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NY Times Reviews TomTom ONE


An article about the TomTom ONE has appeared in the NY Times today. The brief words about the ONE mention the small overall size, same 3.5 inch display, as well as the map coverage. They seemed to enjoy the price point and lack of unnecessary features.

Unlike most G.P.S. receivers that have been released recently, the TomTom One doesn’t also play videos or MP3’s. It does just one thing: help you find your way. But its list price, at $500, is lower than the discounted prices of most comparable receivers.

They also note that the TomTom ONE is compatible with the PLUS services such as the Buddy Finder, weather alerts, and traffic alerts.

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One Response

  1. I’m very excited that the TomTom ONE has come out, I have been on the market and this handheld GPS seems to be the best bang for your buck and still loaded with features too!

    Bubblygirl - August 30th, 2006

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