the unit (7100) has lifetime traffic turned on in the software I assume that it will continue to work as long as the FM signal is broadcast (which is sold to more than Navigon for subscription services.)

    Brian - July 7th, 2009
  78. Brian –

    You’re right about the FM broadcast of traffic, however, that is done through a company Navigon has a contract with.

    You would have to assume Navigon is going to spend money to renew a contract with a company within a country in which they have no more financial incentive to provide service. You did hear they left the U.S.???

    Why would Navigon spend money on an essentially dead market?

    Barry - July 7th, 2009
    • Barry,

      You Said – “You’re right about the FM broadcast of traffic, however, that is done through a company Navigon has a contract with”

      My Reply – And since Navigon is using Clear Channel’s TTN which broadcasts on their existing FM frequencies and supplies this service to many navigation companies the signal will continue. Since there is no reactivation process for a subscription on the Navigon units there is no way to “turn off” the ability to receive the FM Broadcasts.

      Clear Channel does not specifically encrypt or scramble their TTN signals for specific navigation companies so there is no real way to “Block” a Navigon from not getting the information while allowing a Garmin’s lifetime traffic plans to continue to get the traffic information via FM signal.

      With that being said the Navigon units will become obsolete not because of the traffic data, but the lack of future map updates once the existing freshmaps subscriptions sunset or Navigon decides to no longer support freshmaps.

      The one short-sided revenue stream that Navigon is not looking to is selling maps to existing customers. Since they are going to buy NA maps from Navteq for their I-Phone application as well as they supply commercial GPS customers solutions that include North American companies they could have made easy revenue by selling maps into the future. You don’t even need a US or Canadian presence to sell software related things today via the internet.

      Brian - July 8th, 2009
  79. For those of you sticking it out with Navigon, here’s at least one REAL confirmation FROM Navigon. Anyone want the email I’ll be glad to directly forward it to you.

    Dear NAVIGON Customer

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    If you have already purchased Life Time Traffic, you will continue receiving Lifetime Traffic. NAVIGON makes sure that all NAVIGON Traffic customers will still receive the Traffic they purchased.


    p.p. Christian Josopait
    NAVIGON Support Team
    E-Mail: support.us@navigon.com

    Barry - July 9th, 2009
    • Tell me Barry.

      How does that work after you guys go broke?

      Fred - August 11th, 2009
      • Navigon doesn’t directly provide the traffic data, a third party does so it can work independently of Navigon.

        Tim - August 11th, 2009
        • And your independent third party there, they continue providing their service with no ongoing revenue stream? Is that correct? How does that business model work?

          Fred - August 12th, 2009
          • Fred: I, nor this website, have any affiliation with Navigon. So we are not privy to any contracts or agreements Navigon may have with Clear Channel or any other traffic provider. With that said, a typical business model with traffic services is that the traffic provider gets a flat rate, single payment for each device sold. So the traffic provider was likely paid for the subscription in full and therefore they wouldn’t have reason to shut it off. Different GPS companies have different agreements, but the structure I described is common.

            Tim - August 12th, 2009
  80. Or Christian or whoever?

    Fred - August 11th, 2009
    • Who am I replying to here, Fred?

      This string got so convoluted and argumentative – I gave up on it and Navigon a long time ago, so I honestly don’t know why I’m writing again?

      And even still… I have no idea, Fred, if you had any real question or comment, nor do I know what it may have directly referred to…. if you had a question in the first place?!?

      People, including myself, have contradictory information (emails) from Navigon tech support listed in this forum. However, I’ve also personally talked with Navigon’s U.S. head quarters, former customer relations director, which by the way, the HQ no longer exists.

      This is what I know and will not argue.
      * I have no affiliation with Navigon.
      * Some of the info got mixed up here regarding “maps” and “life time traffic.”
      * I “WAS” going to buy Navigon’s latest 8100 model, but will NOT since Navigon pulled out of the U.S.

      Will you get lifetime traffic and continual updated maps. I doubt both if either if you buy a new model. Will you get continual updated maps for your current Navigon device if you “buy” them?… I don’t know. Take a chance.

      My final question to myself regarding this would be:

      Meaning: I’m switching to a Garmin for my next GPS. At least I know they’re here in the U.S. and I don’t have to ask these questions. Plus Garmin is now offering free life time traffic on some of their devices.

      At least Navigon offered some competition while they were here – pressing the GPS market forward in quality and services.

      Good luck… with whatever question or comment you had.

      Barry - August 12th, 2009
  81. I’ll try this again. I have had my 7100 for almost two years and am more than pleased. After you learn how to enter the data in the right order and how and where to search for POIs it becomes your best friend on a trip. I haven’t experienced a tremendous delay in acquiring the satellites that some allude to. I think a max of a minute is my experience. I got new maps from eCost for $28.00 for three year quarterly updates. That’s 12 updates for that price. I did have to purchase a 4 Gig SD card to download all the new data. So far I have downloaded the ‘Free” maps in mid 2008 and three quarterly updates. The 4 Gig card makes it easy but it’s still a lot of data even on a high speed connection. I have a friend with a comparable Garmin and I wouldn’t trade.

    Tom - September 13th, 2009
  82. Where on eCost do you get the maps and are they compatible with Navigon 7100 and / or is it an update..? What is the link that you refer to when you say ” I got new maps from eCost for $28.00 for three year quarterly updates.” ?

    claprade - September 14th, 2009
  83. I’ve had my 7100 for two years and generally like it. It was a Christmas gift, and that night we drove from Boston out into the country to visit family. It took us right to our destination even with one U-turn made necessary by my talking over “the voice” as she was telling us to change lanes and exit. I usually set the routing to “shortest,” not “fastest,” because in a city “fastest” wants to head for the Interstates and major roads while “shortest” tends to be more efficient with fewer U-turns before it gives up and recalculates. I learned that lesson again in Seattle, where Mapquest gave us a “short” route and Navigon gave us the “fastest” route. I should have followed Mapquest. I do have two major issues, one being the short battery life and the other being support, or lack thereof, from Navigon. I thought I’d lost the car charger which had me in a state of near panic as I tried to find a replacement. Thankfully, I found it.

    Al in Florida - December 1st, 2009
  84. Navigon 7100 Touch screen broke down how to do? You can repair good?

    joechen - December 9th, 2009
  85. I purchased this Navigon system late November2009
    In Kippa-Ring, Nr Brisbane, Australia. The maps system is so out-of-date I can’t use it.It tried to put the car in the Ocean twice when leaving ‘Surfers Paradise’10/01/2010.
    I will be returning to The UK on the 20thJan 2010.

    Mr.T.V.BANETT - January 12th, 2010
  86. Supposedly you can still buy fresh maps… probably off eBay, as I’ve seen them there, and then have at least several years of new maps. I’m assuming.

    I would have liked to see them stay in the U.S. longer, as I believe they are the sole reason other manufacturers are only now offering free lifetime traffic. I’ve started seeing free maps as well, but for sure, Navigon is the reason for free traffic.

    Surfer’s Paradise?!?! WOW! Haven’t heard of anyone in a long time that actually knows where that’s at, and I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since I was there either! LOVED IT and the whole East coast.

    Barry - January 13th, 2010
  87. Navigon does NOT service the 7100 GPS. I have been trying for 5 months, since it imploded under the barrage of traffic alerts from our route through Chicago. Long-to-short – they have told me that it is “impossible” for the 7100 to show a blue screen — unless I have it located over the Gulf of Mexico! Not only do I get a blue screen, but I also get a WINCE menu showing various options which are totally meaningless. The device went to the factory, was returned with “no fault found” and the same blue screen (obviously no one even turned it on). I have sent them a photograph of the device with the “impossible” blue screen and WINCE menu and now they are ignoring me. Buy from someone else. This device is too expensive to have such poor customer service.

    Kate - January 26th, 2010
  88. It is waaaaayyyyy past for the few remaining navigon owners, excuse makers and whiners to get over themselves and acknowledge that navigon is toast and a complete business failure.

    Go out and spend a few bucks and get a real navigation device that has significant likelyhood of being around for at least a few more years.

    You know, one made by an outfit like garmin, magellan or tom-tom.

    You people are an embarrassment to humankind.

    fred - March 21st, 2010
    • Fred, if you want to insult people for their opinions, keep your thoughts to yourself or take them elsewhere.

      Tim - March 21st, 2010
    • Fred, I just bought another 7100 in a box, new off e-bay. Had the other one almost three years. Loaded an address in a friends Magellin and it was do convoluted compared to the 7100 I went and bought a second one one. Too bad you didn’t have sense enough to get one in the first place, then you could quit your petty jealousy.

      Tom - March 21st, 2010
  89. Well I had a navigon since they first came into the USA.. Worst device I ever had.. Of course I had the early models.. BUT now I have a GARMIN NUVI and its the best device I ever purchased…

    Dave - March 21st, 2010
  90. Not to name any names but when I see someone going on-line over a 7-month period to take cheap shots at a product AND the people who use it, I wonder which GPS manufacturer he works for. I’ve used my 7100 for more than two years and like it. I solve the short battery issue by plugging it in (along with my iPod and my cell phone) – no big deal. My wife bought it for Christmas on the recommendation of our son, who has the 7100 and likes it. He obviously doesn’t know as much about electronic gizmos as some of the people who post here frequently despite four years at M.I.T., poor kid.

    Al - March 21st, 2010
  91. Hello Andres,

    I just fixed my Navigon mount today Mon., April 5, 2010.

    I removed the flat surface with the raised letters \Navigon\
    per Barry’s instructions.

    While I had the ‘flat surface’ off, I realized that there is an easier way. You do not have to remove the flat surface; just drill thru the centre of the surface right about the letter \V\ with a 1/4 inch drill bit.

    If the screw has not come off, you can just tighen it.

    If it has come off, you may need to drill a bigger hole, say 3/8 inch so it can drop out. When you insert the screw back in, you might want to apply a drop of thread locking compound such as locktite so it will not loosen anymore.

    Good luck and let me know how you make out.

    Roly - April 5th, 2010
  92. Anyone know if a Navigon 7100 were shipped to friends in Germany whether they could have European/German maps installed allowing them to use this GPS there in Germany???
    The device has become more and more restricted due to lack of map update problems and has been replaced with a Garmin 765T. I have friends in Germany and am considering shipping the Navigon 7100 to them if they can have German maps installed.


    H. C. Pierce - April 11th, 2010
  93. I bought the navigon fresh maps today . It is like a credit card .It has a number you scratch off on the back . Having problem figuring out how to up date . The pictures I see on navigon show a device that is pluged into the gps . maybe what I bought is out of date ? not sure if someone could help . Thank you .

    Jim - April 30th, 2010
  94. On the back of the ard, you are directed to logon to their website and they will guide you through registration. I hope you have luck because I hae a FreshMaps subscription also and am waiting for my next map update.

    Glenn Emond - May 1st, 2010
    • Members of our forums report a new Navigon map was released in the past week or so.

      Tim - May 1st, 2010
  95. I got an email today from Navigon that the Q1 2010 maps are available for download. The new maps do not fit 2 gig micro SD that came with my 7100! I had to downloaded it my 4 gig stick and remove the Canada maps to fit all the US maps in 2 gig SD. It is weird that an update will not fit the OEM memory card.

    benjamin - May 7th, 2010
    • Am I to understand that I can obtain a recent North American Map Update? (Canada-USA) I though Navigon (my model is 7100) no longer updated this Map?

      If I am right is there a compatible map that I can obtain?


      Claude - May 7th, 2010
      • Claude, my understanding is that Navigon is continuing to provide Mao updates to those people that have previously purchased and activated a map update subscription, but are not offering single map updates for sale.

        Tim - May 8th, 2010
        • Tim, thanks for your reply. Are you aware if I can update the map through another source?

          Claude - May 8th, 2010
          • Maps are licensed and to as specific device and locked, so no. They also are in a proritetary format so maps from a different source will not work. Regardless, since Navigon has oullednout of the North America PND market I wouldn’t invest much in an older device unless you are really tied to those features.

            Tim - May 8th, 2010
          • Much appreciated Tim, thanks.

            Claude - May 8th, 2010
  96. Claude !!

    GOOD NEWS!! Tim is actually INCORRECT! Although it’s true that Navigon has left the U.S., not providing the packaged map card themselves – FreshMap supplies are STILL being sold.

    Navigon actually hires out to do the maps, so updates will STILL be available, so long as you have a freshmap card. They’re the size and look of a credit card. Activate it, and you’ve got one to three years of updates.

    You can in FACT STILL purchase Navigon FreshMaps LEGALLY, fully functioning! I actually bought 2 packages of three year updates! I don’t need one and am currently selling my extra for fifty on Craigslist. It’s COMPLETELY SEALED, NEW! Otherwise check online, google it. That’s how I found mine just a month or so ago.

    Barry - May 12th, 2010

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