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New GPS Satellite Launched – GPS 2R-M1


A Boeing Delta II rocket launched yesterday with some important cargo for GPS users, a new Lockheed Martin GPS 2R-M1 (IIR-14) GPS satellite. The new satellite is the first of eight new satellites that will soon go into orbit built by Lockheed Martin.

Improvements to signal power to ground receivers, new military signals with improved accuracy, a new civil signal are among the improvements. The military will also get additional encryption and anti-jamming capabilities.

One Response

  1. […] Recently, a new GPS satellite was put into orbit. This satellite is capable of broadcasting not only on the L1 (L1C) frequency, but also a new L2 frequency. (L2C actually, the C denoting civilian). The L2 broadcasts are on 1227.5 MHz. (Note I’ve also seen references to it being on 1227.60). […]

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