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Nuvi 700 Series Arriving


We’ve been getting reports from customers this week that their Garmin Nuvi 700 series devices have received shipping notifications, or in many cases customers have been able to pick them up direct from store shelves like we have. So far all of the reports have been for the 760 reaching customer hands, and the initial feedback (very positive as expected) is starting to flow in. The biggest difference in the new 700 series over the 600 series is Multi Destination Routing capabilities, an integrated rather than flip-up antenna, and a sleeker profile. We will of course spend a few hundred miles with our new toy and get back to you with the results!

One Response

  1. I have a Nuvi 770 and curious about the charging. I plug in the 12V charger and the battery icon disappears. In the manual it states not to disconnect from power source until fully charged. How do I know when the battery is fully charged when the icon has disappeared?

    Lewis - December 24th, 2007

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