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OnCourseNavigator 5 Review – OCN 5 On Course Navigator


Over at gpspassion they have reviewed OnCourseNavigator 5 (OCN 5). The reviewer had a few complaints about the user interface, especially when it came to the software installation. The reviewer also mentioned the software was a little slow on startup.

One thing you will notice about OCN5, compared to other programs, is that it is slow to start up. It takes about 30 seconds on my Toshiba and is a bit faster on my iPaq. Then, after startup, you are presented with a silly legal screen to click on agreeing to their disclaimer. This is required each time you start the program.

Overall the reviewer was satisfied with routing capabilities:

Once you are under way, re-routing is as fast as any other program and does not try to force you back to the original route even if that would take you out of the way, or make your route longer, like iGuidance often does. OCN5 also has an excellent block current road fuction that is easily accessed from the main screen while driving. It makes changing the route on the fly pretty simple.

And offers the following summary

OCN5 is a program that is setting its own route through the industry. It is quirky and has a number of flaws. It is also reliable and does a number of things nobody else can do.

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