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New TomTom Models – 730 and 930


TomTom 930TomTom has just announced new GO models available at the end of April, the 930 and the 730. The two big new features of these models are what TomTom is calling IQ Routes, which uses historical data of average driver speed on road segments to calculate estimated travel time rather than posted speed limit data as well as a lane guidance feature.

TomTom JunctionSimilar to the NAVIGON Reality View, the Active Lane Guidance feature draws representations of complex intersections with lane guidance information.

The innovative IQ Routes™ technology is based on actual average speeds measured on roads, rather than posted speed limits. This means that the new TomTom GO range determines a route by considering all possible routes and then selecting the one that takes the least time based on recent historical data. In almost 50% of all journeys, this results in a faster route, and saves significant travel time, fuel, and money. This technology also takes into account all the factors that may influence the time it takes drivers to get to their destination, including traffic lights, rotaries, steep slopes and speed bumps.

TomTom Lane GuidanceIn addition, the new TomTom GO series includes TomTom’s Advanced Lane Guidance feature. Advanced Lane Guidance provides users with realistic representations of complex highway junctions and lane-specific visual directions that take the stress out of navigating these otherwise difficult junctions. Static images of road signs, in the same color as the ones displayed on the road, ensure that drivers have an even more realistic view of the road ahead, and their specific route.

Again, expect to be able to get your hands on these by the end of April. The 730 will be $450. The 730T with traffic will be $500. Step up to the 930 for $500, and the 930T with traffic for $550.

85 Responses

  1. Tim,

    Do you know if these features will be available on the 720 and 920 models?

    DonW - March 3rd, 2008
  2. I don’t know for certain, but I suspect they won’t be. At least not initially. The historical speed data for example requires a special map.

    Tim - March 3rd, 2008
  3. Will these devices have the ability to be portable and find your way back to your car (“breadcrumbs” function) as do the new Garmins?

    Ken - March 3rd, 2008
  4. Ken, you can actually do that with the current TomTom models as well. When you leave go to Menu -> Add Favorite -> GPS position. Then when you want to go back you can view the marked position and your current position on the map.

    Tim - March 3rd, 2008
  5. Apparently they aren’t planning any speech control function improvements on these particular units? Also, is your understanding that time of day will be figured in the historical traffic data?

    Gatorguy - March 3rd, 2008
  6. Correct on both accounts. I haven’t seen any indication of full menu support for voice recognition. Yes, the time of data will be figured into the historical traffic data.

    Tim - March 3rd, 2008
  7. I assume if time of day is included in the traffic pattern reports, that TTx20’s do have a tracklog function, date and time stamped, similar to Garmin, but just not accessible to the end-user?

    Gatorguy - March 3rd, 2008
  8. It perhaps isn’t a tracklog in the sense that it records lat/long/timestamp every couple of seconds, but yes, some sort of association between the date/time and a road segment is recorded. The data is stored in:


    The file which records if you have opted in or not is in:


    Note that they have been collecting this information (from those who have opted in) for quite awhile already.

    Tim - March 3rd, 2008
  9. How do you think the 930 (with both US and Europe) will stand up against the Garmin 670/770 series?

    Does one or the other have better mapping or anything else?

    ken - March 3rd, 2008
  10. That’s a difficult question Ken when you are talking about the two top of the line devices from the two top GPS companies. For most people it will come down to a personal preference rather than any big feature or performance parity. They will each have areas of the world where the map is strong and where the map is weak.

    Tim - March 3rd, 2008
  11. My question is why such a small ($50) difference between the two models? Is price pressure that intense already? It’s not even close to the Holidays yet. With EPT and EU maps, it seems smarter for the overwhelming majority of buyers to just opt for the 930’s.

    Gatorguy - March 3rd, 2008
  12. “They will each have areas of the world where the map is strong and where the map is weak.”

    Tim, which is which? What are the anticipated map strengths of each?

    Ken - March 4th, 2008
  13. It isn’t really that black and white. For example my hometown is fairly poorly mapped by TeleAtlas, and the NAVTEQ maps are better. In the town I’m in now the NAVTEQ maps have some significant errors while the TeleAtlas maps are pretty good.

    Tim - March 4th, 2008
  14. I’ve been waiting for speech recognition so I don’t have to try to punch in letters and number and I need bluetooth as California is mandatory handsfree in a couple months.

    I’m ready to buy two 920s if I can be certain that I can “TALK” the city, street and number into the GPS. Thanks for any advice.

    Bunnie - March 6th, 2008
  15. Bunnie – See our TomTom 920 Review where we discuss that feature and show a video of the voice recognition function.

    Tim - March 6th, 2008
  16. speech recognition is awesome….i hope its just as precise and accurate like the go 720, a gps that enjoyed very much.

    looking forward to it.

    mike - March 7th, 2008
  17. I just purchased a 920T and wondering if the IQ feature is worth returning this model?

    Dan - March 14th, 2008
  18. Is it true that the 530 wont have the same feature’s as the 520 has. voice recog and fm transmitter. If so will just buy 520 instead and wait for map update.

    Toe - March 23rd, 2008
  19. I just upgraded to a 920T, and just found out about the 930, should I return it andbuy the 930 instead? Is it that much better? and will I be able to upgrade the features on my 920?

    AL - March 29th, 2008
  20. The 930 hasn’t been released yet, won’t be available until the end of the month.

    Tim - March 29th, 2008
  21. is it worth returning 920 and waiting for a month for the 930?

    AL - March 29th, 2008
  22. You have mentioned before on other posts that TomTom offers software upgrades on existing systems if the specs (processor, etc) allow. Do you believe such an upgrade will be available to the people who have purchased 720 & 920?

    Heather - March 31st, 2008
  23. That is tough to say. It is certainly possible that the Lane Guidance features might make it in a few months down the road. However IQ Routes would require at a minimum a map update ($) since the data is built into the map. Tough to say… but I wouldn’t bank on it happening.

    Tim - March 31st, 2008
  24. Hello,
    I live in Portugal…
    Thank you for your reply about TT 910.

    Today you can visit Tom Tom`s Portual or Spain website, and see for the first time new TT series 930/730/530.Why was Portugal the first country to have these new models???

    Vasco - April 4th, 2008
  25. What are the map coverage, europe, on the 730. Is it only western europe as in the 720 or are there eastern maps installed too ?
    It comes with US maps witch are nice “over there” but we’ll rather have eastern europe “over here”, or is that still only on the 930

    Thomas Kaarup - April 6th, 2008
  26. I called the Tomtom Support (headquarter in New York) and they confirmed that the new features (IQ routing+Lane) won’t be on 920 for the applications and the maps are totally different.
    17 april 2008 – Canada

    canadamen - April 17th, 2008
  27. Just to clarify my previous post: 920 won’t be able to run the newly features even with updates, in other words, 930 is and will be totally different type of 920. That’s the confirmation from the support in New York

    canadamen - April 17th, 2008
  28. canadamen – I don’t think support personnel would have the authority to comment on future products TomTom might offer. Their PR people won’t comment if it will or will not be made available to other devices in the future, so I don’t think a support person would be be able to comment. There is no technical reason why it could not be made available through a combination of a paid map update and a free software update, and historically TomTom has made enhancements available on older devices after a period of time. (Think Where Am I, NavCore 7, etc.)

    Tim - April 17th, 2008
  29. I can verify that NavCore 8 will be installed on the TomTom X30 series. I work for TomTom Tech support, based in New York (the one that Canadamen called) and can verify that as of now, NavCore 8 will not be available to any prior units, nor are there plans to make it available to the X20 series or older units in the future.

    Mark - April 27th, 2008
  30. Mark – The same thing was told to customers who asked about a NavCore 6 upgrade (which was later made available) and the NavCore 7 upgrade (which was also made available). Historically, when the new application is released everyone is told “there are currently no plans” yada, yada, yada– and then later on it becomes available. I’m not saying that you were not told what you were told, nor am I saying that it will certainly be made available to older devices, but if your marketing/PR people won’t comment if it will become available or not it seems strange that support people would have more specific information than they would (that it won’t become available).

    Tim - April 27th, 2008
  31. im about to up-grade my tt700 and would like to know the difference between the 920 & the 930, what has what etc.

    Liam - May 5th, 2008
  32. Liam, you can find the answers to that question in our TomTom GO 930 review.

    Tim - May 5th, 2008
  33. Long time Tomtom user just got a garmin cause it was recommended. I’m not that happy with it and plan to return for Tomtom 930 BUT… I Love how bright the Garmin is compared to TOM tom. Any plans to fix this?

    Ray - May 9th, 2008
  34. One more thing… I looked up several POI on both the TT 930 and Garmin 780 and the 780 almost all the POI where TT930 was selective. Is there a Free update of the POI file? Why should I stay TT930 Vs Garmin 780?

    Ray - May 10th, 2008
  35. Had a chance to have a closer look at TT 730 in a shop recently. It now includes Eastern Europe maps which was missing in 720. Some nice features: no more need to go and switch maps. You do it when selecting a city. It looks that it now works with Windows Mobile enabled cell phones – for the first time I was able to get my Asus paired with TT. I do not know how, but the TT 730 was showing it was receiving 9 satellites inside a shop. Nice device!

    Giedrius - May 17th, 2008
  36. Tim, great website by the way. I am looking at the 730T or 930T (as oon as I can find a place that sells one!). BUT, I wonder how it compares to the new Navigon 2008 series (2100max, 8110, etc). I need maps for Germany & U.S. (California – LA, San Jose, San Diego) and TMC-RDS in BOTH countires. Thanks

    Bryan - May 19th, 2008
  37. “I agree that this isn’t a feature that will cause a significant amount of x20 users to dump on ebay to grab the x30, but it is a good improvement in time estimates and route choices.”

    Reading your site for several days now. I just dumped the Magellan 4250 (2 reasons – the logic gave me crazy routes and the fact you have to exit your route to look for a POI is annoying). Either way; looking at the 720 for $250.00 (albeit refurbished) and then with the 730 for $400.00… the IQ feature seems amazing and wondering, in your opinion, would the value be worth the $ in upgrading to 730 vs. 720?

    Patrick - May 28th, 2008
  38. Ray – We talked a little bit the other day about screen brightness. The Nuvi is certainly brighter, however I don’t think the TomTom has a bad screen and in some cases it is actually more readable. You can download more POIs from the TomTom HOME application, as well as various places around the net.

    Bryan – I’m really not up to speed at this point on map availability or traffic availability for North American purchased NAVIGON devices to be used in Europe. You might need to ask NAVIGON about that.

    Patrick – Somewhat difficult to say since I’d be judging hwo valuable $150 is to you, but for me personally I’m really happy with the improved performance of IQ Routes and would spend the extra cash for a 730 versus the 720.

    Tim - May 28th, 2008
  39. Tim,

    Thanks and I went out today and picked one up (730 that is). I plugged it in and it gave me the route that I would take using the back roads (moucho impressed). One thing though and it maybe that I am missing something – on the Magellan you can tap on the screen when you see a specific POI for the information – can you do that on the this device? Right now it only goes back to the main screen.

    Patrick - May 28th, 2008
  40. POI icons are only “clickable” from the ‘Browse Map’ mode.

    Tim - May 28th, 2008
  41. Thanks Tim –

    Another kudo for the mapping with IQ enabled for the 730 – the wife took it to find a friend on another side of town with lots of ways. The route chosen by the unit is the exact one her friend suggested using local knowledge.

    So far the unit has responded splendidly. I am going to Boston and Portland in the next two weeks so I can give you a better update later. I will say purchase a better mount – the one that comes with it is tooooooo short.

    Patrick - May 29th, 2008
  42. Hi folks,

    Are there specific releases of the 930. i.e. for the UK, for Europe? Somebody on eBay sells 930 claiming that he’s got UK specification and that specifications intended for the rest of Europe are not working 100% correct in the UK.

    Giedrius - June 1st, 2008
  43. the go930 are for sale in the nordics now and have been for almost 14 days

    Thomas - June 1st, 2008
  44. What is the BIG difference between the TOM TOM 730 and the 920 or 920T. One vendor wanted to sell me a high speed card to go in a 920. He said i would lose all info if I did not have this card. Said it was not just a SD card. What was he trying to sell me?

    Thanking you guys in advance

    IRVIN DANIEL - June 15th, 2008
  45. Irvin – You can read our TomTom GO 930 review which will highlight the major features that are also found on the 730 that are not on the 920. We also have an article: Do I Need an SD Card for my GPS?

    Tim - June 16th, 2008
  46. Get IQ Routes on TomTom 720 920

    Tim - June 27th, 2008
  47. If I purchase a Tom Tom 930 in the US, can I hook it up to a UK Traffic Unit? I’m interested in the 930 as I’ll be in the US later this year, but after that will be mainly using the device in the UK.

    Richard - July 24th, 2008
  48. Yes, if you purchase the compatible UK traffic receiver.

    Tim - July 24th, 2008
  49. Thanks Tim – so a US Traffic Receiver just won’t pick up any UK Travel at all – it’s a different system?

    Richard - July 24th, 2008
  50. Correct.

    Tim - July 24th, 2008
  51. Got my 930 last week. Nice device, but MapShare is dissapointing. The problem is that you can not make online changes even to your own maps. If you drive a new street which is not on the map, what you can only do is to report the missing street. Then one has to wait for God knows how long until Tomtom verifies the change and includes it in the new map release. You can only make online corrections to unblock a street, reverse traffic direction, edit street name, change turn restrictions, change road speed and add Poi.

    Giedrius - August 9th, 2008
  52. I suspect you cannot add roads through MapShare because the GPS just isn’t accurate enough to provide consistent coordinates for each point unless you drove the road repeatedly with some sort of tracklog recorder and then averaged the points.

    Tim - August 10th, 2008
  53. i’ve got the 730 and it’s awssome! i’ve had it for about a month and it’s lovely. The traffic is interesting (if perhaps a little sparse) and the maps could be a bit more accurate, but the depth and bredth of features is amazing!

    I also bought the fabulous mobilnova Media Center (www.mobilnova.com) to play videos on the 730 and am very impressed – it’s slick, fast and just works. For the money, i’m really happy. Definitely worth the investment as TomTom don’t provide a media player out of the box (no idea why not!).

    Andy Goundry - August 13th, 2008
  54. please ignore my above comment about MobilNova – it’s not quite as great as i first thought! more details to follow.

    Andy Goundry - August 18th, 2008
  55. hi, just purchased a 930t and i cant get the full postcode, am i doing something wrong?

    Liam - August 25th, 2008
  56. I was just wondering how do I use an external SD card with my TT930? There seems to be no choice in TT Home for copying music on SD card. Does it mean that I have to copy separatelly and then plug SD card into TT?

    Giedrius - September 7th, 2008
  57. When the card is inserted and connected to HOME you should have the option to pick which drive you want to work from.

    Tim - September 8th, 2008
  58. Ignore my above Mobilnova notes – I’m fed up with it being slow to start, slow to quit, a bit buggy (crashes), it’s very cheap (pixilated) looking interface and is a bugger to convert videos for – the included software didn’t work for me so i messed with others until i found something to work

    Don’t bother!

    Andy Goundry - September 14th, 2008
  59. Hi, I cannot make up my mind between the TomTom GO 730 and the 920. I am most interested in getting the 3. Voice Assisted Address Entry, 2. Spoken Street Names, 3. Active Lane Guidance and 4.Enhanced Positioning Technology. Do both of these models carry all of these? If not, which do they not contain? Thank you.

    Paula - September 20th, 2008
  60. The 920 doesn’t come with #3. The 730 doesn’t come with #4.

    Tim - September 22nd, 2008
  61. Hi,
    Hate to bother you again but I still cannot make up my mind. I do not have the money for the 930 so its between the 920 and the 730. Which would be the better choice since I cannot get all in one unit. I did have a TomTom XL which was stolen by breaking our car window out. I do know that I would like the streets verbally given and we were in Downtown Toronto and the GPS really got turned around with all the tall buildings. That said, which would be my better choice?
    Thanks so much.

    Pauli - September 22nd, 2008
  62. There are new map and application updates (should be free) that will effectively upgrade a 920 to a 930.

    Tim - September 22nd, 2008
  63. Hi Tim,

    Is there are any other differences between 730 and 930 except for EPT?

    Sveta Speil - October 4th, 2008
  64. Yes, the 930 also comes with a remote control and European maps. (And a few more POIs I think.)

    Tim - October 4th, 2008
  65. Looking to purchase the tomtom 730 but I was wondering what other types of maps other than Can/usa “can I add” to it. Can you put say Caribean or Bahamas ,Mexico.What price range would you guess I would pay for the Maps?

    charlie - October 13th, 2008
  66. Charlie, you can see the available maps here: http://www.tomtom.com/products/maps/select.php?Language=4&D=1002

    Tim - October 13th, 2008
  67. Hi Tim. I just had my 9 month old Tomtom 920t stolen. It stinks but I love Tomtom and I want to replace it. I am curious about the traffic funtion. I live in Atlanta GA and not once in the 9 months I had it did it pick up one traffic issue, when there are many issues every hour of everyday. I know I had it connected correctly; I had the green circle and traffic bar showing. What has your experience been with the traffic antannae? I am wondering if I should skip on the extra $50 for the “t” after the 930 (Which I can’t wait to get)!

    Thanks for your response.

    Chris - November 6th, 2008
  68. Chris, the traffic system works great for me, but I know there are significant issues with the service in Atlanta. Almost every time I hear a complaint about the service it is from someone in Atlanta.

    Tim - November 6th, 2008
  69. Was wondering if there is a software update that will make the 920 exactly like the 930. If so, does TomTom charge for that? Thanx.

    Jake - November 17th, 2008
  70. You can download an application update from TomTom for free. You also need a map update which might be free depending on where you are in the Latest Map Guarantee period. Those are the two components to essentially make a 920 into a 930.

    Tim - November 17th, 2008
  71. I have a Nuvi 350 that when I travel shows POI such as Golf COurse-with name, lakes and rivers- with name. I bought the new 765T but Garmin/Navteq chose to eliminate this feature. DO you know if Tom Tom has anything?

    Fred - December 5th, 2008
  72. Is the 930T that different from the 730? Which one would you recommend buying?

    Chi - January 1st, 2009
    • The 930 includes more memory, maps of Europe, a remote control, and an “Enhanced Positioning System” that facilitates tracking if the GPS system is temporarily lost (like in tunnels).

      Tim - January 2nd, 2009
  73. I have had a Tomtom 730 for six months and on a recent trip from Toronto,Ontario to Pomano Beach Florida the lane guidance feature came on once! I also have a Navigon 2120max ungrade with fresh maps and the lane guidance comes at all major intersections. I am very disappointed with the Tomtom and use the Navigon exclusively. Although the Navigon does not have all the bells and whistles I believe it does a better jog of guidance. Also, the free traffic seems to work great.

    Mark Courtemanche - January 24th, 2009
  74. I have decided on the TomTom 930 which was recently on sale for $359. I was waiting for it to drop to $350. It’s now back up to $499. There are refurbished 930s everywhere for $249. What’s up with that? Are they being returned at an alarming rate? What are the risks of purchasing a refurbished model? Is a new model scheduled to come out that includes Europe?
    Thanks for your help.

    Claire - January 30th, 2009
    • See our article on Refurbished GPS Devices for more information on them generically. You see more of them this time of year due to holiday returns where people received something they either didn’t want or in duplicate.

      Tim - January 30th, 2009
  75. Hi, it was mentioned earlier that there are map and software updates to upgrade the 920 to the 930. Does anybody know whether the same upgrade path is available for the 720, to a 730?
    This is a great website. Very helpful.

    Stuart - February 23rd, 2009
    • Yes, the same procedure applies.

      Tim - February 24th, 2009
      • Many thanks

        Stuart - February 24th, 2009
  76. Hi,
    I just bought the 730 and really liked it, but it won’t connect with my T-Mobile G1. It says it’s paired but not connected, so all I can do is hands free phone calls, no traffic info or all the other good stuff I thought I would get with my data plan. Any chance that Tomtom will be adding the G1 to it’s list of approved phones? Otherwise I’m thinking of returning it for the Garmin Nuvi 780, same price but the Nuvi will connect to the G1.

    Yvonne - July 22nd, 2009
    • Keep in mind though that the Nuvi isn’t compatible with any phones for the purposes of downloading data like traffic.

      Tim - July 22nd, 2009
  77. Hi,
    I’m currently testing both the Garmin 780 and the TT 730 side by side. Garmin’s street view is like a cartoon, I can’t tell where I’m supposted to be driving, while the TT 730 has much more realistic looking (and easier to follow) visuals. Today the Garmin told me to turn left where no left turns are permitted, while the TT had me turning .25 miles ahead, as is correct. The Garmin also told me to turn left on a street while the TT had me turn right to get to the same address. TT was correct, Garmin had me 2 entire blocks away! BUT, I LOVE the Garmin’s POI’s, any way of getting better POI’s on the TT 780? Oh, and the TT has voice recognition, Garmin has you typing in the address & city. When will TT connect to the T-Mobile G1?? I can’t use the handsfree or traffic which is a big loss. But…I’m sending the Garmin back.

    Yvonne - July 28th, 2009
  78. Fantastic GPS device, this 930! Have been using TomTom’s since 2005 when my first TT, a GO 700, set me back close to $400. Now, everyone in the family has one. The lane change feature alone is worth price of admission; “Safety Is No Accident.”

    The newer XLs are less expensive but do not have some of the 930’s features. Still, most folks don’t need an MP3 player or photo slideshow viewer. Oh, well, ….

    Ken - May 10th, 2010
  79. What is the difference between all o the Tom Tom models 340, 550, etc… What does each have different than the other. I want to buy one but need some guidance, please?

    Thank you.

    Veronica - December 24th, 2010
  80. One thing I believe should be on any GPS is trip rememberance I resently took a trip to my daughters and I have a route I always go. So I set the GPS for her address and many times the GPS wanted me to go a differant route. I it would be nice if the TomTom GPS had a remberance button so that the next time it would go your way. I was turning in her driveway and it said you have reached your disternation so it still got me there Bill

    William - October 5th, 2011

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