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Spec for spec, the NAVIGON 7100 outshines most other GPS devices on the market. You get a widescreen display, free lifetime live traffic reports, a “reality view” which can help you decide which lane you need to be in, and even the ability to export trip logs to Excel to help generate expense reports.

Unfortunately, the 7100 does suffer from a few design issues which might cause you to turn to another device. Many of the on-screen buttons are very tiny despite the 4.3 inch screen making them difficult to tap. That issue is compounded by a touch screen that isn’t quite sensitive enough for smooth operation. But if you can get over those interface issues and get the device setup to go, it can be a great bargain for all of the included features.

326 Responses

  1. Total traffic network website says

    As of July 1st, we are broadcasting RDS-TMC data in Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. Canadian coverage is Mon-Fri 5a to 7p.

    I have sent an email to them asking estimated time on Vancouver but have not heard back yet…Anybody knows when will it be available in Vancouver, BC?


    Victor - February 16th, 2008
  2. Nice units. Had one, dropped it and cracked the touch screen, sent it off (Future shop) to be repaired. Came back not repaired because parts are not available. Called North American Customer Service, was told a repair service for the Navigon product does not exist for North America. End result, tossed in the trash. Don’t buy these products unless your prepared to take the loss.

    Bob - February 18th, 2008
  3. I have had a chance in the last couple of months to try a couple of different units the Clarion N.I.C.E, Magellan 4110 and the Navigon 7100. Sent the Clarion back as the maps were3 to 5 years old with not much hope in getting any updates and returned the Magellan after it started acting up while in route. Basically it would lose zoom and zoom way out while driving in route and sometimes power off so it went back and I upgraded with the 7100. I work as a courier and have had a good amount of time behind the wheel with the Navigon, approximately 15,000 km seat time. Here’s the scoop.

    Routing was initially fairly bad though usable till I applied the patch and have noticed a great improvement in routing though still not perfect. You can confuse the unit if you really try to like I did one night. The unit seams to every once in a while fixate itself on a particular street or rout and will do anything it can to get you back there though this happens very rarely and is easily fixable by canceling the rout and making a new one. I use the optimize setting for this. As this seems to be the biggest complaint from most people I think Navigon is well on its way to working out the kinks. Multiple point routing or trip routing is good though an optimize button like on the Magellan would be nice.

    The Map is decent though approximately 2 years old which was also the case with the Magellan and I found the Navigon a bit more accurate as far as the map goes, waiting now patiently for the new update to come out in March. One complaint about the map, once you leave the city and are out in the country there is way too much white on the screen. A quick solution is to switch to night mode and turn up your brightness …… works …… or if you know xml change some background settings …….. gonna take a look at that one of these days when work slows down a bit.

    The mount is a bit shaky but that might be easily fixable with some spray foam, thinking about trying that one of these days …… I’ll let you know how it works and there are some other options available, just check the forums here about it.

    All in all I can say I like the Navigon 7100 and would give it a 1 and a half thumbs up out of two

    Paul - February 18th, 2008
  4. Hi guys,

    well, i have spent 2 weeks looking for a stanav that fits my needs, i even bought a becker 7928 traffic assist, but sent it back after 24 hours.

    I like the look of the Navigon 7110 (UK Version), any uk users on here got any tips etc before i buy one, also, where the heck in the UK are they in stock? It seems they can only be purchased direct from Navigon.

    Ian - February 22nd, 2008
  5. I am using Car Vent Mount Holder for NAVIGON 7100 GPS , which uses the AC vent. Worked great!!!!

    Bob - March 5th, 2008
  6. I have to say I’m loving my Navigon 7100, even despite a niggling flaw with the product.

    Let’s get it out of the way: the only thing that continues to bug me after firmware 1.1 is the still-wonky routing. It’s not horrible, but it still often succumbs to that standard GPS routing problem where if you leave the prescribed route, especially a major expressway or street… it will do everything except sprout arms and grab the wheel to get you back onto that street.

    I suppose this is good if you’re unfamiliar with the area and may have accidentally wandered off the route and need the quickest way back, but if you’ve purposefully left the route for some reason, then the constant routing shenanigans can be a pain.

    It’s not a deal-breaker, however. And the good definitely outweighs the bad. There are a lot of little features in navigation and UI that really make the whole experience incredibly useful and enjoyable. That and the free traffic updates seal the deal.

    Ummagumma - March 19th, 2008
  7. Hi

    I live inthe UK and need to replace my Sat Nav as mine got stolen. 🙁 I used to have a Tom Tom Go which I found very good. The only areas where I had problems were

    – Going through certain areas of cities with tall buildings – no signal left me totally lost!

    – Road split and instructions were not clear enough for me to know if I needed to take underpass, stay on-top or if it made no difference!

    – I do a lot of mileage for work and it all has to be logged so I love the idea of this being a feature of the Navigon.

    BUT – the reviews leave me with serious concerns. I live in the UK so I am hoping choice of route and customer support will be better. But I am not sure. Are there any UK users who can add their experience? Ian did you get a Navigon in the end?

    I am VERY dyslexic and totally dependent on sat nav to get me home (even in my home town). Knowing this Tim would you suggest I do not consider the Navigon over Tom Tom? Also is the Navigon based on the same map routing/software as the Navman? (I tried one of these before I got my Tom Tom and HATED it. Totally unituitive, fidley and often did not take me to the right location).

    Please could somebody help advise me? Can anyone show me an example of a mileage log created through Navigon? Is this feature enough to forgive it for all its other shortcomings (in your opion?!)

    Thanks, Fi

    Fi - March 21st, 2008
  8. I need some advice in that I am a new GPS user and have bought but not yet received my new Navigon 7100 unit. My question is, do any GPS models allow you to input destination locations through Outlook or from a Excel spreadsheet?

    I would think that this would be very helpful in that you would not need to place this information in the GPS unit using the tiny icons on the unit itself.

    Lastly, I read some reviews that felt that the 2GB card was slow and created problems for the 7100 Navigon unit. Since I am new to all of this should I purchase a 4GB card to replace the 2GB card?

    Any comments would be appreciated!

    Mike - March 29th, 2008
  9. Mike – The Dash Express has an Outlook plugin that allows you to send individual addresses. The HP iPAQ also has some software, but it doesn’t work that well. Keep in mind most people don’t keep their addresses formatted “clean” enough to be automatically identified… but the software is getting better.

    People do find that a larger faster card does offer a speed improvement, but I’d wait until you get yours to decided if you want to go that route.

    Tim - March 29th, 2008
  10. Hi all,

    Anyone having problems with satellite acquisition for the 7100? Seems I have to wait 10 minutes or more at times, no matter if I’m turning the unit on from standby or the off state.

    I’ve also yet to see a traffic signal – even with the antenna plugged in. Of course there may be no traffic problems in my area (or I may be dreaming so 🙂 I live on Long Island, about 25 miles east of NYC…

    Jon - March 29th, 2008
  11. Just wondering if someone could answer the following questions:

    – Is the Navigon based on the same map routing/software as the Navman? (I tried one of these before I got my Tom Tom and HATED it. Totally unituitive, fidley and often did not take me to the right location).

    – Tim / anyone else – could you show me an example of a mileage log created through Navigon?

    – Is the log feature enough to forgive it for all its other shortcomings (in your opion?!)

    Thanks, Fi

    Fi - March 30th, 2008
  12. I have a Navigon 2100 with updated software and maps and I can tell you that of the three GPS devices I own, the Navigon is the absolute worst at calculating a decent route. It doesn’t seem intuitive at all. I have no use for the log feature so I never tried it. I understand that Navigon is coming out with updated maps soon which may improve things but I wouldn’t count on it.

    JeepLover - March 31st, 2008
  13. I also have a 2100 with the updated software and I just took a trip from NJ to VA to visit relatives and it did a perfect JOB. the route was great when put on fastest route. I normally leave it on OPTIMUM ROUTE but for this trip it just didnt seem right. I also heard about the map updates but I also hear it going to cost around $100 for the update and considering I only paid a little over that, it is an expensive update….

    Dave - March 31st, 2008
  14. I dont know if any patches out there, fix any of these problems, but from my first day of use, I would only give a 5 of 10.

    I used Garmin & Magellan earlier, they make very good use of screen, and easy to operate while driving.

    I do have a few things that I would like to see changed or added.

    No Auto shutdown
    No Auto Day/Night mode
    Jumbled Menus
    No Phone Book
    No Intuitive Help, specially with FM Transmitter
    Touch screen is aweful, never responds
    Colors of active/inactive buttons should be changed to something more apparent …Dark Grey & Light Grey is very hard in bright day light
    Stylus for operating GPS, sounds inflexible and infact very small fonts
    Battery life is bad
    Text to speech is very very bad, it can’t say the most common names of US roads properly
    POI is at very minimum
    No Zoomed view of the intersection on half of the screen
    FM Transmitter for music thru Car speakers
    I had dropped satellite connection, while Magellan still has the connection, when side-by-side

    ram - April 1st, 2008
  15. Have had the 7100 for about 4 days. Happy with some of it, but sad with the main problem of no direct fast route. Wanted to go straight down the road 25mi. with a designated address, it wanted me to head west and added 20mi. to the route.

    As for Traffic, it alerted me to 4 traffic accidents on a 200+ mile trip yesterday.

    The box and receipt are close by though.

    Oly - April 3rd, 2008
  16. Well, you gotta hang out there until end of April. Hopefully the new update with fix the routing problems.

    Vadim - April 5th, 2008
  17. As stated previously I have used the 7100 extensively now for a couple of months working as a courier. Although the routing is not perfect it is no worse than and probably better than “at times” the routing of the Magellan I had and none of the instability of the Magellan where it would zoom out or shut off at will while routing. I have never had any problems with lost satellite signals or acquiring them …… even from cold it gets 3d navigation in less than 2 min.

    As far as the traffic reports go they have come in handy at times though I will not let the unit use them to determine routs as they are no better than the traffic reports that you get from your local radio station …… how many times have you driven by or though an area where there was supposed to be an accident and there was none. The radios report what they are told till told otherwise ….. the same as any traffic network ….. if no one tells them about a problem or when the problem is corrected then they won’t tell us. It doesn’t matter which service you use.

    I am sure that allot of issues will be addressed with the new update ….. when thay become available. Though I don’t really care for the fact Navigon has used us a beta testers for their new products I have been more than satisfied with the Navigon 7100.

    Paul - April 5th, 2008

    LAR - April 12th, 2008
  19. Love the 7100 and have inside info that the download next week will fix most of the routing “problems”. I’m happy with it the way it is, but expect to be even more thrilled after the download. Expect sales to increase after word gets out on the improvements.

    naviman - April 12th, 2008
  20. i called Navigon last week,and i was told the new update will be on April 21st and it’ll be free.i can’t wait myself,and he told me it’ll improve the POI

    Yaw - April 13th, 2008
  21. Got my 7100 about a month ago and it looks great and for the most part works as advertised. Haven’t been able to receive any traffic signal without the antenna plugged in and at best a weak signal – living out in the sticks, I expected as much… I guess 20 miles from mid-town Manhattan is too far for reception (about 1 mile from the LIE (I-495) 🙂

    I’ll update the unit to 7.2 with new maps (if I still have it but since I just got a new 09 Murano with OEM NAV, it would be nice to have I suppose on trips out of town without my car, but if someone wants to make me an offer it could be a great deal for you!

    Pathfinder - April 13th, 2008
  22. Hey Pathfinder, drop me an email at bvparekh@gmail.com with your expected selling price…

    Chickmagloor - April 16th, 2008
  23. Does the Navigon work with an iMac instead of a PC? I’m looking for a GPS that I can use with my iMac for updates, etc. Thanks!

    Ed - April 17th, 2008
  24. I had my GPS Garmin2610 for about 4 years, I found one thing is so ridiculous, that the GPS can’t same the turn-by-turn direction and jump to the a sort of page that show the turn-by-turn direction once the GPS lost satellite reception.
    and you know GARMIN never listen to customer, they just said you could use in-door use, but we are on the way and looking for the turn.
    Whatever, does 7100 has sort of this problem?



    Peter - April 17th, 2008
  25. Yes Navigon 7100 provides the function to give you turn by turn directions.
    It even has the function to simulate the navigation.
    I had a Garmin and before and i thought it was a missing functionality.

    sunny - April 18th, 2008
  26. Thank you, Sunny,
    you means the 7100 is able to show the turn-by-turn direction once it lost satellite reception, and don’t need to change it to in-door use?

    Peter - April 21st, 2008
  27. Here is the biggest reason to not buy a Navigon: No repair service available. After owning my 7100 only 2 months, it slipped out of my hand while attaching to the mount- hit the gearshift and cracked the face, leaving a huge deficit on the LCD screen. Called customer support only to be told “try calling during the summer- we might have our repair facility up by then”. I now own a $400 piece of worthless junk.

    John - April 21st, 2008
  28. I just bought a Navigon 7100 for [snip, see comment policy]. I bought it because I live in Los Angeles and traffic is major problem and thus live traffic updates should be good to have. I also want to be able to call using the bluetooth hands free feature plus the Lane Assist feature might come on handy. I have yet to test the unit; and althought I have read many bad reviews about the Navigon 7100, for the price I paid, I am willing to take a risk and I excited to try it.
    My only questions do I need to buy the Navigon Fresh Maps right away or can I wait to buy it?

    EXCITED - April 22nd, 2008
  29. 7100 owners might want to check out the following thread about an update if they don’t already know about it:

    Navigon 1.2 Update and FREE Map Update!

    Tim - April 22nd, 2008
  30. Freshmaps will be free for 7100 registered owners and available ,May 14th for both PC and Mac users.

    Along with the 1.2 sw update they are providing a free map update as well. Great news (so long as the date is not pushed out indefinitely 🙂

    Pathfinder - April 22nd, 2008
  31. I want to buy my first GPS. Is this unit worth it? [snip, see comment policy] It seems like a good deal, but I dont want trouble and I am not sure what to look for

    Tony - April 22nd, 2008
  32. I bought the 7100 on April 18th as the price was right and included a rebate. Printed out the manual that came with the disk only to find an updated versionon Navigon’s website so printed that one. I live in L.A. and have yet to hit any traffic info and I know there is ALOT of traffic there. I used the antenna as well. All I get is the red triangle. Even worse, my battery lasts about 50 minutes and then its gone. My trip to and from work is only 30 mins each way. It asks me to make alot of u-turns too rather than re-route. I will wait till the next software update on May 14th to see if all the above is resolved with the exception of the battery issue, which may be a deal breaker anyway.

    Tom C. - April 23rd, 2008
  33. I am glad I have waited to buy my GPS Unit. I have been using a Navman setup on my Pocket PC for years but not having text to speech and many of the newer features has caused me to do research on a consumer stand alone unit. Plus you have to have technical skills to get GPS to work on pocket pc and my wife has no patience for that.

    I am still on the fence on which unit to buy but I am interested to hear how the Navigon is working with the latest update.

    It seems that each unit that I have been reading reviews has positives and negatives and if the routing and poi issues with the Navigon have been somewhat resolved this will be a unit I might consider buying.

    Brian T. - April 28th, 2008
  34. I took mine back to C–tco and ordered another. Hopefully when the May 14th update is on the unit, it will work better, not that it would help the battery problem any. While i was standing in the return line, a man in front of me also had his 7100 tucked under his arm. I asked him why is was returning the unit, he stated the same problems, TMC would not work and the battery. I asked him if he ordered another and he had.

    Tom C - April 28th, 2008
  35. Hi Tom C., I also recently got Navigon 7100 and I too live in L.A. I would like to tell you that you can set up your gps to avoid making a U-Turn. As far as, live traffic I took a trip this weekend to Palmsprings and the live traffic update was extremetly helpful; I probably saved about 1 hour because I avoided the usual traffic. I did experience once a mistake in the map but was probably because they were fixing the road; I hope with the update the maps will improve. I used Garmin nuvii in the pass and I think the map in the Navigon is much easier to follow. I am very happy that I bought this product, specially after the price I paid (just like you, I also got a good warehouse price and rebate).

    EXCITED - April 28th, 2008
  36. I’ve been reading comments on this post about Navigon not having a US Repair center. I emailed them about it and here’s what they had to say.

    Dear Navigon Customer,
    Thank you for your inquiry.

    We are currently working to implement an out-of-warranty repair process in
    North America. We plan to have this service in place by Summer 2008.

    Please contact us at 888-848-0701 Monday through Friday 8am to 10pm EST if
    you have any other questions or http://www.navigon.com/site/us/en under the
    Support tab.

    Navigon Customer Support Team

    GPS Newbie - April 29th, 2008
  37. Hi Excited, Im happy to hear yours is running great. I got my replacement one last night and gave it a good long charge. This morning all I did so far was put in my home address and an address I will be goin to in Las Vegas next week. I will work it going home tonite. As for the u-turn problem, I kept it on default which was “u-turn off” when that happened with the old one, I made sure this new one shows off as well. The new one I got was packaged different than the las last one, I dont if its a newer model or not. My first one had the memory card separate from the navigon itself, in its own plastic holder. The one I got last night was already installed inside it. Ok, will keep you posted.

    Tom C - April 29th, 2008
  38. Does anyone know if Blake Bowen of NAVIGON is still working there? I sent him an email asking for some insight in the 7100, one was kicked back as “undeliverable” and the other one is floating around somewhere in cyberspace.
    I noticed he has not posted on here for quite some time….if anyone has been in touch with him, can you please let me know? I am ready to pull the trigger on my first GPS and wanted a few things clarified….he seemed like the guy who could do it.

    RedSoxFan - April 30th, 2008
  39. RS Fan,

    I e-mailed Blake on April 27 and he replied to me on April 28. Blake.Bowen@navigon.com

    Brian T - April 30th, 2008
  40. Thanks, Brian…I tried sending him another one. Hopefully, he’ll reply.
    Does anyone own a Navigon in metro-Atlanta? I am curious to hear how the traffic feature works in our Automobile-saturated Metropolis???

    RedSoxFan - May 1st, 2008
  41. I hope Mr. Blake Bowen is still reading these comments??

    First question – where’s my 4g SD card that Navigon was VERY recently touting that this more expensive unit was going to ship with?? Their website “now” says… “oops”-we don’t do that anymore, but if you bought it last November, we’ll still give you the card. Shame, shame. That borders “bait n switch.” I wouldn’t expect that from a company that touts being in the GPS biz since 1991.

    So now, after only three days I’m returning my 7100 for multiple reasons. The review pretty closely represents the functions and abilities of this manufacturer and model. VERY cumbersome interface.

    I can appreciate the ability offered to have many options to preferences, but once those options become cumbersome – it does the user no good.

    However, I will say satellite acquisition was very good, and was able to recalculate a change in route very quickly as well, however, the unit’s incessant… and I mean INCESSANT need to make you do a U turn was COMPLETELY annoying. Often the unit was attempting to make me take a U turn on a route that I found less convenient rather than a route I knew better that I was trying to take.

    I like the style & design, including the sleek arm. The arm seems to be one of the BEST suction cups, VERY secure. I really appreciate the swivel head design, and have had no issue with it breaking, or coming loose as other’s have stated, albeit I’ve only had a couple days.

    I have EXCELLENT 20/20 vision, yet I, too, found many many menus & text too small and quickly became annoying. In the upper right corner – satellite, traffic, battery status icons lie which are virtually useless. Navigon should have saved the processing power or did something else with the icons. They’re essentially useless! Seriously.

    Now I come to my biggest complaint about the 7100 and I imagine all the Navigon series, regarding the battery life. I believe Navigon borders false advertising in this area, too!!

    Navigon should NOT even advertise the battery at all, or at least NOT to the extent they have. If you expect to use it exclusively with the battery – DON’T!!! or… you at least better be packing your charger, or car power adapter!

    I did call Navigon’s support, upon which I found one possible solution for poor battery life, but was dismissed after my further testing proved it wrong. The Navigon has a standby mode, which can drain the battery. An annoying side issue I found was that the support person (Derrick) told me I had to push and hold the power button for FIFTEEN seconds just to turn the unit off. Annoying to sit there for 15 seconds JUST to turn it off! As I said – this did not correct nor help ANY issues with the short battery life.

    Part of my reason for returning the 7100 is because of my conversation with Navigon’s phone support (Brian). Brian tried to make excuses for the short battery life, stating the advertised battery life is “best results.” Being in the electronics business – I’m completely aware of “best results” and the tests that are done to acquire those results. They are all done under the MOST optimum conditions, which generally, are never true life conditions.

    When it came down to it – Brian flat out told me I won’t get 4.5 hours of use and that my 1.5 hours (which is the MOST I’ve got) is more common results. I did ask if Navigon had ANY fixes for this issue, and he told me there were none – that was the best I would get for battery life. Brian then quickly dismissed me, ending our call by asking if he could help me with anything else. What help did he give me??!?

    To sum up battery results – you’ll be lucky if you get 1.5 hours – let alone Navigon’s advertised 4.5 hours. And more likely you’ll get an hour – NOT even a quarter of the advertised battery life. HORRIBLE. My Magellan 4250 (comparable) gets nearly 5.5-6 hours of constant use!! I’ve been running side by side tests.

    Mr. Bowen… WHY is Navigon touting in ALL it’s documentation and advertising 4.5 hours?!!? I dont’ believe Navigon EVER got those results, unless you tested with absolute dim screen with EVERY feature turned off? I don’t believe it’s possible!

    SAVE YOUR MONEY. There’s currently rebates being offered with this unit, which in fact does, as someone already mentioned, indicates newer versions coming out. But I would STILL save my money and wait for at least several generations of any Navigon product. If you want “pretty” – the Navigon is for you. If you want a good functioning GPS, get something else, or wait and check out Navigon down the road, maybe SEVERAL years. Other manufacturers have more of a grasp with clean interface and an ACTUAL battery life.

    my 2¢
    Portland, Oregon

    Barry (Portland) - May 2nd, 2008
  42. I have been using my 2nd 7100 (first one I returned) for a week now and it appears I will be returneing this one as well !! Looks like Barry has encountered the same problems as we have. I was going to wait for the May 14th update but it certainly won’t solve the short battery life. As I write this, I am re-charging it. I live only 25 mins from work. On a “full chage” I lose one bar of the battery in less than 25 mins, then I turn it on again to go to work and the low battery icon pops up. Im sure Navigon did not make the batteries but you would think that they would contact the battery vendor and make arrangements to have ALL these batteries replaced as faulty. Again, I get told to make U-turns even when when the U-turn is turned off. I wont get into the other little problems I have had with it in my prior writings here. I will be returning this tonite. I have been looking at the brand new TomTom 930T, it boasts alot of the same things this one does and more (price is higher too over $500 right now). I did give navigon the benefit of the doubt by returning my first one and ordering a second one btu the results were the same and is echoed by most other users here.

    Tom C - May 2nd, 2008
  43. After reading Tom’s comments (which were more short than mine and better to the point) I guess I realized there “does” seem to be rather quite a few inherent issues, for more than I mentioned.

    Even with a car AC adapter, a “mobile” device that essentially is immobilized because of it’s battery – is a complete deal breaker for me. Besides this major issue, I’ve forgot about a main point regarding the “U” turn issue. I also had turned OFF the U-turn feature, and the 7100 unit STILL tells me to take a U turn. I feel more like a beta tester.

    Mr. Bowen from Navigon stated here in this review comment,
    “It is the nature of the consumer electronics
    category: today’s “advanced” technologies must
    continue to evolve (and do so, at shocking pace).
    Virtually every technology product out there goes
    through some sort of upgrade to improve or
    enhance its operation. Our own GPS competitors
    routinely release upgrades to address issues that
    their users encounter.”

    There are “new” features or new technologies that can be added to a device, and then there are just plain glitches that have to be fixed before releasing. These two ideas are very different, and shouldn’t be mixed.

    Please, Mr Bowen & Navigon – don’t have me pay you – to be your beta tester. Fix your navigation systems BEFORE releasing it to the public. My bottom line: Navigon has got a good idea, but just a LONG ways to go until they have something good.

    BTW – I’m still returning the 7100.

    Barry - May 2nd, 2008
  44. I trully don’t understand why people hate this machine so much. My mother, who is 67 years old and who hardly knows how to use a cell-phone thinks it was easy to use. I set the machine to give directions in Spanish, I showed her briefly how to use basic commands and she said she was very happy with it.
    Yes, the icons could definetly be bigger and perhaps battery life doesn’t last as advertised but this is still a great machine. Much better than Garmin Nuvii which I had a chance to use for a year in New york city/New Jersey area. The garmin nuvii was wrong many times. From day one, I hated the machine. I hated it when it said “recalculating”, I hated the map; the map was busy, full of colors for each of the roads.
    I remember clearly the first time I used it, I type directions to cross from new jersey to valhalla and the stupid machine send me to a state park; that I will never forget, and that is how I judge this 2 brand of GPS. I own the Navigon 7100 for about a week and so far my experience is 100 times much better than with the Nuvii and the directions has been accurate.
    Yes, in the POIs I can’t find walmart, costco, the post office in laguna hills, etc. But I still think this is a much superior product then Garmin that I used last year. I love the lane assist and reality view on my Navigon. Yes the price that I paid is much lower than the Garmin 660 and I will not return it; In fact, I am thinking of getting another one at the same price for my wife and mother.
    The bottom line if my 67 yearl old mother, who is not tech savy, why can a smart, tech savy consumer use it?. I just don’t get it?

    Excited - May 2nd, 2008
  45. To “Excited”:

    to begin, “truly” is spelled with one “L”

    As for the technical aspects of the 7100…
    I would base my own personal critique on comparison and use of several other owned GPS systems, and ones that are more comparable – not just comparing to one system.

    I can’t speak for your grandmother, but if she has no frame of reference to be able to compare – she probably won’t know the difference between a good product and a bad product such as the Navigon 7100. Of course she’ll think it’s wonderful.

    I’m not speaking about the lack of ability in operating the 7100. I’m fully capable of operating it, and understand it’s features, but understanding the unit doesn’t change the fact that it’s interface is clunky, not smooth at all, and plain buggy.

    On the other hand – I already mentioned I thought it one of the best GPS systems for acquisition of satellites. It’s very fast to pick up when a route is deviated from, but it still provides incorrect routes, or some that plain just don’t make sense.

    All of it’s few, good points are overshadowed by it’s many more flaws and outright bugs in it’s system. (The unit will attempt to do U-turns still even after that feature has been turned off.)

    Lastly, one cannot ignore a MAJOR component of what’s part of a “mobile” unit – the battery! It doesn’t operate even near what Navigon has quoted for this unit. Sure I can plug the car AC adapter into, but what’s the sense of having a battery built into it then? If the battery is that crappy, get rid of it altogether, make the unit much slimmer and make it an “in-dash” unit. Right now- that’s how it has to operate with the deplorable battery life.

    BTW – I will plug the Magellan 4250 now.
    Not the fastest satellite acquisition, nor quick to recalculate changes, but it’s the SLIMMEST 4″ screen I’ve seen, light, and it lasts me 4.5 – 6 hours on a single charge! Now that’s MOBILE!

    Barry - May 2nd, 2008
  46. I think that if the battery lasted even at least 2 hours, I may have waited until the new update comes out on the 14th and if that fixed the glitches and then maybe I would have lived with it. To not even acknowledge that they have this problem with the battery is a bit disturbing as well. As I said, most likely they do not produce the battery and if they changed battery vendors or agreed to replace them, that would be a step in the right direction. Obviously there are batteries out there that last much longer in other GPS units, just not this one. The technology IS there.

    Tom C - May 2nd, 2008
  47. Thank you for helping me with my spelling. I know you are much an expert on GPS systems; However, I only giving my two cents, from and average Joe. I am sure your Magellan is much better but I got my Navigon at a bargain and is good enough for me.

    Excited - May 2nd, 2008
  48. TO: Excited –

    I purchased and own both the Navigon 7100 and Magellan 4250 for [snip, see comment policy]. You “might” have matched that price, probably not, but I doubt you beat it. However, there’s no need for patronizing sarcasm nor the need for – “my toy is bigger than yours” comments in an area that’s meant for review. Don’t let your hurt feelings dictate your comments.

    I merely pointed out & compared GPS units – the magellan 4250 as opposed to the Navigon 7100. I was never bragging. I only commented on your grandmother’s lack of experience with GPS units, in that – she has nothing to compare to, so of course she’ll think it’s the latest & greatest. Kinda like always having burger, and never having steak.

    If you can live with the glitches and poor battery life with the Navigon – hooray! You were able to find a unit you like and can live with glitches. However, I simply can’t tolerate obvious, known software glitches, and more importantly, deplorable battery life.

    As I’ve previously mentioned – battery life is essential to me, especially with a device that’s supposed to be “mobile.” Unfortunately, the 7100 doesn’t even last 1/4 the time Navigon advertises and promotes it capable of. Other GPS systems… “such as”…(again a “comparison”) …. such as the Magellan 4250 last nearly six hours.

    I agree with Tom C – I “might” be able to live with SW glitches, but battery life for a mobile electronic device is near the top of my list. Without power – you aint got a ‘mobile’ device. Some of the glitches might be able to be corrected with later updates, however, that also depends on how long Navigon allow free updates for the 7100, and more importantly, how long they decide to support the device itself.

    Mr. Bowen from Navigon said it himself – technology changes rapidly. Typically, technology updates within 6 – 9 months, sometimes less. Hardware itself is outdated and becomes unsupported anywhere as short as one to three years. Don’t believe me? Ask anyone who bought Apple’s first generation iPhone. LOL!

    It would just be nice if one of those rapid technology updates were to fix the poor battery life with the 7100. I’m still returning mine. Nobody, nor anyone’s grandmother has convinced me otherwise that the 7100 falls short of what Navigon is selling it as.

    Barry - May 3rd, 2008
  49. Just for the record, I own a Navigon 2100 and I’m not going to try to deny most of the negative comments but perhaps try to put everything into perspective.

    I really don’t see what all of the fuss is about the short battery life. I think that most of us connect the car adapter almost all of the time we use it anyway. After all the traffic antenna is in the adapter cord so the only way you are going to get traffic reports is to have the adapter connected. But if the short battery life is a problem one has every right to return the unit but it doesn’t mean that it is bad for everyone.

    I have had some issues with the way the unit works but I think the company is really trying to make things right. I downloaded the full update to the operating system and was very pleased to find out that the company included a complimentary map update for everyone. They didn’t have to do this so I am impressed.

    I haven’t had a chance to test the unit since the update but I’m sure it still isn’t perfect but then no GPS is perfect. But at least we know that the company is working to make improvements and they are relatively new at it compared to Garmin and TomTom so we need to give them a chance.

    JeepLover - May 4th, 2008
  50. Hey JeepLover –

    I would definitely like to hear your results now that you’ve run the update, especially with the weird routes the 7100 takes me on, and the U-turn issue. I’ve heard others comment – but seriously – the 7100 will take me on the weirdest, and often, not the best route, so it would be great if the update fixed some of these issues.

    How long have you had your 7100? I ask because you know that you’re able to get a certain amount of “free” map updates with the purchase? (don’t take this wrong) So…it’s not like Navigon is doing you a favor. It’s part of the”deal” you paid for. So, I’m curious to know how long you’ve had it?

    As for battery life – I’ll try to qualify my own previous remarks. I would think for the simple fact alone that the 7100 is supposed to be “mobile” it should be able to run from it’s battery and at LEAST for the amount it’s advertised. But you could also make the comparison with another mobile device – a cell phone. You could always keep your mobile phone plugged into the car adapter, but why should I be expected to, since it’s suppose to be able to run off the battery it comes with. I mean… if you buy a car and it’s advertised to having four tires – shouldn’t you be able to expect it to have four tires and be able to drive on them… “all” the tires?? I’m not always going to be lugging around an AC adapter, especially when switching between cars. We also don’t use our GPS exclusively with a car. Our Magellan 4250 is so slim (nearly half of the Navigon 7100) we use it when we’re on foot in larger cities (NYC, Chicago, D.C.)

    I guess if you need to plug the traffic antenna in as well, it makes sense that you can also plug the power in. But I gotta tell you – this is one area that I’ve already given kudos to Navigon. It has a very quick response time with satellite acquisition, and along with that – I’ve actually have never had to plug the external traffic antenna in. In the short time we’ve been using it – it’s always given us traffic updates – WITHOUT the antenna. So I would still argue the mobility issue – even with the traffic antenna.

    I would still be interested in your results with your new updates on your 7100.

    Barry - May 4th, 2008
  51. My first GPS device was the TomTom910, but was stolen recently when I gave it to a friend. Just got the Navigon 7100 and used it this past week end for the first time. Like the Reality View and the Lane Assistant. The battery life is questionable from what the manual/manufacturer claims to be. Not even close to two-hours.
    Would I recommend it to someone? All depends on the needs of each individual(s). I still have to take a long drive across several states to make a firm judgement. Until then, I love like the 7100 thus far. There are several GPSs in the market just are there are several cell phones and digital cameras. All depneds on ones need to get what best suits you. But manufacturers should not advitise wrong infirmation just to attract buyers.
    Bx. NY

    Nji - May 4th, 2008
  52. I have been reading the reviews and am really on edge about buying the 7100. I’m aware that ALL systems have their problems but none like I’ve ready about with the 7100. I purchased a Garmin Nuvi200W for my brother and LOVED it until the battery died and I found out that I couldn’t navigate, even while it’s plugged up to the car adaptor.

    I went into [snip, see comment policy] yesterday and spent TWO LONG HOURS playing around with the different systems. Garmin was automatically excluded, as I need something that will work while being charged. I didn’t like the navigation appearance of the Magellan, so it was down to the Navigon 7100. Right now I am so turned off by not only the reviews but also by the store I visited. Now, the 7100 was a little sluggish but not to the point where it will cause you to miss a turn. My concern is: Does it show cross streets? How is the reception…. does it loose its connection often? and, Does it really navigate while being charged with a car adaptor?

    For those who are trying to use online sales in stores:

    I went to the [snip] yesterday and their Navigon 7100, retailing at $689 and on sale for [snip] peeked my interest. However, I received a call letting me know that [snip] has them on sale for [snip] plus a [snip] rebate. A sales Rep. explained that they would honor the [snip] price, however, went to the back and told me that they didn’t have that unit in stock. WHAT? They just tried to sell it to me at their “sale” price! So, I call this morning and speak with Andre, an Associate, and he explained that they have TWO in stock. I go to the store just to be told that they will not honor the lower price. I aclled [snip] corporate office and they couldn’t figure out why the store wouldn’t honor it. Robert at corporate said that he will contact the GM and call me right back. Well, it’s been almost three hours and I’m still waiting to hear back from Robert or the GM of store [snip]….

    This entire process has been frustrating! Even with the reviews I’d like to try out the Navigon 7100 (I can always return it, BUT I have to first get it. Will update when I have it.

    Thanks to all posters… the feedback was VERY helpful!

    Tiffany - May 5th, 2008
  53. Tiffany – The Garmin devices (like most any other GPS) can charge and be operated at the same time. Something wasn’t correct with your brother’s setup if it was behaving that way.

    Tim - May 5th, 2008
  54. Barry,

    I don’t own a 7100, I own a 2100 as I stated. I bought it on Black Friday for 99 bucks with free traffic included.

    Since I have 2 other GPS units, I haven’t used it much and not at all since the update. I plan on giving it to my son as a graduation present. From what I have read, I understand that the routing has improved but I have no personal experience. I don’t live in an area with traffic so I wasn’t aware that it is possible to get traffic without the antenna.

    I won’t debate the battery issue but to me and a lot of other people, battery life is a nonissue.

    As far as the free map update is concerned, I know of no other GPS company that has provided a free update to someone who has had their unit as long as I have so it IS a big deal for me.

    JeepLover - May 5th, 2008
  55. My only problem now with the 7100 is that I can’t use it any longer… well, I can, but with the OEM nav in my 09 Murano LE, it just doesn’t make sense! 🙂 Free Map update, traffic, Zagat and good looks – and at a price point I couldn’t resist!

    I had the U turn problem until I shut it off and U turns no more, go figure. My Granny would have loved it – with her little fingers 🙂

    Pathfinder - May 5th, 2008
  56. Blake Bowen…..if your are still around….please reply to my emails and/or comments on here. I am looking at purchasing a GPS ASAP and would appreciate some feedback on the questions I have sent.
    Thank you

    RedSoxFan - May 6th, 2008
  57. Thanks Tim!

    I went and bought the 7100 — the store gave me the price I wanted… FINALLY! I still have quite a bit of testing to do , however, I noticed a few things that I don’t really like aboutt eh system.

    1. The volume at its loudest setting isn’t loud enough.
    2. You can’t incorporate contacts into your system from your phone for use with the Bluetooth function.
    3. The ball with window mount doesn’t give you much flexibility as far as rotating it to a view that works best for every height of person. I’m 5’8″ and it doesn’t suite me that well but it’s something that you can deal with.

    The good things about the 7100:

    1. The color display
    2. Haven’t had any problems navigating thus far. It hasn’t taken me out of my way.
    3. The touchscreen works very well. I don’t need to use the stylus and my fingers aren’t that small.
    4. The voice command works very well when saving a destination as a favorite.
    5. The mount is wasy to use but I can see how it can easily break. A clip would be better.
    6. The POI’s that are close to me such as a gas station or bank show up with no problem.


    1. When entering in a destiantion make sure you click the right state (a little symbol is at the top of the screen) and then your zip. I find that it pulls up informaiton much easier rather than trying to enter in a street first.

    I’m still going to test the 7100 to the fullest while I have a chance to return it. If I find things that I can’t deal with by no means, I’ll be getting a Garmin… maybe the Nuvii600.

    Overall rating for the 7100: 8 out of 10

    Tiffany - May 6th, 2008
  58. I just recently purchased the Navigon 5100 after my Cobra Navone GPSM 2100 was stolen and after owning the Cobra for over a year and the 5100 for about 2 days now, I have to say I definitely like the Navigon better. The Cobra 2100 had a terrible habit of encountering a program in the middle of navigating and I would have to shut it own and power it back up again to start my routing over again. Inputting addresses was far too long as the 2100 would have a terrible lag after entering any letter of the street. Also if you weren’t anywhere near your intended address it would take forever to calculate a route. I’ve also read some comments about Navigon having you take too many U turns, that seemed to be my problem with the Cobra. And don’t have to make a quick turn after making one previously as the Cobra would not notify quickly enough to make your next move. Now I liked the Cobra because it was a lot more user friendly as far as the menus go but I would never purchase the Cobra again. The Navigon I like so far it only took about two minutes to acquire a signal fresh out the box and living in the DC metro area having reality view is a big plus. I do wish the volume was a lil louder and the letters a bit bigger but I can live with it. Routing seems to spot on and with the Cobra it would tell you that your destination is ahead and wouldn’t tell which side of the road your location was on which is a huge pain in the rear end espically if you are not familiar with the area. Also the Cobra was terrible at recalculating a route if you missed a turn it would take forever to recalculate and by the time it did recalculate you had already passed the turn it wanted you take which forced it to painfully and slowly recalculate once again. Love the free traggic feature and came in good use today going back to work as it picked up the delay which was an overturned vehicle and the ramp I needed to take being closed and rerouted me around the delay and got me to work in time. I also plan on purchasing fresh maps as to get 3 yearly map updates which seems like a great deal versus payin 150.00 for a DVD update. Like I said so far so good with the Navigon 5100 and I plan on making another post once I take this unit on a real road trip.

    Stan - May 6th, 2008
  59. Hey JeepLover –
    thanks for your input. I understand to a lot of users battery life isn’t an issue, but as I’ve mentioned before, we use our GPS as a portable device as well, which requires battery, and I only expect the least of what Navigon has advertised – 4.5 hours, which it can’t even get 1/4 of that.

    I will tell you in comparison to the Magellan, at least in our area, once the 7100 is locked in with satellites, it’s very quick to recalculate, better than our Magellan. And yes, I’ve actually not had to ever plug the traffic antenna in. That’s also impressive.

    I still have to try the updates to see if that fixes some of the other issues. I’m not too keen about a lot of the small screen menus either.

    Barry - May 11th, 2008
  60. Hi All, Just got back Friday froma trip to Vegas and I took the 7100 with me. I programmed in where I was going and off I went. At 33 miles into my trip, the navigation started acting up. By that I mean it would start a sentence, and then maybe 12-15 seconds later, a few more words from prior sentence and then the whole thing just froze up. All I got now on the screen is the navigon start up screen but no spinning timer, just a frozen picture of the Navigon start up picture. I try to turn it off, it wont turn off. I unplug it thinking the screen will turn off, but we all know that in about 50 minutes, the battery will run down anyway and it will have to turn off itself then. I reach the city of Barstow to take a stretch and I plug in the navigon again. Starts right up as if nothing happend. So I tell it where I want to go again and this time it takes me all the way to Vegas. I have no idea what that glitch was. Now coming home, im in the San Bernardino area and the navigon tells me to keep left to the 215 freeway, well the 215 Freeway is on the right side of the freeway. Im assuming that the new update will fix that due to the new stretch of freeway in that area. I also got my first two traffic info alerts since I have owned it. It appears that you just have to be able to pick up a STRONG signal from where ever you just happen to be to get it. So, as I said in my last message, I will download the new update this Wednesday and see how things are after that.

    Tom C - May 12th, 2008
  61. I own a 5100. I bought it in Dec 07. Ive always kinda been on the fence about it. Some things good, but some oddball routes. Voice isnt real loud, but it is clear. I dont jam out when looking for something anyway & hitting the turn indicator will repeat the last directions. The odd routes bothered me the most. At 3.99 a gal for gas I dont need extra stops & miles! The sluggishness prior to the update was kind of a pain. The lack of retail POIs was too.
    On the plus side its easy to use, the screen is easily read I think. Its small writing but I glance & pick up all the info. The mount is odd looking but works great. (unless you have a straight up windsheild like a Jeep Wrangler. I find the battery life on my 5100 (3.5″ screen) is not bad at all. In fact If its less than a 2 hour trip I never charge it. I also have never used the traffic antenna which is like the 7100s (the 2100 is in the charger) I get traffic alerts from far away. No complaints so far on that.

    I also now have an unopened 7100. Waiting to see what the update for it brings. I was going to sell the 5100 & use the 7100. Now, thinking I may try a Nuvi 660. The Garmin has high reviews tho it isnt much to look at. The screen on my 5100 is much better IMO. I will say after update 1.2 (and 1.2a) on my 5100 it is improved. The goofy zig zag routing is pretty much gone. At least from what Ive seen, users of the 2100 still get the exit highway, enter highway again directions I read. The touchscreen is MUCH faster then before. There are now real retailers on the POI. (walmart, Lowes, Menards etc) It is suppossed to have a new map however there is a new shopping center since 2006 in my town & its still not on there…
    There are a few oddball directions. (turn onto a one way street!) The intersection directions seem off by about up to 500ft at times, other times dead on. Weird… Addys are almost always right, maybe 150ft off at most. Like one yard over I guess on a house filled street.

    But my two friends with Garmins complain theirs is as “dumb” as mine when I complain about my 5100. In fact on a trip to FL my friend’s son took his 2100 & the other car had a Garmin & the Navigon outrouted it to the point where car with the Garmin just followed the car with the Navigon. Was it user preference & routes selected? Who knows, Im just repeating what I was told.
    All this talk of the 7100 battery has me worried though. As does the lockup trouble. (my 5100 never has hiccuped). Id hate to upgrade to a bigger screen only to find I cant use it for more than 30 minutes. There are times I use the 5100 to navigate to resturants or stores. I never take the charger so its a “clean” setup in my car for the trip. I dont want to be taking the charger running that cord for 2 hours of driving.


    Andrew - May 13th, 2008
  62. Still going strong with my 7100 since getting it as a Christmas gift from my wife last year. The battery on my unit lasts just over an hour. I usually leave it plugged into the lighter socket when I’m in the car. Battery life is sufficient for to/from work trips, or to bring the unit inside to program new addresses into my favourite destinations without plugging into a wall socket.

    The screen is quite visible with surprisingly good contrast even on sunny days in day mode. The traffic feature works great in Toronto, and the unit has been a real time save a few times where the highway was blocked by an accident. Pulling off the main highway the 7100 would quickly recalculate a good surface street route to get me to my destination. The routing improved with the most recent update and will no doubt only get better. The free map update will be welcome on future trips I plan to take to visit friends in the USA.

    Van LaPointe - May 13th, 2008
  63. Van LaPointe –

    I’m glad to hear the updates have improved software performance. It’s encouraging to hear, as I’ve not had time to try implementing them. It’s not the software performance I’ve complained about – it’s the hardware. Need to have BOTH.

    I’ve mentioned for our personal use – we have multiple cars, and don’t want to be lugging an AC cable car to car. This is besides the fact that the 7100 battery is “supposed” to last over 4 times what you’re getting now. I have to go back to what Navigon advertised as a 4.5 hour battery life in a “mobile” device.

    There are many round trips we take that are more than an hour total. And heaven forbid if you don’t hold the power button down for 15 seconds to shut it down as their phone tech support instructs to do. If you don’t – you end up only putting the unit to sleep. Do that on more 1/2 hour trip on battery – you’re hosed.

    I’ve been speaking with someone from Navigon (not tech support) and at this point – it doesn’t sound like they have any concrete solutions or option for users stuck with the battery issue either. I was told, “I’ll let the guys in Germany know.” Wow! That helps me! Im’ encouraged. >:-p

    Hardware & software need to function to the specification Navigon quotes and advertises – OR FIX IT. Simply put – you’re not getting what I paid for.

    Barry - May 14th, 2008
  64. Just bought my first GPS; the 7100 last month and I am loving it, the realty view is amazing, all other features are great…couple things I did not like
    1) Life trafic does not get good signal outside major cities.
    2) On/Off/stand by function is not user freindly.

    I’d recommend this product to everyone… [snip, see comment policy]

    Sam - May 15th, 2008
  65. When the 7100 upgrade was announced for May 14, I wanted to err on the side of cautiousness so I went out and bought a new SanDisk 2GB chip to make a duplicate of the Navigon 7100 chip and use the duplicate for the upgrade. I found that any SanDisk 2GB chip that can be purchased over-the-counter will check out to about 1.86GB while the Navigon 7100 chip checks out at 1.89GB (i.e. the Navigon 7100 program cannot be placed on any SanDisk 2GB you can buy on the open market.) I’ve considered buying a 4GB SD chip since the Navigon 7100 is not SDHC compliant!!! There are some 4GB SD chips out there but the question now is whether th Navigon 7100 can handle a higher amount of memory even if it isn’t a SDHC variety of memory. Where (or how) Navigon got the SD 2GB chips with excess memory is anyones guess but its clear that it may be wise to purchase any spare chip to be used for upgrades from Navigon and not try to fight the system!!!!

    Henry C. Pierce - May 19th, 2008
  66. Navigon was originally going to ship the 7100 with 4GB SD cards and then changed policy, so apart from not supporting HCSD I think 4GB cards would work well and might even speed things up a bit.

    But why bother with the second card if itls a hassel, just back up to a folder on your PC.

    BTW, did the upgrade and all’s well 🙂

    Deno - May 19th, 2008
  67. Yo ….. Henry

    “I’ve considered buying a 4GB SD chip since the Navigon 7100 is not SDHC compliant!!! ”

    Have you check this with Navigon or read any other posts here in the forums?



    There is 2 posts just from a quick glance.

    Currently in my 7100 is a SanDisk Ultra II 4 Gig SDHC card and works great. Non Compliant ….?

    The reason your 2 gig card comes up as smaller in size than advertised is the same reason that a new hard drive you install in your PC does ….. that is because your operating system reserves space on the drive …. ie your sd card in this case. What Navigon did was make this reserved space smaller just like you can in your computer. Will the new update fit on the old card …. not sure but I may just try it to find out.

    Paul - May 19th, 2008
  68. Deno,
    Can you elaborate more on the upgrade/all wells comment?
    Like what improvements have you seen? What is still lacking?


    Andrew - May 19th, 2008
  69. What I meant really is that the upgrade process was uneventful – no glitches or gotchas…

    I haven’t checked many features as I have a new car with OEM nav, so i’ll either give the 7100 to my wife or sell it… (hint, hint ) 🙂

    Deno - May 19th, 2008
  70. i recently upgraded the software to my 2gb card and I did have to use disk utilities on my mac to reformat the card and erase all data so that the 1.8 or so gigs would fit… but it did all fit and the upgrade went smoothly- so far all who are concerned the 2GB card is just fine..

    alan - May 28th, 2008
  71. Re my first post (#165) I have been able to purchase from TheMemStore thru Amazon a Transcend 4 GB SD MLC Card which works fine in the Navigon 7100. This is not a SDHC card. Transcend tells me that the MLC stands for “Multi-Layered Card.” I had previously backed the original Navigon 7100 SD card program into my computer memory. Before the 4 GB card arrived, I re-downloaded the Rev. 1.2 upgrade and installed it into the Navigon 7100 thru the USB cable and then did a back-up of the Navigon card into computer memory. When I got the 4GB SD card, I copied from the Rev 1.2 backup from computer memory to the 4 GB SD Card. Plugged the 4 GB card into the Navigon 7100 and it worked fine with no problems. So, now I have the original Navigon card program backed up in my computer, I’ve upgraded the original card to Rev 1.2 and backed it up into computer memory and then copied that onto the new 4 GB SD card. All works fine. The only problem I’ve encountered is that the upgrade to the Navigon 7100 SD card works much better when using the USB cable hooked to the Navigon 7100 GPS than when I tried doing the upgrade to that SD Card by plugging in it the computer SD slot. Like they say — Back up the SD card before you start anything!!!

    Henry Pierce - May 29th, 2008
  72. I don’t know if anyone else is aware of this issue, so I thought I would pass it along and the response I received from NAVIGON support.

    I recently installed version 1.2 on my NAVIGON 7100 and then took a trip to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway this past weekend. I loved the
    Reality View, Lane Assistance and Speed Limit display. I did encounter one issue with which I need help. I stored the POI speedway and hotel
    in my favorites; however, when selecting them from favorites, I received a message that the destinations could not be loaded. I got the same
    message when selecting them from last destination. Does the upgrade not allow the storing/retrieving of POIs under favorites? Also, I am unable to delete these POIs from favorites. Your assistance to correct this
    issue is greatly appreciated.
    Dear Navigon Customer,
    Thank you for your inquiry.

    Thank you for taking the time to let us know about this issue. Unfortunately this is an issue we are aware of and at the current time we are investigating, but do not have a solution. Thank you for your patience while we work to correct this issue.

    Please contact us at 888-848-0701 Monday through Friday 8am to 10pm EST if you have any other questions or http://www.navigon.com/site/us/en under the Support tab.

    Navigon Customer Support Team

    Audrey - May 29th, 2008
  73. To Audrey –

    well that kinda of sucks! You get the response, basically…. “yea, we know there’s a problem we just created in our NEW update we just provided, but yea… YOU’RE stuck with it – we don’t have a solution.”

    Nice going Navigon!

    Barry - May 30th, 2008
  74. I had Favorite Destinations saved before upgrading to 1.2 and they work fine after the upgrade.

    I just hope they could do something about the battery.

    Sunny - May 30th, 2008
  75. I totally agree. My 5100 battery was acceptable, the 7100 not so much. Very disappointed in it. I have the screen brightness turned down also.

    Andrew - May 30th, 2008
  76. Sunny & Andrew –

    I’ve commented SEVERAL times about the battery, and have to date been told about 3 -4 contradictory things regarding the battery. I’ve also personally corresponded with Blake Bowen of Navigon who also commented here in this forum. Mr. Bowen now ignores my correspondences once I called for a solution to the deplorable battery life.

    Of the 4.5 hours Navigon claims for the 7100 – I like others – have gotten 1 to 1.5 hours, at best! One of the things Navigon tech support has told me DIRECTLY, is that “standby” time is 4.5 hours, and operating time is around one hour. Unlike cell phones that advertise a “standby” & “talk time” – NO WHERE does Navigon advertise, promote or otherwise a “standby” time!

    Secondly, Navigon tech support has told me is that the BEST I should expect from my unit is around 1 to 1.5 hours. That’s almost verbatim what I was told by Navigon, too!

    Now, again, Navigon has changed it’s tune. Just today I received a phone call from tech support … informing me that what I’m experiencing is unusual and that I should call them back to see about setting up an RMA.

    Hmm??! I wonder how long of a process that’s going to be if I choose to do it, and after everything I’ve heard about the lame batteries in the 7100’s – if it would even be worth the time, knowing I’ll probably just end up with another lame battery?!?

    I’m curious if Mr. Bowen is still even reading this forum since he posted it in himself??

    Barry - May 30th, 2008
  77. I found this unit on [snip, see comment policy], had it for a week, take it back to the local store and bought a Magellan 4210 instead.

    Pros: Great interface, time zone aware changes time when crossing times zones), Bluetooth, updated maps! Free Traffic.

    Cons: Horrible mount, the arm onthis ting is so long, it wiggles like a gigantic wet noodle. The rotary mounting on the arm came apart the first time I snapped it on. (JUNK)

    Touch screen, would not respond at times, would have to wait up to 30 seconds, and yes I did update it with the latest updates, it was the very first thing I did!

    At the end of the day, the fact the thing would not mount solidly and the non-responsive touch screen, was enough for me to return it.

    My old Mio C310X – still the best little GPS I have tried. I should have bought a new one.

    Joao - June 7th, 2008
  78. so over all is this a good gps or not i want one but dont know witch one to buy i like the trafic updates for life that looks cool a friend has a nuvie 680 he drives a bus all over this country last year we went elk hunting in co. it had a billy goat trail up the mt. that was amazing but this looks like a good gps so should i buy this one or not

    Tom - June 15th, 2008
  79. Tom – With the full review above and 178 comments, many from people who have purchased the device offering their opinion– I’m not certain people will have a whole lot more to offer to your “is this good or not” question. 🙂

    Tim - June 15th, 2008
  80. I must say the Navigon 7100 is the worst product I have ever purchased. I returned this unit after only one day and one trip; I will detail it a little for you now.
    First off I took this on a known route just to check the performance and the features that attracted me to the unit. It took 15 minutes to acquire the GPS signal, I felt this was a bit excessive but figured it would be faster the next time, didn’t happen, every time you turn the unit off expect to wait 10 to 15 minutes to acquire a signal.
    I was not impressed at all with the touch screen sensitivity, even after I calibrated it it still required a very hard push so I found that the stylus had to be used or you could use a fingernail. Since the keyboard and all the buttons were so small my fingers just wouldn’t do the trick.
    After finding the POI I was traveling to; this wasn’t as easy as other units I have used in the past, it could only be accessed by searching through the city listing instead of under it’s category.
    There are two routes to this destination and it automatically took me to the longest and slowest route. I tried rerouting with all the available route parameters and no matter what it would not recognize the shorter route. I decided to just use the fastest route option and headed out. When I came to a rest area the 7100 would try to route me through the rest area and then back on the freeway, I had to laugh at this maneuver. Then when I came to an overpass it wanted me to exit, go across and back onto the highway, I couldn’t believe what this unit was telling me to do, I found it hard to believe that these maneuvers could possibly make my trip faster. It did this on every overpass so decided to recalculate using the shortest distance. This took away the silly maneuvers and I proceeded to the exit I knew I needed to take even though the unit wanted to route me into Wyoming and then back into Montana. By the way the short route is 140 miles while the route the 7100 calculated is 175 miles and 25 minutes longer.
    After I turned on my known exit I figured the unit would recalculate and find this shorter route, it didn’t, it kept trying to either turn me around or telling me to turn on the next road. This is where it gets really funny, there are no other roads, every road it said to turn on didn’t exist, it was either a farmer’s field, a pasture of just sagebrush and hills with no paths whatsoever. I was laughing so hard at this point because it would not recognize the route I was on even though it is a major highway.
    This went on until I was 27 miles from my destination and it finally decided I knew where I was going. Up until this point it was still trying to take me back to the original route and had me traveling an extra 67 miles.
    By the way, it did the same thing on the return trip and every time it had to recalculate it took anywhere between 2 and 5 minutes to reroute, I was not impressed to say the least.
    I did get exactly two hours and thirty-five minutes of battery life, this too was totally unacceptable.
    I took the unit back that day and got my money back.
    If you are looking for a unit that can only get you to your destination from one direction or are looking for something to make you laugh at all the silly maneuvers it comes with, this is the unit you want.
    However if you want to get to your destination in a timely manner I suggest you look elsewhere. Myself, I am going with Garmin, I have a Magellan and am not impressed with that unit or the 2006 map update I purchased this year as their newest update.

    Ed - June 15th, 2008
  81. Tom, two main reasons for me, touch screen sensitivity and the wobbly mount will be enough to drive you back to the store, and with the price of gas, it is not worth it… I went and got a Magellan, still not happy, it is going back this week, and I will order a Mio instead.

    Joao - June 16th, 2008
  82. Everyone or some in particular are so worried about battery time. It’s really for convenience of putting in your favorites etc in the comfort of your chair at home or hotel, not really meant for navigating unless you are walking. Not a very important item in my opinion. I currently own a Nuvi 760 and previously a nuvi 660. They both have taken me on wild trips while crossing the country, when good interstate routes were available. i will have my 7100 tomorrow [snip] and will compare the two as i make at least three major trips a year (5000+ miles). Just returned from a 9000 mile trip and garmin 760 really routed us badly twice for a total of 600+ miles. Not sure how many extra miles it added but time wise it was bad. I’m looking forward to using the 7100 and seeing for myself if all the complaints are really fact based or just improper set up of the unit. Will probably post in a few weeks what i find. But, Garmin is not the answer to all the problems, my good friend drives semi and it (660) has but them on dead end rural roads more than once. There is no perfect GPS at this time that i know of.

    Don - June 17th, 2008
  83. I have a really dumb, simple question. I have the Navigon 7100 and cannot get it to take an intersection as a destination. I know the system can do it but can’t seem to crack the code. Can someone help me with that. Otherwise, I like th eunit so far (2 days).

    Alec - June 18th, 2008
  84. Ed I have to agree with you, accept instead of returning it i have made the mistake of just dealing with it for the past year, what a waste of money.This device gets you from A to B (and never the easiest way), and that’s about it. The traffic warnings are never actually there, and it’s gotten to the point where they just seem to get in the way.

    The user interface is absolutely rediculous, and there is no software update that can possibly repair a sluggish touch screen, that warrants 3 touches of the same button before it actually registers. The mount just started to go on me aswell, so now when i have to use the clumsy touch screen i have another obstacle to deal with. I’m going to get a Garmin if no one else has any other suggestions. How can Navigon possibly put out a product that functions like this? what an embarrassment.

    Brian - June 22nd, 2008
  85. Alec- you need a software update. Go to the website and you should be able to download one from there. I think intersection destinations are something they just included in their software update released a few months ago. Good luck.

    Brian - June 22nd, 2008
  86. Hi there! I have been using the 7100 for a few years now; but I been living in Europe for a few years too. The 7100 in Europe is like the top of the line when it comes to “navigating” the roads; but it does not handle as your common devices found in the US (example Garmin, tom tom popular brands over here in the US) But like always we all specs the new toy to work the same way as the old one. From a tech guy point of view (I do not work for NAVIGON) changes are good; is the only way to compare and improve for the next. And now the purpose of this posting is am looking for ways to modify “Windows Embedded CE 6.0”. It comes installed on the 7100 series. Every time I manage to boot to windows and do certain changes to what I want windows reset its self back to the original settings. I think that is because it does not have backup battery installed to prevent changes made by user… Any way to be able to see windows boot up you will have to prevent windows from launching any “startup files” (it is more simple than how it sounds) On the 7100 series locate the power button- under this one there is one more button press and hold that button while inserting the stylus in the reset hole. KEEP HOLDING the button till you see a GRAY SMALL BAR across the bottom of the screen. That’s it! Tap the grey bar with the stylus and you will see Windows CE! Keep in mind it is not a complete windows embedded Ce 6.0″ it is strip to work very efficiently with navigon software. Now I hope you all good luck!! Brewing new tricks for the NAVIGON 7100!!!

    Charles - June 28th, 2008
  87. I had just ordered one and i will come back here and report on how it does. I have had others and they are ok.. i really love the looks of this one.

    Roger - July 14th, 2008
  88. So – does Navigon have European and UK maps available for the 7100 to purchase? That might be a deal swinger for me.

    Wendell - July 21st, 2008
  89. Wendell — For the European and Uk maps use this link

    is in english, and download the navigon fresh software…

    Charles - July 21st, 2008
  90. I have just received my Navigon 7100. I read through most all of these posts before deciding to go ahead with my purchase. Including the extremely repetitive postings on battery life… From MY perspective… no one elses… my own… I intend to use the unit plugged in most always, so it is not a concern for me. Is it sad that the advertised battery life appears to be a gross over-estimate? Sure. But, not a deal breaker for ME for the reason I just stated above. Everyone has their own uses for equipment, and what may be a deal breaker for one, will be a non-issue for another. Something to keep in mind.

    I have come to expect not to receive advertised battery life in electronics purchases in general. 95% of the time this is the case. The discrepancy from advertised battery life vs. actual battery life will vary, but rarely will you find a product that actually achieves its spec’d battery life (in my experiences).

    With regards to the bug in the POI that a recent poster reported and the subsequent response by Barry: I fail to see the significance of that. It is recognized as a known issue. This is common in software. There are known issues, that are often stated in release notes of software updates (comment on this later) all of the time. It’s common. Happens all of the time, and is nothing but ordinary in the software world. I frequently download updates for my editing software. With each update, they fix some things, break a few, and have a few that they still haven’t been able to fix, or do not have on a high priority in comparison to other bugs that need fixing.

    The main comment I have so far about the Navigon 7100 in my very limited use of it, is in documentation. I’ve not found it convenient to obtain the latest information and documentation regarding the unit. Something that could certainly be looked into… But, with a bit of patience and googling, I’ve been able to get up to speed and am currently downloading the 1.2 update with the new map… We’ll see how that goes.

    I purchased the unit b/c it has good reports on it’s ability to get you from point a to point b and can even do so with a little flare as well. I also purchased it b/c I found the free traffic reports to be a nice bundled feature that isn’t offered anywhere else.

    I live on a remote dirt road currently. The phone company can’t even find my address. And, of course, the GPS couldn’t either by keying it in. I did save the coordinates of this location and mark it as my home however. I then chose a local gas station (small gas station that I didn’t expect to see in the POI, but was pleasantly surprised to see it come up), and began my trek to see how the gps would get me there (or not) especially coming from a backwoods country road that doesn’t even show up as a line on the GPS unit. As I started, I was pleasantly surprised to see that even though the road does not even show visually on the unit, it somehow managed to know exactly how far I needed to go and that I needed to turn. Got me on the county road that took me to the highway, and I uneventfully arrived at the gas station. Drove around a bit, and was again pleasantly surprised to see a fair number of poi’s pop up along my trek in this small(er) town of 10k people. I keyed in my folks address which has nothing but a caution light and noticed that the poi showed the one gas station on the outskirts of that town.

    I’m sure there are a lot of poi’s missing, and maybe more will be added with the new map update and all. So far, though… I was encouraged to see many lesser known places pop up… Even a hole in the wall Chinese restaurant known only by the locals here shows as a point of interest. I’ve never used POI’s before, but I just may start using them after my initial encouragement.

    I don’t know what has/has not changed since the initial review. I will say though, that I have not experienced any button lag. I have smaller fingers and don’t find it too difficult to use the touch screen in most “while in use” circumstances so far. It is definitely recommended to use the stylus to key in addresses though, and when navigating through other similar menus. Calloused fingers (from guitar) have always wreaked havoc for me on touch screens, so I don’t mind using a stylus, and hey… at least it’s there.

    I am pleased that they did not skimp on the included accessories and was pleased to see the included usb cable, ac adapter, and car charger, as well as the external antenna for traffic reports. For the price I paid (which I was very pleased), I wouldn’t have been surprised to see some of these things conveniently omitted from the box.

    Anyways. Sorry for the long winded post for such limited time spent with the unit thus far. I will say again, that for the very first conditions I put it in, I was quite pleased with the navigation ability of the unit (albeit for a short trip with a few intentional wrong turns to see if it would indeed give me a new route, or try to get me back on the old one… it did give me a new route once I got to where I was heading away from the main road it wanted me on). And, so far, it’s been pretty easy to setup and find various locations in my experiences.

    I try to be aware of what I want to get out of a purchase. I try not to get too caught up in the negatives of things. The unit does (more than) what I want so far. I didn’t have expectations of grandeur, and thus far have been pleasantly surprised.

    Take care,

    Jason - July 25th, 2008
  91. I would also like to add regarding turning the unit on and off. A little piece of paper in the box with the unit said to hold the power button down for 6 seconds to turn it on. I did so, and it came on in less that 6 seconds… (5 or so, but around there). When I attempted to turn the unit off the first few times and turn it back on, I quickly realized that I was not turning it off all the way, but was kicking it into standby mode (documentation would be good). So… I figured, I would reverse the process. I counted to five or 6 while holding the power button down. This turned the unit off. It takes about 5 seconds of holding the power button. Not ten or fifteen or whatever was reported above. At least for me.

    Jason - July 25th, 2008
  92. REGARDS to Jason’s post:

    If you don’t mind having extremely poor battery performance on a mobile device – I guess that’s a personal preference. For me -a mobile “battery” device means just that, “MOBILE” and able to operate on battery if/when necessary. And although I may not always expect to receive 100% of advertised performance, I do expect to receive better that 1/4 of what’s advertised. Our Magellan 4250 model (equivalent to the 7100) actually DOES get it’s advertised battery life – and actually….better.

    To begin with what I told Navigon corporate headquarters when they personally contacted me regarding the battery issue: One person’s concern is no less important than another. If mine is battery performance, and another is POI, they’re no less or greater than the other – but important none the less, and they completely agreed. Most people don’t understand that position of customer service.

    I’ve already come to some serious resolutions directly with Navigon HQ in Illinois over the battery issue and have personally been in contact with them on several occasions via telephone. I’m happy to say they’ve actually initiated battery testing and tracing battery manufacturers/suppliers to further address the issue. So despite what Jason might think of as insignificant, it seems Navigon themselves feel it important enough to initiate an investigation.

    But to further report on battery/AC-DC performance……..
    We recently took a day trip, with several points/stops along the way. We kept the unit plugged in the entire time, shut down every time, except one stop where it was put in standby mode. We were told by HQ the unit should have been able to run all day (24/7) but rather the unit lasted less 4 -5 hours and we were unable to finish our routed trip (at least using the GPS unit) We’ll have to do another “test run” with several points on a route to see if we get the same results, but it should be noted the 7100 may not last as long (even plugged in) with several points entered on a route.

    Granted – we’re not getting rid of the unit over the battery issue. I’ve been assured Navigon is working on the issue, and receiving the quality customer service from HQ that we did, I feel confident they’ll actually address it and do something about it… unfortunately… in a newer model probably. Until then, we’ll enjoy what I’ve pointed out before: quick calculating times and free traffic reports.

    Happy Navigating

    Barry - July 28th, 2008
  93. Barry: Just a “what if” suggestion from one who was scalded by the “accessory port” of an automobile. Some cars turn off the power to the “accessory port” when the ignition switch is turned off. Obviously, you can tell if there’s external power coming into the N7100 if the light right below the NAVIGON insignia is lit. …but if you’re on the way out of the car it’s hard to remember to look for the little light under the front of the N7100. Hope this is useful. Chuck

    H. C. Pierce - July 28th, 2008
  94. I connected directly with Navigon regarding additional maps outside of NA and they confirmed that with the introduction and release of Navigon FreshMaps, they will be making lots of various map packages available including single and bundled countries.

    FreshMaps is available for download from the Navigon website now. Given that I can pick a 7100 up from [snip, see comment policy] for an unbelievable price, I am starting to lean away from Garmin & TomTom and towards Navigon. They seem to be the Hyundai of the GPS market. Good value, great price-point, reasonable reliability.

    Can anyone comment on how the 7100 compares to the TomTom 7xx & 9xx and Garmin 7xx series?

    jww - July 28th, 2008
  95. Ooops — forgot about the store and pricing data, my bad.

    Navigon have also confirmed with me in an email that they are finalizing out-of-warranty service facilities in North America soon – although they weren’t able to commit on a target date. Good news for Navigon owners and buyers-to-be.

    jww - July 28th, 2008
  96. Chuck –

    Are we talking about the same model? My model is strictly “7100” – unless you’re just referring to it in short as “N7100”?

    I’m aware of what you’re referring to when the power port of a car is turned off with the ignition. Most cars do this, and I know the power system of our Saab, but regardless I have the power adapter hardwired to the fuse box.

    But even so… I believe you’re mistaken about the light below the device, and my conversation with Navigon HQ confirms this. The only time the light on the lower side of the unit turns on is when you’re charging it from a home electrical outlet. Orange when it’s in the process of charging, and green when it’s reached full charge.

    Otherwise – when operating the unit in the car with it plugged in – the unit will indicate it has power with a small icon of an electrical plug in the upper right corner. Otherwise – it indicates a battery icon if it’s not plugged in.

    In any case – with our day trip it didn’t matter if I the unit had power when we made stops during our day trip. As I mentioned – I completely turned the unit itself off when ever we stopped. There was only once I left the unit in standby, and that was for, at most ten minutes.

    So there’s still a little mystery there from our day trip that needs further testing and investigating. 🙂 😉

    At any rate…

    Barry - July 29th, 2008
  97. Hello,

    Navigon 7100 road warrior here circa Christmas 2007. When the unit is plugged into the cigarette lighter adapter it will also light up orange while charging, and green when fully charged. If your unit does not illuminate when plugged into the adapter then you may have power/connection issues at your cigarette lighter receptacle. Also, the part of my adapter that plugs into the lighter socket has a red status LED that lights up when it is powered. I have driven for many hours with the unit plugged in and it eventually fully charges while I’m driving. I’m not sure why Barry’s unit would fully discharge while plugged in.


    Van - July 29th, 2008
  98. I just downloaded the N7100 latest update, it took a total of 22 minutes with Rogers Cable Internet Extreme at peak time. I don’t know what everyone is complaining about it taking hours, that is not a Navigon problem, that is your connection and you get what you pay for.

    Tom Smythe - July 29th, 2008
  99. About the pwoer problem, I would suspect that the power problem is most likely your end. I plug my 7100 in and like as has been mentioned here, it runs 24/7 and maintians a full charge on the battery. So either you have a bad unit, power cord or bad charging system.

    I am always reluctant to use a cars charging system to charge anything, it can really be a battery killer to a vehicle with a weak battery or one that is on its last legs.

    Tom Smythe - July 29th, 2008
  100. jww, I recently (2 days ago) sold my Garmin 660 and before that I briefly tried Garmin 760. All of those units are great, delivering solid navigation. I went back to 7100 when I learned that recent update delivered almost the same quality routing as Garmin’s. On top of that, Navigon offers beautiful maps, free traffic, reality view. There is just no comparison to other GPS out there, especially now when routing issue was fixed.

    Vadim - July 29th, 2008

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