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Nextel Sprint GPS Services – TeleNav, Mobile Locator, Trimble Outdoors, MapQuest, PC*Miller


Nextel / Sprint now has a page published highlighting their different GPS technologies:

  • TeleNav – Phone based visual and audio turn by turn directions
  • Mobile Locator – Monitor the locations of your employees
  • Trimble Outdoors – Phone based outdoor GPS system
  • MapQuest Find Me – MapQuest Location Services
  • PC*Miller – Driving directions specific for truck drivers

In the last few months GPS services available on cell phones has certainly been on the rise with most of the larger carriers now offering GPS services.

One Response

  1. I own 3 Nextel phones for the company I own. My phone has GPS service. Can I track my phones location from my PC? If so where and how? I want to do this as a test basis with my own phone. If all works well I will purchase GPS for all my current and future units inorder to track my employees movements while they are on the time clock.

    Michael Lasota - April 11th, 2008

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