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Orlando Florida Officials Create Database of Tree Locations via GPS


Orlando Florida officials are creating a large database, mapping the location and identifying the species of nearly 100,000 trees. If trees are blown down via wind or hurricane the GPS locations will allow them to replace the trees with the original species and know the original location within three inches.

“The technology today makes it easier to do, and new software makes it easier to use the data that is collected with greater efficiency,” City Manager John Flint said.

“There is the aesthetics of the trees, and a byproduct of aesthetics is increased property values,” he said. “Others might give their value as environmental — they provide shade and a cooler environment. Yet others might say they provide a geological benefit — they stabilize lake banks and prevent erosion of land. So the benefits are many.”

The information will also facilitate pruning and fertilizing schedules through use of the data collected by GPS receivers.

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