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NAVIGON FreshMaps Summer 2008 Update


Since it was announced, I’ve been a big fan of NAVIGON’s FreshMaps program. Basically, pay a single price now of what most other GPS companies charge for a single map update, and get up to 12 map updates over three years for that single price. If you are a subscriber, a new map update has been made available for download today.

If you want to grab some FreshMaps for your NAVIGON, you can find them available at these stores. Users are also starting to discuss the update in this thread of our NAVIGON Forums.

3 Responses

  1. Thus far, I am disappointed in the map quality of Navigon and quality control as well as their attitude toward customers who complain. I installed free update 1.2.When I reported that Navteq data listed a street that had been open for 4 years, they basically said tough luck. Everyone makes mistakes. Then, had to deliver a couple of items to addresses on long established streets. The first kept telling me to do U-turn, endlessly. The next, gave completely wrong directions. We live in a college town, lots of people near another MAJOR metropolitan area. Should be more accurate and most of all, should be more concerned about helping customers to perceive they are concerned about quality. Now, FreshMaps is FINALLY out and Navigon Fresh locks up computer and no other way to install the update! Arggggg. Excuses don’t do much to instill confidence. Wish I had never gotten this but it was a present.

    Daniel - August 9th, 2008
  2. I installed 1.2 with no problem but I did it by putting the memory chip into the card reader in the computer instead of plugging the gps 7100 into the machine. I have found it accurate and quick. No complaints now but I found many errors in the first version.

    Jim - August 13th, 2008
  3. I installed the 1st. update offered with Navigon Freshmaps. For those who care and wish to, would STRONGLY and HIGHLY recommend NOT TO install the accompanying computer Navigon Fresh software, but rather download the freshmaps update directly (using Other OS option) and then using a Card Reader, load the software (unzip) into the SD Card. Don’t forget to take a BACKUP of the existing software in the SD card (just copy the contents over). The reason being, the provided software has been designed by an idiot who forces you to use C:\ drive no matter what and then requires +5 Gb of free space in C:\ drive. Also, it’s horribly, horribly slow in update. The quality of the map in terms of updates – yes, it does have quite a few recent updates. Also, there’s quite a few additional POIs showing up, POI categories re-vamped/merged.

    Bob - August 18th, 2008

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