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Navman iCN 320 GPS


Theregister has reviewed the Navman iCN 320 GPS and gives it a somewhat disappointing 70% rating. They liked that it was very simple to use straight out of the box, but thought it had a somewhat unintuitive interface, the maps were too small, and there were not enough customization options.

Rather than take the usual approach and present a large map with moving pointer, Navman has opted to reduce the map to a small 2cm square and use the rest of the screen to display the next direction arrow you will take, along with the name of the road you are going to be turning on to and a meter that counts down the distance to your next instruction. It’s a novel idea and one that the missus liked very much. No longer did she have to look at a map, but merely listen to instructions given to her in either a male or female voice.

With full-function GPS units costing only fractionally more than this device, Navman has cut too many corners to make the £279 iCN320 really worth considering.

The small screen and failure to present a decent-sized map meant that at one point we actually had to consult a paper map to see what was going on, which defeats the object of GPS. If it’s going to focus on direction arrows, Navman should have made them bigger and ditched the map altogether – as it is, it’s so small there seems little point to it.

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