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Navman 520 GPS Review


Pocketgpsworld has written an extensive review of the NavMan 520 GPS.

From my own point of view (I work in the rail industry) the inclusion of railway data is a big plus. This may seem strange in what is an ‘in Car Navigation’ system but some of those access gates are well concealed. At least if I know where the line goes then I stand a reasonable chance of finding them.

A couple of niggles as far as I’m concerned are to do with mounting the unit onto a windscreen. Firstly you have to have the aerial flipped up to put the unit into its bracket. I generally run my Navman 635 with the aerial stowed and often forgot to raise it. Secondly the power chord can’t be plugged into the unit until it is in the bracket. The power socket is on the bottom of the unit and as I like the unit resting on the dash, I had to twist the whole mount sideways to get the power chord connected.

All in all I like what I’ve seen. This is definitely worth waiting for if you were thinking of buying a Navman iCN 510 but I’m not sure there is enough here for existing 510 owners to upgrade to the new software and maps, especially since full 7 digit postcodes aren’t yet implemented. However, should Navman introduce a competitive upgrade pricing policy, I might have to review this opinion.

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