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Novogo V30 V50 V70 V90


Novogo-V90-GpsVoice Recognition has finally come to GPS by a company called Novogo. The Novogo GPS receivers feature voice recognition software that allows for operation without even needing to tap your finger on the screen.

The Novogo GPS systems will come in four models in what they are calling the V series; the Novogo V30, V50, V70, and V90. Each model comes with pre-installed maps of either North American or Europe on SD cards. They also take style points by having interchangeable faceplates in a variety of colors.

Some of the systems all come with remote controls and some apparently even come with free real time TMC traffic reports.

48 Responses

  1. thanks

    docbob - January 1st, 2006
  2. I bought my Novogo V30 GPS, great machine.
    Only 1 problem with the voice activated system.
    The system only recognised the location which are stored by me e.g. my home or office.
    Not the new location.
    Suppose if I want to go to new city and I know the post code, voice systems does not work. I have to type the new post code and save the location in my favorite & record the voice of that location. Next time I wanted to go there again then I can use voice command feature.

    Other than that OK.

    Saad - March 21st, 2006
  3. Great information to know Saad, thanks for the comment!

    GPS Review - March 21st, 2006
  4. I’m having a devil of a time finding info & places to purchase a V50.

    I live in California. Does the V50 sold on European sites come with USA maps & does the TMC traffic report works in the USA?


    Jason Bardis - March 24th, 2006
  5. Hi Jason,

    I don’t know with 100% certainty the answers to those questions. However I would bet that the European devices do not come with both European and North American maps. I believe you get one or the other. I would make the same assumption about the TMC traffic reporting.

    I haven’t been able to dig up too much US information about the devices. I have been in contact with representatives from Novogo, but I’m still waiting for answers to these questions for you.

    GPS Review - March 25th, 2006
  6. Thanks–as soon as you do find US availability info, *please* post here. In the meantime, note that this page (http://novogo.com/v/over-v50.htm) says “Regional Map or Seamless Pan-Europe Map, North America Map Pre-Loaded”, and from what I read elsewhere, it sounds as if you get a CD with *all* maps, but the ones preloaded on the SD card depend upon where you bought it.


    Jason Bardis - March 26th, 2006
  7. Jason – I did hear from Novogo today. They said the devices will be on sale directly on their website in April. I’ll try to get more answers to some of your other questions.

    GPS Review - March 27th, 2006
  8. Sir/Madam,
    Have just bought a NOVOGO T30 in the UK. First impressions are good but am concerned that I am unable to contact Novogo with any support questions/available downloads etc. The Support/FAQ links dont work on their website, there are no phone numbers, no postal addresses, nothing.
    Any ideas?

    Gary Bunn - March 27th, 2006
  9. Hi Gary – Have you tried emailing them from their contact page:

    GPS Review - March 27th, 2006
  10. Hi,
    Have emailed aaron_tu@novogo.com…no reply.
    Have just tried info@novogo.com but am not optimistic.
    I have queries on the capabilities of the T30 which I believe are not as described on their website. I would like to know where I can purchase a compatible map of Europe or at least France.
    I would like to know where I can purchase accessories.Any help from your user group would be appreciated.
    Thanks in anticipation,

    Gary Bunn - March 28th, 2006
  11. Hi – Can anyone tell me which novogo GPS’s will allow avoidance of motorways, thanks Mike

    Mike Hughes - March 30th, 2006
  12. How does one correct the sea level indicator?
    My over the speed limit indicator doesn’t seem to be working.

    Rick Nigro - May 12th, 2006
  13. Rich, I could be wrong but I wouldn’t imagine there is a correction setting for altitude. Altitude should be derived from the GPS, not from barometric pressure like other altimeters. I would contact Novogo directly about the speed limit alerts.

    GPS Review - May 12th, 2006
  14. V70 is for US and Canada market, with maps of both country preloaded. Collection Pan European disc are available for accessory as well. However, the Pan European map does not allow cross-country route planning, so you can choose one country at a time to upload to your SD card.

    Only the European version of V70 and V90 have seamless pan European map preloaded.

    infor@novogo.com is up and running without any problem. I believe they would be more than happy to help you with any question.

    NOVOGO - May 25th, 2006
  15. Hi- Can anyone tell me if it is possible to bu the colour fromt plates for the V30. Have tried contacting Novogo direct but have had no joy from info@novogo.com.

    Phillip Jones - May 26th, 2006
  16. It would seem that the link on NOVOGO’s website relates to “info@novogo.com” and I keep getting auto-replies back saying that the mailbox is over the limit.

    However, according to the post from NOVOGO above, this should be “infor@novogo.com”. Regardless of this I have also emailed the support@novogo.com and never get a reply from it.

    I have been trying to find out for 2 months now, how I can purchase the European Map CD/DVD. NOVOGO refer me to my supplier, my supplier refers me to the map company (NAVTEQ) and Navteq refer me to the device manufacturer (NOVOGO), and i am still without a CD/DVD!

    Also, I am wondering whether the European map that I purchase will be the seamless pan, or the collection maps.

    Has anyone had any success in finding “anyone” who sells the european maps on CD/DVD??

    Andy Perry - July 26th, 2006
  17. Andy – the maps would need to come from either the location where you purchased (or will purchase) your NOVOGO v series GPS or directly from NOVOGO. They would not come from NAVTEQ.

    Here is a FAQ from their website regarding the European maps.

    The seamless Pan Europe map can allow you to do the cross border navigation, take for example, from Germany to France. We provide the seamless Pan Europe map for our A70, T70, V70 and S70 models.

    While for the T30, A30, V30, V50, S30 models, the Pan Europe map is not seamless, it is with 27 separated European country maps collection DVD.

    GPS Review - July 26th, 2006
  18. So, it would not be possible to even purchase the seamless map then if i have a V30? Is this a limitation of the device itself to only accept pan collection software (such as a firmware limitation)? In other words, if i was to say that I had a V70 and purchased the seamless map, would it not work on the V30? or is it just that they will not allow you to purchase the seamless map unless you have (and can prove) that you have a V70?

    I purchased the device from MicroDirect, who say they do not sell the map seperately, but NOVOGO are telling me that I cannot buy from them directly, and that I need to contact MicroDirect (or in their actual words, the original supplier of the device).

    Andy Perry - July 26th, 2006
  19. I suspect that there is a limitation of the V30 (could be memory or firmware) that will prevent it from using the seamless map.

    Sounds like you might need to get a three way call between NOVOGO and MicroDIRECT. ๐Ÿ™

    GPS Review - July 26th, 2006
  20. True! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I might end up biting the bullet, and purchase the V70, or even a PDA, and then I can choose the software and maps to install.

    Frustrated more than anything, that I did not research it better, as I like the product, just think it is incredibly difficult to buy something that should be simple ๐Ÿ™


    Andy Perry - July 26th, 2006
  21. I got a Novogo V30 yesterday and it was working fine but this morning i pushed an icon on th screen and it switched off and i cant switch it back on again. i have removed the battery and the SD card and ive even pushed the reset button and still it doesnt work, Can anybody help me?

    Brendon - September 22nd, 2006
  22. Brendon, have you tried to connect it to another power source to rule out the possibility of a dead/defective battery? If so then it sounds to me like you might have a hardware issue and I’d contact Novogo or the store you purchased your V30 from.

    GPS Review - September 22nd, 2006
  23. i have recently purchased the novogo T30. it is a good piece of equipment but it will not display speed signs or warnings as quoted in the manual. any ideas? am i doing something wrong?

    chris - October 13th, 2006
  24. I am also unable to contact Novogo.have been trying for 2 weeks now, an again after 3 emails, still no reply. Does anyone out there have a Phone number for the UK Support at Novogo? I have a V70 and im trying to find out if im able to get a TMC upgrade for it. Im also trying to find out when they are going to update the map, as ive found a couple of places that arent even on the map, for example the estate my father in law lives on which has been there at least 3 years. And also where i can get any screen protectors and them small plastic pencils to touch the screen with.

    Hope someone out there has a phone number for me to get in touch with Novogo.

    Best regards

    Rob Engvikson - October 22nd, 2006
  25. this is for anyone in the UK who is experiencing problems with novogo equipment. i have recently purchased a novogo T30 which althougth a great piece of equipment will not display speed signs or warnings. i have manage to contact novogo support who state that the maps supplied do not have many speed signs/warnings programmed into it but a software upgrade will be available approx december. the new software will also have DIY POI option and a full post code search. if you are having trouble contacting them try dennis_su@novogo.com

    chris - October 24th, 2006
  26. Is Novogo the only company offering GPS with voice recognition ? According to the first comment here, its voice recognition only recognizes prerecorded locations, it is kind of strange, can someone confirm this ? Thanks

    GPS - January 17th, 2007
  27. I’ve seen information from other companies who say they will soon be offering voice recognition on their GPS products, but no word on release dates.

    Tim - January 17th, 2007
  28. Yes, you enter destinations manually, using the touch screen, then you can save a destination & give it a voice tag. You can then later recall that same destination by hitting the voice button & speaking the voice tag. It just saves you some time if you go to the same destination frequently, since manual touchscreen entry’s a bit cumbersome.

    Jason - January 17th, 2007
  29. Hi can anyone with a Novogo V series with TMC tell me what info you get from the TMC function.

    Do you get audible message saying trouble ahead.
    DO you get a text type style message wartning pop up on screen explaining the problem. Or does the system jsut do this in background and make change to your route without saying why.


    simon - May 31st, 2007
  30. hi.few months ago i was surfing the net and saw a gps system that displays streets and buildings like in a cartoon wile you drive. it was an incredible device. i did not record the name of the company that makes this gps. has anyone heard of this? thamks

    joeg. - December 2nd, 2007
  31. I bought a Novogo V series. I have not used it for a day since I bought. The screen is scrambled when switched on and it will go blank. I have been trying hard to reset it to the factory setting but to no avail. The website is not helpful. really stressed. Pls need help on how to hard reset it. I don’t have the CD anymore

    Faxala - December 23rd, 2007
  32. I have a Novogo V70, am based in Ireland and my problem is as follows:

    When I enter a ‘point of interest’ (e.g. Beaumont Hospital, Dublin 9) and hit the ‘Start Navigation’ icon, a dialog box appears with the text ‘Calculate route to:’ and a progress bar appears at the bottom of the box indicating how much of the route has been calculated. The calculation never proceeds further than 1 %. This happens for a number of streets and points of interest within Novogo. So while the map installed lists various streets and points of interest, Novogo fails to show me the route to these.

    Would appreciate any help with this frustrating issue.

    JH - March 15th, 2008
  33. Are there any Mpa updates for the Novogo V70? UK & Europe. Had my Novogo a couple of years now, cannot find any updates and i really need some. Trouble is, the Novogo site seems to be constantly offline now, has been for quite a while, have they gone bust or something?

    Rob - June 6th, 2008
  34. Sorry that should read Map updates.

    Rob - June 6th, 2008
  35. Rob, I think Novogo is go no more. ๐Ÿ™

    Tim - June 6th, 2008
  36. novogo is an absolute no go. had one for two years and is rubbish. no updates. no customer service. not accurate. bought a tom tom and what a difference. save your money and buy something reliable.

    chris - June 8th, 2008
  37. Je veux mettre mon Novogo v70 a date ou dois-je me procurer les donnรฉes????

    Rร‰AL D ANJOU - June 20th, 2008
  38. Where can we upgrade or update our gps. I got the novogo v30

    Thank you

    George - July 12th, 2008
  39. I have a novogo v70 and it won’t get past the agree message. Does anyone have a hint or no where I can get it fixed. Novogo seems to have no repair in America.

    Bill Tilman - September 21st, 2008
    • bill,
      i have same issue the screen needs to be replaced. I have been trying to get hold of replacement to no avail. looks novogo have gone under. its easy to replace the screen however another job to get hold of one :-{

      Ismail - April 13th, 2009
  40. reply to email if can.

    Bill Tilman - September 21st, 2008
  41. I have tried several email addresses for novogo which have been posted on this site but I always get a daemon-mailer reply can anybody help

    rick allen - November 5th, 2008
  42. Rick, Novogo is long gone from the USA market.

    Tim - November 5th, 2008
  43. i have bought a novogo v30 on starting it says canot load the resource dll can you help please

    Carel greeff - November 15th, 2008
  44. Hi All
    Can some one please tel me were can i take my Novago V90 for repears in South-afrika i am near Johannesburg.

    Gerhard - April 6th, 2009
  45. anyone know where i can purchase a replacement lcd touch screen for novogo v70 in the UK?

    Ismail Mayat - April 13th, 2009
  46. I have a nova go V300 car navigator and it don’t pick up the sattelites can you please send me the details were i can give this unit in for repair i am living in South Africa Pretoria region THANKS

    Manie - December 22nd, 2009
  47. I have inherited a Novogo V gps unit. Unfortunately there is no manual or book of instructions to help me utilise the unit properly. Can i purchase this manual anywhwere in South Africa or can some kind hearted person out there e-mail me any information which may assist me with suitable instructions on how to use the devise .
    Many thanks

    bernard - December 9th, 2011

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