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Phantom Tracking Releases Motorcycle Crash Detection with GPS Location


Fulfilling a niche that has been conspicuously absent in the motorcycle industry, the California-based company has created a revolutionary new system that instantly notifies, tracks and recovers consumers’ motorcycles anywhere nationwide. More significantly, it is the first time a company has made crash detection available to the motorcycle industry.

Crash detection has long been a staple in the car world, offering vehicle owners increased safety in the event of an accident. Motorcyclists, however, have little barrier between the bike and the road, and manufacturers have been slow to market additional technology. The engineers at Phantom have moved one step forward by creating an innovative new safeguard: a chip that detects a collision. In the event of an accident, Phantom’s in-built detection system will send emergency help to a precise location. The feature is an added safety tool for novice and seasoned riders alike, compatible in a remote location and fit for any bike type. Auto experts are already predicting the system will bring the motorcycle security industry into the 21st century.

“We are very excited to offer this powerful solution to motorcycle riders looking for a highly effective means of safety and theft protection,” says John Tomljenovic, VP of Phantom Tracking. “Simply put, this is the best security system you can buy to effectively protect against theft. Moreover, Phantom Tracking is proud to be at the forefront of innovative technology that will help save cyclists’ lives.”

Over the last three years of development Phantom Tracking has incorporated the input of motorcycle dealerships, riders, and law enforcement agencies across the United States. The Phantom Tracking system has been in field-testing over the last two years. Adds Tomljenovic: “We’ve spent a good time exhausting any potential problems and we’re proud of the fact that this powerful solution consistently rises to the challenge. The Phantom can effectively track stolen motorcycles inside vans, trucks, garages, tunnels, parking structures and large urban environments with an unprecedented accuracy of 5 feet.”

Phantom Tracking is a powerful solution that has been embraced by Police departments where manpower is at a premium. The days are gone when patrol officers had the time to drive around looking for a stolen vehicle, today’s officers would much rather be told where the asset is for quick recovery and apprehension.

Once you activate the Phantom system, its proprietary technology monitors the motorcycle and, when triggered, transmits real time data in seconds to Phantoms live call center. Bikers will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that Phantom Tracking is there to help protect both the rider and their motorcycle. If there is an attempt to steal the motorcycle or the onboard crash detection has been activated, a Phantom Advisor is always ready to help 24 Hours a day, Nationwide.

2 Responses

  1. I am in the process of buying a new motorcycle and would be interested in a tracking system and more importantly a motorcycle down crash detection system. Please send me any information that you have available. I cannot tell from this page what I would need for the crash detection??

    ROB ROTH - September 14th, 2009
  2. I often ride alone, I would be interested in information on this and any other systems that can notify someone if I crash. I know my wife would feel better.

    Ryan - November 22nd, 2009

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