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Simplifying Online Maps using LineDrive Line Maps


Recently I was away home meeting with a new friend who needed directions to my home. Not being a GPS owner, they needed good old fashioned directions to my home. So I drew a line map with a few of the important landmarks, a few notable side-streets, and a few indicators of distance. It only took a minute or so to draw, but it made me think about how directions are displayed on online mapping sites and how they could benefit from increased simplicity rather than increased detail. It reminded me of something I’d been shown a few months ago… LineDrive™ Maps Continue–> Simplifying Online Maps using LineDrive Line Maps

New Motorola Motonav GPS Forum


A few of our more active forum members have started using some of the new Motorola GPS devices such as the Motorola Motonav TN765t which was reviewed by one of our moderators, gatorguy. While I still have doubts about the longevity of Motorola in the GPS market, the device is quite interesting and offers a few unique features as noted in the TN765t review. Conversations in our forums about this new line have been increasing and as a result we’ve added a new Motorola MotoNav Forum to group all of those discussions in one place. So if you’re a Motorola GPS owner in need of peer assistance, or want to help answer questions from others, head on over there and join the conversation.

DeLorme PN-60w SPOT Preview


Last week Chip at DeLorme was kind enough to give me a sneak peak at the new PN-60w SE with SPOT messenger. For those catching up, what is most unique about this setup is that you can send custom text messages from the GPS through a special SPOT messenger. So if you are running late during a major outdoor adventure or have a change of plans you can let people know even if you are well outside of cellphone range. Continue–> DeLorme PN-60w SPOT Preview

TomTom iPhone App 1.4


TomTom’s new iPhone app is now out at version 1.4. Most notably the new version includes support for the new Apple iOS 4 and adds a host of new features. Most notably on iPhones that support multitasking the new app allows seamlessly taking and placing calls without leaving voice prompts behind. Continue–> TomTom iPhone App 1.4

Navigon Shows Off Multitasking iPhone App


Now that the multitasking version of Apple’s iOS is almost here, Navigon has released details surrounding an upcoming version of their Mobile Navigator iPhone app which will of course support multitasking. While you could previously accept a call and then with a couple of taps jump back into navigation, the process is much more seamless with multitasking support. Check out the video after the jump for a demo. Continue–> Navigon Shows Off Multitasking iPhone App

Dash now Done


While it was nearly a year and a half ago when Dash announced they were no longer going to build their infamous Dash Express, they have continued to provide service and limited support for the product. Today we have learned that too will end on June 30. Continue–> Dash now Done

MythBusters Test Right Turn Efficiency


I’m a sucker for science, testing, and of course the MythBusters. On last night’s episode they tested the “right turn myth”– basically the way they framed the myth was to determine if it is more efficient to make three right turns rather than to make one left turn. Having discussed this issue several times in the past I was curious to see how they performed the test, their results, and to see if I would agree with their overall process. Continue–> MythBusters Test Right Turn Efficiency

Magellan Jumps on Lifetime Map Highway


Following TomTom and Garmin, Magellan is now offering new GPS models that include map updates. A few different flavors are available, for example the RoadMate 3045-LM offers lifetime map updates included while the RoadMate 3045-MU offers a single free map update. Continue–> Magellan Jumps on Lifetime Map Highway

GPS With No Map Updates?


A paragraph from this press release caught my eye.

Unlike other GPS units, [this GPS] has the ability to update maps on-line by connecting the unit to a PC using the mini USB cable provided. Through this configuration, the user is able to download maps and map updates

Continue–> GPS With No Map Updates?

Assisted GPS, A-GPS


With the proliferation of smartphones, iPhones, and iPad devices with GPS capabilities, many people are asking about Assisted GPS, also known as A-GPS. Does it use the “regular” GPS satellites? Is it as good as GPS? Since it is “assisted” is it better than GPS? Continue–> Assisted GPS, A-GPS

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