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Paging FineDigital, Anybody Home?


(Our second, “where are you” article today.) It seems like every week I hear about a new company making GPS devices. There are tons of companies trying to get into the GPS market– some of them might make a dent while others I’m sure I’ll never hear from again. Unlike other consumer electronics which might never need an update, roads are constantly changing and many GPS owners will be looking for a map update about a year after they purchase their device. Therefore it becomes difficult to recommend some devices from many of these companies since it is unclear if they will be around in the future to offer support and updates. Our experience with FineDigital, makers of the FineDrive GPS devices, highlights that frustration. “Hello, FineDigital, are you out there anywhere?”

Over 18 months ago FineDigital sent out a press release announcing new models. One part of the press release was confusing to me, so I sent an email to contact address listed on the press release for clarification. I didn’t get any response. There was also a contact phone number listed. I called, left a message, and didn’t get any response.

On their website they have a place where you can signup for a newsletter. I signed up in January of 2006, but have never received any newsletter. On their ‘contact’ page they have email addresses listed for their sales department and their media department. I emailed the sales address as a potential customer and the media address looking for company information and I never received a response.

The “news” section of their website lists the latest news as being released on Feb 28, 2006. The “tradeshows & events” section offers you to view “upcoming” releases at shows in January of 2006.

Over the past year I’ve received lots of email from people trying to contact their support department, just as I do with most other companies as well. I direct them to FineDigital’s support page and the customer typically writes me back and says “Yea, I’ve tried that… never got a response”.

And right now if you call their support phone number (866-346-3344) you will get a recording which offers the following:

“The mailbox belonging to (beep) is full and can not accept new messages at this time. Please try again later. Goodbye.”

That message has been playing since at least late June. Their fax machine never answers their fax line.

I continue to see their products available at Amazon, target, and occasionally other stores. But I can’t help but wonder if Kyu Seung Lee, President, and Richard Ryu, COO have packed up their bags and we won’t see anything more from FineDigital.

Other than a few quick button clicks, I never got to use any of their devices. They won’t be missed by some as CNET listed them as number 8 in a list of 10 worst technologies of Q2 2006. FineDigital does however continue to release new products in Asia.

Still it would be nice if they would either start answering their phone or put up a message on their website and voicemail saying they have packed up their bags and given up on the GPS market in the USA.

14 Responses

  1. I am in the industry and am very familiar with the company. They’ve gone out of business in the United States but are still operating in Asia.

    Many customers have been burned by this company, so for those of you having problems, this is how you can reach them.

    Fine Digital Korea

    Main Number: 011-82-31-788-8801
    Ask for Richard Ryu, Seung Hyun Ryu, or Dr. KS Lee

    shryu@finedigital.com and kslee@finedigital.com

    Industry Insider - July 20th, 2007
  2. have finedrive 400 used 2 times and lost gps signal and won’t reset. HELP ANYONE! Replies to Richard Ryu and Seung’s email are returned undelivered. Anyone know another contact or how to reset? Can’t get signal. Is satillite off 2?

    larry ortman - August 16th, 2007

    JANEY WINCHESTER - August 29th, 2007
  4. we got our signal back on the fine drive. You must leave the car parked while the find drive is turned on. that is how you turn off navigation and gest signal back. It seeems you can’t mess with navigation while moving not with my fine digital 400 anyway

    larry ortman - August 30th, 2007
  5. I bought a 350 a couple of months back. It worked only twice. Now, whenever, I turn it on, I get a message that the signal is found but still configuring/or there is an obstruction. Anybody knows how to fix this ?

    sri - September 6th, 2007
  6. My finedrive 400 was wonderful for about 6 months. Now I have an error message that says cannot read map or data files. The card is inserted. I have emailed tech support several times with no response. Do I have any recourse?

    Disappointed Customer - October 9th, 2007
  7. I have been trying to contact FineDigital for the past 6 months and left tons of messages on their answering machine but no answer. I am like hundreds of people who were scammed by this company and their false advertisment on their own website. IS anybody out there monitor these scam companies and protect the consumers!!!

    Sam - December 3rd, 2007
  8. My son gave me a Finedrive 350 and it never worked. I sent emails and tried to phone the company and they never answered anything. Never buy anything made by FineDigital. They are a totally worthless company. I would like them to respond to my questions and replace their worthless GPS or refund the money my son wasted.

    Bill Klein - December 8th, 2007
  9. I purchased the FineDrive400 and it has worked very well. The main issue I have is the outdated points of interest and maps. Their website promises updated maps but the site says there are no updates. So, I’m stuck with the 2005 maps here in 2008. I’ve called, email, called again and no response. I will not recommend their product to anyone and discourage others from buying a FineDrive product. I’ll keep using mine until it breaks. If anyone knows how to get the much-needed updates, let me know, please.

    Don Scott - January 4th, 2008
  10. anyone know where I can get a new car charger for my finedrive 350 it works fine – but I can’t find my charger….???

    Nancy - February 6th, 2008
  11. Had a problem with model 400, company replaced it in May 2007…now have problem with secound one. Company no longer in business.

    Gene - June 24th, 2008
  12. My Fine Drive 400 works great and has been working for over 4 years. But the card is out of date. I would like an updated SD card.

    David Livingston - May 7th, 2010
    • I think you are going to be out of luck.

      Tim - May 8th, 2010
  13. Purchased 400 model year ago. began to get slower to update location, now will not at all. Followed reset instructions and pulled card to reset now wont find map files and wont turn on. Found out this company is out of business in US.
    Glad I bought a TOMTOM now. but wanted to resell this POS to someone at work . O well lol.

    ed - February 5th, 2011

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