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PCMag Reviews TomTom ONE


Yet another very positive review of the TomTom ONE, this time by PCmagazine. The ONE was given a four out of five “Very Good rating. The reviewer liked the overall value of the device, small size, GPS sensitivity, and user selectable fields. There were a few things they didn’t like such as the lack of speakerphone capabilities via Bluetooth and that there was no text-to-speech. We’ve noted those issues in our evaluation as well. Keep in mind that the ONE does have Bluetooth, however it is for the data connection to TomTom PLUS services.

I prefer the ONE’s map display to the Garmin nüvi’s. Though the ONE lacks text-to-speech, the voice prompts were clear, easy to understand, and more complete than those of some units I’ve reviewed. At $499, the TomTom ONE represents a price breakthrough in the ultraportable GPS product category. Though it lacks some of the bells and whistles of the Garmin nüvi, I think it will find itself attached to a lot of windshields.

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