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Navigon continues to impress me. While I don’t think they will break into the number two spot in North America anytime soon, they are becoming a big force in their space. The Navigon 7200t builds on the older NAVIGON 7100, gets rid of a few annoyances we had with that device, and adds a few more goodies. After spending a few hundred miles letting the 7200 T guide us around, here is what we have to report.

Screen, Design

NAVIGON 7200T LandmarksOut of the box I was expecting to see something similar to the look of the older 7100, but there were some nice cosmetic upgrades that were a surprise. First is that the entire front of the display is flush, the widescreen is not recessed into the housing as with most devices. The black finish is also less reflective making the screen a tiny bit easier to see.

On the top is the power button, which is so flush with the housing that it can be difficult to find by feel. So until you get used to the small flush button you might have to look at what you are doing. On the bottom is where the microSD card lives which contains the maps and application, as well as the USB/power port and the headphone jack. I’ve always disliked ports on the bottom as it restricts how low on the dash you can mount the GPS. To make matters worse they didn’t use a 90° (elbow) type power connector which could have eliminated the problem. Instead the inflexible part of the USB cable sticks out over an inch further increasing how high the GPS must be mounted over the dash.

The mount itself is quite solid though. The two joints can be used to set the device at just the right angle yet it can be easily adjusted with one hand. The suction cup lock was sturdy and kept a tight grip on the windshield. On the back of the device you will find the speaker as well as an external antenna port for the GPS chip– something you won’t need unless you have an athermic windshield.

Speaker, Voice, Battery

The speaker seems just loud enough to be used at highway speeds with the radio on, however I would like to see a speed linked volume setting. My preferred setting at highway speeds wasn’t the same as it was on city streets. The voice was clear, although the text-to-speech voice (speaks street names) does seem to have a tiny bit of an NYC accent which caused a few laughs. I was able to get about 2:40 out of the battery.

Windows CE

Navigon 7200T Fatal Application ErrorI don’t typically mention the operating system, however I’ll note that the Navigon devices are built on Windows CE. Unfortunately when I first turned on the device I was greeted by a Fatal Application Error. Not a very warm welcome. It crashed one other time across a few hundred miles of navigation.

Address Entry

Using the typical keyboard entry system for address entry, we found a few things that were a definite improvement over earlier Navigon models, and a few things that tripped us up. First is that despite using the same NAVTEQ mapping database as other popular GPS brands, the Navigon seemed to have trouble with many locations that were certainly in the database. For example I went to enter in a destination on ‘W Olympic Blvd’ in Los Angeles. After entering California as the state and LA as the city, I had a difficult time getting the street. I tried “W O” but at that point the predictive keyboard wouldn’t let me enter the “l”. I then backed up and typed “West O” but at that point it suggested I was looking for the POI “Best Western of Long Beach”. Finally entering just “Olympic” the device suggested E Olympic Blvd in LA, W Olympic Blvd in LA, or Olympic Blvd in Santa Monica. So I was able to find my destination after a bit of trouble. I also found it confusing that POIs would appear in the search results after I had selected the option for address entry and not POI entry.

I’m happy to report though that two of my biggest grips from the older Navigon models have been fixed in the Navigon 7200t. First, they on screen keyboard keys are large enough that you don’t need a microscope to find them. 🙂 Second, the responsiveness of the touch screen is dramatically improved with almost no taps that went unnoticed. Those two factors made the older models quite frustrating, but these newer Navigon models are less likely to cause anger and frustration.

My only issue with address entry now is a lack of a QWERTY keyboard option.

Voice Entry

Additionally, the Navigon 7200t comes with voice entry of addresses. Most of the time it did a great job at recognizing what I was saying, and it even worked with the car radio on at a soft level. Corrections are fairly easily made, although if your destination is in a different state than your previous destination you often need to tap out the new state name.

Personally, even on GPS devices where voice entry works perfectly well I find little value in the feature. Certainly not everyone will agree with me. I’ll use the feature to test it out, but I can type out the addresses faster with my finger. I also find it very distracting to conduct voice entry while driving, so I don’t utilize it for that purpose either. I’ll always pull over to enter a new destination.

We did come across a couple of snags with it, there were a couple of times that no mater how we tried to pronounce a city name it just wouldn’t match on that name, nor even list it as one of the four similar sounding possibilities. While I could enter the address just fine through the keyboard method, I almost wonder if there is a mismatch between city names and zip codes in the database. The town name I was trying to speak shares a zip code with another nearby town. Using the keyboard method I could find the correct address using either town name (which it shouldn’t) but I could only use one of the town names (the incorrect one) to find that street.

Certainly weird, but it didn’t happen the majority of the time I used the voice entry system it worked well. It also handles incorrect guesses well (minus the exception in the previous paragraph). It will walk you through the correction process identifying which part it got wrong and offering suggestions to pick from.

If you don’t say anything when the GPS is expecting a response, or if it just doesn’t have a clue what you are saying it will ask “Pardon me?” in a pretty funny tone.

Points of Interest

There are three options for picking POIs, nearby, in a city, or statewide. I was headed out to an airport to catch a cross country flight. The airport is only about 20 miles away so I tried the ‘Nearby’ option. Turns out this was a mistake. But what made it difficult to identify the mistake was that I couldn’t find an appropriate category to look in. I could find the normal things like Lodging, Shopping, Bus Stations, and Marinas… but no airports. I fumbled around for quite some time before I realized is that if there are no matches for a particular category based on the location you are searching, those categories will not be displayed. The airport 20 miles away was not considered ‘nearby’ so the airport category didn’t appear.

Going on a tangent for a second, but this brings up an interesting issue about our concept of “nearby”. I consider the airport 20 miles away “nearby” but I wouldn’t consider a gas station 20 miles away “nearby” unless it was the closest station. So it seems our definition of “nearby” can change based on the frequency we expect to find something. However this difficulty to find the POI might cause a few people to think that the airport (or airports in general) don’t exist in the POI database.

Navigon 7200t Restaurant ReviewIn addition to the typical fleet of POIs you also get Zagat information and reviews. Looking up nearby hotels for example will show you the number of rooms, average cost, a review narrative, type of food available at the hotel, etc. As is the case with the other POIs, if a phone number is available for the POI and you have paired up with a compatible Bluetooth phone you can initiate a call to the POI directly from the GPS.

Many POI icons are branded with their logo and will appear on the map as you drive by.

Navigation Map

Map clutter has been addressed a little bit over prior models as well, but there are still too many buttons available on the main map for my taste. Don’t get me wrong… having quick access to so many functions is appreciated when you need them, but most of them are rarely used. I’d rather the map utilize a little bit more of the available display. Still, you do get quite a bit of good situational awareness.

On the top are small icons showing if you have a paired mobile phone, battery status, traffic status, and GPS reception status. On the bottom are a row of buttons to exit navigation, access route options, perform phone operations, change the volume, and pan/zoom for the map.

Navigon 7200t Navigation MapA second row of buttons on the bottom provides a very nice, and very huge next turn icon. Tapping on this button will repeat the last voice prompt. The icon also uses a “thermometer” or almost a vertical progress bar to show you just how close you are to the intersection– really helpful for those people who don’t always accurately judge just how far ahead 500 feet is. (Just don’t stare at the screen for too long.) Also really handy is that when you have two tight maneuvers back to back you will get two arrows… the bottom showing the first turn and the upper showing the second turn.

Near the lower center are two lines with street names. The bottom shows the name of the street you are on, and the higher line shows the name of the next street you will turn to. Finally another field on the right shows the distance to the destination as well as the time to the destination. You can tap this to toggle the field and it will show the ETA and which side of the road the destination is on. The voice will also speak the side of the road your destination is on, however often it wouldn’t give us this verbal heads up until we were actually at the destination. For the information to be useful it needs to be given further ahead on the road, not as you are actually arriving at the spot.

Additionally, speed limit data is also included, and the current speed limit will be shown on roads where the limit is known. In my testing, as with similar devices, this data was available for almost every road, but there were certainly times when we saw the displayed limit didn’t match what was actually on the road. But most of the time it was quite accurate.

There were a few times when entering city intersections where the map view needed to zoom in even more on the intersection as you approach it. With multiple roads in on place, medians, etc there were times when I really needed a view that was more zoomed in than what was presented by default.

Reality View

Navigon 7200t Reality ViewNavigon was one of the first with a feature they call Reality View, now a household term. While it took me a little while to warm up to the feature, I now really appreciate just how valuable it is. Knowing which lane you need to be in can be a significant help when traversing complex highway interchanges. I can’t wait until the day this view is available for more complex smaller intersections as well. Don’t be fooled… the Navigon 7200t (and the same goes for any GPS with a similar feature) cannot tell you which lane you are currently in, but rather it shows which group of lanes you are coming from, how many lanes there are ahead, and which lane(s) you need to be in. GPS just isn’t sensitive enough and the maps not accurate enough (yet) to determine which lane you are currently in.

3D Landmarks

If you happen to be in one of the bigger cities, many buildings and landmarks will now appear in 3D. While mostly an eye candy type feature, it does provide limited navigation cues– turn left after that big, round, blue building on the corner.


The way Navigon implemented traffic on this device is better than just about anybody else in the market. You don’t need to sign up for a subscription, it is activated in the box. The service is “lifetime” so there is no need to renew every year, nor pay for renewals. And even though the traffic service is included, the service is not advertising supported like a few other “free” traffic models.

As a bonus, there is no external traffic receiver either with the antenna built into the GPS. While it didn’t do as good of job connecting to the traffic service in fringe areas as devices that use an external antenna, it still worked reasonably well and the price is right.

The traffic system can be configured for automatic rerouting if a faster route is found, or to prompt you for input.

Route Quality

One of the biggest complaints I hear from users about the Navigon devices is that the routes picked are sometimes less than ideal. So much personal preference goes into picking the best route that it is difficult to weed out route preference biases. People always insist they know the best route and any route picked by someone else is just wrong. Still, while most of the routes picked by the Navigon 7200T were solid, we did come across some odd routes. Consider this example, here is a segment of a long route, as was generated by the 7200t.

View Larger Map

Lots of zig-zags there. So I added a single via point to hopefully force a more logical route. Instead I wound up with this route, which was even worse.

View Larger Map

Here is the route I was hoping to get:

View Larger Map

So common sense applies here and you will want to preview the routes ahead of time, just as you should with any GPS. But it does tend to stray away from picking reasonable routes from time to time.

Routes, Multi Destination Routing

A common way to deal with issues where the route isn’t what you wanted is to utilize multi destination routing. The Navigon 7200T does offer that function, in a couple of ways. First, after creating a route you can tap on the screen, select ‘Interim Destination’, then add an address, POI, or other saved location. This will insert a via point to the route.

Navigon 7200t Multi Destination RoutingA second way is to actually start by using the route planner. For this, go to ‘Options’ from the main menu and select ‘Route Planning’. Here you can specify a starting location, all of your route points, and a final destination. You can save and recall these lists of locations as well. However you cannot optimize the order of those stops as you can with other devices on the market such as the Nuvi 700 series.

Once nice feature is that on the primary map display you will see both the distance and time to the next stop, as well as the distance and time to complete the entire route– a more elegant way than competitive devices handle multiple stops where you can typically see either the stats to the next via point or the stats to the final destination but not often both.

Route Avoidances

Multi Destination Routing is what I would call a “positive” method of route customization because you are “adding” points to the route you want to force it to go through. The opposite is also possible by excluding certain points, which is something else the Navigon 7200t can do as well.

Navigon 7200t Exclude TurnYou can bring up a list of maneuvers, and exclude individual turns from your trip. If you want to avoid a specific road segment you can exclude the maneuver that puts you on that road. Additionally a standard “detour” function is available that allows you to exclude the next “x” miles of the trip.


Navigon 7200t Trip LogWant to log all of your mileage for IRS business/tax purposes? The Navigon is one of the few devices out there that allows you that function directly on the GPS. You can set a preference that at the start of each route it will ask you for the purpose of the trip, a name for the trip, and an optional entry for the starting mileage on your vehicle. These stats are logged into an Excel spreadsheet you can later retrieve via USB hookup to your computer. It doesn’t prompt you to “close” the log. Also keep in mind that the format method of the internal drive isn’t Mac compatible so accessing that information from a Mac could be problematic.

The Final Fix

When I started watching Navigon more closely a little over a year ago they looked like they certainly had what it took to make it in the North American market. A year later many players have exited the market, and Navigon remains– even stronger. Last year they seemed to take the spaghetti approach… fill it with every feature in the book and see what sticks. They produced devices that feature for feature outmatched everything else out there, but at the expense of a complicated device that had quite a few quirks in execution.

Fast forward a year and a few of the negative aspects are gone… touch screen issues and incredibly tiny button issues have been addressed. Feature for feature they are still almost impossible to match, and the interface has become more logical and easy to use. The complexity will still turn away a few people, but overall the devices are sliding towards more mainstream appeal. Navigon led the way with Reality View, and is continuing that innovation with free traffic that isn’t bundled with advertisements, no external traffic antenna, reviews in certain POI categories, and voice assisted address entry. Don’t forget too that you can add NAVIGON FreshMaps and get three years of map updates for $79.

If you want a feature packed device at a price the bigger names can’t quite match, and are willing to dig around a little bit to discover some of the more powerful features, the Navigon 7200t provides a bundle of features and is tough to match.

179 Responses

  1. I think the fatal note when you first turn on the unit is due to a low battery problem. If you let it charge for five minutes before turning on you should be ok. I saw that @ the Nav web page. But, I also think if they turn off (or unplug the unit while still running) at the assambly line could make that come out.

    Ricardo - February 25th, 2009
  2. Here is the latest chapter of my sorrows with Navigon. I sent my 7200T back to them — had to wait several weeks for them to replace it via RMA. It finally got here — WITHOUT the SD card, which no one had told me NOT to include. I had previously been sent a new 2G card so I used that. When I first hooked up the unit and started FRESH, it told me there was an update, but then would display an “INVALID ARGUMENT”. I phoned Navigon yet again — they told me to go to “FRESH UPDATES” on the Navigon site and download. I did, without success. They then told me to use the MAC/OTHER OS link rather than the Windows/VISTA/XP link (?????) which I did — the download contains ALL of the necessary software not just the latest 09 maps — which of course isn’t clear anywhere on the site. Then you have to copy/replace the new software to the microSD in the 7200T.

    I have said it before, but Navigon has to get its act together. Their software is confusing. I have yet to try my “new” 7200T. I’m charging it fully in an attempt to see if their excuse about an under-charged battery causing Fatal App errors is true — I expect not. Until they start changing the basic software of these units, I think all of us are screwed.

    Dan - February 25th, 2009
  3. This is a follow up report to my many attempts to master the 7200T and pair it with a Treo 650. Aside from not being able to pair the devices and keep them paired, the 7200T has been inaccurate and unreliable. I am not a quitter and would normally beat this dead horse until the day I die or it died. Fortunately, the latter happened first: it was caught in the electric seat track of my car and met its timely demise. I will resurrect my old Mio 200 with no regrets.

    Gary - February 25th, 2009
  4. Following up on my latest 7200T comments. I have now had a new unit sent to me by Navigon (after a delay of 3 weeks) and have been using it fairly constantly. After finally figuring out the updates for the Fresh software, and downloading the Q1 2009 Freshmaps, I have the following results:

    STABILITY: I have had no \fatal application errors\ which were frequent with my previous unit — not sure what Navigon may have done in their software update.

    SATELLITES: Satellite acquisition also appears to have improved. I notice on my wife’s Tom Tom 930 that Tom Tom suppliled a \GPS Quick\ fix apparently aimed at speeding up the already very fast acquisition of the 930, which remains superior to the 7200T.

    MAPS: The NAVTEQ update has corrected a couple of problems in my local MD/DC vicinity.

    OBSERVATIONS: One has to continue to wonder, and I have my fingers crossed that I don’t run into any more Fatal App Errors, what Navigon is thinking when it comes to updating the base operating software. The many problems reported by others, which track my own, indicate that Navigon should pay much closer attention to actual user experience — surely Navigon managers must be using these units and see some of the same difficulties. Also — it takes just too darn long to obtain RMA replacements. Since obtaining my 7200T late last year, I have been WITHOUT it far longer than I have been WITH it.

    Dan - March 1st, 2009
    • After several weeks using my replacement unit,
      I can report the following:

      — Hopes for elimination of the feared “fatal application errors” have faded — this has happened a few times even with this new 7200T, usually when attempting quick actions on the screen.

      — Satellite acquisition remains painfully slow — on start up in the morning as long as 3 minutes — just shameful in comparison with Tom Tom and others.

      — Continuing “451” errors involving the route profile — again, this should NOT be happening — are you listening NAVIGON???

      — Finally — very strange route directions. Here in Maryland, driving on a direct almost straight route into DC, the 7200T will tell me to make U turns or right turns into VA or into DC, rather than simply charting the straight and more direct course I’m already on. Puzzling to say the least…..

      Disappointed but I’ll be keeping the 7200T hoping that Navigon finally wakes up. Among steps they need to take — software and algorithm re-writes, more work on satellite triangulation and acquisition. . .

      Dan - March 20th, 2009
  5. I’ve been thinking of getting this model as my next GPS but I’m hesitant since I am a Mac user. How does using a Mac effect this product? Will I still be able to get map updates or any additional updates?

    Ryan - March 9th, 2009
    • You can download updates directly from Navigon website and then unzip them to GPS. No problems what so ever.

      Vadim - March 20th, 2009
  6. I am very interested in the 7300t that is coming. Is it is pretty much the same as the 7200t but just with some added features? I have the Nuvi 755t now but not sure I like it enough to keep it, would I be stupid to sell the 755t and get the 7300t instead? I know it may be hard to know until the 7300t comes out.

    Cary - April 30th, 2009
  7. Navigon just announced May 5, 2009 that they are leaving the US market as it’s too competitive and they can’t sell high end GPS units here. They will continue to support existing customers though.
    Too bad, I really enjoy my 7200T and was looking forward to the 7300T.

    Robert - May 6th, 2009
    • WOW! Does that mean no more map updates just software updates? The unit itself is pretty much international. I have a 7200T and a 2100Max. Both have freshmaps for 2 more years.

      benjamin - May 6th, 2009
      • They say they will support Freshmaps out for length of current obligations

        Robert - May 6th, 2009
      • They have said they will continue to offer map updates for people who have subscribed to their map update product.

        Tim - May 6th, 2009
    • Based on my experiences, detailed earlier in this discussion, with the 7200T, Navigon’s move was probably predictable. I have not checked their web site yet, but I have received no communication, as a user of one of their GPS units, about the withdrawal from the U.S. market. No clarification via email about software updates, either to the existing 7200T system software or FreshMaps. Though it is May, only the 1st Q 2009 maps update has been made available. A sorry situation. If Navigon REALLY cared about those who placed their initial buying decision and trust in them, they would offer folks a time window to return their units for a refund.

      Dan - May 6th, 2009
  8. Navigon was destined to fail. The 7200T did not perform up to their claims, support was almost non-existent, and is no better than a sub $100 Pep Boys Special. Good riddance to an inferior product and company.

    Gary - May 6th, 2009
    • My thoughts exactly — it should not, but does
      still amaze me, that companies can get away with
      the equivalent of murder with customers who
      adopt their products but are then left in the
      dust when they pull out.

      This is from their site:

      “NAVIGON stands for innovative, well designed and high quality products that are relevant to the consumer and unmatched in the market today. Our navigation features are industry-leading and we are constantly optimizing their quality.

      NAVIGON has proven to have an eye for future market demands and our competitors are still trying to catch up. While others continue to compete on price at the expense of the user experience, NAVIGON is dedicated to delivering superior features and superior value across the portfolio.

      Any device can get you from point A to point B, but the real challenge is delivering an experience that helps our customers overcome the challenges they face every day on the road. NAVIGON will continue to improve the navigation experience and lead the industry with cutting-edge features that wow the market.”

      As for “innovative, well designed and high quality products” — I’m on my 3rd 7200T. Today, driving from suburban MD to DC, it froze 3 times when retrieving LAST DESTINATIONS.

      As for “constantly optimizing their quality” other than UPDATE 1 issued for the 7200T (that’s what, more than a year after the unit came out?) there has been NOTHING — and as noted earlier, it’s May and we’re still on 1st Quarter 2009 of the maps.

      As for “competitors are still trying to catch up” — well, that’s completely false of course. Navigon’s claimed revolutionary graphics can be had from other companies, and those units actually work!

      None of this matter — unless some pissed off Navigon users can get together and sue them somehow (for what would have to be determined) we’re stuck with paperweights.

      Dan - May 6th, 2009
      • I don’t know man, mine works pretty well. This new 7.4 software update is not bad at all either. And the 1st update you mentioned came 3-4 months after GPS was released, not a year. If you’re going to bad mouth something, at least use facts, not illusions.

        Wolverine - May 9th, 2009
        • Well, my unit was purchased in December 2008 (the first unit that is) and did NOT have “Update 1” which Navigon tech help folks only advised about as I was waiting for my 3rd 7200T.

          It remains to be seen whether Navigon will attempt to correct ongoing problems by issuing Update 2, Update 3, etc and as I pointed out I have YET to see any email advisory or comment on their web site anywhere that the next update of the Freshmaps software is or will be available.

          A sorry story. You can fully expect to see prices plummet for remaining Navigon stock at U.S. sellers, including the 8100T, which while looking nice, appears to have exactly the same software implementation as the 7200T.

          Dan - May 10th, 2009
          • I’m new to this site and I want to say that I appreciate all the insight and comments. Regarding unit performance, I have an 8100t (see my review at Amazon, where I purchased it) and I’ve been thoroughly satisfied. I’ve had no reset issues whatsoever, and the unit works flawlessly. All of my friends and coworkers who ride with me (I’m in outside sales) comment on what a sweet looking unit it is, including the integrated mount.

            I’m real sorry to see Navigon go, and like the rest of you, I’m awaiting my Q2 2009 FreshMap update, but besides that, I’ve had no issues to speak of.

            One thing to note, I bought an 8GB SDHC card and restored my latest backup to it. This actually speeded up the route calcs a bit (but I never felt they were slow anyway).

            Also, I originally started with a 7200t and did have a minor touch screen issue. It was then that I returned it to Amazon and purchased the 8100t instead.

            One quick question – does POI Warner work with the 8100t? will it add more POI functionality? The website has purchases in Euro’s. Any American purchase sites?

            Mark - May 11th, 2009
  9. My first one gps was Navigon 2120 max. It was working good, so I was very much interested in Navigon 7200T. But after updating it’s map to Q2 2009, land mark is not displaying in new map. I tried by frequent downloading but same thing happened, no 3D land mark view. Even when I made a right turn as per my navigon gps instruction, toronto police caught me and gave me a ticket amounting $110. I think Navigon needs much improvement in their devices if they want to sustain in their GPS business.

    Shakil - July 19th, 2009
  10. I have been trying to deal directly with Navigon for weeks now to see about getting my unit exchanged, or repaired, under the warenty, due to several issues:
    a.) Telephone Touch Screen Buttons Do Not Work Properly.
    b.) Car Charger Never Has Plugged into Unit Snuggly, which may be causing it not to charge properly all the time.
    c.) Unit Locks Up and I am forced to reboot the unit often, to get it to operate.
    I think what has been disheartening is that the unit appears to be more designed to work as a basic GPS with pretend added features/functions. I am not sure the traffice updates work like they were designed either. Map updates are not too current, but then again why would they be after reading all that I have here, about how they are pulling out of the US market…and the fact that you can’t call them anymore from the USA. There is now no live contact, but only via e-mail. Response time is slow, and when you get one, it’s more like I owe them more than they owe me for the inconvenience. It’s like the sale is important, but not the customer retention…and after reading here about how they are not going to stay working with us, in the USA…well that explains why they don’t even offer a physical address for them, where to ship the unit, until you send them all the details about yourself first. Seems odd to say the least. Why would they need to know my address first, before giving me thiers? Why is it not published online either like many legitimate businesses? I am still waiting for a reply from them, as to if they charge $30 to look at my 7200t, which appears to be a possible lemon, on top of if they expect me to also pay for shipping to them for this assessment. They surely make no bones about leaving a customer without thier gps in the meantime either…and from what I am reading here, it seems that they take a long time to return any units from thier country, to the USA. Otherwise, as far as the POI and icons, screen size, and getting you from point to point, it works well once it is rebooted from a freeze. Don’t buy this unit to use your cell phone thru because a/c noise will make it worthless and even after you buy a new cell phone to make it sync, don’t expect to use the touch screen to place calls over it. I have to dial from my cell and scream to be heard. LOL

    Wishing others better luck, because my next gps will not be Navigon, but I am not sure what other one I might like more. Anyone have any ideas?

    Robin - August 6th, 2009
  11. Yesterday I went to Montreal. It was apparently fine on highways, but after entering in the city that Navigon 7200T GPS started to fridge frequently. I was tired with that bloody gps and could not fix it from hanging. It was a horrible day! I am not going to replace it with another Navigon GPS but will throw that bloody unit as soon as possible. I am looking for a gps from a reputed company.

    Shakil - August 12th, 2009
    • I had exactly the same experience in Montreal. 7200T worked coming into the city but once here it is useless. It basically refuses to function at all – often maps will not display and when they do, the touch screen does not function and I don’t even get to the point of being able to ask a routing. It’s basically a paperweight at this point. I’m looking for a replacement.

      Richard - August 31st, 2009
      • Hello – there appears to be a bug with traffic in Montreal and the northern suburbs of Chicago with the 7200T. If you go into the traffic settings and manually input the traffic frequency (92.9 for Montreal), the device will not lock up. You have to keep the device on “hold frequency” to prevent it from scanning. You can find out the frequency for Montreal at http://totaltraffic.com/. I opened a ticket over 7 months ago and ping them every month for an update. Nothing back so far.

        Scott - November 29th, 2009
  12. Now that Navigon is selling an app for the iphone here in the US, I hope the map support will continue since they have to update it for the iphone.

    Benjamin - August 12th, 2009
    • Navigon is JUNK!!!! Do not support this company by purchasing this item. They are thieves! The units are junk and now they are selling an app for the iphone, they have zero support. They are not customer friendly, thier warranty is in writing but they do not stand behind it. If you want some of thier responses by email contact me through this post. I will show you how Navigon treats customers that pay for thier products. My plan is to go to every website that mentions Navigon and tell others about the Navigon experience. My goal is to put them out of bussiness before they steal anymore money from consumers! Big task for such a relatively small amount of money but it is the principal. It is time companies remember how they stay in bussiness. Do a search for Navigon 7200T problems, this will yield you the beginning of how they treat thier customers. I ussually don’t employ this strategy but it is this or sue them for the price of my GPS. This is a cheaper way to help other people to put this awful company out of bussiness!!!!!!!!!!

      Jon - October 8th, 2009
      • It is really horrible that Navigon as a company is neglecting their resposibility to customers. The product itself is good, not the best, but good when it works and the features are good for the price. I do not know what other recourse we have to get what we paid for interms of subscription especially now that they are back selling iphone nav apps here in the US. As was said, warning people is one way but it does not help current owners, it prevents possilbe future owners/victims.

        Benjamin - October 8th, 2009
  13. Map updates released Nov/Dec 2009 available through Freshmaps.

    Benjamin - December 21st, 2009
  14. My 7200T still works great. I bought it in Nov 2008. If you want a new (in US) GPS which is comparable to Navigon with all the custom settings you can adjust, chekc out http://www.cydle.com. It even gives you FREE FOR LIFE HD radio AND HD Clear Channel traffic reports.

    Jonny Boy - February 12th, 2010
  15. I just picked up 2 Navigon 7200T’s and a 3yr freshmaps card does anyone know what the most recent working map file is?

    They came with Q3 2008 US installed!


    Rick - February 14th, 2010
  16. Q3 2009 which came out at early Dec 2009 (for North America).

    Johnny Boy - February 14th, 2010
  17. Hi, I have a 7200t since the later part of 2008 and it has been working great. It now has Q3 2009 1861.72MB the latest FreshMaps.

    korie - February 14th, 2010
  18. Thanks for the info on the maps my Freshmaps card should arrive on the 17th. I hope mine stay working a long time, I dive for a living and the 7200T does a great job for me that’s why a grabbed a second one for a backup!

    Rick - February 15th, 2010
  19. Does anyone know where I might get map updates for my Navigon 7200T? Sounds like everyone knows Navigon is not supporting the system and does not provide North American Map updates any longer. My system came with maps for 2008 and I have not been able to update. Your help is appreciated.

    Gary - February 24th, 2010
    • Gary, that isn’t quite true. Navigon has released a map update for North American customers as recent as about two months ago and have said they will continue to provide map updates.

      Tim - February 24th, 2010
  20. i lost my micro sd card of navigon 7200 t ?? what i do now? can i buy new one and can i use 8gb memory card instead of 2 gb?

    pragnesh - February 28th, 2010
    • Yes, you can do. Hopefully you have kept a copy of that navigon 7200T map in your computer. You can use either 2, 4 or 8 GB micro sd card, paste that map in it and insert it into your Navigon device. It should work perfectly.


      Shakil - March 1st, 2010
  21. I just want to stay informed and kept updated for any action that needed. I have a 7200T model and fresh maps from navigon. It seems to be working well, i still have about five months left on Staples insurance policy.
    Thank You

    John - March 23rd, 2010
  22. I am getting ” fatal application error” and I don’t know what to do and in need of help. I tried charging it all day and turned it back on but same thing. I bought it from amazon like a year ago and i don’t know what to do. I hope someone can help me out patienly and guide me through step by step. thank You!!

    sungyup - April 10th, 2010
  23. I was experiencing the same problem but after registering my set with Navigon web site and updating software and fresh map, fatal application error has been resolved. Hopefully this process may work for your case also. You have to buy fresh map for $50 and activate it through navigon fresh, if you are living in North America.

    Shakil - April 21st, 2010
  24. just received an email about map fresh.

    george - May 7th, 2010
  25. Hello,
    I received the email also, its for all who has subscribed to for fresh maps. There is also a new software version ver7.3.5 from 7.3.4 upgrade with the 2010 Q1 fresh maps update.
    My device has been working excellent from 2008, if I should replace it or upgrade I would definitely go with NAVIGON again. Only thing they don’t retail in the states anymore.

    My question is to Tim or anyone who may know, Is it possible to use one of Navigon’s newest device here in the states if I purchase it overseas and try to use the north American/ USA maps?

    Korie - May 7th, 2010
  26. I would have a hard time recommending Navigon to anybody lately. I have owned the 7200T for almost 2 years now and up until about 6 months ago, things were going fine. But…

    Now I can no longer download maps (suddenly, no space on the device), the newest version of Fresh says Client Unsupported , so I can no longer search for updates/maps and the newest software updates (7.3.5) now will not let me plug the device into my cigarette lighter and continue navigating (it jumps into the “connected to PC” screen and out of my route).

    All of these issues appeared recently and I get no response from the Navigon support. Just thought I should share my experience.

    Also, my brother bought my parents a Navigon navigator RightWay for last Christmas. I guess it turned on at first (I was out of town) but now, it won’t turn on at all, even after a full charge…

    Oh well, looks like it will be back to GPS shopping for me… I’m in the US…

    Matthew - July 16th, 2010
  27. Hello Matthew. I had the same space issue. It appears the latest Navigon map update for the 7200T is greater than 2GB. You can go to their site and manually download the update, extract and remove a large state that you don’t travel to or put in a 4 GB card.

    Scott - July 16th, 2010
  28. Or Scott and Matthew you could just use a larger capacity SD card! That’s what I did.

    I thought about deleting one or two states that were either large file wise or fact I don’t travel or live there. However in life one never knows what lies ahead.

    Korie - July 17th, 2010
    • Thanks for the help Scott and Korie! My new SD card is on the way!

      I was curious though, has anybody gotten the new NAVIGON Fresh (3.1.0) to connect with the 7200t?

      Matthew - July 17th, 2010
  29. I just received my Navigon Newsletter stating that the Q2/2010 version of USA road network is available for download. As i have purchased Fresh Maps when i purchased my unit.Navigon seems to be honoring Fresh Maps customers.Could it also be a way for Navigon to return to the USA retail market.


    John - July 28th, 2010
  30. I have a 7200t model and i am trying to download the Q2/2010 Fresh Maps. IT tells me my sd card has no more room. If i purchase a larger sd card,do i just insert the new card in the unit and download the the Q2/2010 version. I am not that good with computers.
    Thank You for your help.


    John - August 2nd, 2010
    • I just did this. I bought a sandisk 4gb MICRO sd card and then did a backup of current files. After that was done I popped out the old Micro SD card and set it aside. I had some trouble as it caught on the lip so I use a small flat blade screwdriver to help guide it out.
      Added the new Micro Sd card and then copied the files from the backup directory to the memory card (it shows up as two storage devices (different drive numbers) and needs to be quick formatted to work. One of the two devices can’t be formatted but the other can. Just FAT32 not NTFS.
      You can’t do a restore because one of the files in the backup is the one that has it’s name and without the being in place it doesn’t think it’s a Navigon GPS. Now I copied all the files to the chip and then did the upgrade. I lost some favorites and so it may have been better to figure out what file gives the chip the identity for the GPS and then do the restore to the chip. Anyway the upgrade went fine and I just added the favorites back in over time as needed.

      Bob Childress - August 2nd, 2010
    • John

      you can first make a back-up of your SD card when it prompts you to. Then copy the contents of the old SD to the new one. Then proceed with your up date.

      Korie Dread - August 2nd, 2010
    • You have two options, one is to buy a 4 gig micro SD card or install temporarily on say a 4 gig thumb drive then remove some of the maps that you do not use then copy the thumb drive content to the SD card. Buying a 4 gig micro SD card will be the least technical route.

      Benjamin - August 2nd, 2010
  31. I need to purchase a purchase a SD card with a larger version[4GB] for my navigon 7200t unit. I need it to be recognized by navigon fresh maps. Where do i purchase this card.

    John - August 4th, 2010
  32. I have a 7200t model which i purchased in Staples including insurance. I also subscribed to Fresh Maps. I was told by Navigon that due to a map size that the new release requires additional storage. So far i have purcfased a 4and a 8 GB SDHC card, followed Navigon instructions yet after downloading it now reads the software can’t be started. Have not heard anything further from Navigon.IT’s ridiculous.
    We SHOULD all contact our US Attorney office and complain that Navigon should back up their products or they should not be able to sell their phone apps in the USA. John

    John - August 15th, 2010
  33. Hi, Navigon just advised me that once my current Fresh Map subscription expires i will not be able to renew for another term. This is a shame as the unit is working fine and at some point it will not be current. As i am willing to pay for updated maps does anyone have any ideas.


    John - September 14th, 2010
    • John – when the subscription ends, you only have 2 choices. Continue to use it with existing maps or buy a different brand. Unless you are in an area with rapid development, most of the roads are fairly static. POI changes more often but that is the weakest part of Navigon. It has very few POI compared to other brands like TomTom and Garmin.

      Benjamin - September 14th, 2010
  34. Even with a slightly outdated map, there is still nothing out there as good as a Navigon. They have the most junction views and lane assists popping up while driving, and you still get the lifetime traffic for free WITHOUT insulting ads. The details and color of the screen is much better than the other manufacturer’s cartoonish displays.

    joey - September 14th, 2010
  35. Hi, has anyone received any information from Navigon Fresh Maps regarding the Q3/2010 version of USA road network ready to be issued.


    john - October 9th, 2010
    • Yes, Q3 2010 map of Navigon is available for download right now. Meanwhile Navigon has announced they are going to sell their updated North American map on quarterly basis, not for three years term near future.


      Shakil - October 25th, 2010
  36. My children purchased a Navigon 7200T for Xmas for me in 2008. The \traffic\ feature works very well, as does the \speed limit\. As did the maps. I tried to update the maps this year, and was informed that Navigon no longer supports US roadways. So, unless I live in Europe or Canada, my unit’s maps cannot be updated. Therefore, my children bought what was to be a \safety\ item for me, a unit that can only be used as long as I am traveling on a road that has not changed, or will not change. I don’t know why Navigon ceased supporting US maps, but I do know that I will probably not be buying any more items witht he Navigon name. If any one knows a current map update (2010) that is compatible with Navigon, I would be interested.

    Leatrice Trollo - October 10th, 2010
    • Navigon pulled out of the USA GPS/PND market awhile back.

      Tim - October 12th, 2010
  37. I updated my 7200t to the Q3 2010. No issue so far. I tried updating my 2200 but it kept on erroring out after the upgrade. I restored the backup and tried it 3 times. Same results. So it is back to the old version on my 2200. Make sure you run a backup before you upgrade.

    Benjamin - October 28th, 2010
  38. My 7200T still works great and has been updated with the maps each time. It is Jan 2011 and I feel when the map updates run out I will still be using this for a while. They still have the most Junction Views and Lane Assists locations, so they must be updating those with the map updates. Whne this finally goes, I’ll see what Tom Tom has, or look at the Garmin 3790LMT or anything newer. I have gotten more out of the 7200T than I could have expected and do not understand reading about all the Navigon complaints elsewhere on GPS forums.

    Fellow Navigonian - January 15th, 2011
    • You are absolutely right. If you compare with gps of other brand you will find the differences. Navigon has some weakness (eg: poor POI). In spite of that it is more than a better gps unit at this time. But it is unfortunate why they want to leave North American market?


      Shakil Ahmed - January 16th, 2011
      • I also have a 7200t since they were released in USA. gets all updates and works fine. I agree with both of you. my hope is to purchase the latest international navigon model and try to mod it for usa

        Korie - January 17th, 2011
  39. My last Fresh Map update was Q3-2010. Has anyone received the Q4 update. Also for recent message from Korie i agree with you. Please let us know how it wirks out for you.

    John - January 18th, 2011
  40. I just looked at Navigon’s web site and it now is a Garmin Company as of July 2011. Navigon states it has a innovated new lineup to bring to the market for the holiday 2011 season. For all of us who believed that Navigon GPS units were good with some problems, this may be good news. Can we contact Navigon as owners of the older GPS units and ask for a credit as a replacement for the newer units.


    John - August 18th, 2011
  41. Now that Navigon is owned by Garmin, I would again gamble on a Navigon GPS if I knew it was like the old Navigons and not like the current Garmins.

    Rusty - August 18th, 2011
  42. I have not seen any comments since August 18,2011. Navigon is now a Garmen Company and seems to have wiped off all previous customers who registerd their GPS and also purchased Fresh Maps. Does anyone have any current information as to whats going on. Do we have any legal rights in this situation.

    John-January 5, 2012

    John - January 5th, 2012
    • Darn! I tried to login too and it did not take. Tried the “forgot password” route and it tells me that my email is not on record. This confirms that they dumped us and whatever is left on the map refresh. Make sure you make a backup of your SD cards if you plan to keep your unit until it dies or you decide to retire it.

      Benjamin - January 5th, 2012
  43. Follow-up. The mynavigon link will take you to their International site (https://www.navigon.com/portal/int/mynavigon/login.html?uri=/int/mynavigon/index.html). The US site for mynavigon no longer exist hence our logons are not recognized.

    Benjamin - January 5th, 2012
  44. As we now know the US site for mynavigon no longer exist hence our logons are not recognized. My last Fresh Map update is Q2-2011, is this the lastest update.


    John - January 6th, 2012
    • No, Navigon already published Q3-2011 (US and Canada) map about three months ago. It is downloadable through Navigon Fresh. Hopefully they will publish Q4-2011 or Q1-2012 within 12 January 2012, as indicated in Navigon International site (www.navigon.com).

      Shakil - January 6th, 2012

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