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NavMan PiN 570 GPS Review


Navman-Pin-570-GpsNavMan has released the NavMan PiN 570 GPS. (PIN stands for Personal Interactive Navigator.) The NavMan PiN 570 is a Pocket PC based PDA with GPS functionality. It comes preloaded with NavMan SmartST software and features a flip-up GPS receiver. The NavMan PiN 750 has the following major features:

  • Clear Turn-by-Turn Instructions: available in both male and female
    voices and a choice of 9 languages;
  • Multiple Navigation Views: 3D map view, 2D map view, quick next-maneuver icon view with 2D mini-map, and a text-based instruction list that displays the next four maneuvers;
  • Journey Planner: allowing users to define up to 12 preplanned stops en route to their final destination;
  • My Points-of-Interest (POI): enabling users to customize their PiN 570 by defining individual POIs, or downloading and importing other third-
    party POI databases;
  • Active My POI: definable alarms for the notification of approaching, user-selectable points of interest;
  • Nearest POI: providing quick access to a specific POI by shortest distance (e.g. closest gas station, parking lot, emergency room, etc.).

The NavMan PiN 570 GPS also includes Microsoft Pocket Outlook integration to add your contacts as POIs as well as the traditional GPS navigation services such as rerouting when off course, and a large POI database.

The PiN 570 has a 3.5 inch screen and the device has 64Mb of internal RAM with additional storage of 128Mb on an included SD card. The device includes Tele Atlas map data and is expected to retail for $499.95.

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