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NAVTEQ Maps for Truckers


NAVTEQ announced today a new data set designed for the trucking industry. The data includes legal, height, weight, length, and recommended route information as well as Surface Transportation Assistant Act (STAA) routes.

“We continue to listen closely to our customers and partners to prioritize new content to service the transportation and logistics industry.  NAVTEQ is aggressively working to build a portfolio of excellent content – specific to the fleet and logistics industry and linked to the NAVTEQ map.  This effort will allow solution providers to further differentiate their products in the marketplace, either through increased efficiencies in the routing process or a unique ‘in-cab’ driver experience with the navigation system,” said John MacLeod, Executive Vice President of Global Marketing & Strategy for NAVTEQ.

6 Responses

  1. i,ll need alot of help when i get mine.due to being computer stupid.but willing to learn regardles of how long it takes.thank you

    porter - February 26th, 2008
  2. Really do need a navigation system to use in my job as a tractor trailer driver. Need to have one reasonably priced for truckers, with bridge heights and weights etc. Only one is by teletype but I am not familiar with their products. Would like to get one from a company I can trust. I am sure there has to be a disclaimer because trucker should also verifiy with their trucking map. But when we get lost it is difficult to find a good route back to where we were lost at.

    Linda Casper - September 8th, 2008
  3. I have a magellion but it would be nice to have a download map only for truckers that will show truck routes and bridge heights, loade weights & etc.download needs to be resonable price for us truckers to afford to get for our GPS units and compatable with all.

    Paul - November 20th, 2008
  4. The makers of Trucking GPS Systems need to look at the trucking atlas that is authorized by the trucking industry as governed by the US department of transportation they list the roads that truckers are legally authorized to use which list all the bridges,height,weight and other factors tolls and hazmat routes. This does not need to be a huge laptop just a nice eight to ten inch screen. They need to drive and map these areas as well as any legal alternate routes. Also the gps system should get the local names of these roads within the city sometimes a road sign is listed by a local name rather than what is posted on printed maps and sometimes this can be confusing to a trucker when the road name changes that doesn’t match the gps system. The trucker should have access to any exit and get satellite view by simple touching on the route information exit,steet etc, on the gps screen; this would be a great help in the larger cities. Also lane changes turn lane only and dead end street notification alert. The trucker gps should be able to locate the business on his map by name,address,phone as well as the address route. As well all truck stops and weight stations; private industry parking that allows for truckers to use their facilities over night “Walmart” etc. This would be a great help to truckers who may not be near a truck stop. Although truckers can not always avoid high crime areas as they may have to deliver to some of these areas it would be nice to have an alert and for those that do not need to deliver to those areas to be able to select an alternate route. Of course it needs to have fuel,repair,eating and other points of interest in their data base as well as a unlimited waypoint list for personalized entries.Last they need to partner with a excellent sound system company that allows for good stereo quality of sound and proper pronuciations of towns,roads etc. A quality sound system with outstanding built in internal and external speakers is worth the extra money. Finally we are talking about a GPS System built by and for the trucker only Respectfully, Jeff Wainwright

    Jeff - February 7th, 2009
  5. Also would be nice if you could touch the screen when you are about twenty miles out and find a legally alternate route that may be shorter and quicker. Note I said legal alternate route approved by the US Department of Transportation. We are talking about a Trucker GPS that is accurate and does what it suppose to do and not put a trucker out in the middle of nowhere. This would be a really nice feature.

    Jeff - February 14th, 2009
  6. New – Garmin Nuvi 465T GPS For Truckers.

    Tim - March 18th, 2009

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