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Parrot 3400LS


Parrot-3400Ls-GpsFrom slashphone comes the Parrot 3400LS GPS system. At first it might be confusing exactly what this device does. It looks like a standalone GPS receiver, however it is not. The device connects to your PDA or smartphone via Bluetooth and sends GPS coordinates back and forth to your primary navigation device.

However this device takes Bluetooth GPS receivers one step further. The device has a small screen that can provide photo caller-ID capabilities, as well as operating as a hands-free device for mobile phone calls. You can access your phonebook as well as initiate calls via voice recognition.

“Parrot has taken Bluetooth one step further with a color LCD that integrates a GPS transmitter and receiver while providing photo caller-ID. The GPS features are easy to see and hear,” said Christophe Dissaux, executive vice president of Parrot, Inc.

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