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The single biggest frustration users have with GPS devices is still map quality. While many GPS manufacturers have introduced programs to try and help, NAVIGON is the first major North American GPS manufacturer to offer a map subscription model. While many consumers, especially in North America, don’t like subscriptions, this could be a winner. NAVIGON’s program is called NAVIGON FreshMaps, and here is how it will work.

From a typical GPS company new maps are offered about once per year. Those maps typically cost between $75 and $125 to purchase depending on the company. Much like they did with their Lifetime Traffic service, NAVIGON is looking to buck the trend and offer users up to 12 map updates over a three year period for $79. That is an amazing deal.

This service will be compatible with the 7100, 5100, and 2100/2120 NAVIGON devices. You purchase the subscription, and for three years you can download up to 12 map updates. (Basically one every quarter, syncing up with the NAVTEQ release cycle.)

“Industry figures suggest the road network changes 15 to 20 percent annually. POI data is even more turbulent. FreshMaps is designed to provide users peace of mind by giving them regular access to quality map and POI updates,” said Andreas Hecht, NAVIGON’s President for the Americas. “FreshMap updates are field-verified, road-tested, and quality-controlled at the source. NAVIGON’s solution is to provide our customers what they want: regular, quality map updates that are easy to access.”

What is our take on this? Three years is about how long many people might keep their GPS before moving on to a different model. With map updates from anyone else costing the same more for a single map update, you would be crazy not to purchase this for your NAVIGON.

In The NAVIGON press release about FreshMaps, they took a little dig at the current map update process offered by companies like Garmin as well as a no so subtle dig at TomTom’s innovative MapShare program.

Where some GPS device makers sell ad hoc single map updates and others offer more frequent—but unverified—maps that are updated by user communities, NAVIGON’s FreshMaps uses trusted, field-verified, and quality-controlled map and POI updates.

I think there is still a huge need for a system like MapShare, but NAVIGON Fresh Maps seems like a no-brainer for NAVIGON owners.

NAVIGON FreshMaps should be available for purchase in April.

12 Responses

  1. Trying to locate Fresh Maps for my Navigon 7200 T.

    Ted Caban - June 28th, 2009
    • Navigon has pulled out of the North America market, so most (if not all) retailers are no longer selling the FreshMaps product.

      Tim - June 28th, 2009
  2. Since Navagon left up high and dry in north america, where can we get Freshmap updates? Thank You, Don

    Don - March 9th, 2010
    • You can still get them from Navigon, they are still offering map updates to FreshMaps customers in North America.

      Tim - March 10th, 2010
  3. I have a 7200T and want to get my maps updated. I was just on the Navigon website and did not see where the updates could be purchased from. If you know where, would you let me know? I’ve sent email after email to Navigon with no response at all. I’m about ready to dump this device and go with someone who will support their customer base.

    Steve - March 29th, 2010
    • Navigon is no longer selling new PND related products and accessories in the USA. While they have been continuing to offer map updates to people who previously purchased a subscription, I don’t believe they are selling map updates to those who have not already purchased a subscription.

      Tim - March 29th, 2010
      • I have the Navigon TS 7000T, how do i get maps for North America and Canada? I have been trying to get it for the lat few days and still no luck.

        Jay Mckenzie - February 17th, 2011
        • If you are in North America you might be out of luck as NAVIGON is no longer selling PND produce here.

          Tim - February 22nd, 2011
  4. Are Canadian maps available?

    Helen Hauver - May 31st, 2010
  5. The Navigon 2010Q2 update will remove the glitch in 2120max. But will not show street names on maps.
    How do we fix that?

    Pr - July 23rd, 2010
  6. I have a Navigon 6000t (has the word Transonic on the front). I bought this when I was in Europe. I am now in the USA and was trying to get this product (Navigon Fresh) to work for my system. The program does not recognize the navigon is connected to the computer.
    My questions are:
    1. Does the Navigon Fresh work with my model
    2. If so, am I having a CPU driver issue and where can I find one?

    Warren - July 25th, 2010
  7. Hi, I would like to know if anyone has realized how or where to locate new maps for Navigon. My unit is about 2 yrs old and I need new maps please

    Ellen - July 26th, 2011

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