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Navigon iPhone App adds 3D Terrain, Facebook, Twitter & MyRoutes


In conjunction with MacWorld, today Navigon released version 1.5 of their iPhone app. The app adds new features not yet found on most other iPhone navigation apps– 3D terrain, integration with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and the ability to identify and remember user’s preferred routes.

The 3D data comes from NASA and provides a more realistic picture of the world with hills and valleys. Dynamic shading adds to the effect, which should look pretty good on the iPhone’s display.

Navigon is also jumping on the social media bandwagon… or rather allowing users to stay on the social media bandwagon. The new version of the app allows users to post status updates to Twitter and Facebook. As an example you could post that you have left for a named destination, your current location, and an ETA. This can be posted with one click.

Finally, the app offers “My Routes” functionality which will analyze driver behavior and offer the driver multiple route choices that might match their preferences.

The app is being announced today but won’t become available until Spring, so don’t go looking for this in your app updates just yet.

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  1. New member
    Interested in a users guide

    Bill - June 6th, 2010

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