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Navman For Sale


Navman has typically received mixed reviews for their GPS navigation devices. Their more popular PND, the Navman iCN 520 has had limited sales success, but is popular with some users.

Today, reader Bob forwarded us a statement from Navman’s parent company, Brunkswick, where they indicated the Navman business unit is for sale. (Brunswick is more well known for their billiards and marine equipment.)

“As we become increasingly focused on our core business segments _ marine, fitness, bowling and billiards _ we have determined that continuing to invest in this business unit to fuel growth is not consistent with our long-term strategic objectives.” – Dustan McCoy, CEO.

Other Navman devices have received similar mixed reviews such as the 7 out of 10 rating for the Navman iCN 500 and the 70% rating for the Navman iCN 320.

3 Responses

  1. […] Navman Sold to Navico About ten months ago we reported that Navman was for sale, today we hear word that the sale is nearly complete. Navico, a company from Norway, is expected to become the largest supplier of marine electronics for recreational boats as a result of the transaction. The deal is expected to close sometime in March. No word on how this might impact the Navman auto navigation devices […]

    Navman Sold to Navico GPS Review - February 18th, 2007
  2. It may be a good idea to update this site as it is now March 2008 and I find that this is not quite as accurate as the comments herein. I say this because I have a newer model Navman the S90I so I would asume from that, Navman are still in the incar Gps game, unless I missed something???

    Roger Delaney - March 21st, 2008
  3. Roger, much like a newspaper or magazine we don’t typically go back and edit old articles. Navman was indeed sold, but to Mitac, the parent company of Mio. Mitac has said they will continue to operate Navman. So they were indeed sold, however so far it hasn’t had much impact on the Navman name.

    Tim - March 21st, 2008

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