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Did Your Omnitech GPS Fail Over the Weekend?


We’ve been getting reports over the past couple of days from people who have certain GPS devices, mostly from Omnitech, that are no longer connecting to satellites. No… this isn’t part of the GPS “Doomsday” scenarios conjecture floating around, this is real. Typically we’d point people to our Acquiring Satellites and people would be on their way. Not this time.


It looks like Omnitech has released a fix for their software bug, it is available here: http://www.navsupport.net/gps/quickfix/index.html

It seems this is something more serious. It is only impacting a few, lesser known brands. None of the big players were impacted or patched their systems a long time ago. Frequently cited as the culprit is the SiRFstarIII chipset, however I can attest that I have several devices with that chip that are still working just fine today.

The issue seemed to appear on Saturday, June 13th and impacted devices like the Omnitech haven’t been able to connect to the satellites since then. According to a “sister” company of Omnitech, the fault lies with a change the US made to the satellite system on that date. I call BS about that as the forty or fifty GPS devices I have in my office were not impacted. Omnitech support is replying to people with this note:

We apologize for the inconvenience you are having acquiring a GPS signal.
Due to the high volume of calls and emails, you will not be able to speak with a representative. The problem is not only happening with your device.

GPS receivers are having a problem communicating with the GPS satellites since saturday June 13th, the GPS manufacturer is currently working very closely with the GPS satellite authorities trying to resolve this matter urgently, a solution is expected to be available within days.

Please send your contact information to info@navsupport.net or fax them to 6269560622 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please submit only one request. You do not have to call us back regarding this matter, we will get in touch with you directly as soon as a solution is available within the next few days

Some people have received word that a fix will be available on or before Friday the 18th. Is your GPS deaf to the satellites? Let us know below.

228 Responses

  1. Mine also still doesn’t work. I think everyone should report the manufacturer to their state’s attorney generals office as well as the Better Business Bureau. They should be providing all customers with a new memory card that makes the unit work at the least. We shouldn’t have to pay a dime. Also Staples for doing nothing to help us. I bought an extended warranty (idiot that I am) and Staples says that this only covers the hardware and they consider this a software problem.!

    I’ve reported this problem to my credit card company and they are going to investigate.


    Diana - June 22nd, 2009
  2. Thanks for posting! I read a couple of posts that said they just turned their systems back on and they were working. So, I said what could it hurt? I turned it on and believe it or not; it worked! Praise the Lord!! Also note…I went back to Staples to buy the SD card to try the fix; and they had NO CLUE as to what I was talking about. NADDA!! The salesperson mumbled something about a “recall”??? Was there a recall? “Im not sure, but I remember hearing something about Omitech”… Excuse me, what? I just bought the SD card and left. What a joke!

    Deborah - June 22nd, 2009
  3. Diana, I so agree with you. However, mine began working this evening out of the blue! I was reading some of the posts and someone said they just turned theirs on and it was working. So I tried it, and lo and behold! I got a signal! However, I agree that this should not be a cost to us, the consumer. They should have a re-call on everyone of these junk boxes and give us all working and reliable ones at NO cost to us! I am just so thankful that mine is working again! I am not very computer literate and I was waiting to get help with the “fix” down load from my daughter n law and my son. Good luck to all of you.

    Deborah - June 22nd, 2009
  4. my started working yesterday, but the GPS time is always staping at 12/31/1999, 20:00:00.
    I checked time setting no way to adjust it…

    Henry - June 22nd, 2009
    • You’re right, there isn’t a way to adjust the time. I believe they are still working to get this part of it updated.

      Jeanette - June 23rd, 2009
  5. When my Omnitch GPS stopped working I beat the crap out of it. Will I get a replacement for punching it?

    Rodney - June 23rd, 2009
  6. Diana, try to reset your system. I have two of these, one worked right away just by turning off and on. The other, I had to reset. If you go to Homeland Security site I posted above, I believe the problem is not just with the company. It seems more global, though Omnitech could’ve prepared for this ahead of time instead of playing catch up now.

    Jeanette - June 23rd, 2009
  7. I still can not get anything on my G P S it is july 20th and i am not happy, I guess i should have bought a garman. LOL

    kevin - July 20th, 2009
    • Kevin — the issue “fixed itself” long ago, and as noted there was a patch available even before that. Have you contacted Omnitech? You might have a totally different issue… Did you try applying the fix? What are your symptoms?

      Tim - July 20th, 2009
  8. The Omnitech freezes up and you have to reset it everytime! I’ve never been able to use it to get to a location yet 🙁 I should have listened to my grandson and purchased that Garmin.

    Evelyn - July 27th, 2009
  9. My Omnitech quit also I can’t even get to go past the first screen. Only had it 3 months.

    Ed - July 27th, 2009
  10. My Omnitech gps loads until the first page where it give you three options of “GO”, “Map” and “Settings”. But when ever I click on any of the three options nothing happens. I have tried restarting it, but still nothing happens. I have only had it for a couple of months.

    Mushell - August 1st, 2009

      ELIZABETH RAINEY - August 19th, 2009
    • I had mine for about 2 weeks and it worked well, all of a sudden not a thing. I won’t go past the first screen. When you hit either command on the screen it will do the little beep then nothing, until I get a warning that I did an illegal function. I tried reset and get nothing. It has been 9 months, and still nothing.

      sandra - March 7th, 2011
  11. My Omnitech gps just as the previous posting,loads up only to the 1st page with 3 options then freezes.I have reset it coulpe times to no avail.whats should I do?

    cosmo samson - August 2nd, 2009
    • i also have had touble of the omnitec freeseing up after it geets to the serch for the new address can you help me please ron auger

      ron auger - December 27th, 2011
  12. Mine does the same thing.
    I googled omnitech and emailed them to send a new SD card.
    Haven’t received yet still waiting, been 1 week so I’m patient,
    so far.!! Good luck

    Ed - August 2nd, 2009
  13. Mine also freezes at the “Go!/Map/Settings” screen. I performed the firmware update several times, noting that the touch screen DOES work during the update (DON’T INTERRUPT THE UPDATE WHILE IT’S RUNNING!!)

    I have just now emailed “info at navsupport dot net” with the description of my problem and my futile attempts to get into a “service mode” screen to try to diagnose it myself. We’ll see how they respond.

    My wife also has one, that works, but is slow to acquire the satellites. I’ll try the F/W update on hers when I have a chance.

    Guy Clark - August 10th, 2009
  14. As a friend told me last week re this GPS – “it is officially a piece of sh..!” I hadn’t really used it until a trip to the mountains in NC and while trying to make it back to our cabin last Thursday it actually sent us down an 11 mile one-way road in the Smokies. When I stopped the car the GPS kept moving like it was already getting me home.
    To make a long story short – I wasted my time downloading the “fix” and mine is also stuck on the third screen with “Go! Map and Settings”. At least it isn’t stuck on “System loading” anymore…that was its usual spot. Omnitech has NOT fixed their problem and I’m even more upset that Staples is not standing by it either. The manager at my Staples told me, “sorry – we’re not carrying this anymore…there’s nothing I can do to help you.” Bad business for both companies.

    Kelly - August 20th, 2009
  15. I’m sending mine back, I’ll ley you all know the out come.
    First I have to get a R.A.N.

    Ed - August 20th, 2009
    • My Omni Tech was a gift……….What a joke………Can you help me with a return address ? I am 82 years old and just can’t handle this thing.
      Hopefully there is a return place for this type problem.

      Thanks for your considerations.

      Al Broach - October 12th, 2010
      • I have been trying for two years and more to get satisfaction from “STAPLE INTERPRISE” AND OF COURSE NOT EVEN A REPLY.

        Alfred H.Broach - August 24th, 2011
  16. Same problem with my omnitech….bought the replacement warranty…..called staples warranty center from the store and they gave me a case number and the store gave me a gift card for the original purchase price toward another unit…

    Barry - August 21st, 2009
  17. Does someone have the original nk.bin file? mine got accidentally deleted. 🙁

    glenn - August 25th, 2009
    • I just got one. If you still need it, send me your email address ane I can send you the file.

      Keith - October 26th, 2010
      • Hi there. I accidentally deleted the original software from the sd card. Would you be able to help me out by emailing me a copy. I have been searching for weeks and the manufacturer has stopped making them. I would really appreciate it.

        Thank you,


        James - May 8th, 2011
      • Hi, I’m having trouble with my Omnitech GPS also,I saw where you had the software for the SD Card,could you please e-mail me a copy of these files,this would really be greatly appreciated,the company doesn’t seem to be much help in this matter,I know now I should have gotten The Garmin or the TomTom,if you could help I really appreciate your help in this matter,Thank You, Johnny

        Johnny - August 15th, 2011
      • Had not used my 15223 Omnitech GPS for over 2 years till last weekend. I found that it would not work. Could you send me the update? thanks

        Karl - August 24th, 2011
  18. Hi, Glenn!

    The file is over 12megs in size. Can you handle such a large download?

    Guy Clark - August 25th, 2009
  19. Iam getting ready to buy an omnitech from Staples, has the sattelite problem been corrected?

    Joan Inkenbrandt - August 31st, 2009
  20. I Bought my GPS couple of days ago, I only used it once, now it Freezes @ Go, Map, Settings screen. I try to restart it and reset, still I have the same problem, can you tell me what to do.

    Fadi - September 4th, 2009
  21. I have a Omnitech 16878 and around June 13 I started having issues with the time and date setting on the GPS. Have tried to change setting, but cannot figure out how.

    Cynthia - September 6th, 2009
  22. I had my omintech gps over 2 years. Get no problem yet .if freez just turn it off. Had to hold the power, til the unit complete off. Had to hold more then 5sec. I love the gps, I used everyday for my job, I am cab driver in Boston .it’s best gps i had use before. And so easy to use, never can get other gps at this price $119.00….maybe??

    David - September 9th, 2009
  23. did the update thing and switcharoo SD card, my problem still not resolved, can’t find GPS signal and I stood on the roof of my building (9 story) in new york city, clear sky, left unit on for an hour, still did not lock any signals, I hope there is a sure fix some place, I’d hate to drop 90 bucks in the garbage

    Kelvin T - September 14th, 2009
  24. I made a goof when trying to update our GPS and i deleted the original NK.bin file. Is there anyway someone can email a copy of theirs? I have the Omnitech 16878-US. It would be greatly appreciated.

    Tiffany - September 20th, 2009
    • If you ever got the original nk.bin I could really use a copy too. Thanks

      Judd - December 1st, 2009
      • Does anyone have the original file I also fubared min.
        16878-US also CE 5.0

        TomA - January 17th, 2010
  25. I had the fix a while back and posted how to flash the sd card. Now today I cannot pick up a signal is anyone else have thing problem I am picking up one satilite only. Tiffany I may be able to find it again send me your email..

    jay - September 22nd, 2009
  26. Go to this link at the bottome of the page there are 4 sites to donelaod the NK file


    jay - September 22nd, 2009
  27. When downloading the NK.bin file use site D all other sites a,b,c fail

    jay - September 22nd, 2009
  28. I went to Staples and in a couple of minutes they fixed the problem. For the price, just 79.00, you can’t beat it. My unit freezes at times and I just reset it by using a pen and pushing the reset button. Make sure you pull off the shoulder of the road and wait until you get a signal. Good luck to all other users.

    charlie - October 6th, 2009
  29. Responding to my post Aug, 20 2009.
    I sent my Omnitech back for repair, they sent it back within 1 week. Works great.

    Ed - December 1st, 2009
    • I wanted to send mine in for repair as well, but since my dear husband lost the receipt, I can’t. I might have to chuck this one and just go buy a new one. 🙁

      Mushell - December 1st, 2009
  30. I ourchased this item as a “clearance” item and was not pleased. It had me going in circles until I finally had enough and decided not to follow it directions anymore. Besides, it only provides for 48 states and not all 50.

    Monyetta - December 9th, 2009
    • Never been to there either. go to Canada go west then north, as far Hawiia goes just keep going west till you hit something.
      Sorry Mush. Mont, it has over 50 states with porte rico
      Do some home work. And get an up grade.

      Ed - December 9th, 2009
  31. Monyetta- do you find yourself driving to Hawaii often? 🙂

    I’ve never had issues with the unit giving bad directions other than the occasional case of the maps being outdated (they’re from late 2007 in my unit, but you can buy updates)

    Tim - December 9th, 2009
    • Tim’s been there, upgrades are free. see my other post

      Ed - December 9th, 2009
  32. see posts 115 and 129. never had an issue after that

    Ed - December 9th, 2009
  33. Have trouble acquiring a signal. I have to get at least 10 miles from my house before it works.

    Nick Brantley - December 10th, 2009
  34. OK… Where do I go to find a map upgrade for my 16878-us model? I’ve been searching all over!

    Kenneth - December 23rd, 2009
  35. My Omnitech 16878 was used for the first time in several months today an it ran nicely the last time used. It now refuses to progress past the first selection screen GO MAPS SETTING. The screen clicks once when you touch it and then seems to freeze. No further clicks occur when it is touched. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Rick - January 1st, 2010
    • Try hitting the reset button and let it boot up again.

      RICH WONG - January 2nd, 2010
  36. i have model #15223 omnitech gps…..have had it for 4 yrs after the 1st yr it started to freeze on me only when i put in a new address and told it to find quickest or shortest…have to turn it off then back on it it will find the route…just wondering if this patch will work for mine….called staples for a update or patch but they said there isnt one…any help would be appreciated

    Jay - February 4th, 2010
  37. My 16878 will no accept the nk file . it says fw version unknown please help . my other unit works great i just cant get this one to work at all.

    gilbert - February 16th, 2010
  38. I have a 16878 model gps, hadn’t used it in several months, it now tells me to go north when south is the right direction, any ideas what the problem could be, snd solution ! Thanks

    Ron - March 18th, 2010
  39. how can I get an update for my gps?

    myrtle - April 15th, 2010
  40. As in reply no.26 above

    go to


    oliver - April 18th, 2010
  41. my daughter gave this unit to me, model 15223, it is a far cry from my sony , if you want a great gps get a SONY.

    jerry - April 24th, 2010
  42. I have Omnitech model 16878-US. In December 2009 the unit lock up. I could not reset it. It started locking up a couple of months before but I could reset it. This last time it would not respond to the reset button. We were on a trip at the time of its failure. Is there a way to salvage this unit or is it trash??????

    Thomas - May 1st, 2010
  43. If you bought it from staples take it back to them,maybe they can help.

    RICH WONG - May 1st, 2010
  44. I updated my Omnitech 16878-US about a month ago with the quickfix referenced previously. Almost everything works great & I really like the GPS. However, the quickfix DID NOT update my maps software which is now about 2 years outdated! Does anyone know where map updates for this model can be found? Is there a generic map update that will work with this model?

    Laura - May 24th, 2010
  45. My Omnitech is froze it doesn’t not go pass the “go” “Map” “setting” …does that update fix it from being frozen.

    Neci - June 9th, 2010
  46. I had trouble with my Omnitech Mo. 16878 this past weekend and today an error message kept popping up saying the map program was corrupted. The map finally disappeared altogether and the only thing showing was the Omnitech start-up screen. I tried to get information from Staples and the vendor where I bought it. Both were not able to tell me much other than to return it. I took the mount off of it and started to box it up to send it back when I remembered that it had a reset button on the side. After pushing the reset and waiting for about a minute I am happy to report that the map program came back and the time/date feature is working as well. Hopefully, this is the end of the problem. Until this happened the Omnitech worked just fine. Will be monitoring it every day for a while until I am sure all is well.

    Dave - June 16th, 2010
  47. The reset is the button I frequently use. Once in a while it tracks the wrong location, starts asking you to turn on side streets when you are on the expressway. A minute before it was working fine. Tried reloading the current firmware but made no difference. Reset does the trick. Now I have a Garmin as a backup just in case the Omnitech would not work again.

    oliver - June 17th, 2010
  48. Omnitech Model 16878-us Hangs up at System Loading and reset or Power On/Off or resetting card and nothing…

    William - June 28th, 2010
  49. Omnitech Model 16878-Locks up.

    Tammy - July 6th, 2010
  50. Same problem, boots to the first screen and then nothing. model 16878.

    bob - July 14th, 2010
  51. I have an Omnitech Model 16878. It has locked up and will not work. Staples no longer supports this model. It is a piece of junk, only a year old. Don’t buy anything electronic from Staples unless you want to be stuck.

    Merritt - July 26th, 2010
  52. I am having the same problems as others. Mine wants to freeze up at the go, map and settings screen. What is the fix for this problem ? After about 15 or more minutes it might start working and will work fine.

    Geneva - September 19th, 2010
  53. My Omnitech 16878-us is hung up at system loading. Nothing helps.

    mary - November 29th, 2010
  54. i purchased a omnitech gps and it freezes up and i have to constantly reset it. I took it back to staples and got a new download for it and it still doesn’t work.. the company should replace the defective devices and offer a recall. i will never buy another omnitech product unless they rectify my problem, so far nothing has been done.

    jada - March 6th, 2011
  55. I bought a brand new omnitech gps awhile ago and all I did was push the button on and it pushed right in. It’s totally brand new never used. I’s the 4.3. where can i send this to have it replaced or someone who can fix this?

    LINDA MOWREY - March 20th, 2011
    • Linda, if it is that new I’d return it for a refund as DOA.

      Tim - April 4th, 2011
  56. I am having the same problem as everyone else is, i didn’t know that this unit was not any good until i started to use it an found out it is not working at all. i will not call it any names but something need to be done about this GPS, iam as unhappy as the rest.

    Leroy Austin - June 7th, 2011
  57. My wife purchased the 16878 from Staples Almighty.

    Absolutely ZERO satisfaction from OMNI-TECH and STAPLES!!!!!

    This piece of JUNK has never worked more than 3 weeks, it has been returned twice, and is now past the Extended Warranty that my wife was talked into.
    ZERO help from the store.
    When Staples says “that was easy” they mean trading substandard items like Omni-tech GPS units for your Hard-Earned.

    Never again.!!!

    Howard - January 2nd, 2012

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