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NAVTEQ Announces Digital Maps of Romania


navteq-romaniaNAVTEQ has announced that digital maps of Romania will be available for GPS navigation soon. The data will include the capital, Bucharest, as well as fifteen other fifteen other Romanian cities and connecting areas. The GPS data will have about 1,500 POIs for Romania and coveres 11,400 kilometers of roads.

NAVTEQ notes though that it may take up to one full year before these maps wind up in GPS receivers around the world.

6 Responses

  1. Hi !

    I want to buy Romanian maps, and east eupoean maps compatible with SONY NAV-U , NV-U92T model.

    Please keep me in touch when I can buy it !

    Thanks !

    Eduard Bugoi - February 17th, 2008
  2. Looking for detailed east european maps (Romania – Hungary etc..) for Navigon 7100

    Let me know when over 40%, otherwise useless….

    Richard - May 19th, 2008
  3. Looking for Romania and east european maps for preinstalled navigator on my BMW 3 series, year 2005, with MKIV compatible with VDO Dayton DVD and CD. Let me know.


    Fabrizio - July 16th, 2008
  4. I would like to download maps for Romania compatible with Nokia 500.

    Morched - October 4th, 2008
  5. Hi,

    I would like to download maps for Romania compatible with TomTom One XL.



    Lilia - July 28th, 2009
  6. looking for detailed Romania map for built-in CD500 navigation system on a 2010 Opel Insignia

    Cristian - July 15th, 2010

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