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Pathfinder GPS System Used by New England Realtors


One of the top ten largest MLS services in the nation, the MLS Property Information Network, will offer the Pathfinder wireless handheld MLS Data/GPS to 28,000 real estate professionals throughout New England.

Pathfinder is a Pocket PC-powered all- in-one PDA that allows real estate professionals wireless access to real estate MLS data, GPS technology, prospect information, and MS-Outlook-synchronized contact and task lists – anywhere, anytime.

“Residential real estate is more customer-focused and competitive than ever. Today, wireless technology that provides instant access to MLS, GPS and other essential information is a strong competitive advantage for agents eliminating the need to say ‘Let me get back to you.’ And yet, soon, I believe that such wireless connectivity will be as indispensable in our business as the Internet and the cell phone,” said Kathy Condon, president and chief executive officer, MLS Property Information Network, Inc.

“Twenty years ago we had huge MLS books that we had to bring with us everywhere. Not anymore, the Pathfinder combines the MLS with the GPS navigation system all on my handheld — which already acts as my phone, address book and to-do list,” said Rick Coughlin, of Coughlin & Company in Weymouth, Mass.

“The tool helps me cater to the needs of my clients,” said Coughlin. “I am able to provide cost comparisons and find specific properties at the touch of a button, and with the color images provided I can show the client right then and there what their options are.”

The Pathfinder system is available immediately to MLS PIN customers, in three packages:

Pathfinder MLS Access Software (No GPS Navigation)
Pathfinder MLS Access Software With GPS Navigation Software
Pathfinder MLS Access Software With GPS Navigation Receiver and Pocket PC PDA

“From Blackberry to Bluetooth, there are so many technologies available on the market, Realtors are in a quandary wondering which one to use,” said Carolyn Chodat of Classic Properties in Medway, Mass. “Pathfinder sums it all up. It has all the tools enhanced in one product, and it does the job for Realtors. With a phone, camera, internet, and MLS all there Pathfinder is literally true to its name.”

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