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Navigon continues to impress me. While I don’t think they will break into the number two spot in North America anytime soon, they are becoming a big force in their space. The Navigon 7200t builds on the older NAVIGON 7100, gets rid of a few annoyances we had with that device, and adds a few […]

179 Responses

  1. Hi Tim,
    Can you make a comparision between Navigon 7200, Tomtom Go 930 and Nuvi 850. That would be interesting as those three models are the top of the line to the respective companies.

    Orphius - August 27th, 2008
  2. I haven’t used the NAVIGON 7200t yet– so there isn’t much I can say quite yet.

    Tim - August 27th, 2008
  3. Tim,
    I’m in the process of reviewing the newest products from Garmin, TT, Navi. This will be my first PND and happy I waited but wish Navigon could be purchased before the Oct date. IS their release date set in stone?
    FWIW, I thoroughly enjoy your reviews and find them VERY helpful.


    Dom - August 29th, 2008
  4. Dom – Release dates are not set in stone– but they are almost never early, and often late.

    Tim - August 29th, 2008
  5. when anyone gets their hands on this thing, and also knows it’s predecessor the 7100, could you enlighten us with the interface. Blog/reviews on the 7100 panned the input/touchscreen as well as the interface as being slow and clumsy, with significant and annoying lagtimes. Wonder if this problem has been alleviated in this model..

    joe - September 2nd, 2008
  6. Navigon does seem like it has interesting features. Do you know if there is any ability to upload topo maps to their units? (I am still looking for a Nuvi 500 type unit, but better.)

    Jon - September 25th, 2008
  7. There is no official way to add topo maps, and no unofficial ways that I’ve heard of.

    Tim - September 25th, 2008
  8. Any idea why no one has any reviews of the 7200t yet? I’m not blaming you, Tim – it seems NO ONE in the electronics world has more than the stock press release, yet I know of some regular folks who have purchased it.

    Rick - October 22nd, 2008
  9. Probably just because it isn’t widely available yet and isn’t one of the bigger names. I think mine is due to arrive tomorrow or Friday.

    Tim - October 22nd, 2008
  10. Has there been any improvement to the routing capabilities? I bought a 7100 last year but returned it in favor of a TomTom One XL I also bought for comparison. The trip routing of the Navigon was rather dimented in my testing experiences.

    Chris - October 23rd, 2008
  11. Joe, while it isn’t perfect, I’ve found the touch screen to be more sensitive and reliable, many of the buttons are now bigger than before. I have seen a little bit of lag on a couple of screens, but a big improvement over the 7100 in those functions.

    Tim - October 24th, 2008
  12. On the Navigon 7200t, are the maps saved on the device or are they saved on an microSD card. I was wondering because I don’t think this device comes with a microSD card like the others. Is it necessary to buy a card?

    Drew - October 26th, 2008
  13. The device does come with a MicroSD card slot, and a 2GB card does come with the device which contains the maps.

    Tim - October 26th, 2008
  14. Tim: I am waiting for the review of Navigon 7200T, and I would appreciate when you review it to gime us an opinion on its voice sound. I had a old Garmin Street Pilot C330, and the voice directions were very clear. Recently, I donated it to my sister-in-law and I upgraded to the Garnin 255W. The voice directions were just garbling -all voice options- and I returend at a 10% restocking fee. I am banking on the Navigon to have a clear voice, but I [and I am sure others] would appreciate an opinion before we head for the store. Lesson learn + I want to warn
    other readers here to check return policy before they buy.

    Nikos - October 27th, 2008
  15. Tim: Other than price, im wondering if you can tell me some of the differences betwen the 8100t and the 7200t, and which one of those you recommend.


    George - October 29th, 2008
  16. Tim, from your review of the 7200T, can you tell whether it offers true “route optimization” (ala Magellan and the Garmin Nuvi 7xx series)? Thanks.

    Scott - November 1st, 2008
  17. I’ve just started working with the 7200 and will have a full review published in a few days. I haven’t gotten into the route optimization features yet but will try to make sure to include that in the review.

    Tim - November 1st, 2008
  18. Tim,
    Looking to buy a gps. I want good graphics, accurate navigation, and free lifetime traffic. Should I look @ the Navigon 7200T or wait for the 8100T. Will the 8100T be as fast as the 7200T with the 533MHZ processor with more memory? Also will the 8100T have the Instantfix II chip like the 7200T. If both of these do not stack up to another Brand and model what would you recommend.

    Mark - November 3rd, 2008
  19. Mark, I’ve just started working with the 7200 and will have a full review published in a few days.

    Tim - November 3rd, 2008
  20. I am in search of a new GPS.
    I am a biker, 30,000 + miles across the US & Canada a year. Is the 7200 waterproof and can you build your own routes. Fun way, not the Freeway.

    Harry - November 5th, 2008
  21. You can build your own routes, but it is not waterproof nor water-resistant. Consider one of these instead.

    Tim - November 5th, 2008
  22. Tim, just came across your website. I am looking at purchasing a new Garmin 765T but just came across this Navigon 7200T. I can get the 765T for about $50 more. Which is the better GPS?

    Erik - November 8th, 2008
  23. I have the 7200t and I am loving it. [snip] With such a low price and some many awesome functions, you just can’t beat it.

    Vadim - November 8th, 2008
  24. Comparing the Navigon 7200t to the Garmin, is the garmin 765T that much better? [snip, see comment policy]

    Erik - November 10th, 2008
  25. Tim, When can we expect a review on this product? It really seems like there’s a lot of interest in it’s performance.

    Ron - November 11th, 2008
  26. Ron, see comments #17 & 19.

    Tim - November 11th, 2008
  27. Sorry Tim, I need to slow down my speed reading. I went right over them.

    Ron - November 11th, 2008
  28. No worries, it should be out by the end of the week.

    Tim - November 11th, 2008
  29. My son steered me to the Navigon 7200T for my first gps – in favor of entry level Garmins. Good buy? or should I try comparing the seemingly 40+ models in this price range? Thanks,

    Jim - November 12th, 2008
  30. Jim, Please see comments #17 & 19.
    :) :)

    Ron - November 12th, 2008
  31. Gotta love comments #17 & 19….


    (Patiently waiting for “the end of the week.”)

    Scott - November 12th, 2008
  32. I’ve got a few more driving tests left to complete. I got a bit delayed with the release of the TeleNav Shotgun. I’ll be heading out in the next half hour or so to complete the last four or five hours of driving tests, so I am still on schedule to finish this up by the end of this week.

    Tim - November 12th, 2008
  33. Tim, I’m sure I speak for many who follow this board in thanking you for your efforts. I’m hoping the 7200T will be THE one for me, as I’ve purchased and shortly thereafter returned the Garmin Nuvi 760 (outdated maps, fee-based traffic updates after 3 month trial, unsatisfactory customer support) and Tom Tom 930 (excessive screen glare, poor bluetooth connectivity, no automatic multi-destination optimization).

    Scott - November 12th, 2008
  34. I hear the the POI database and search options are absolutely awful on this unit

    Jake - November 13th, 2008
  35. Looking forward to your review.

    Mark - November 14th, 2008
  36. Great site so looking forward to Navigon 7200T review. I am looking at the Garmin 765T but saw this one. Thanks Tim

    Fred - November 14th, 2008
  37. End of week = Sunday evening?

    Navigon - November 16th, 2008
  38. Yes, had a few unexpected life things come up in the past couple of days, but I’m finishing the copy right now, editing a few images, and it should be up by the end of the day.

    Tim - November 16th, 2008
  39. Okay, sorry for the delays, but the review is now posted. I may need to make a few last minute edits or tweaks, but the fundamentals of the review, pictures, etc are now available on this page.

    Tim - November 16th, 2008
  40. Appreciate the full review of the 7200T, Tim. While I regret to learn it does not offer true “route optimization,” and that battery life has only improved slightly over the 7100, the unit still impresses on many other levels. Looking forward to handling one at a local bricks and mortar store and determining whether its features meet my needs. Thanks again.

    Scott - November 16th, 2008
  41. Hi Tim,

    A common complaint is that while this is a fine unit, the POI database is light and it difficult/impossible to add to it. Is this true?

    Other than that, it seems very competitive.

    infama - November 17th, 2008
  42. infama, I found the POI database to be fairly complete in the areas I’ve been testing in. If you check back up in the review where I was talking about difficulty in finding an airport in the POI database, I wonder if perhaps sometimes it is a problem with searching rather than the particular POI just not being in there. Or it could be that it was just better covered in my area.

    I haven’t looked for a way to add custom POIs so I don’t know if that is possible or feasible. The format of the drive isn’t very Mac friendly (just like the HP iPAQ 310) so I haven’t explored into mods much.

    Tim - November 17th, 2008
  43. Hi Tim,

    Thanks for the great review. Can you tell me more about the Traffic updates on this GPS? I mean how accurate or how responsive is it in real life? And compare this device to the Garmin 205WT or 760 which one is a better value?


    Owen - November 17th, 2008
  44. The Nuvi 700 series and the Navigon both use the same traffic service provider, so they will be nearly identical in responsiveness and accuracy.

    Tim - November 17th, 2008
  45. Hi Tim,

    Between Navigon 7200 and Nuvi 760 or 205WT, which one would you say has a better value? or which one I should purchase?

    Thanks for your time and help.

    Owen - November 17th, 2008
  46. Greetings Tim,
    I’ve read a few of your reviews and as you heard they are very informative and helpful. I do intend to puchase a 7200T mainly for work. You’ve probably heard of Fios w/Verizon, I live in FL, will be going to California for a few months to work. My question is, can I find a location by latitude and longitude w/7200T ? Reason being is Verizon also use latitude/longitude for locations of their HUB.

    Corey - November 18th, 2008
  47. Corey, some of the more advanced Navigon users might know a trick, but I don’t see a way to add lat/long values as destinations in my poking around.

    Tim - November 18th, 2008
  48. Owen, You can check out my Garmin Nuvi 760 to contrast with this device.

    Tim - November 18th, 2008
  49. Tim,
    Thanx for the reply.

    Corey - November 18th, 2008
  50. Is there a web based or Outlook based address “send to” function for the 7100T

    rob - November 19th, 2008
  51. Hi Tim,

    i have a navigon 2100 and looking for an upgrade,my main problem with the 2100 is the routing,but most user reviews say it’s better than before.my other complain is the POI search.it was impossible to find retail stores like staples,target,best buy etc by name or category.you review didnt address that problem for.can you please try that on the 7200t for me so i know if navigon fixed that?thank you very much in advance.

    yaw - November 22nd, 2008
  52. Yaw – GPS manufacturers don’t put every known POI in their databases, unlike what they try to do with the road network. Most GPS devices only include about 5%-20% of all known POIs. So you can expect to not find many POIs you know about in the database. With retail stores near me I found some, but not all, as would be expected.

    Tim - November 22nd, 2008
  53. Thank you Tim,this is good news since there is no way to find a walmart or bestbuy on my 2100.i can now look into the 7200t.

    yaw - November 22nd, 2008
  54. Yaw, if you can’t find them on your 2100 then there is a fair chance you won’t be able to find them on the 7200t either…

    Tim - November 22nd, 2008
  55. thanks again Tim.Navigon website says the 7200t has millions of POI but it does not give a specific number,which can be tricky,because 2million or 4 million is still millions.i think i’ll just use my 2100 for the reality view which im addicted to and buy a garmin or megallen for times i search for POI.

    yaw - November 22nd, 2008
  56. Hi Tim
    Regarding the Navigon 7200T, quilt shops are important to me. Can you determine if they are in the POI database?

    carole - November 22nd, 2008
  57. Tim, it seems that the Navagon 7200T and the Garmin 265WT are in the same league. I’m putting the Garmin 760 on the backburner and looking as a 1st time GSP newbie to include free traffic as an feature on my 1st GPS. Is the ads on the Garmin 265WT a deal beater compared to the Navagon 7200T? As a first time user, is there any feature(s) or problem(s) that you think either has that should seal the deal for me? I’m still tempted to just go get the Garmin 760 to start out with but the few times I run into traffic, I have really got myself all screwed up trying to avoid or get out of it and so am very tempted by the free traffic feature of the Navagon 7200T and Garmin’s 265WT. I’m so conficted with wanting something good like the Garmin 760 and wanting to go to the next level to also have the free traffic feature. If you had a good friend in my position and had basically got his choices down to the Garmin 760, Navagon 7200T or Garmin 265WT, which would you advise him to start off with? thanks, Rodger p.s. thanks for you advice on the Garmin 760 board, I have eliminated the Navagon 7100 but now have added the Garmin 265WT.

    Rodger - November 22nd, 2008
  58. I purchased this unit a couple of days ago. It started off beautifully and even paired with my BlackBerry Pearl (something that I have not been able to do with ANY other GPS). It has been downhill since then. The phone and GPS wouldn’t talk to each other anymore.

    There is a feature by which you can transfer the Outlook contact book to the GPS, but that transfer isn’t happening. I am so want to like this unit, but now I am losing it.

    Nilesh - November 22nd, 2008
  59. Carole – It doesn’t really work like that. Just because one type of store or one chain is included in one location doesn’t mean it will be included everywhere. I might find a local quilt shop in my neighborhood but it might not include one in another town.

    Tim - November 23rd, 2008
  60. Warming up to this Navigon 7200t, my first GPS, after a few days of brief local trials. Wish the map display street name fonts were bigger. Speaker volume is satisfactory and female voice directions have good clarity. Quickly recalculates your route when you miss a turn. Or asks you to please make a u-turn if possible at the next intersection. Touch screen has good sensitivity. Menus are intuitive and keyboard is adequate size. Haven’t yet tried other features like voice destination entry. Unit is very easy to attach and remove from mounting arm. Only concern is a fatal application error message twice in the first couple of days. Hope it doesn’t happen again. Reset button is recessed at the bottom of the unit. My overall impression of the Navigon 7200t is favorable.

    Don - November 23rd, 2008
  61. Tim
    You typed quit shop. Maybe you thought I am looking for Quik shops. No. – quilt shops – as in a quilt for a bed. They are not chains.
    So, is there a general catagory of quilt shops on the 7200T database?
    A friend has a TomTom and was able to get quilt shops downloaded from the TomTom website.
    But I am more interested in the 7200T — if I can quilt shops on the POI. Thanks

    carole - November 24th, 2008
  62. Tim-
    What other devices on the market have LOGGING capabilites? The main feature I am looking for is the ability to genereate IRS mileage reports.

    Ken H. - November 24th, 2008
  63. Ken, The Navigon is the only device I know of that really does a Navigation log designed for that purpose. There are other devices that essentially have trip odometers– but they wouldn’t provide much of any advantage over the one in your car.

    Tim - November 24th, 2008
  64. Rodger, did you decide on which GPS to go with yet? I am in the same spot you are comparing same units?
    Thanks in advance. Let us know your process for final decision.

    Steve - November 25th, 2008
  65. Steve-I think the Nuvi 265T compares with the Navigon 2200T, NOT the 7200T. The Nuvi 265WT is the wide version of the 265T, but that’s the only comparison with the 7200T. The 7200T has voice recognition unlike the 265T, and other great features. It takes a little learning to master the Navigons, but it’s worth it. The Garmins are easier if you never want to reference the manual.

    LuckyB - November 25th, 2008
  66. Steve, I went with the Garmin 265WT after two Navagon users (I think they had the 2100 and 7100 models) both said I should go with the Garmin. Lucky is correct that the 7200T has more features which are nice but I opted for the ease of the Garmin which is currently rated a Consumer Reports best buy. I will note that my thinking is that I might even later “trade up” to the Navagon 7200T if I don’t like the ads on the Garmin 265WT or if the reviews become really favorable to the Navagon 7200T which are still rather luke warm. Personally, if I didn’t factor in my wife into the decision, I’d probably have gone with the Navagon 7200T but simpler is better if she is going to use it later and with two Navagon users in my office both almost in unison telling me to take the Garmin — that made the decision a no-brainer. I even toyed with the idea to get both the Navagon 7200T and the Garmin 265WT and do a month or so comparison and sell off the one I liked least or whichever my wife liked less. I have not lost my interest in the Navagon 7200T, just took the Garmin easy detour for the immediate future. 😉 cheers, Rodger

    Rodger - November 25th, 2008
  67. anyone bougt one yet?i want to read more opinions about the POI

    yaw - November 25th, 2008
  68. Hee’s my 2 cents worth… I’ve had a Garmin Streetpilot C550 for over a year and was quite happy with it. I’d been using Sprint Navigation on my phone before that. Unfortunitely, my car was broken into and my Garmin was stolen, well, after reading several reviews, I decided to try the 7200T. I drive 800 to 1000 miles a week for my job and I HATE this thing! It locks up one or two times a day and I have to pull off, hit the RESET button, wait for it to reset, then reprogram the address in. Sometimes I have to hit the touch screen sveral times. Also, it’s slow upon hitting the screen and you get this tttt effect when it finally registers the touches. There are several features that I REALLY like about it, but it needs to be much more reliable with the basics. I’d be afraid to use this and only this for a long excursion… I’d definitely bring a map and possbly be ready to use my phone for backup.

    Rick - November 26th, 2008
  69. Tim,

    I’m in the same boat as many of your readers in that I am a sheep in need of a shepherd. basically, I want you to tell me what to buy and I’ll live with the decision. Just think, you get to spend my money for me! : ) I am looking at the Garmin 760 and The Navigon 7200T. I’ve read both reviews and you seem to be optimistic about both. Do you favor one over the other?

    Jeremy - December 2nd, 2008
  70. I just got the 7200T. It worked out of the box..w/o reading any directions (they have to be downloaded anyway) within 2 minutes I was using the device to get me home from a place I had never been to over 45 miles away. It got me home in shortest time, good warnings like: “Now..in .2 of a mile you will turn left on xyz street”..then when I get close it says: “Now, turn left on xyz street”. It also displays a firm “warning” voice if you go over the posted speed limit by about 8 miles per hour…it accurately changes current speed limit as soon as I go by a new speed limit sign! I have not used POI yet. but will later this week. I also signed in and registered the product and signed up for “freshmaps” to get updated maps quarterly. I still need to try out the traffic alerts to see how it re-routes me if road problems. Screen is very clear/bright (adjustable too). So far, glad I got it! OH…still need to try voice recognition…have yet to try that and will report back soon. Get the plug in wall charger and Freshmaps if you order the 7200T and you will be set…it also comes with a soft pouch to store. The Operating system worked fine for me on a 2 hour trip, however I did notice the unit does get warm, but I had it on the brightest setting, so that may be part of it being warm. Voices: You have 2 choices…the womans voice is clear and pleasant…and only speaks if I get close to having to be ready to turn/navigate.

    Steve - December 2nd, 2008
  71. So I have since read the “ethics” section and now realize that Tim cannot comment on which unit I should buy. I have begun to look through the forums but have not seen any that specifically address the 7200T and the Garmin 760. Needless to say, I’m on features overload. Can ANYONE please enlighten me or point me to a post in the forums where Tim speaks to this? Many Thanks!!!

    Jeremy - December 2nd, 2008
  72. Jeremy, it isn’t that I can’t comment on which unit you should buy. Rather I won’t comment on which unit I would buy. I’m all about helping you make the right pick for you, not about which one best serves my needs.

    Tim - December 3rd, 2008
  73. Tim, I like the Navigon 7200T. The bluetooth is giving me fits though. I am trying to pair it with the Blackberry Curve 8330. If I start fresh, it will eventually pair after 3 attempts. If the Navigon goes dormant,it breaks the connection and I have to delete it from the BB and start over. I have checked all of the settings and they are right. Any help?

    Tommy - December 4th, 2008
  74. Tommy, I’m not sure– might want to try Navigon support for that one.

    Tim - December 4th, 2008
  75. Thanks Tim. I tried Navigon support earlier in the day. The tech I spoke with was stumped and said that they do not have a mechanism for elevating the question to a higher level of support(?). I think, basically, he didn’t know either and tended to blame it on the BB 8330 even though the 8300 is on their list of compatible devices.

    Tommy - December 4th, 2008
  76. Well, I just received my 7200T today. It crashed on first startup with a Fatal Application Error, then crashed twice more before coming to the startup screen and locking up. Wow, not a good first experience. After another reset I was able to get into the device. It didn’t pickup the satellites indoors so I went outside, 22F, and waited for 5 minutes. Nothing. I hit the reset button again. It got the satellites in less than 2 minutes that time. Oh, when this thing turns on from a reset the start up music is full volume and loud. Even after I had adjusted the volume to its lowest setting. The response to my finger taps is painfully slow at times, often not registering my tap. I attempted to recalibrate the touch screen, but the cross hairs moved very slow and jerky and I never was able to finish the process because the unit kept blanking the screen (standby I think). After only about 20 minutes the battery warning pops up, despite the main screen display of an almost full charge on the little battery icon. So, back to charging on my computer via USB even after I had charged it for two hours. This is one of the worst device experiences so far. I was impressed by the great looks and feature set, free traffic for life, free 2 years of fresh maps, and free Zagat POI’s. However, my initial impression is tainted by dismal performance and the damn thing constantly crashing with a Fatal Application Error or just plain locking up. Luckily the retailer has a good return policy. The GPS and software on my mobile phone has worked great and this was supposed to be a gift for the spouse. So far it’s junk.

    Bob - December 4th, 2008
  77. Well, I was wrong to assume that the device would acquire satellites within 5 minutes after turning on. The manual says that it could take up to 20 minutes for and initial satellite acquisition and 10 minutes after a reset from a full shutdown. Even my 2002 GPS gets an acquisition in less than 2 minutes. I must’ve got a bum device. Anyway, it’s still charging. I’ll call Navigon support and see what they can do for me.

    Bob - December 4th, 2008
  78. And another thing, the device came with a cloth storage bag with a draw string closure. But the bag is sized for a smaller unit! The 7200T has 4.3″ screen and sticks out the end of the bag. Man, where did quality control go? Another feature is an included plastic film anti-glare screen protector that sticks onto the main screen. I haven’t applied it yet because I’m afraid that it will only further degrade the terrible touch screen sensitivity.

    Bob - December 4th, 2008
  79. Just got my unit today. It works as well as my 2100Max (updated with FreshMaps). The startup time is a bit longer than the 2100 I guess due to the BT which has been working well with my RAZR. I like the BT feature which works a lot better than the BT on my Acura TL. Too bad the BT is not voice command. I hope they upgrade the voice command to allow going to saved favorites like “take me home”… My 2100MAX which I’m giving to my daughter has servered me well in the last 3 months of use.

    benjamin - December 4th, 2008
  80. Considering Garmin or Navigon like many of you, but leaning towards Navigon since it’s priced at $250 and comes with free traffic and other features. But, I read that many of the Garmins can transmit the voice commands through your radio, which is an interest of mine since I drive a convertible and I’m concerned about being able to hear everything with the top down. Does anyone know if the Navigon 7200t offers this feature? If not, is the Navigon 7200t volume loud (enough for a convertible)?

    Craig - December 7th, 2008
  81. Craig
    Navigon speaks only through the unit’s speaker, which is plenty loud! I don’t know which Garmin you are looking at, but the Navigon 7200T tops all of them below the 800 level. If you read reviews of the new 7×5 Nuvis, people have found problems not found in prior Garmins.

    Rusty - December 7th, 2008
  82. Has anyone else been having issues maintaining the BT pairing? Once paired, it works great until I turn of the unit. Once powered back on, often it looses its pairing.

    benjamin - December 7th, 2008
  83. If you are in the same boat as mine where your phone is not fully compatible with the 7200, turn off the BT feature on the unit. Leaving it on seems to eat up the CPU causing sluggish response on the unit and delayed startup. Unfortunately, until Navigon supports the Verizon RAZR V3m, I can’t use the BT feature unless I want to pair the unit everytime I turn on the unit :-(.

    Navigon does not publish a list of fully compatible BT phones. You have to call support everytime you are considering a particular phone model. How dumb is that!

    Benjamin - December 10th, 2008
  84. Hi Tim,
    Any idea when you will review the 8100T?

    Mark - December 12th, 2008
  85. Does the Navigon 7200 have maps for Canada or Puerto Rico?

    Maria - December 12th, 2008
  86. Mark, it will probably be 2-3 weeks. It won’t likely be a “full” review but rather a “delta” review to just talk about the features and functionality that are different from the 7200t, and any performance differences we find.

    Tim - December 14th, 2008
  87. It is good to see that I am not insane and that others have had the same problems with the 7200T. I have spent more time staring at a locked keyboard, resetting, restarting, Fatal Application Errors, 451 routing errors, etc then using the darn thing in the car. Numerous calls to Navigon bring very nice (American) reps. The last time one of them said it was clear that the 7200T was not “communicating” with its software, so they are sending a new MicroSD. But it’s not clear why that would make a difference in contrast to simply redownloading from the backup on the Navigon site. It’s clear to me that Navigon software and approach is not ready for prime time. Also, Navigon NEVER responds to emails although they say they will within 24 hours. If they can’t get their act together, they can look forward to going out of business fast.

    Dan - January 15th, 2009
    • I went through about 5-6 different 7200t, simply because they kept dropping the price of it by $50 every week, and I was able to exchange them. None of them had any locking or error problems you are describing. A couple of them had a bright pixel, but as far as software, all of them worked top notch. E-mail questions are responded within 72 hours, I would say, which is acceptable time frame.

      Vadim - January 18th, 2009
  88. Well, I can’t comment on your flipping
    through 5 or 6 units — I’ve never heard
    of anyone doing that. But I will say that
    any GPS manufacturer that has software that
    suffers from the kind of fatal application
    and other errors and lockups that are reported
    frequently with Navigon better do some
    re-engineering. As for their Email replies,
    I have emailed them three times and never
    received a single response.

    Dan - January 18th, 2009
    • Checked your spam folder?

      Vadim - January 19th, 2009
  89. I am only interested in getting the lowest price for this unit, and may start flipping the 8100T also. Pretty soon I’ll be looking to work at IHOP to flip pancakes.

    Vadim - January 19th, 2009
  90. Anyone have a problem setting the traffic feature and having it stay on “Current route only”? When I set it and leave, then go back, it shows “All traffic”, not just the ones on route. I have a 2100T and it did save it correctly.
    Can someone list the procedue after setting the traffic to “Current route only”? Maybe I am exiting incorrectly so as not to save it? Thanks !! I love the unit and have had no freeze ups. It did speak in German one time I turned it on even though the option setting was English, so I just hit the option and “reset” it to English, and it was fixed.

    Rusty - January 21st, 2009
  91. I am responding to the people losing their bluetooth connection on their Blackberry Curve. I haven’t used the 7200T but the problem is likely the Blackberry. I have the same problem with almost any non-headset Bluetooth connection from the Curve. After a few minutes of inactivity the Curve seems to decide I don’t need the connection even though the Bluetooth radio is still on.

    Jeff - January 29th, 2009
  92. I applied update 7.3.4 to my 7200 using Navigon Fresh. The maps were not updated! It still shows Q3 2008. I hope we get the Q1 2009 this month as promised!
    The notes indicate that the bluetooth firmware is updated with this release to support more phones. My experience with the BT on this unit is that it normally does not pair right away after the unit has been turned off. Hopefully this update fixes this issue. I have a Blackberry Curve.

    Benjamin - January 29th, 2009
  93. I am downloading Q1 right now. It did not want to load when I was using another SD card, gave me server errors. After I copied the original software on the original SD card, it fired right up.

    Vadim - January 29th, 2009
  94. Vadim – How did you download the Q1 maps? Did you use the Navigon Fresh application or did you downloaded the zip file from their website? Can you please verify that the maps are indeed Q1 2009.

    Benjamin - January 29th, 2009
    • It is through FreshMaps application, still on 40%. It says Q1, so I take their word for it. Before this release I couldn’t download anything.

      Vadim - January 29th, 2009
  95. I re-ran Freshmaps and it did install Q1 2009 maps. I verified that the map version on the GPS and it is Q1 2009. It was nice to see that the highway 4 bypass (Antioch, CA) is now on the new map. It was not there on the Q3 08 map.

    Benjamin - January 30th, 2009
  96. I found out what the deal with the fatal error that pops up is (although I haven’t had this issue personally). According to the support part of Navigon’s website, the error is caused by the unit not being fully powered down on the assembly line after the operating system is added. I have not contacted Navigon personally to confirm this information, but it sounds at least somewhat plausible. I purchased this unit after buying, using and subsequently returning both the 265WT and the 765T from Garmin. I was on the fence when I first purchased my GPS and I found that I was really dissatisfied with Garmin, especially the 765T. The touch screen on the latter of the units was all messed up and would activate the opposite side of the screen from where I was touching (despite 5 re-calibrations). After having used this unit I have to say that I love it!

    Ben - February 2nd, 2009
    • Well — I have heard this argument too
      from Navigon — that it’s a power issue.
      When I pointed out to them that most folks
      run it (or should) with the DC cord (which
      also enables traffic reception), they didn’t
      have an answer as to why a company would put
      out a product so sensitive to power/voltage
      issues. Think of it — every GPS I have
      seen has an issue with BATTERY power from
      the internal LION batt. But why should a
      Navigon, when powered by DC in the car,
      repeatedly crash with fatal app erros? This
      is just no excuse. . .

      Dan - February 2nd, 2009
  97. Please share any experience you have with pairing the Navigon 7200T with a Treo 650.


    Gary - February 7th, 2009
  98. Gary – the latest software update improves BT compatibility. I do not have a Treo but a Blackberry. Prior to the software upgrade, the pairing never survived after turning off the unit.

    benjamin - February 8th, 2009
    • I have had the same problem getting my Blackberry Curve to maintain a connection. It will do it initially when i pair it but after the connection is broken, I cannot get it back without re-pairing it. Where do I get the software update that will correct the problem? Thanks. Tom

      Tommy Griffin - February 9th, 2009
  99. Thanks for your comments and suggestions. After many, many attempts at pairing the Navigon 7200T with a Treo 650 (Sprint) using all possible combinations of steps, procedures, passwords; turn on the phone first, turn on the GPS first and so on. My frustration with the process is increasing, especially after getting absolutely no assistance from Navigon. They do not return emails and the “tech” on the phone reads right from the user manual. What do I do now?

    Gary - February 9th, 2009
    • Your phone might just not be compatible. The Treo 650 had several known Bluetooth issues on different carriers, so there might not be anything you can do about it. Many phone/GPS combinations are just not compatible.

      Tim - February 9th, 2009
  100. Is this blog about the 7200T going to only be about which phone someone can or can’t pair with their unit ? I thought it was to be about the unit/software and many features, not ONLY about his or her Bluetooth problems.

    Talia F - February 9th, 2009
    • People can discuss whatever they would like on this page provided it closely relates to the 7200T and isn’t about illegal activities or otherwise violate the terms here.

      Tim - February 9th, 2009

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