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Magellan and NAVTEQ jointly announced the new NAVTEQ Traffic RDS service today. (RDS stands for Radio Data System) The Traffic RDS provides real time traffic information to GPS navigation devices.

Through the NAVTEQ Traffic RDS service drivers in metropolitan areas can receive alerts through their GPS when traffic jams and the GPS will provide re-routing if a faster route becomes available.

The system works over FM frequencies as opposed to other services which us satellite radio frequencies. The traffic data for NAVTEQ Traffic RDS comes from a variety of sources such as government transportation departments, emergency services, road sensors including cameras and airborne reports, as well as other commercial traffic service providers.

“Working together to offer NAVTEQ Traffic RDS to the Magellan RoadMate devices enables us to provide reliable traffic information to an extended customer base and driving audience,” commented Winston Guillory, Senior Vice President — Consumer and Business Sales, NAVTEQ. “NAVTEQ is committed to responding to the needs of its customers”

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  1. […] Magellan announced that their RoadMate 760 and RoadMate 700 GPS receivers are now ready to use the NAVTEQ Traffic RDS service. Further, Magellan has announced that all of their vehicle navigation systems introduced this year will be compatible with the traffic system. […]

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